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Oxford after the Restoration-Locke's occupations as Greek lecturer,

reader in rhetoric, censor of moral philosophy, and college tutor-a
testimonial as to his good character and conduct

His senior studentship at Christ Church a choice of professions : clergy-
man or physician !---studies in science


The progress of politics under Charles the Second-Locke's friends at

court—his appointment as secretary to the ainbassador to the elector

of Brandenburg


A holiday at Cleve—the town and its inhabitants--the elector's entertain-

ment-a soldiers' feast-dinner with the Franciscilla triars_two
Lutheran services-a Calvinist divine-catholic ceremonies
Christmas day—a metaphysical disputation-shops and shopping-
scientific notes-political affairs-return to England

103— 121
An offer of diplomatic employment in Spain-Locke's refusal of it—a visit
to Somersetshire—the lead mines and miners at Mendip


Medical studies and pursuits-Charles the Second's “dispensation”—a

letter of good counsel


Introduction to Lord Ashley-friendship with him and its issue 136-144




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Changes in Locke's plans—his ill-health-his connection with Lord



Occupations in Lord Ashley's service as family physician and friend-cure

of Lord Ashley's malady-tutor to Anthony Ashley-wife-finding for

him-attendance on Lady Dorothy Ashley-opposition at Oxford 198—211

Locke's medical friends ; Mapletoft and Sydenham-his own medical prac-

tice and his joint work with Sydenham-medical notes and treatises;

* Respirationis Usus ;' 'De Arte Medica ; ''Anatomica ;''Tussis '-

a preface for Sydenham-Sydenham's and Locke's method 211–235

The planting of Carolina-Locke's share in 'The Fundamental Constitu-

tions of Carolina' and in the early management of the colony 235-245
them by Locke-Locke's religious opinions and standard of orthodoxy
-some of his clerical friends—Thomas Firmin


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The antecedents of Shaftesbury's chancellorship-Buckingham and other

members of the Cabal—the treaty of Dover—the declaration of

indulgence—the stop of the exchequer


Locke's position and duties as secretary of presentations—his connection

with political affairs-parliamentary writs during prorogation-the
opening of parliament in 1672-3--the test act-Shaftesbury's dis-
missal from the chancellorship-subsequent events


Locke's work as secretary to the council of trade and foreign plantations

-his farther relations with Carolina-his share in the company of

adventurers to the Bahamas


Pierre Nicole’s ‘Essais de Morale,' and the ‘Discourses' translated from


Miscellaneous occupations and correspondence between 1672 and 1675—

studies in political economy--correspondence with Mrs. Blomer and

Mapletoft-the Royal Society-letters from William Allestree and

others-Scandinavian customs and superstitions-Laplanders and Lap

witches-West Indian drugs and other curiosities--a Somersetshire

heiress—Locke's M.B. degree and medical studentship at Oxford –

his annuity from Shaftesbury-increased illness-preparations for

going to France.

. 311-336

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