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And claim a primacy in the divisions!

Sub. Royal Dol! You must be chief! as if you only had

Spoken like Claridiana, 1 and thyself. The powder to project with, and the work

Face. For which at supper, thou shalt sit in Were not begun out of equality ?

triumph, The venture tripartite? all things in common? And not be styled Dol Common, but Dol Proper, Without priority ? 'Sdeath! you perpetual curs, Dol Singular: the longest cut at night, Fall to your couples again, and cozen kindly, Shall draw thee for his Doll Particular. And heartily, and lovingly, as you should,

[Bell rings without. And lose not the beginning of a term,

Sub. Who's that? one rings. To the window, Or, by this hand, I shall grow factious too,

Dol. [Exit Dol.]-Pray heaven And take my part, and quit you.

The master do not trouble us this quarter. Face. 'Tis his fault;

Face. Oh, fear not him. While there dies one He ever murmurs, and objects' his pains,

a week And says, the weight of all lies upon him. O'the plague, he's safe, from thinking toward Sub. Why, so it does.

London : Dol. How does it? Do not we

Beside, he's busy at his hop-yards now; Sustain our parts?

I had a letter from him. If he do, Sub. Yes; but they are not equal.

He'll send such word, for airing of the house, Dol. Why, if your part exceed to-day, I hope As you shall have sufficient time to quit it: Ours may, to-morrow, match it.

Though we break up a fortnight, 'tis no matter. Sub. Ay, they may.

Re-enter Dol.
Dol. May, murmuring mastiff! ay, and do.
Death on me!

Sub. Who is it, Dol?
Help me to throttle him.

Dol. A fine young quodling.2 [Seizes SUB. by the throat. Face. Oh, Sub. Dorothy! Mistress Dorothy!

My lawyer's clerk, I lighted on last night Ods precious, I'll do anything. What do you In Holborn, at the Dagger. He would have mean?

(I told you of him) a familiar, Dol. Because o'your fermentation and cibation ? To rifle with at horses, and win cups. Sub. Not I, by heaven

Dol. Oh, let him in. Dol. Your Sol and Luna.—Help me.

Sub. Stay. Who shall do't ? [To FACE.

Face. Get you Sub. Would I were hang'd, then! Iîl conform Your robes on: I will meet him as going out myself.

Dol. And what shall I do? Dol. Will you, sir? Do so then, and quickly: Face. Not to be seen; away! [Erit DOL

Seem you very reserv'd. Sub. What should I swear?

Sub. Enough.

[Exit. Dol. To leave your faction, sir,

Face. [aloud and retiring.). God be wi' you, sir, And labour kindly in the common work.

I pray you let him know that I was here? Sub. Let me not breathe if I meant aught beside. His name is Dapper. I would gladly have stayed, I only used those speeches as a spur

butTo him.

Dap. (within.] Captain, I'm here. Dol. I hope we need no spurs, sir. Do we? Face. Who's that?-He's come, I think, doctor. Face. 'Slid, prove to-day, who shall shark best. Sub. Agreed.

Dol. Yes, and work close and friendly. Good faith, sir, I was going away.
Sub. 'Slight, the knot

Dap. In truth,
Shall grow the stronger for this breach, with me. I am very sorry, captain.

[They shake hands. Face. But I thought Dol. Why, so, my good baboons! Shall we go | Sure I should meet you. make

Dap. Ay, I am very glad.
A sort of sober, scurvy, precise neighbours, I had a scurvy writ or two to make,
That scarce have smiled twice since the king | And I had lent my watch last night to one
came in, 3

That dines to-day at the Sheriff's, and so was A feast of laughter at our follies? Rascals,

Would run themselves from breath, to see me ride, 4 Of my pass-time.
Or you t' have but a hole to thrust your heads in,
For which you should pay ear-rent? No, agree.

Re-enter SUBTLE, in his velvet Cap and Gown. And may Don Provost ride a feasting long, Is this the cunning-man? 3 in his old velvet jerkin and stain'd scarfs,

Face. This is his worship. My noble sovereign, and worthy general,

Dap. Is he a doctor? Ere we contribute a new crewels garter

Face. Yes. To his most worsted worship.

Dap. And you have broke with him, captain ?

Face. Ay. i oljects-urges.

