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Press and

Bacteria, atmospheric, 81

Bacteria, Prof. Lankester on, 58
Banham, Dr., farewell dinner to


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Bladder, case of papilloma of, 489
Bladder, perforations of, 331
Bladder, rupture of, 400
Bladder, tumour of, 491
Bleeding for drunkenness, 143
Blyth on poisons, 43

Board schools as infection pur-
veyors, 516
Bogus diplomas, 127
Botany, the chair of, at the uni-
versity of Glasgow, 361

SOCIETY.-Case of operation for
transverse fracture of the
patella, 52; the motion of the
brain, 53; the determination of
sex before birth, 168; educa-
tion-its physiological aspects,
18; the treatment of pneu-
monia, 259

Bradley, the case of Dr., 101, 131,
174, 218, 356, 411, 567
Brain, abscess of, with cortical
paralysis, 539

Brain, aneurism at base of, 212
Brain, movement of, 53
Brain surgery, 40

Brain, the motions of, by David
Goyder, M.D., 157
Bramwell, Byrom, on the spinal
cord (review), 48
Brandy as a restorative for fish,

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Brown institution, the, 405
Brown, Mr. Macdonald, on the
etiology of rachitis, 558
Brunton, Dr. Lauder, on the dis-

orders of digestion (Lettsomian
lectures), 21, 68
Bryant, Mr., F.R.C.S., the opera-
tion of laparatomy, 227
Bryant, Thomas, F.R.C.S., inaugu

ral address at the Clinical
Society of London, 135
Budget, and the hospitals, the, 453
Burnie, Dr, on the treatment of
pneumonia, 255

Burton, J. E., abdominal surgery
for 1884, 301
Burton's midwifery for midwives,


Buttermilk in sick stomach, 499

Calcium, uses of sulphide of, 11
Calculus and tumours of the blad-
der, lithotomy, 285
Calculus, removal of from vermi-
form appendix, 422
Cameron, Sir Charles A., 523
Cambridge, university of, 432
Cancer hospital, Brompton, 273
Carbolic acid in scarlet fever, 465
Carbolic acid poisoning from brew-
eries, 499

Card specimens, 9
Cartwright prize, the, 547
Case of ovariotomy with extensive
adhesions, by Mr. Charles E.
Steele, 27

Catholic university, great Ameri-
can, 58

Centenarian, death of a, 455
Central London throat and ear
hospital, 389

Cerebral sinuses, thrombosis of,


Certificate schedules, 406
Chalmer's hospital, Edinburgh, 547
Change of air, the science of, 474
Changed aspects of unchanged

truths, by Arthur Jackson,
M.R.C.S., 307
Charcot's joint disease, 167
Charge of crim. con., 494
Charity and commerce, 550
Cheap contract doctoring, 83
Chemists, the proportion of, to
population in Austria, 266
Chest, pistol shot wound of, 285
Child-bearing, the effect of anxiety
and privation, 440
Children, diseases of, by Dr. West
(review), 155

Chloride of methyl spray, 290
Coombe lectures, the, 319
Chloroform in chorea, 10
Chloroform for tapeworm, 220
Calorosis, hæmoglobin in, 499
Cholera at home and abroad, 520
Cholera conference in Berlin, the,

Cholera, contagion of, by Ricord,


[blocks in formation]

Cholera, Paris epidemic, the teach-
ings of, 219

Cholera, prevention of, 146
Cholera, its endemic conditions

and epidemio progression, 286
Cholera, rival theories of, 28
Cholera vaccination, 495
Chorea, treatment by inhalation of
chloroform, 10

Choreiform movements of, congeni-

tal origin in infancy, 285
Christie, David, notes on complete
aspiration, 72

Chrome water in the treatment of

syphilis (review), 527
Clarke, Sir Andrew, Bart., on some

points in the natural history of
primitive dry pleurisies (Lum-
leian lectures), 275, 304, 321,



