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with the first. Beyond question there are many who are constrained by their natures to devote their energies to philanthropic ends, and do this without any regard for personal benefit. Indeed there are here and there men who would consider themselves insulted if told that what they did was done with the view of obtaining divine favour.


To find the authority for any statement in the text, the reader is to proceed as follows :-Observing the number of the section in which the statement occurs, he will first look out, in the following pages, the corresponding number, which is printed in conspicuous type. Among the references succeeding this number, he will then look for the name of the tribe, people, or nation concerning which the statement is made (the names in the references standing in the same order as that which they have in the text); and that it may more readily catch the eye, each such name is printed in Italics. In the parenthesis following the name, will be found the volume and page of the work referred to, preceded by the first three or four letters of the author's name; and where more than one of his works has been used, the first three or four letters of the title of the one containing the particular statement. The meanings of these abbreviations, employed to save the space that would be occupied by frequent repetitions of full titles, is shown at the end of the references; where will be found arranged in alphabetical order, these initial syllables of authors' names, &c., and opposite to them the full titles of the works referred to.


$ 8. Cimmarróns (Osw. 61)-Wolves (Rom. 436). $ 9. Beavers (Dal. in C. N. H. iii, 99)- Crows and Rooks (Rom. 323-5). § 10. Bisons (Rom. 334-5)-Elephants (Rom. 400-1)-Monkeys (Gill. 170). 8 14. Abors (Dalt. in J. A. S. B. xiv, 426). $ 23. Dogribs (Lub. 509)-Fuegians (Wed. 175) -Greeks (Pla. Jow. 229). $ 24. Communists (Lav. in Contemporary Review, Feb. 1890; Bel. 101). § 26. Germany (Daily Papers, Feb. 1890). $ 31. Lepchas (Camp. in J. E. S. L. July, 1869)Hos (Dalt. 206)—WoodVeddah (Tenn. ii, 444)---Kant (Ka. 54-5). $ 32. Austin (Aust. 30). $ 34. Benthamism (Mill. 93 ; Bel. in Cont. Rev., July, 1890). $ 40. Fijians (Will. i, 112) — Wends (Grimm. 488) — Herulians (Grimm. 487) Greeks (Gro. ii, 33) —Europeans (Gri. 289 ; Green, 13)—English (Steph. ii, 204, 209). § 41. Early Germans, &c. (Mai. 370) Anc. Russia (Holtz. i, 225-6) Š 45. Abors (Dalt. in J. A. Š. B. xiv, 426) — Nagas (Stew. in J. A. S. B. XXIV, 608)— Lepchas (Camp. in J. E. S. L. July, 1869)-Jakuns (Fav. in J. I. A. ii). § 46. Fijians (Ersk. 492)— Hebrews (Ex. xxi; Deut. xv; Lev. xxv. 45, 46) —- Christians (i Cor. vii, 21) — Greeks (Gro. ii, 37, 468-9) :-Spartans (Gro. ii, 309)-English (Green, 56, 91, 90, 247) — Artizans (Mart. i, 343). $ 52. Suanetians (Fresh. in P. R. G. S. June, 1888, p. 335) –