Dap. And how? 2 fermentation is the sixth process in alchemy, and Face. Faith, he does make the matter, sir, so means the mutation of any substance into the nature of the ferment; cibation, the seventh, is feeding the matter

dainty, with fresh substances, to supply the waste. Soland Luna

I know not what to say. are gold and silver, each of the planets representing a metal.-GIFFORD. As Gifford remarks, an adept himself might be puzzled by some of these terms, and there i Claridiana is the hero of the romance called The fore the reader need not expect an explanation of all. Mirror of Knighthood.

3 King James succeeded to the English throne in quodling-Gifford, with some conntenance from the 1603; this was written in 1610.

context, thinks this a sportive appellation for a young " to see me ride, &c. To see me carted,' as Upton quill-driver, derived from the quods and quids of legal says,

* as a bawd, and you, as a couple of rogues, to phraseology. Nares and others think Dol means colling lose your ears in the pillory.'

--a young raw apple, fit for nothing without dressing. screwel-a kind of fine worsted.

cunning-man-man of skill.



Dap. Not so, good captain.

Is a fine clerk, and has his cyphering perfect, Face. Would I were fairly rid of it, believe me. Till take his oath o'the Greek Testament, Dap. Nay, now you grieve me, sir. Why should If need be, in his pocket; and can court you wish so?

His mistress, out of Ovid.
I dare assure you, I'll not be ungrateful.

Dap. Nay, dear captain-
Face. I cannot think you will, sir. But the law Face. Did you not tell me so ?
Is such a thing--and then he says, Read's? matter Dap. Yes; but I'd have you
! Falling so lately.

Use master doctor with some more respect. Dap. Read! he was an ass,

Face. Hang him, proud stag, with his broad And dealt, sir, with a fool.

velvet head! Face. It was a clerk, sir.

But for your sake, I'd choak, ere I would change Dap. A clerk!

An article of breath with such a puckfist :' Face. Nay, hear me, sir, you know the law Come, let's be gone.

[Going. Better, I think

Sub. Pray you, let me speak with you. Dap. I should, sir, and the danger:

Dap. His worship calls you, captain. You know, I show'd the statute to you.

Face. I am sorry
Face. You did so.

I e'er embark'd myself in such a business.
Dap. And will I tell then! By this hand of flesh, Dap. Nay, good sir; he did call you.
Would it might never write good court-hand more, Face. Will he take then?
If I discover. What do you think of me,

Sub. First, hear me-
That I am a chiaus ? 2

Face. Not a syllable, 'less you take. Face. What's that?

Sub. Pray you, sir-
Dap. The Turk was here.

Face. Upon no terms, but an assumpsit.
As one would say, do you think I am a Turk? Sub. Your humour must be law.
Face. I'll tell the doctor so.

[He takes the four angels. Dap. Do, good sweet captain.

Face. Why now, sir, talk, Face. Come, noble doctor, pray thee let's prevail; Now I dare hear you with mine honour. Speak. This is the gentleman, and he is no chiaus. So may this gentleman too.

Sub. Captain, I have return'd you all my answer. Sub. Why, sir- [Offering to whisper Face. I would do much, sir, for your love. But this Face. No whispering. I neither may, nor can.

Sub, Fore heaven, you do not apprehend the Face. Tut, do not say so.

You deal now with a noble fellow, doctor, You do yourself in this.
One that will thank you richly; and he is no Face. Wherein ? for what?
Let that, sir, move you.

(chiaus : Sub. Marry, to be so importunate for one, Sub. Pray you, for bear

That, when he has it, will undo you all : Face. He has

He'll win up all the money in the town. Four angels 3 here.

Face. How! Sub. You do me wrong, good sir.

Sub. Yes, and blow up gamester after gamester, Face. Doctor, wherein? to tempt you with these As they do crackers in a puppet play. spirits?

If I do give him a familiar, Sub. To tempt my art and love, sir, to my peril. Give you him all you play for; never set: him : Fore heaven, I scarce can think you are my friend, For he will have it. That so would draw me to apparent danger. Face. You are mistaken, doctor, Face. I draw you! a horse draw you, and a Why, he does ask one but for cups and horses, halter,

A rifling fly; 3 none of your great familiars. You, and your flies together

Dap. Yes, captain, I would have it for all games. Dup. Nay, good captain.

Sub. I told you so. Face. That know no difference of men.

Face. [Taking Dap. aside.] 'Slight, that is a Sub. Good words, sir.

new business!
Face. Good deeds, sir, Doctor Dogs-meat. I understood you, a tame bird, to fly
Slight, I bring you

Twice in a term, or so, on Friday nights,
No cheating Clim o' the Cloughs, or Claribels, When you had left the office, for a nag
That look as big as five-and-tifty,5 and flush; Of forty or fifty shillings.
And spit out secrets like hot custard-

Dap. Ay, 'tis true, sir;
Dop. Captain!