Case of bullet wound involving the
right lobe of liver, by Mr. W.
F. Smartt, 5; case of obstruc-
tion of the bowels, treated by
colotomy, under the care of Mr.
Appleyard, 29; hemiplegia-
cerebral softening-no hæmor-
rhage, under the care of Dr.
Thorowgood, 51; case of com-
pound dislocation of the ankle-
joint, under the care of Dr.
Meldon, 73; ophthalmic cases,
under the care of Dr. W. J.
Collins, 96; case of enormous
hypertrophy of clitoris success-
fully removed, under the care
of Dr. Potter, reported by
Alfred S. Gubb, 120; case of
left hemiplegia with right
homonymous hemianopia,
under the care of Dr. H.
French Banhan, 120; recent
cases from the hospital ward,
under the care of Dr. Cranny,
143: case of thoracic aneurism,
under the care of Dr.
Porter, 165; an interesting
case of abdominal contusion,
followed by rupture of the
bowel and death, 166; case of
uræmia, by Alfred 8. Gubb,
190; case of embolism of left


middle cerebral artery, under
the care of Dr. Wm. Dyson,
211; two cases of diffuse
lipoma, under the care of Mr.
Henry Morris, 233; recent
cases from the accident ward,
under the care of Dr. Gunn,
258; case of detachment of the
retina, by Dr. A. Thomson,
283; case of limited paralysis
and anesthesia, under the care
of Dr. Vintras, 308; empyema
successfully treated by anti-
septic incision and drainage,
under the care of Dr. Philipson,
328; undescended testicle,
under the care of Mr. Norton,
349; case of ulceration of the
vermiform appendix, under
Dr. Donkin, 372; a case of
acute peritonitis treated by
abdominal section, under the
care of Mr. Frederick Treves,
398; a case of abdominal sec-
tion for acute circumscribed
peritonitis, under the care of
Dr. Andrew and Mr. Howard
Marsh, 399; case of embolism,
under the care of Mr. Edward
Skinner, 441; case of suppurat-
ing cyst of the liver, under the
care of Dr. C. W. Chapman,
441; anteflexion conoidal
cervix, under the care of Dr.
G. de Gorrequer Griffith, 463;
a case of successtul esophago-
tomy, under the care of Mr.
George Lawson, 489; case of
papilloma of the bladder,
under the care of Mr. Ander-
son, 489; a large hæmatoma of
right side, under the care of
Mr. Waren Tay, 514; five
cases of uterine tumour, under
the care of Dr. More Madden,

Clinical society of London, 14

On lesions of the frontal lobe,
29; on a case of recurrent
hæmatemesis with urticaria,
30; case of hemi-anaesthesia
from congenital brain diseases,
75; a case of scrofulous gland
disease with phthisis, 75;
malignant stricture of the
œsophagus, 76; case of myx-
cedema, with a post mortem
examination, 143; two cases of
phlegmonous pharyngitis, 144;
Ïocomotor ataxy, without
disease of the posterior
columns of the spinal cord,
190; arrested rickets, 191;
case of nephro-lithotomy, 191;
a case of nephro-lithotomy,
192; a case of thrombosis of
the basilar artery with profound
coma, extreme lowering of
rectal temperature, and death
in 5 hours, 233; an unusual
sequela of ovariotomy, 284; a
series of cases of spina bifida
treated by plastic operation
(two patients exhibited), 283;
choreiform movements super-
vening in infancy and of con-
genital origin, 285; calculus
and tumour of the bladder-
lithotomy-death on the ninth
day, 285; three cases of pistol
shot wound-1. abdomen, 2.
chest, 3. head, 285; amputa-
tion at the hip-joint by F.
Jordan's method, 329;


peculiar form of skin disease,
330; a case of sporadic cretin-
ism, 373; a case of inguinal
aneurism-ligature of the
external iliac artery with two
kangaroo-tail tendon ligatures,
and division of the artery
between them-suppuration of
the sac-ultimate recovery,
373; case of renal lithotomy,
374; a case of obstruction of
arteries and veins extending
over many years, 419; a case
of osteitis deformans, 420; case
of hæmoptysis treated by the
induction of pneumothorax so
as to collapse the lung, 420;
removal of a calculus from the
vermiform appendix for the
relief of recurrent typhlitis,

