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To the Reverend, and Learned

\A N X H o N r r U C K N E r3

D. D. Master of Emmanuel College

AndtotheFf/W/of that Religious, and
happy Foundation.

Honoured Sirs. > ''"

'4N(:$ 4Ht He many Testimonies of Your «§* * ^ section towards this j»W and /e*r»T j Z ai ^Ktfo>«r(especially3 while he lay 4^ t|» under the discipline of soj^i a Pn>vidence) deserve all thankfull acknowledgment jand grateful commemoration: whichjl doubt notjbut himself would have made in moji ample manner3had it pleased God to have granted him longer lifefind farther opportunity .But, since Divine *Vresidence hath otherways disposes I thought itvio solecism in friendship to un

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