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attitudes, of how rural opinion is formed and manipulated, similar to the brilliant work of Robert II. Hoxie and Carleton W. Parker, whi h has done so much to give us a better appre iation of the spirit and motives of trade unions. Here is a field in which important contributions may be made which will be of very great value to agricultural organizations, but for which a knowledge of their mechanism and economie basis, such as Dr. Wiest has given is, is essential.

Whether or not we agree with his position in all cases, Dr. Wiest's evaluation of methods and principles of organization

hould stimulate thought and discussion. Such questions as whether state commissioners of agriculture should be appointed by a governor or by a non-partisan board or whether they should le subject to some type of civil service and have an indefinite tenure so that they would be chosen and retained in office for their ability and efficieny as is a member of a university faculty; whether the American Farm Bureau Federation is wise in attempting to act as a mouthpie .e for the American farmer with regard to national legislation or whether it might better confine its activities to an educational and economic program; these and similar questions of public policy require a broader and more thoroughgoing consideration.

In developing our agricultural policies we should take heed of all that science, economics, history and social organization can teach. Dr. Wiest has given us the first comprehensive treatise on agricultural organization in the United States from this standpoint.

DWIGIT SANDERSON. Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y., April, 1923.

Table of Contents



Office of the Secretary-The Office of the Solicitor-Division

of Accounts and Disbursements.

Beginning of the Collection and Distribution of Seeds-

Amount of Seed Distributed–The Object of the Distribution-De-

velopment of the Bureau-Present Functions of the Bureau-

Some Achievements.


The Attitude of the Early Settlers Toward the Forest—The

Beginnings of the Forest Service-Establishment of the Forest
Division-The Development of the Forest Policy The Creation of
our National Forests--The Present Organization of the Forest
Service--Management of the National Forests-Other Activities.


Establishment of the Veterinary Division--The Establishment

of the Bureau of Animal Industry--The Eradication of Pleuro-
Pneumonia-Texas Fever-The Animal Husbandry Division--The
Dairy Division--The Field Inspection Division- The Origin and
Operation of the Twenty-Eight-Hour Law-The Meat luspection
Division--The Quarantine Division--Tick Eradication Division-
Tuberculosis Eradication Division-The Offices of Hog.Cholera
Control and Virus Serum Control.

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The Department's First Work on Soils-Establishment of the
Agricultural Soils Division-Establishment of the Bureau of
Soils-Chemical and Physical Investigations-Investigations of
Fertilizer Reserves--Soil Survey Investigations.

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