The Works of Virgil

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American book exchange, 1881 - 425 pages

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Page 390 - A gathering mist o'erclouds her cheerful eyes, And from her cheeks the rosy colour flies, Then turns to her, whom, of her female train, She trusted most, and thus she speaks with pain : " Acca, 'tis past ! he swims before my sight, Inexorable Death ; and claims his right. Bear my last words to Turnus ; fly with speed, And bid him timely to my charge succeed : Repel the Trojans, and the town relieve : Farewell .
Page 373 - T is to behold his vengeance for my son. I stay for Turnus, whose devoted head Is owing to the living and the dead. My son and I expect it from his hand; 'T is all that he can give, or we demand. Joy is no more; but I would gladly go, To greet my Pallas with such news below.
Page 83 - A winding valley, and a lofty wood. Some god conduct me to the sacred shades, Where Bacchanals are sung by Spartan maids, Or lift me high to Haemus...
Page 238 - Th' impetuous ocean roars, And rocks rebellow from the sounding shores. The watchful hero felt the knocks, and found The tossing vessel sail'd on shoaly ground. Sure of his pilot's loss, he takes himself The helm, and steers aloof, and shuns the shelf. Inly he griev'd, and, groaning from the breast...
Page 303 - Troy.' She said ; and straight, her arms of snowy hue About her unresolving husband threw. Her soft embraces soon infuse desire ; His bones and marrow sudden warmth inspire ; And all the godhead feels the wonted fire. Not half so swift the rattling thunder flies, Or forky lightnings flash along the skies. The goddess, proud of her successful wiles, A^nd conscious of her form, in secret smiles.
Page 360 - Then, as a hungry lion, who beholds A gamesome goat who frisks about the folds, Or beamy stag that grazes on the plain ; He runs, he roars, he shakes his rising mane : He grins, and opens wide his greedy jaws, The prey lies panting underneath his paws ; He fills his famish'd maw, his mouth runs o'er With unchew'd morsels, while he churns the gore.
Page 276 - At least I can defer the nuptial day, And, with protracted wars the peace delay: With blood the dear alliance shall be bought, And both the people near destruction brought. ' So shall the son-in-law and father join, With ruin, war, and waste of either line. O fatal maid! thy marriage is endow'd With Phrygian, Latian, and...
Page 247 - Of various forms unnumber'd specters more, Centaurs, and double shapes, besiege the door. Before the passage, horrid Hydra stands, And Briareus with all his hundred hands; Gorgons, Geryon with his triple frame; And vain Chimaera vomits empty flame. The chief unsheath'd his shining steel, prepar'd, Tho...
Page 251 - Minos, the strict inquisitor, appears ; And lives and crimes, with his assessors, hears. Round in his urn the blended balls he rolls, Absolves the just, and dooms the guilty souls.
Page 317 - O Trojan race, your needless aid forbear, And know, my ships are my peculiar care. With greater ease the bold Rutulian may, With hissing brands, attempt to burn the sea, Than singe my sacred pines. But you, my charge, Loos'd from your crooked anchors, launch at large, Exalted each a nymph : forsake the sand, And swim the seas, at Cybele's command.

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