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mire most have not the ability to imitate, while those who imitate have not the sense to admire. It is far from us to offend any by these remarks, although those who would be offended are far from us. Justice to all, though all may not do us justice. In all the gorgeous chapter of England's History MACAULAY paints the scene as if in the daguerreotype the scene had been its own painter. His men are living, and his living is men. We hear them talk, and we almost talk to them while we hear. There they walk down the corridors of history, each one dressed in his own apparel, and apparelled in his own dress. Passing by other features in the book, we must say we do n't like the features under the title. Can that be MacauLAY’s likeness, and can those underneath be the arms of England? We speak of the twenty-five cents edition ; for as that is the one which the publisher has sent us, although we do n't much notice twenty-five cents, we are making out a twenty-five cents' notice. In any case, we must say we never saw such arms to a lion or such lions to the English

We see the spelling not exactly what it had ought to be; and as some have sent over to England to get a copy after recovering from a dangerous fit of ill. ness from meeting pic-nic' spelt pick-nick, or vice versa, we believe it was Mr. MACAULAY himself has written the following letter to the publisher :

MY DEAR SIR : I am very sorry to hear of the illness of those gentlemen, but I hope the arrival of the English edition will put an end to their sickness, if their sickness does not put an end to them. With reference to the change of spelling, it was rather cool of your printing. office to do it; but printing offices must be cool when the weather is oppressive. I do not so much mind the change of spelling provided we are all right about the spelling of change. I sent you my history in black ink, and if you had published it in red I would not quarrel, so long as it was read after it was written, although it was not written to be red. I do n't care a single the fourth letter in the alphabet about the spelling; if your Yankees are pleased with it rest assured it will be pleased with your Yankees.

• Very respectfully,
* Your obedient servant,



After this curtous epistle we suppose we shall hear no more of so insignificant a matter as whether words are spelt right or rong. A hundred years ago there was no right or rong about it, and it 's only a new invention, the excitement being got up principally by Noah WEBSTER to make his book sell. For ourselves, we do n't care three straws about it; and we're democrat enough to claim that small privilege of spelling our own words as we please. If we relinquish this, the next thing they will object to our choice of words. However, verbum saphead : enough on that head. We heartily recommend MACAULAY's history, such as it is. He is not the MACAULAY who used to live in Bunkum a few years ago. We recollect reading his reviews once't, and summed up our opinion thus: What Milton is to SHAKSPEARE, and SHAKSPEARE to the Greek dramatists, such is Macaulay to literature in general. We recommend the volums to our readers, as there are some very pretty things in them.

THE LIFE OF NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. In a good many volumes. By Sir WALTER Scott Bart.

Mr. Bart has done a good service to the cause of letters by these volumes, which have now been published some years. It does us good to review the work. NapoLEON BONAPARTE was a man of talents, which subsequent events prove. We recol. lect that a school-mate of ours once wrote the following lines to his memory :

IN St. Helena's isle, in the midst of the ocean,

There sleeps the remains of the noble and the brave,
The wild winds howl around him in savage commotion,

And dash the white surf onto NAPOLEON's grave.'

A beautiful tribute, and well deserved. NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, we think, will yet find his level, and posterity may live to thank us for what we have here said. We have one bone to pick with him, however, which we should have done if we had met him among the Simplons or the Twoillerries. He had not ought, on the score of congugial affection, for to have divorced his wife, if she was a colored woman ; and if we had a-met her before he done the deed, we would have said to her: *JOSEPHINE, stand to your rights! While we're about it, we may as well say we've another bone to pick with Mr. Bart. He do n't do justice to that poor creater shut up on

Saint Helena, where Mr. CIPRIANI could n't get fire-wood to warm him, nor any good oil to put in his lamp, nor mutton which was worth a single cuss, nor half water enough for his bath, nor half wine enough for his water; and what wine he had was made of sour grapes and sugar-of-lead, giving the poor captyve a stomach-ache every day; and yet BART wants to make out that the overseer 'gin the old

hero a good deal more than he deserved! But Mr. Bart is an Englishman, and an Englishman is a hectoring bully wherever you find him; and he is n't any thing else.

