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In presenting to his readers the eleventh volume of the Christian Advocate, the Editor has little more to say, than to renew his devout acknowledgments to a merciful God, for the prolonging of his life, and for crowning it, as heretofore, with innumerable blessings, both temporal and spiritual; and especially for the continuance, at an advanced age, of some capacity for active employment in the service of his adored Redeemer; and while the Divine goodness is thus recognised as demanding the highest and warmest gratitude, to express also, the sincere thanks which he feels to be due to those who have long remained the steadfast patrons of this publication, as well as to those—a respectable number—who in the year past have added their names to the list of bis subscribers.

Leaving the contents of the volume to which this preface is affixed, to speak for themselves, he will avail himself of the opportunity which it presents, to say a few words in regard to the future. Having completed the publication of the course of lectures on the Shorter Catechism, he proposes to substitute in their place, the monthly issuing of a popular sermon. Not certain, however, that this will prove acceptable to his readers generally, he will abandon the plan if, on experiment, he shall find that it would be more agreeable and useful, that the space assigned to the sermons should be filled with other religious communications, of a doctrinal and practical kind. The sermons inserted in the Advocate, when not otherwise stated, will be of the editor's own composition; of which a large number are lying by him, which were delivered to the people of his charge, during the six-and-twenty years that he sustained the pastoral relation, in the Second Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia. He once intended to prepare for the press as many of these discourses as would fill two volumes; but he now believes that all he shall publish, will be those that may appear in the Christian Advocate.

It is intended hereafter to insert a greater number of brief notices of new publications, than have been lately admitted into this

Miscellany; and the aid of literary friends in preparing such notices, and in furnishing reviews, as well as in contributing other articles, suitable for a Religious Journal, is very earnestly and respectfully solicited.

Imploring the Divine blessing on his humble labours, and requesting a remembrance in the prayers of every pious reader, for himself, and for a blessing on his work—that it may promote the glory of God, the welfare of his church, and the spiritual interests of all who read it, the Editor sincerely bids them—with all the meaning contained in a term too often used as a mere formFAREWELL.




Coal, Market of, 184.

Constitution, Exposition of, 134.

Application of Property, Letter on, 16.

Christian Sabbath, Benefits of, 75.

American Hosiery, 87.

American Skill and Industry, 87.

Observer, Extract from, 89.

Clouds, 369.
Affairs, Publick, View of, 45, 93, 142, 189, || Church, a Pastor's Address to his, 528.

238, 285, 334, 380, 430, 470, 517,560.

Ancient Coin, 134.


Asaad Shidiak, Death of, 139.

Dialogue, 494.

Advice and Exhortation, 205.

Deaf and Dumb, 369.

Ailantus Glandulosa, 327.

Disease, Origin of, 134.

Anvil, Noise of, 368.

Duty with the Promise, Harmony of, 291.

Army in India, Happy Change of, 375. Death of a Friend, Lines on the, 444.

Affecting Epistle of Pomponio Algieri the

Martyr, 392.


Aqueduct, 509.
Animal Food, Cooking of, 508.

Eddy, Thomas, Life of, 273.

April, 223.

East Indies, 516.

Extraordinary Species of Ape, 510.


Expedition in Travelling, 327.

Broom Corn, 467.

Egyptian Newspaper, 327.

Burns, Cure for, 423.

Eliezer of Damascus, 310.

Beech Trees, Remarkable Fact, 423.

Execution, Publick, 369.

Bark, Peruvian, 369.

Electric Eel, 368.

Bishop Warburton, Observation of, 326.

Emigrants at Quebec, 368.

Bees, Trader in, 328.

Earthquake, 423.

Baptismal Names, 326.

Education, Rush on, 87.

Baptism, Address on, 262.

Extracts from Journal of Mr. Butrick, 42.

Boat, Portable One, 274.

Expedition, the Arctic, 553.

Bible Society, Foreign, 135, 235.


Printing of, 185.

in India, 39.

Floating Mattress, 510.

in Africa, 36.

Flint's Indian Wars, 467.

in Canton, 423.

Fire, Escape from, 423.

Blind, Wonderful Persons, 86.

Faith, How Justified by, 348.
Botany, Smith's and Waterhouse's, 87. Fallible Witnesses, the Senses are, 369.
Brewster, Sir David, 36.

Fact, Curious One, 327.

Bosphorus, a Sketch, 35,

Interesting, 328.

Backslider, a Letter to a, 531.

Farewell Hymn, 244.

First Thoughts, a Mother's, 223.

Fire, Something New concerning, 134.
Christian, Death of a, 483.

Force, Centrifugal, 35.