But I do think now I shall leave the law, Face. Nor any melancholic under-scribe,

And therefore, Shall tell the vicar; but a special gentle,

Face. Why, this changes quite the case. That is the heir to forty marks a year,

Do you think that I dare move him ? Consorts with the small poets of the time,

Dap. If you please, sir; Is the sole hope of his old grandmother;

All's one to him, I see. That knows the law, and writes you six fair

Face. What! for that money? hands,

I cannot with my conscience; nor should you
Dake the request, methinks.

Dap. No, sir, I mean
a conjurer of the time, convicted of

To add consideration. practising the black art. 3 Chiaus was a special envoy sent from the Porte. In

Face. Why then, sir, 1669, a chiaus was sent by Sir Robert Shirley from Con

I'll try.-[Goes to SUBTLE.] Say that it were for stantinople, who, before his employer arrived, had all games, doctor? chiq used choused or cheated) the Turkish and Persian merchants out of £4000, and decamped.

An angel was worth about 10 shillings.

Chim of the ('loughs, &c.-i.e. no ranting heroes of puck-fist-perhaps originally, puj-fist; the fungus old ballads and romances.

Clim was a celebrated archer called puff-ball or juz-ball. Metaphorically, a term of often mentioned in the Robin Hood ballads,

reproach, equal to 'vile fungus,' scum of the earth.'* That look as big, &c.-five-and-fifty was the highest NARES. sunber to stand on at the old game of Primero. If & ? set-stake a wager with. flash (a run of cards of the same suit) accompanied this, 3 A rifling fly. Rifling was a game at dice; or does it the hand swept the table.-GIFFORD.

here mean simply “robbing?' fly-a familiar spirit.

I Read vas


Sub. I say, then, not a mouth shall eat for him Face. Go to. Go, thank the doctor: he's your At any ordinary, but on the score,

friend, That is a gaming mouth, conceive me.

To take it so. Face. Indeed!

Dap. I thank his worship. Sub. He'll draw you all the treasure of the Face. So ! realm,

Another angel. If it be set' him.

Dap. Must I? Face. Speak you this from art?

Face. Must you ! 'slight, Sub. Ay,

and reason too, the ground of art. What else is thanks? will you be trival?-Doctor, He is of the only best complexion,

[DAPPER gives him the money. The queen of Fairy loves. Face. What! is he?

When must he come for his familiar?
Sub. Peace!

Dap. Shall I not have it with me?
He'll overhear you. Sir, should she but see him. Sub. Oh, good sir!
Face. What?

There must a world of ceremonies pass;
Sub. Do not you tell him.

You must be bath'd and fumigated first:
Face. Will he win at cards too?

Besides the queen of Fairy does not rise
Sub. The spirits of dead Holland, living Isaac,? Till it be noon.
You'd swear were in him; such a vigorous luck Face. Not, if sho danced, to-night.
As cannot be resisted. 'Slight, he'll put

Sub. And she must bless it.
Six of your gallants to a cloke, indeed.

Face. Did you never see Face. A strange success, that some man shall Her royal grace yet? be born to!

Dap. Whom? Sub. He hears you, man

Face. Your aunt of Fairy? Dap. Sir, I'll not be ingrateful.

Sub. Not since she kist him in the cradle, Face. Faith, I have confidence in his good captain: nature :

I can resolve you that. You hear, he says he will not be ingrateful. Face. Well, see her grace, Sub. Why, as you please; my venture follows Whate'er it cost you, for a thing that I know. yours.

It will be somewhat hard to compass; but Face. Troth, do it, doctor; think him trusty, However, see her. You are made believe it, and make him.

If you can see her. Her grace is a lone woman, He may make us both happy in an hour;

And very rich; and if she take a fancy, Win some five thousand pound, and send us two Sho will do strange things. See her, at any hand. on't.

'Slid, she may hap to leave you all she has: Dap. Believe it, and I will, sir.

It is the doctor's fear.
Face. And you shall, sir. [Takes him aside. Dap. How will’t be done, then?
You have heard all?

Face. Let me alone, take you no thought. Do Dap. No, what was't? Nothing, I, sir.

you Face. Nothing!

But say to me, Captain, I'll see her grace. Dup. A little, sir.