LETTERS FROM UNDER A BRIDGE. By N. P. WILLIS. This is the queerest name for a book, is it not, gentle reader, bookish or otherwise, with an eye to the sweet mustiness of Bookdom? And no such title, we dare say, is to be found in the whole Vatican or Bodleian. We have been told that the origin of it is this: Mr. Willis having received a sprain of the ankle from treading on a rose-leaf which had been very carelessly thrown into the path by the hand of an east-wind, and for other maladies, was taking a bath or ablution in a meandrous stream in the neighborhood of a rustic bridge. He had put his pantaloons on a large rock, when to his shocking horror he is made aware of the approach of ladies, in which juncture he ran under the bridge. While there his teeming brain conjured up so many pleasant images as to give rise to this book with its title, which we must say is arch. We can't help liking Willis's writings, and always have liked them. We never sot down to an essay of his which was n't perfectly unique and readable-through, and dashed off with a concealed art and in a slow hurry. We do n't know where he picks out his words, or how he packs his pretty figures together; we could no more do it, if we had them separate, than we could put together the pieces of an ivory puzzle. But he does work in words as elegantly as an Indian with feathers or moosehair, or a modern lady with bead-work, and the more books he writes the better we like him for it. From writing with a shade over his eyes he throws the light entirely on the objeck. With a perfect indifference of what any body says of him, he goes right ahead, and writes himself into notoriety. We think the · Herald' is a black. guard for translating . N. P.' in his name into Nincom-Poop.'

We have received several songs, marches, duetts, Donizettis, etc., from the publishers, for which the publishers will please accept our thanks ; among them several pieces, as sung by the PUFFINGTOns in costume, * All round my Hat,' Go it while you 're Young,' My dear Mamma, I told you so,' *When my Eye,' etc., “The California Quick-Step,' GUNG'L's Brass Band,' • Hug and Squecze Me Polka,' • Office-Seeker's Manual, etc. We also find on our table • The Milliners' Magazine, with an engraving of new patent stays, calico prints and muslin de laines, with sundry pamphlets too tedious to mention, which shall be referred to in due time.


FOR SALE, an Old Blind Horse, i procure subscribers for the · Flag-Staff.' They deaf in one of his ears. Twenty-five must come furnished with from twenty-five to

years ago, when we first owned him, fifty dollars, walking-stick and good suit of he wept out his eyes like amber and plum-tree clothes, so as not to put the Flag-Staff to any gum, from working many years in a cider: risk or trouble. It is supposed, that by thrash. mill; also in a horse-boat, now super seaded ing the country well in all directions, and bor. by steam. He is not offered for practical work, ing the people half to death, they may put but it is thought that an enterprising man could money in their purse. and increase the circu. make a good show of him by pulling out the lation of the Flag-Staff.

ml istt. hairs of his tale with a tweezers; and supposed, from his great age, they would come O! FOR CALIFORNIA!—The subscriber offered a great bargain, and warranted to hang offers for sale cheap. Those going to Califor. on for a twelvemonth.

ml istf. nia will find this culinary vegetable highly es

sential at the mines. Also, a pair of brass andANTED. -- Two or three hundred smart, irons, which is important, as most in search of in the States, Oregon, Texas and California, to stone, suitable for a mill seat on the Sacra. VOL. XXXIV.


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mento, which he will dispose of a great bar- Common reason will tell you that it is the gain. Also, a couple of cider-barrels, which, BLOOD: its circulation discovered by HARVEY from their circular form, can be very easily some years ago, and has continued to flow rolled from Chagres to Panama. Also, some ever since. Now what does coinmon reason Jarge trunks and boxes, for the same route, tell you to do? Keep the source of life pure. and a few sausages.


al isp. Purge ! purge ! purge! If the blood is all

pure, then of course the streams will take the MY WIFE SALLY ANN character of the fountain. Why is it that man. has left my bed and board kind have remained so long in the dark with without provocation what. respect to this fact? We will tell you. It is ever. She has been ugly ever because charlatanism has stalked abroad in the since I took her, some fifteen earth. When so many impostors are vending years ago ; scratches when their drugs and rostrums, to the ruin of the she's mad, and gets the his health, can it be wondered that a deaf ear is terricks at a moment's warn- turned to the plainest, simplest reasons of phi. ing. She's a dangerous wo- lology, philosophy and common sense ? Read

man, I being entirely taken the following: READ! in by her beauty, which served me right. I From Miss TABITHA TITMOUSE: never was so sick of any job. I hope nobody