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Dahomans (Burt. i, 260). $ 54. Locke (Sec. Treat. on Gov. § 27)Comanches (Scho. i, 232) —Chippewayans (Scho. v, 177)-Irish (Green, 431) -China Wil. i, 1-2)—India (Lav. 310, etc $ 55. Maine (Mai. 184). $ 60. Romans (Cop. 2)—English (Rob. in Ency. Brit. art. “ Copyright”). § 61. Monopolies (Had. 489). § 62. Roman Law (Pat. 154-5)-Buddhists (Pat. 181, note)English (Pat. 53). § 63. English (13 Eliz. c. 5; 29 Eliz. c. 5). $64. Polynesians (Ell. P. R. ii, 346 ; Tho. i, 96)—Sumatra (Mars. 244)-Hottentots (Kolb. i, 300)—Damaras (And. 228)-Gold Coast (J. E. S. (1856) IV, 20)-Congo (Proy. in Pink. xvi, 571)—Eghas (Burt. Abeokuta, i, 208)— Timbuctoo (Shab. 18)-Ashantis (Bee. 117)--Arabs (Burck. i, 131) Todas (Mar. 206)—-Gonds (His. 12*)Bodo and Dhimals (Hodg. in J. A. S. B. xviii, 718)—Kasias (Hook ii, 275) —Karens (Mas. in J. A. S. B. xxxvii, pt. ii, 142)—Mishmis (Grif. 35)-Primitive Germans (Tac. Germ. xx)-Celts (Bello, iii, 398)—Saxons and Frisians (König. 152-3)—Merovingians (König. 158-60) -France (Civil Code, $ 967, etc.).' $ 69, Polynesians (U. S. Ex. Ex. iii, 22; Ang. ii, 50; Ell. Hawaii, 390; St. John, ii, 269 - Bechuanas (Burch. ii, 395) – Inland Negroes (Land. i, 250) Ashantis (Bee. 148)-Shoa (Harr. ii, 26) Congo (Proy. in Pink. xvi, 578) Dahomans (Burt. Miss. i, 52) Fulahs (Wint. i, 170) — Hebrews (Deut. xxii, 8, etc.) — Phænicians (Möv. ii, 108-110)—Mexicans (Zur. 223)-Cent. Americans (Xim. 203 ; Pala. 84 ; Sqi. ii, 341)— Patagonians (Fitz. ii, 150)Mundrucus (Bates, 274) Diocletian (Lév. i, 82-3). $ 70. Hebrews (Deut. xxiii, 19-20)— Cicero (Arn. 50)—- England (Ree. iii, 292; Steph. Comm. ii, 90) France (Lec. Rationalism, 293-4). § 72. England (Cunn. 200; Thor. i, 118; Craik, i, 108-9; Rog. i, 575; Ree. iii. 262, 590; Pict. Hist. ii, 809, 812, viii, 635)France (Tocque. 427 ; Lév. iii, 286). $ 74, Guinea (Bast. iii, 225)Fijians (Lub. 357; Ersk. 450 ; Will. i, 121)—Greeks (Plato: Laws, bk. x; Smith, Class. Dict. 714 ; Ency. Brit. ii, 1). $ 78. Henry IV. (Green, 258) -Nonconformists (Green, 609-13)-Athenians (Pat. 76)--Romans (Pat. 77)English (Pat. 79, 94)—Plato (Pat. 50)—English (Pat. 50-1). $ 90. Fijians (Will. i, 210) — Fuegians (Voy. Adv. & Bea. ii, 2) – Australians (Trans. Èth. Soc. N.S. iii, 248, 288)—Egyptians (Ebers. i, 307-8) - Aryans (Tac. Germ. xviii) - Prim. Germans (Gri. 450) -Early_Teutons (Mai. 153)—Old English (Lapp. ii, 338-9) — Romans (Hunt. 32-3)— Fulc the Black (Green, 95). $ 95. Greeks and Romans (Lec. ii, 26)—Teutons and Celts (Gri. 455, etc.) Fuegians (Fitz. ii, 171)—New Guinea (Kolff, 301)--New Zealanders (Cook's Last Voy. 54)-Dyaks (Broo. i, 75) --Malagasy (Wai. ii, 437)-Hebrews (Ex. xxi, 7; 2 Kings iv, 1; Job xxiv, 9)—Romans (Lec. ii, 31--Celts (König. 86-7)—Germans (Gri. 461) – Romans (Hunt. 29; König. 87)France (Bern. 189-193; Gonc. 10-12; Bern. 161). § 102. Esquimaux (Hear. 161) Greeks (Gro. ii, 468)—Bodo, Dhimál and Kocch (Hodg. 157 ; Hodg. in J. A. S. B. xviii, 741). § 111, Esquimaux (Cran. i, 164-5)-Fuegians (Wed. 168)—Veddahs (Tenn. ii. 440) — Tasmanians (Bon. 81)—Mountain Snakes (Ross, i, 250)—Fish-eaters (Scho. i, 207)-Shirry-dikas (Lew. & Clarke, 306)—Comanches (Scho. ii, 127). $ 112. Snakes (Lew. & Clarke, 306)–Creeks (Scho. v, 277)—Dacotahs" (Scho. ii, 183-5)-Comanches (Scho. i, 231)—Uanpés (Wal. 499) –- Patagonians (Falk. 123)-Araucanians (Thomp. i. 405)—Bechuanas (Licht. ii, 329)East Africans (Burt. C. A. ii, 365)—Coast Negroes (J. E. S. 1848, i, 215; Wint. i, 127) --Abyssinia (Park. ii, 236-8) Arabs (Palq. 53 ; Burck. i, 284)—Bhils (Mal. i, 576)-Khonds (Macph. 44)Karens (Mas. in J. A. S. B. xxxvii, Pt. II, 142)-Early Teutons (Kemb. i, 268, 272; Thor. i, 447)—English (Green, 197)French (Gué. ccviii). 117. Paternal Government (Mai. 133). $ 118. Plato (Laws, bks. vi, vii; Rep. bk. v)-Aristotle (Rep. bk. vii, 14-16)-Plato (Rep. iv, 19) - Aristotle (Rep. bk. vii, 9-10). § 121. Feudalism (Bonne. i, 269)-Fiji (Will. i, 30) Church-and-King Mob (Hux. 103). § 131. Thieves (Daily Papers : date lost). $ 132. Shrewsbury (Jev. 37). $ 133. Penny Post (Ēncy. Brit. xix, 565)—Boy Messengers Co. (Daily Papers, March, 1891).


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