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JANUARY, 1833.

Heligious Communications.



this sacred institution, the apostle LEOTURES ON THE SHORTER CATE

Paul twice 'speaks of eating and CHISM OF THE WESTMINSTER ASSEMBLY OF DIVINES—ADDRESSED drinking univorthily;* and from

this, the terms worthy and unworthy have come to be applied to communicants; and worthily and

unworthily, to the manner in which (Concluded from page 524, of Vol. X.)

they attend on the table of the Let us now consider the posi- Lord. The meaning of the apostion that the worthy receivers of tle in the word unworthily, manithe sacrament of the Lord's sup: festly is, a manner UNSUITABLE to per are, “not after a corporal and the nature of the ordinance; which, carnal manner, but by faith, made in the case of the Corinthians, partakers of his body and blood, was a grossly profane, carnal, and with all his benefits.” The prin- irreverent manner. ciple here asserted was intended The general truth, therefore, both to correct an important error, taught by the inspired apostle, is, and to inculcate a most important that all who partake in a manner truth. The error opposed is, that suited to the nature of the ordimonstrously absurd doctrine of the nance, partake worthily; and that Romish church which is called those who partake in any way or transubstantiation and of which manner not suited to the nature of enough, I apprehend, has already the ordinance, partake unworthily. been said. The truth inculcated , Our English word worthy, is geis, that it is by faith, the worthy nerally understood to denote merit receivers of this sacrament are or excellence of a high order, when made partakers of the body and applied to persons or character; blood of Christ, with all his bene- and by thus understanding it, in fits. To this truth I request your reference to those who may provery serious attention. Some re- perly partake of the Lord's supcurrence of thoughts already sug. per, many humble Christians fear gested, can scarcely be avoided; to approach it. But truly, if perand on a topick so momentous, a sonal merit and desert, as these degree of repetition seems rather timid believers seem to suppose, desirable than objectionable. were the qualifications demanded

Let our first inquiry be, who are of those who might lawfully go to the worthy receivers of this sa the table of the Lord, not one of crament? "In rebuking the Corin- our fallen race could ever be prethian church, (1 Cor. xi. 23—34,). for a scandalous profanation of * družine, in the original. Ch. Adv.-Vol. XI.


pared to appear there. Not one that the greatest of these is could ever affirm with truth, that charity,* or true love to God he had any such excellence of cha- and man. Neither is faith separacter as to entitle him to claim rated from the other Christian this privilege as a right.

a right. Our graces, either in receiving the saLord's parable of the Pharisee and cred emblems of our Saviour's the Publican, who went up to the bloody death, or at any other time temple together to pray, was in- of its exercise; for evangelical tended to rebuke in the most point- faith always “worketh by love," and ed manner, every plea of personal is never separated from a measure merit, when a sinner stands as a of hope. But yet it does exclusiveparty with his God; and if any ly belong to the actings of the man say that "he hath not sinned, grace of faith, to appropriate to he deceiveth himself, and the truth the soul by which it is exercised, is not in himn.”

all the ineffable benefits of Christ's Deep humility of soul, self-emp- redemption exhibited in this pretiedness, and a simple reliance on cious ordinance; in which inspirathe grace of God in Christ Jesus, tion déclares that Jesus Christ is

impressive perception of evidently set forth, crucified bethe solemnity of the ordinance, fore the eyes of his believing peoconstitute the temper, feeling and ple. Is it then essential to salvaviews, best suited to all who sit tion, that Christ Jesus should be down at the table of the Lord; seen in the glory of his mediatothese therefore, are the qualities rial character? Faith is the eye which constitute a worthy commu- which beholds this glory. Is it nicant. This point will receive a indispensable that the infinite value more particular attention in dis- of the atoning sacrifice of Christ, cussing the next answer of the and the perfect satisfaction which Catechism.