"Dear Sir: For fifteen years or more I was will catch her and bring her back. No debts laboring under an unpleasant breath. Although paid of her contracting. 3t is. DUSENBERRY SNOPGRASS.

it was not any particular inconvenience to my. self, it was noticeable by my friends, and I

have reason to think, impeded my matrimo. small yaller goslin, with part of the shell ral lovers, and remain unmarried to this day. stikin to him, supposed to be recently hatched. In this unfortunate predicament, I heard by acThe owner can have him by proving property, cident of your pill, and after fifteen boxes ex. paying charges, and take him away. A. B.

perienced relief. My breath was entirely m2 p2is.

changed; so much so, that there is now a young

man quite attentive to me, who this morning, tor's Grandfather spent a whole life time and said it was first-rate. A sense of gratitude of arduous study in the composition of these induces me to make this acknowledgment; pills, and died in putting the last touches on

and if it can be of any service to you you are them. They form the most triumphant result welcome to publish it from of unintermitted devotion perhaps on record.

Your grateful servant, From the time of his leaving the Edinburgh

• TABITHA TITMOUSE.' College till he grew gray in their combination,

Extract of a letter from one of the fair sex in they have formed a part of his regular diet, and in the last affecting scene of his departure to a Bergen County : better land, where pills will be no more need. DEAR SIR: Left an infant by my parents at ed, he bequeathed them with a faltering tongue an early age, I began to swallow needles. I to the bowels of posterity. Children cry for kept up this practice until it became positively them; and afterward, when they grow up to deleterious. I at last carried it to such an exfull age, they continue to use them for stop treme, that I breakfasted, dined, and supped page. In every steamboat explosion in the upon no other diet. After that it preyed upon country where there has been a box of them my health. My sleep became disturbed, and on board, they have been found of invaluable my pulse irregular, with frequent palpitations service; cure the jaundice. extirpate worms, of the heart; and from the paleness of my comand is good for fits. There is no obstruction of plexion, I seemed verging to an early grave. the human system which does not readily My friends became alarmed; till reading of yield to them; and his grandfather has been your Life Pill in the 'Bunkumville Chronicle,' heard to say they would open a garden-gate. they procured two boxes as a last resort. Since These pills have physicked all the old states of that I have discharged through the arms, eyes the Union. The Western States, which sutter. and brain, many gross of needles, and provi. ed dreadful from limestone, they keep them dentially have been able to set up a small shop, regular. More recently, Texas consumed on the proceeds of which I am doing well. If 15,000 boxes, and done him good. The present you think this will be any service to young laproprietor sent a box of them to the Dey of dies in the like situation, you are perfectly Tunis, hoping to get a valable present in ex.

welcome to make what use of it you may deem change; and when it comes to hand he will let tit.

MELISSA G. SNIBS.' you know; in the mean time hopes he remains From another lady, who swallowed chalk, tirmly seated on his throne. The most deli. etc. : cate female may use them with perfect impu. nity ; keep her complexion fair, red and white, MELISSA SNIBS, I was induced to try your

Having read the extract of a letter signed and save her ear-rings from rusting, pulse regur remedy. Besides chalk, I have swallowed lar, and breath sweet. Warranted to sodder slate-pencils, which with the foregoing would up a broken leg, or money returned. In PoorHouses they will be found an excellent specific district-schools in the world. I became sallow

be enough for all the black-boards and all the to relieve the town from porpuses, and the and out of health, but by the blessing of God I county from tax. In several of these institutions they have been known to make those die

am now cured, thanks to your medicine, and easy that would 'a died at any rate, and ready to go at it again. squenched their sufferings some months

• Respectfully yours,

previous to the ordinary time. Come and let us

S. JEMIMA CODDINGS.' reason, fellow citizens, on the philosophy of

From the Methodist minister in Columbia, this pill. Why is it? - What is the source of Greene County : health, strength, happiness -- nay, life itself? • Dr. H. U. M. BUG, Esq., Dear Sir: I have tfisp. HO ONI SOIT MAGNETIC GARTERS. This with a full grown pickle, wreathed about with