Dap. Captain, I'll see her grace. Face. Well, a rare star

Face. Enough.

[Knocking within. Reign'd at your birth.

Sub. Who's there? Dap. At mine, sir! No.

Anon.-Conduct him forth by the back way.Face. The doctor

[Aside to FACE. Swears that you are

Sir, against one o'clock prepare yourself; Sub. Nay, captain, you'll tell all now.

Till when you must be fasting; only take Face. Allied to the queen of Fairy.

Three drops of vinegar in at your nose, Dap. Who? that I am ?

Two at your mouth, and one at either ear; Believe it, no such matter

Then bathe your fingers ends and wash your eyes, Face. Yes, and that

To sharpen your five senses, and cry hum You were born with a cawl on your head.* Thrice, and then buz as often; and then come. Dap. Who says so?

[Erit. Face. Come,

Face. Can you remember this? You know it well enough, though you dissemble it. Dap. I warrant you.

Dap. I'fac,. I do not: you are mistaken. Face. Well then, away. It is but your beFace, How!

stowing Swear by your fac, and in a thing so known Some twenty nobles ’mong her grace's servants, Unto the doctor? Howy shall we, sir, trust you And put on a cleau shirt: you do not know In the other matter? can we ever think,

What grace her grace may do you in clean linen. When you have won five or six thousand pound,

[Exeunt Face and DAPPER. You'll send us shares in't, by this rate ?

Sub. [within). Come in! Good wives, I pray Dap. By Jove, sir,

you forbear me now; I'll wiu ten thousand pound, and send you half. Troth I can do you no good till afternoon.l' fac's no oath. Sub. No, no, ho did but jest.

Re-enters, followed by Drugger.
What is your name? say you, Abel Drugser?

Drug. Yes, sir.
I sel-staked.

Sub. A seller of tobacco ? 2 The poct alludes to the two famous chemists, Isaac Drug. Yes, sir. and John Isaac Ilollandus, who flourished about this time, Sub. Umph! and wrote several treatises on alchemy:-WHALLEY. Free of the grocers?

3 he'll put, &c.-i.e. strip them to the cloak, the last Drug. Ay, an't please you. thing a gallant parted with.--GIFFORD. * This was, and probably by some is still, supersti; Your business, Abel?

Sub. Weiltiously supposed to be a token of good fortune through

Drug. This, an't please your worship: sr fac-also i fag, i fagins-i faith.

I am a young beginner, and am building



Of a new shop, an't like your worship, just A certain star in the forehead, which you see not.
At corner of a street:-Here is the plot2 on't Your chestnut or your olive-colour'd face
And I would know by art, sir, of your worship, Does never fail: and your long ear doth promise.
Which way I should make my door, by necro I knew't by certain spots, too, in his teeth,

And on the nail of his mercurial finger.
And where my shelves ; and which should be Face. Which finger's that?
for boxes,

Sub. His little finger. Look. And which for pots. I would be glad to thrive, You were born upon a Wednesday? sir:

Drug. Yes, indeed, sir. And I was wish'ds to your worship by a gentle Sub. The thumb, in chiromancy, we give Venus;

The fore-finger, to Jove; the midst, to Saturn; One Captain Face, that says you know men’s The ring, to Sol; the least, to Mercury, planets,

Who was the lord, sir, of his horoscope ; And their good angels, and their bad.

His house of life being Libra; which foreshow'd Sub. I do,

He should be a merchant, and should trade with If I do see them4

balance. Re-enter FacE.

Face. Why, this is strange! Is it not, honest

Nab? Face. What! my honest Abel ?

Sub. There is a ship now, coming from Ormus, Thou art well met here.

That shall yield him such a commodity Drug. Troth, sir, I was speaking,

Of drugs. This is the west, and this the south? Just as your worship came here, of your worship:

[Pointing to the plan. I pray you speak for me to master doctor.

Drug. Yes, sir. Face. He shall do anything.-Doctor, do you Sub. And those are your two sides ? hcar!