it makes to the offended justice of Let us now consider that it is God, should be clearly perceived? by faith, that worthy communi- This perception is obtained in the cants partake of the body and exercise of faith. Is it all imporblood of Christ, with all his bene- tant that the soul, in view of all fits, in this sacrament. By the its aggravated guilt and misery, body and blood of Christ, figura. should be delivered into the hands tively represented in the Lord's of the Saviour-in confidence that supper, we are undoubtedly to un his blood will cleanse away its derstand his whole work of satis- deepest stains, and remove the fying the justice of God in behalf guilt of all its transgressions, and of his peculiar people, which was that his perfect righteousness will consummated, or completed, when be upon it for its complete justifihis body was broken and his blood cation before the tribunal of etershed on the cross of Calvary; to- nal justice, and for giving it a title gether with the privileges and to that everlasting life which the blessings resulting, both in this King of Zion has merited, and will life and that which is to come, from assuredly confer on all his faithful their Saviour's finished work. subjects? It is faith, in lively ex

All these rich and inestimable ercise, that surrenders the soul to gifts of divine grace, faith receives Christ; it is faith that confides in and applies in the proper celebra- the cleansing efficacy of his blood; tion of this holy rite. Not that it is faith that puts on the robe of faith is, in itself, more excellent his righteousness; it is faith that than its sister graces; for an in- pleads it now, as a full answer to spired apostle says, on a comparison of faith, hope and charity,

A7 27n in the original.


all the demands of God's holy law; tion, accepts it as offered, and it is faith that looks forward says in holy ecstasy, it is mine, to the eternal crown which the mine forever; and in sacramental Redeemer will give to every one emblems, seals it as its own, in the " that overcometh, when mortality covenant of that God who cannot shall be swallowed up of life;" lie; triumphs in the promise, “I and it is faith which antedates a will never fail thee nor forsake measure of heavenly peace and thee;" looks forward to a victory joy-drawing them from the Sa- over death, the grave, sin and hell; viour's fulness, into the soul in rises on her strongest pinions and which its vigorous actings are in enters within the vail; beholds operation.

face to face, the once crucified but It is in the sacramental supper, now reigning Redeemer; prosin a pre-eminent degree, that faith trates herself at his feet, and begins effecis all this for the Christian 'the pæans of the adoring throng, believer-while it looks through that shall last while eternity enthe sensible emblems, to the spi- dures. ritual blessings they symbolize and Well may it be added, that “spiassure to every worthy partici- ritual nourishment and growth in pant. Justly does our Confession grace" must be the result of views of Faith declare, when speaking and exercises such as these. of this sacrament, that “the assured, my dear youth, the people body and blood of Christ are as of God will testify that often, when really but spiritually present to they have held in their hands and the faith of believers in this ordi- pressed to their quivering lips the nance, as the elements themselves consecrated bread and the halloware to their outward senses." ed cup, their souls: have been so

O my young friends! what bless. refreshed and nourished, and they ed visions of faith are those, in have felt their spiritual strength which this precious grace creates so increased and invigorated, that an ideal presence of the suf- no duty appeared difficult, and no fering, bleeding, dying, atoning suffering by which their Saviour Saviour-When Gethsemane, and might be honoured, seemed appalPilate's hall, and the cross, the ling or unwelcome. thorny crown, the nails, the spear, In closing this lecture, let me the hill of Calvary, are in present counsel -such of you, my beloved view; when the astounding cry of youth, as are at present non-comthe coequal Son of the Father, municants, never to withdraw from “ My God, my God, why hast thou the assembly of God's people, forsaken me," thrills through the during 'the celebration of this ear to the heart; when the joyous blessed ordinance. Stay and witvoice quickly follows, proclaim- ness its administration. Stay and ing, “it is finished-Father, into observe attentively, and meditate thy hands I commend my spirit.” closely and solemnly on what you Yes, it is, here that faith sees the see and hear. Think that the sinner's ransom amply paid; sees blessings represented in this ordievery divine attribute meeting, re nance are as necessary to you, as to conciled, illustrated and shining, those whom you behold receiving on the cross—“mercy and truth them. Think that without a permet together, righteousness and sonal interest by faith in that peace kissing each other,"-and atoning sacrifice which you now seeing all this, flings the believ- see exhibited in its appointed ing soul under the droppings of symbols, you perish inevitably and atoning blood, and sees every eternally. Think on the command crimson stain washed away; looks of the dying Saviour,“ do this in at the finished work of redemp- remembrance of me.”

Think on

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