Pitipul Pickleby

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been suffering for some time under an attack | more wonderful when Art is enabled to put of bronchitis, and my usefulness nearly de- NATURE in harness, and tackle the very lightstroyed. Not knowing what to do, in answer nings, as in the case of the HONI SOIT GARTERS. to prayer, I believe I was guided to your Life You put on your stockings in the morning a Pill, and found it fully equivalent to the emer- sick man, overwhelmed with diseases, and at gency. After fifteen pills to a dose, I found the night you're well. complaint give way; and last Sabbath fore.

SOLD ONLY AT THE DEPOSITORY IN noon, being greatly blessed with enlargement, BUNKUM. I was enabled to preach for the space of one hour and forty-five minutes to a most attentive PREM


REMEDY FOR THE SALT RHEUM. attribute to your Life Pill.

Imposture having made such great advances, • Yours in the Lord,

it affords us pleasure to announce this remedy. THEOPHRASTUS HIGGINS.' The afflicted may apply with an absolute cer. The above is only a tithe of the communica- tainty of cure. tions which we have on hand, recommending cases of the rheum are on record, positively

TEN THOUSAND the Grandfather's Pill, of which we shall con. tinue to publish the more remarkable of them. healed by this nostrum, and the cry is still

they The patentee of the pill was himself at one pe: tormented when the remedy is near at hand ?

Who is there will remain afflicted and riod of life much afflicted with a tendency of blood to the face, usually called blushing; but The PECULIAR PICKLES are sold

at every drug. since he has been engaged in the concoction of shop. None genuine unless signed by the in.

ventor's name, this medicine, although not having actually swallowed a single box, he is positively cured, and has not blushed a blush for the last ten years. Facts speak stronger than words. Come ye disconsolate, and buy the Grandfather's Pill. Price 50 cents a box.

astounding discovery has now been long a cucumber vine. All infringements upon the enough before the age to attest its virtues suf- patent will be prosecuted to the utmost exficiently. Thousands and tens of thousands, ( tremity of the law.

uspitf. many of them pinchingly poor, besides being afflicted with various maladies, have come con- BUNKUM BOOK STORE AND CIRCULA. fidently up and spent their last penny upon this

TING LIBRARY. panacea in quest of relief. The inventor has

TI pocketed the money, and given them the mag;

| 'HE following works have been added to the

library, and additions are constantly made, netic garters, which has immediately diffused which now comprises the most interesting list a beautiful stream of electricity all through the of novels, etc., in the country; to wit: system, in most cases giving relief. Those who The Devil on Two Sticks; Three Spaniards; have been too delicate even to mention the Abælino, or Noted Bandit; Baxter's Saint's name of garters, have been cured, and spoke Rest; Roderick Random; Mysteries of Paris ; of garters in the best society. Since the in: Alliene's Alarm; Don Cæsar De Bazan: a Play vention of this remedy the English word leg Paul Clifford; Goldsmith's Greece; Paul and has come into notice; but for those who object Virginia; Elegant Letter Writer; Methodist to 'leg,' the inventor, with a kindly regard for Hymn. Book; The Way to Live; Tom and the various feelin's of community, has con- Jerry: a Play; The Way to be Happy; The trived and has now on hand at the Depository Way to Eat and Drink; The Way to sleep; an infinitesimal assortment of Hon. Soit brace. The Way to Die; American Joe Miller. In lets, more valuable than pearl or diamonds for addition to the foregoing, the following: Two the afflicted. TRY THEM, FRIENDS. For the Rival Dead Sea Expeditions ; treating of the nervous and afflicted, who dare n't say their Lake of Asphaltes. * A Commentary on the Relasoul's their own, these are the things to set tive Value of the Ciders of New Jersey and Pennthem on their 1[p]egs. The clerk in our office, sylvania, and an excursus on the present method who was modest

when he came, by the mere of turning sour cider that is n't worth nothing sale of the HONI SOIT GARTERs in three months into sweet champagne. Price $2 per bottle. became positively impudent. He can now * Ethiopian Song Book ;' the demand for which gaze on the loveliest face in creation, with a is so great, that we heard the publisher say, steadiness almost approaching to a stare. Last Blamed if we can knock them off fast enough! week in the shop, while exhibiting the article, How's Castigated Shakspeare, or the Bard of Avon he addressed a famous actress by name, (he made fit to be read: executed with much delihaving witnessed her personation of BEATRICE,) cacy of discrimination, and with a sensible whereat she drew herself up to the height of preface. Also, “ September and Oysters,' by the five feet nine inches, in perfect astonishment. same author. This alone is sufficient to show that the HONI