Chesterfield and Apostle Paul, 431.

Medical, of Paris, 467.

Capital Suggestion, 509.

Fullerton, Rev. Mr., Death of, 457.

Cowper, Case of, 475.

Fisk, Rev. Ezra, Obituary of, 539.

Caspar Hauser, 403.

Mrs. Esther, Letter to, 546.

Cream, Way of Obtaining, 424.
Church, Statistical, 424.

Expectation of the, 251.

German Universities, 452.
Christian Encouragement, 269.

Germany, Libraries of, 368.
Creation, Wonders of, 366.

German Version, Luther's, 325.
Cape Verds, Population, 274.

Gig made by a Blind Man, 273.

Ch. Adv.-VOL. XI.

General Assembly, Proceedings of, 275. Mackintosh's England, 177.
God, Confidence in, 199.

Munificence, 186.
Gurney's Address to Mechanics, 119, 161. Man, Sin of, 54. .
Gæthe, Canal of, 134.

Minerals, 87.
Gas Works, 34.

M.Millan, Rev. John, Death of, 546.

Holy Confidences, Uses of, 436.

Napoleon, Statue of, 422.
Hall, Character of, 350.

Naples, Population of, 423.
Hindostan, Mission to, 371.

Newspaper, First in England, 423.
Higgin's Geology, 80, 129.

Navy, Temperance in, 87.
House of God, Duty in, 5.

Hervey, Rev. James, Letter of, 439.

Obituary, 316.


of Light, 244.
Infidel, Testimony of an, 387.

Oats, Chinese, 274.
Indian's Names, 366.

Oxalis Crenata, 186.
Irving, Rev. Mr., 326.

Ohio Canal, Completion of, 35.
Ireland, Claims of, 333.

Islands, Falkland, 274.
Important Proposition, 282.

Popery, Paganism of, 493.
India, New Route to, 227.

Impositions of, 326.
Interesting Incidents, 23.

Prayer, 444.

Poetry and Fiction, 461.

Pilgrim's Farewell, 394.
Journey, Scientific, 185.

Paris, Population of, 423.
Jesus, Love of, 58.

Petrifaction, 423.

Paper, Miles of, 423.

Post Office, English, 325.
Knights Templars, 326.

Parents, Tears of, 170, 265.
Kaahumanu, Death of, 185.

Pinney, Mr., News from, 234, 284.

Return of, 328, 370.

Letter from, 557.
Lectures on the Shorter Catechism, 1, 49, | Properties of Sugar Cané, 228.

97, 145, 193, 241, 289, 337, 385, 433, Pictet's Theology, 101, 150.
473, 521.

Palm Tree, 185.
Letters to Presbyterians, Review of, 318, Proof, Nature of, 116.
358, 411, 458, 495, 547.

Plants found in Tombs, 134.
Lighting Attick Stories, 509.

Palestine, Map of, 86.
Lord Gambier, Last Days of, 388.

Planets Visible, 35.
Letter, Interesting, 373.

Presbyterian Church, State of, 278.
of Dr. Watts, 127.

Pious Negroes, Memorials of, 535.
from Rev. T. Barr, 23.

Psalm VII., Hymn adapted to, 530.
from Mr. Gutzlaff, 556.

London, City of, 328.
Love of Christ, 196.

Recent Publications, Notice of, 507.
Level Roads, 185.

Recantation of a Roman Priest, 40.
Labour, Systematic, 135.

River Niger, 425.
Law Suit at Tahiti, 88.

Rowland Hill, Character of, 340.
Life of Leighton, 26.

Lines on the Death of, 342.

Rainbow, 155.

Religion at St. Helena, 168.
Meteoric Phenomenon, 597.

Railways, 185.

Rural Life, Christian Morals important
More, Hannah, 86, 508.
Mental Scienco, 62, 109, 445.

in, 13, 59, 105.

Russian Annual, 134.
Metals known to the Aborigines, 465.
Manufacturing, 468.

Missions, American Board of, 468.

Steam Ship, 510.
Chinese, 89.

Silk, American, 134.
Greek, 90.

St. Simon's and St. Jude's Day, 58.
Ceylon, 91.

Speculation, Bane of Piety, 18.
India, 275.

Sabbath Day Song, 104.
Origin at Travancore, 36.

Observance of, 376.
Missionaries Wanted, 372.

Sandwich Islands, 228, 509.
Field for, 377.

South Africa, Missionary Chronicle of,
Missionary Correspondence, 329.

283, 510.
Mount Vesuvius, Eruption of, 423. Steam Engines, 510.
Moravians, 328.

St. Petersburgh, Population of, 423.

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