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Cocaine craze, the, 221
Cocaine in operations for lacerated
pelvis, 544

Cocaine in vaginismus, 84
Cocaine in diseases of the pharynx
and larynx, 290
Cocaine, its physiological action on
the frog, by Mr. Alfred S. Gubb,
M.R.C.S., F.R.C.P., 210
Cocaine, uses of muriate of, in
ophthalmic surgery, 10
College of surgeons, reform at, 215,
239, 356, 376, 425
College of surgeons of England,

the prospect before, 380
College of physicians, the royal, 297
College of surgeons, reform at the,

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The Medical Press and Circular.

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Lauder Brunton, 21
Diphtheria, local outbreaks, 7
Diphtheria, recent views on, 520
Diploma mills, Yankee, 58
Dissection, subjects for, 568
Disagreeable incident, a, 57
Disease, a fruitful source of, 219
Diseases of children (review), 364
Disloyalty, professional condemna-

tion of, 381

Disorders of digestion; their con-

sequences and treatment, by
Dr. T. Lauder Brunton, 21
Dispensary for the treatment of
children in Paris, 472
Displacements of the uterus, by
Dr. Fancourt Barnes, 205,

Disqualifications from voting by
medical relief, 541
Doctor, action against a, 176
Doctors and doctoring, 290
Doctor's revenge, a, 221
Donovan, William, L.R.C.P.

[blocks in formation]

Edinburgh, graduation ceremony,

Edinburgh, university, of summer
session, 431

Edinburgh, water closet accommo-
dation in, 107
Education and its physiological as-

pect, by John Foster, M.D.,
F.R.C.S., 437
Elbow-joint, new splint for com-
pound fractures in neighbour-
hood of, 539

Elections, the coming, 541
Elementary details, the disregard
of, 271

Embolism, a case of, 441

Embolism of the left middle
cerebral artery, 211
Ed., Empyema, treated by antiseptie
incision and drainage, 823
Empyema, treatment of in children,
123, 279

strychnia poisoning, 345
Dressings, by Deahna, 439
Druggist quacks and doctor
quacks, 452

Drummond, illness of Dr. David,

Drunkenness, treated by bleeding,

Drunkenness, infantile, 15
Dryness of the tongue and thirst,
glycerine for, 546
Drysdale, Dr., hæmoptysis, its sig-
nificance and treatment, 49
Drysdale, Dr., on acne rosacea, 416;
on migraine, 488

Dublin, a new lying-in Lospital for,

Dublin, health of, 59, 477
Dublin hospitals, proposed amal-
gamation of, 153, 198
Dublin, hospital Sunday, 58, 179
Dublin university, the chancellor-
ship of, 381

Dublin, what the poor of, drink?


[blocks in formation]

Endo-cardial concretion, 212
Endo-carditis, ulcerative, 218
Enamelling, a novel form of, 427
Enteric fever, recent investigations

into the outbreaks of, 361
Entropion and trichiasis, opera-
tions for, 352
Epilepsy, 352, 376
Epilepsy, by Dr. Porter, 370
Epilepsy, the pathogenesis of, 152
Epithelioma, cutaneous, 538
Epithelioma, removal of rectum
for, 464

Epithelioma, sublingual, 493
Epithelioma, unusual, 10
Erysipelas and the employment of
antiseptics, 290