This list of books will be continued. Sort remedies are a perfect cure for bashful. Subscribers are respectfully requested to wash ness. In an age when charlatanism and impos- their hands before reading, and dog-ears exture is approaching its acme, it is refreshing to pressly forbidden; but marginal notes in pencil fall in with a remedy which appeals to the will be permitted, provided they are in the highest laws of science. It is now positively usual formula. 'Sweet,' • Beautiful,', True,' ascertained that ELECTRICITY is the motive 'False,' • Excellent,' He seems to speak knowpower of the Universe. This gives the stars ingly, • Affectation,' ' Affecting,' etc., etc. their motion and the bull-frog his spring: This Terms 6 cents a volume per week. is the source of life, and makes the blood circulate and the cheek glow. This fires the cheek

BUNKUM HOTEL AND STRAN. of ambition, and is the secret of every throb

GERS' PUT-UP, ON MAIN-STREET. which animates matter. Wonderful law! yet The above hotel is now opened, being

newly repaired for the reception of visitors. , sitting-room is furnished with supporters for The kitchen is really worth looking at, being the heels, four or five feet above the head of the much less nasty than other hotels of the same tallest man, so situated that nearly the whole nature. Its cooks are not so greasy, and its person may be exposed to the open window, propinquity to mud-gutters and so forth being where, in the very hottest weather of the dogless apparent. A new gong has been lately days, a desirable breeze comes directly from purchased from Pekin, on which is inscribed, the river. We have never had a customer who in blazing characters, 'Look out for your tym has complained that his person has suffered panum.' One ole genelman fell dead when he from the heat while sitting at the window. heard it, crying . What's that ? When you all have been, without any exception, cooled, come up-stairs the arrangements are equally and that without any resort to fans. Our spitperfect. First, the bar-room is furnished with toons are of the very largest capacity, each the best brandy, also port-wine, as every other computed to hold the allowance of ten men, tavern is on the face of the whole globe, al- which is certainly a calculation with a margin. though Oporto himself could n't father one The Attics are above the reach of mosquitoes, drop out of ten thousand. Bunkum, however, these never flying above the first story, and then contains the real stuff. A main feature in this too tired to suck. In short, for cellar, larder, hotel is the SITTING-ROOMs. They are directly kitchen, bar-room and garret, it is believed this on the main street, and pretty much on a level hotel stands unparalleled in the annals of hoswith the pavement. It is computed that there tlery. are at least one hundred beautiful young wo- N. B. The chamber-maids in the entries are men, chiefly of BUNKUM, passing up and down a peculiar feature, their altercations with the at every hour of the day. A sight of these is waiters being highly amusing. The price of guaranteed, free gratis for nothing. If they are board is $2 a day, exclusive of servants, who very beautiful the visitors are permitted to gaze will not grumble at as much as you 're a mind into their very eye-balls, and no charge made. to give. JOHN GUILE, PROPRIETOR. surveyed, and any remarks made with a leer THENDENT ECHO is published at Bunkum

THE BUNKUM FLAG-STAFF AND INDEand a sneer will be replied to, as there are many gentlemen constantly at this hotel with a taste for at least once a month. *Job-work, including these things. Several boarding-schools daily horse hand-bills, will be particularly attended pass by, the teachers only being veiled, the to, with neatness and dispatch. Advertisements other scholars, from the age of ten to sixteen, inserted for little or nothing, if they are suitaare furnished with a variety of virgin blushes, ble. Beans, pork, eggs, hay, grits and shorts, most beautiful to look at. COME AND SEE! The I taken in exchange.

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