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Monagham 28. fra 79 dear Father blosmor,

Shese bisa mer, gour timpilation m the tunotum et Talon jupt som and have prind i at nating where to faith or morals. Its perusal, indeed, has given me considerate satisfaction; and Aconcane that the boote say Tuned to the lification of The Hattfal and the popularity of the ground old thrine which has been the home of as Thamy Saints, the hatear of to many timers, and which he regard as one of the prondest glorit others anéint kivessió Precemot bit admire goar iduthey ai aploring the decorate send momimento prest ages, comutat att se Petridis Purgatory. The wonder in how, smid ve duties a labosim priustingone

Could find time to collect so many parts and dreamento bearing on to habject, and give them to the public in a foron which through 1907 absolutely free from bbmet des Tyler

most carnestly

is pairly creatable at a ferit olimpt. Commending sous little work

to the station 4 our people, I am , dear herbor,

sem farthfully gorers

themes Donnelly ir? Inil O'Brimor, l.l. nilmore & Orumsnat


It has been long felt that a Handbook of the Pilgrimage of Lough Derg, giving an outline of its history, an accurate description of the place, as well as an account of the penitential exercises there practised, was a work, the want of which was admitted on all hands. To supply this want, however imperfectly, the present little volume has been written.

In its compilation I have received valuable aid and information from many kind friends, to whom I owe an acknowledgment of my most heartfelt gratitude. Foremost amongst these kind friends I must mention the Rev. John O'Hanlon, M.R.I.A., but for whose assistance and advice the present publication would very likely never have been prepared for the press. I have also to express my gratitude to the Right Rev. Dr. Graves, Protestant Bishop of Limerick, for a learned article on ancient inscriptions at Lough Derg, which his lordship, with the greatest kindness and condescension, permitted me to embody in this work. I am likewise

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