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Let it be done : let this Translation, which is inftruEtive, and may be of use to the Publick, be printed. :

People are astonish'd that the Turks have come to such Perfection both in the Paper and Types.

From FLORENCE. THE Latin Translation of Eustathius's

1 Commentaries upon Homer's Ílias - and Odyssée, which F. Alex. Politi has been so long about, is now ready to be publish'd, in two Volumes in Folio, on large Paper and fine Letter ;; as we may judge by the Preface already printed.

This Preface begins with extolling Politi's own Order of Canon Regulars of the Schola Pia, establish'd in Italy in the end of the sixteenth Century, for instructing Youth in Religion and Literature, ; ;

He says, that as all the Wisdom and Politeness of the Greeks are summ'd up in Homer, so they are in a higher degree in his Commentator; and therefore bringing him into Italy in Latin, is to enrich it with all the Treasures of the Greek and Latin Languages. He congratulates his having finish'd it, notwithstanding many

Difficulties he had to struggle with. ! He shews the Method he used in his Trans

lation, and says, that there had been publish'd several Editions of the Greek Text, either in whole or in part; one at Rome in 1542, which he says was only of the first five Books of the

Ilias, by Nic. Majoranus. The rest was not pubolish'd till 1550, in a smaller Character than the

five Books. He takes notice of the Abridgment of those Commentaries by Adrian Junius,



and of the Edition of that Abridgment with the Text of Homer, at Basle 1558. In 1560 the same Printers at Bape gave a more correct Edition of Eustathius's Commentaries intire, than that at Rome. Many others had extracted little Pieces out of them, and publish'd them before those two Editions ; among others, Guavinus Camers publish'd some, under the Title of Ta περί της Γραμματικής Κανονισμαία, in the Book entitled Horti Andonidis, 1496. Aldus.

These were almost all the Helps that Politi had for his Publication of the Text of Eustathius.

There were two Manuscripts of those Commentaries at Florence, in the Great Duke's Library, one of them very ancient, in two Vol. Folio, on Vellum, suppofed to be as old as Eustathius's , time; the other on Paper, more modern, which he supposes copied from that at Venice, or that it might have been brought from the Popoli Library at Bologna. That Copy of it in the

Vatican, is not a MS. but a printed Copy on · Vellum of the Edition 1542. Majoranus could

find but two MSS, when he printed it that Year: the one was Cardinal Ridolphi's at Florence, and the other Cardinal Cervin's. After this Account, the Transator speaks of Notes which he has added, (some of which were given him by M. Antonio Salvini, upon the first Books of the Ilias.)

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R. Walch, now Professor in Ordinary of

Divinity, in the room of Mr. Dauz, has just publish'd a Differtation against Dr. Burnet's Treatise de statu Mortuorum & Refurgentium.


From VERONA. DKU JOHN Albert Tumermani has printed in 8vo, J an Italian Poem of about 450 Lines, entitled, I Canarini, Tbe. Canary-Birds. This lit„tle Tregtise is much valued here, and the more, because the Author is not above 16 years old. His Name is Ignazio di Perfico. The Poem is dedicated to the young Signior Jerom. Ascanio

Juftiniani. ;; ; -. . y

THERE is now printing by Subscription,

T Le Tbeatre des Grecs; or, the Tbeatre of the Greeks, by Father Brumois, a Jefuit, in .:3 Vols. 4to. The Undertakers are Mr. Rolin Sen, & Jun, and Mr. Coignard,

THE Course-of Sciences upon the new and Timple Principles, in order to form the Language, the Mind, and the Manners in the common Course of Life. I Vol. Fol. of 8.or.900 Pages in two Columns. By Father Buffier, a Jesuit. This is not the Title of a Work printed, but of a Project, which F. Buffer has formed of bringing, into one Volume in Folio, all the Treatises · which he has successively publish'd hitherto in

different Volumes in 12mo. viz. 1. A French Grammar. 2. A Treatise of Eloquence. 3. A · Treatise of Poetry. 4. Of Metaphysicks, or of

first Truths.' 5. Of Logick. 6: Of Metaphysicks, fitted to all Capacities. 7. An Examination of Vulgar Errors. 8. Of Civil Society, and the means to make one's self happy, by..contributing to the Happiness of those with whom we live. -9. An Analysis of the most plausible Proofs of Religion.


HAVING made, in this Scheme, a succinct Model of the new Plan proposed in thefe different Treatises, and of the Method which he follow'd'; F. Buffier tells us, that when be was just ready to publish his Course of Sciences such as he describes, the Bookfellers were af. fronted, that there was not a Tréatife of Physics which he would not undertake for two Reafons : i. Because he could not turn this Subject into any nevó Shape, it being already managed as well elsewhere; as he was able to do. 2. Because be look'd upon it as a heap of Conje&tures more or less ingeniouss which made him take one part of Phyfics to be rather a Probability (not to say a Pyrrhonism) than a Science. If he did not bring Mathematics into his Collection ; it is because she thinks) they are not concerned with common Life.

THE SÈ several Treatises are to be printed this Year in Folio in one Volume for Libraries ; That so (as F. Buffier says) being connected toge ther by new and simple. Principles, they make one complete Body, which cannot bel feparated : which, fays he, will make the most extraordinary Work of its kind that has appeared in our days.

HOWEVER, this Edition will be more exact than any of the Volumes already printed; the Author having made some new Reflections, and made use of fuch which have been made by Men of Senfe. He will likewise, explain Difficulties which have been started to him, whether by his Friends in private, or by Works publish'd upon the Subject. He adds to this, Differtations which have not as yet been publish’d, concerning the Method of studying or teaching the Sciences; and the good Taste of Learning, Wit, &c.


From A MST E RD A M.

A R. de Varenne, whose Learning and IVI Merit is well known, is now about a French Translation of a Latin Work, to be printed in Germany, under the Title of Bible Physique. The Translator assures me, That, among other curious things, there will be a Dissertation upon Cr-b-lice, and that the whole confifts of 10 Volumes in Folio. .

From DUB L I N. X Splendid Edition, both with regard to the A Paper and Types, of the two following Books, is just publish'd here.

P. Ovidii Naf. Metamorphoseon, Lib. XV. Interpret. & Notis illust. Dan. Crispinus ad usum Ser. Delphini ;: huic Edit. accedunt Annotationes ex Jac. Constantii Fanensis, Henrici Loritii Gla. reani, &c. &c. &c. Or, The XV. Books of the Metamorphoses of Ovid, with the Dauphin's Notes, and others from the Illustrations of Conftantius, Loritius, Micyllus, Ciofanus, Heinsius, Burman and other celebrated Commentators, in 4to. Printed for George Grierson, 1729.

Cornelii Taciti opera quæ extant, &c. Or, The Works of CORNELIUS TACITUS, revised and illustrated with Notes by Tbeod. Ryckius ; to which is added, the Life of SEJANUS, 3 Vol.' 8vo. Printed for G. Grierson, '1730, '


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