Drug. Ay, sir. This is my friend, Abel, an honest fellow;

Sub. Make me your door, then, south; your He lets me have good tobacco, and he does not broad side, west: Sophisticates it with sack-lees or oil,

And on the east side of your shop, aloft, Nor washes it in muscadel and grains, 6

Write Mathlai, Tarmiel, and Baraborat; Nor buries it in gravel under ground,

Upon the north part, Rael, Velel, Thiel. Wrapp'd up in greasy leather or piss'd clouts; They are the names of those mercurial spirits, But keeps it in fine lily pots, that, open'd, That do fright flies from boxes. Smell like conserve of roses, or French beans. Drug. Yes, sir. He has his maple block, his silver tongs,

Sub. And Winchester pipes, and tire of Juniper:

Beneath your threshold, bury me a load-stone A neat, spruce, honest fellow, and no goldsmith. To draw in gallants that wear spurs: the rest,

Sub. He is a fortunate fellow, that I am sure on. They'll seem to follow.
Face. Already, sir, have you found it? Lo Face. That's a secret, Nab!
thee, Abel!

Sub. And, on your stall, a puppet, with a vice ? Sub. And in right way toward riches

And a court-fucuss to call city dames: Face. Sir!

You shall deal much with minerals.
Sub. This summer

Drug. Sir, I have
He will be of the clothing of his company, At home, already-
And next spring callid to the scarlet; spend Sub. Ay, I know you have arsenic,
what he can.

Vitriol, sal-tartar, argaile,* alkali,
Face. What! and so little beard ?

Cinoper:5 I know all.—This fellow, captain, Sub. Sir, you must think,

Will come, in time, to be a great distiller, He may have a receipt to make hair come: And give a say 6—I will not say directly, But he'll be wise, preserve his youth, and fine for’t; | But very fair-at the philosopher's stone. His fortune looks for him another way.

Face. Why, how now, Abel! is this true ? Face. 'Slid, doctor, how canst thou know this Drug. Good captain, 80 soon?

What must I give?

[Aside to Face. I am amused at that!

Face. Nay, I'll not counsel thee. Sub. By a rule, captain,

Thou hear'st what wealth (he says, Spend what In metoposcopy, 10 which I do work by;

thou canst)
Thou'rt like to come to.

Drug. I would gi' him a crown. I like-please. 2 plot-ground-plot or plan. Face. A crown! and toward such a fortune ? 3 wish'd-recommended.

heart, * Subtle is facetious, and plays on the word angel, which he takes fer a coin, and poor Abel for an atten

Thou shalt rather gi' him thy shop. No gold dant spirit--GIFFORD.

about thee? * Sophisticate-adulterate.

Drug. Yes, I have a portague, I have kept grains-perhaps the grains that remain after brew

this half

year. It should be observed that the liouses of druggists (tobacconists) were not merely furnished with tobacco, but with conveniences for smoking it. Every wellfrequented shop was an academy of this ‘noblo art,' I chiromancy-divination by examining the hand-Gr. where professors regularly attended to initiate the cheir, hand, manteia, soothsaying. country aspirant. The maple block was for shredding

This probably is an allusion to the 'droll the tobacco leaf, the silver tongs for holding the coal, antic character so often mentioned in our old plays," and the fire of Juniper for the customers to light their though Gifford thinks it is merely some kind of mapipes--GIFFORD,

chinery. s no golüsmith-ie. no nsurer-goldsmiths being the 3 A fucus was a paint or wash for the face. bankers and money-lenders of these days.

4 argaile-the impure salt from the lecs of wine; This summer, &c.-i.e. hic will, this year, be brought crude tartar, or tartar of wine. upon the livery of the grocers' company, and the next, Cinoper-cinnabar. Le drunk to as sheriff.--GIFFORD.

say-assay, attempt. 19 metoposcopy-divination by the lines on the forchead portague-a Portuguese gold coin, worth from £3, -Gr. melopon, the forehead, skopeő, to examine.

10s. to £4, 10s.

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? rice.

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Face. Out on thee, Nab! 'Slight, there was Who's but a step-dame, shall do more than she, such an offer

In her best love to mankind, ever could : Shalt keep't no longer, I'll give't him for thee. If his dream lasts, he'll turn the age to gold. Doctor,

Nab prays your worship to drink this, and swears
He will appear more grateful, as your skill
Does raise him in the world.

Drug. I would entreat
Another favour of his worship.

An Outer Room in LOVEWIT's House.
Face. What is't, Nab?
Drug. But to look over, sir, my almanack,

Enter Sır EPICURE MAMMON and SurLY. And cross out my ill days, that I may neither Mam. Come on, sir. Now, you set your foot Bargain, nor trust upon them.

on shore
Face. That he shall
, Nab;

In Novo Orbe;' here's the rich Peru:
Leave it, it shall be done, 'gainst afternoon. And there within, sir, are the golden mines,
Sub. And a direction for his shelves.

