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ed ;-it may encourage him to remain stedfast in the faith of the Redeemer, to abound in all the duties obligatory upon him as a subject of the Prince of Peace ;-it may tend to cherish sentiments of devotedness to his celestial Sovereign, and of attachment to those who are heirs with him of the heavenly kingdom ;-and it may brighten his hope of that land of which it is the emblem, where evil cannot exist, and where peace and joy are experienced without the possibility of interruption.

Wherever the Olive BRANCH appears, may such be the result !-may the interests of Scriptural and of cheerful piety be increased! and may the knowledge, and the love, and the glory of God be promoted !

H. S. B.

Edinburgh, 16th Nov. 1830.



Hev. John Brown, D.D.

John Malcolm, Esq.
Thomas Raffles, L.L.D. Willian Anderson, Esq.
Edward Craig, A.M. Sandfor! Earle, Esq.
Robert Burns, D D.F.A.S. Thomas Tod Stodart, Esq.
John Brown Paterson, A.M. Hamilton Buchanan.
James Gardner, M.D. A.M. The Author of " The Pastor of
Robert Turnbull.

James Anderson.

Richard Huie, M.D.

Egomet. W. M. Hetherington, A.M. Clarens. George Goufrey Cunningham. R. William M Gavin, Esq.

The Editor.

By an unfortunate incident, a number of papers sent for insertion have been for the present lost. They will most probably be recovered; in which case they will be reserved for the next publication.

It is respectfully suggested, that all Papers intended for the ensuing Volume of the OLIVE BRANCH, should be transmitted to the Publisher's not later than the end of July. Unsolicited Communications will be highly acceptable.

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