Great Solomon's Ophir! he was sailing to't
Face. Now, Nab;

Three years, but we have reach'd it in ten months. Art thou well pleased, Nab?

This is the day, wherein, to all my friends, Drug. 'Thank, sir, both your worships.

I will pronounce the happy word, BE RICH; Face. Away:

[Exit DRUGGER. THIS DAY YOU SHALL BE SPECTATISSI31.2 Why, now, you smoky persecutor of nature !

You shall no more deal with the hollow dye, 3 Now do you see, that something's to be done, Or the frail card. No more be at charge of keeping Beside your beech-coal, and your corsive' waters, The livery-punk for the young heir, that must Your crosslets, crucibles, and cucurbites?

Seal, at all hours, in his shirt: no more, You must have stuff brought home to you, to If he deny, have him beaten to't, as he is work on:

That brings him the commodity. No more And yet you think I am at no expense

Shall thirst of satin, or the covetous hunger In searching out these veins, then following them, Of velvet entrails for a rude-spun cloke, Then trying them out. 'Fore God, my intelli To be display'd at Madam Augusta's, make gence

The sons of Sword and Hazard fall before Costs me more money than my share oft comes to, The golden calf, and on their knees, whole nights In these rare works.

Commit idolatry with wine and trumpets:
Sub. You are pleasant, sir.-

go a feasting after

drum and ensign.
Re-enter DOL.

No more of this.

You shall start up young


How now! And have your punks, and punketees, my Surly. What says my dainty Dolkin?

And unto thee I speak it first, BE RICHI. Dol. Yonder fish-wife

Where is my Subtle, there? Within, ho. Will not away.

And there's your giantess, Face. [Within.] Sir, he'll come to you by and The bawd of Lambeth.

by. Sub. Heart, I cannot speak with them.

Nam. That is his fire-drake, Dol. Not afore night, I have told them in a His Lungs,' his Zephyrus, he that puffs his coals, voice,

Till he firke nature up, in her own centre. Thorough the trunk, like one of your familiars.

You are not faithful," sir. This night, I'll change But I have spied Sir Epicure Mammon

All that is metal in my house to gold: Sub. Where?

And, early in the morning, will I send Dol. Coming along, at far end of the lane, To all the plumbers and the pewterers, Slow of his feet, but earnest of his tongue And buy their tin and lead up; and to Lothburys To one that's with him.

For all the copper. Sub. Face, go you and shift. [Exit Face.

Sur. What! and turn that too? Dol, you must presently make ready too.

Jam. Yes, and I'll purchase Devonshire and Dol. Why, what's the matter?

Cornwall, Sub. Oh, I did look for him

And make them perfect Indes!' you admire lo With the sun's rising: 'marvel he could sleep.

now ? This is the day I am to perfect for him

Sur. No, faith. The magisterium, our great work, the stone; Viam. But when you see th' effects of the Great And yield it, made, into his hands: of which

Medicine, He hås, this month, talk'd as he were possess'd.

Of which one part projected on a hundred
And now he's dealing pieces on't away.-

Of Mercury, or Venus, or the moon,
Methinks I see him entering ordinaries,
Dispensing for the pox, and plaguy houses,
Reaching his dose, walking Moorfields for lepers,

1. The new world.' And offering citizens' wives pomander-bracelets,

2. Most respected.' As his preservative, made of the elixir;

Alluding to loaded dice. Seaching the spittal, to make old bawds young; 4 The keeper of a brothel or an ordinary. And the highways, for beggars, to make rich: 5 Lungs was a term of art for the under-operators in I see no end of his labours. He will make chemistry, whose business principally was to take caro Nature asham'd of her long sleep: when art,

of the fire.

6 firk-beat.
7 Jaithful--believing.

8 Lothbury was at that time famous for its copper I corsive--corrosive.

works. 2 crosslet-a sort of crucible.

9 He meant to turn all the tin of these counties inte 3 magisterium—a fine substance deposited by precipi- gold. tation.

10 admire-in old writers generally means wonder, 4 pomander-bracelets. Pomander was a perfumed bali here it seems to be equal to believe. in a box containing perfumery, formerly carried by 11 In the nomenclature of alchemy the Sun represented ladies at the end of a chain, etc

gold, the Moon, silver, Mars, iron, Mercury, quicksilver, s spittal-hospital

Saturn, leadi, Jupiter, tin, and Venus, copper.

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