Erysipelas, pilocarpin in, 58
Ethmoid cells, inflammation ab-

scess and new growths of, 11
Eustace, Dr. Marcus (obituary),


Examiners and their pupils, 36
Exostosis, ivory of auditory mea-
tus, 351

Exostosis, pathology of multiple,

Eye accidents and disease,

operative interference in, 400
Eye, diseases of the, by Swanzy
(review). 19

Eye, relation of movements of to

brain disorders, by R. J. Lee,
F.R.C.P., 254

Eyes, sections of sclerosed, 517

Facial paralysis, double, 400
Faculty of physicians and surgeons,
Glasgow, 221
Faith cures, 519
Faith healing, 199
Faith healing, an investigation

into, by W. D. Spanton, M.D.,

Faversham hospital, deadlock at,
Fever and small-pox in London,
389, 527

Fevers, chiefly tropical, 3
Fever cot for infants, 106
Fever hospital question in Edin-
burgh, the, 222
Fever nest, a London, 380
Fever patients, increased accom-
modation for, 85

Finny, Dr., hyperpyæmia in rheu-
matic fever, 413

Finny, Dr. Magee, age in relation
to the diagnosis of disease, 181
Fish, brandy as a restorative for,


Fœtid feet, 502

Flat foot, astragaloid osteotomy for,
236, 350

Foster, John, M.D., F. R.C.S., edu-
cation and its physiological

aspects, 437
Foreign cities, the mortality of, 571
Fothergill, Dr. J. Milner, on gouty

affections of the heart, 459
France, depopulation in, 290, 408
Franchise bill, effect on poor-law
medical officers, 293
Franchise and medical relief, 541,
568, 572

Fraser, W., F.R.C.8.I., note on
oxgall, 117

Frerichs, the late Professor, 265
Frerichs' successor, Professor, 339,

[blocks in formation]

Government poisons bill, the, 360
Goyder, David, M.D., on the motion
of the brain, 157
Gratuitous medicine, the political
aspect of, 475
Griffith, G. de G., on a case of gly-
cosuria, 47
Gubb, Alfred S., M. R.C.S., L. R.C.P.,
the physiological action of
cocaine on the frog, 210; per-
manganate of potash as an in-
ternal remedy, 456
Guide to the medical profession,
Keetley's (review), 431
Gunn, Dr., recent cases from the
accident ward, 258
Gynecological abuses, 498
Gynecological society, the new,


[blocks in formation]


Hair, sound, in a sound skin, 295
Hanging, 218

Harris and Power's manual for the
physiological laboratory (re-
view), 455
Hartmann's wood wool, &c, 441
Hart's topographical and sectional

anatomy of the female pelvis
(review), 431

Harvard university, research at,


Harveian society, 15

Harvey's manuscript lectures, 134
Head, enlarged, 310

Health bill for Scotland, 427

Health, helps to (review), 299
Health in the great towns, 317
Health officers v. vested interests,

Heart, gouty affections of, by Dr.
J. Milner Fothergill, 459
Heart, malformation of, 213
Heart, weak, 240

Hermaphrodism in women, 402
Hemi-anaesthesia from brain dis-
ease, 75

Hernial sac, strangulation in, 8
Hemiplegia, left, with right homo-
nymous hemianopia, 120
Hemiplegia with hemiopia, 123
Hemiplegia, case of, 51
Hernia and its radical cure, by
John Wood, F.R.S., F.R.C.S.,
529, 551

Hernia, strangulated, 76
Hernia, two unusual
strangulated, 464

cases of

Heroic or poisonous doses, 494
Heule, the death of Professor, 475
Hewitt, Dr. Graily, on the restora-

tion of the perinæum, 227
Hiccough, jaborandi in, 439
Highlands, longevity in the, 221
Hip-joint, amputation at, by Fur-

neaux Jordan's method, 329
Hip-joint disease, 539
History of medicine and medical

opinion, by Surgeon-General
Gordon, M.D., 461, 486, 509,


Holloway sanatorium, the, 547
Homoeopathy in excelsis, 37
Hope, E. W., M.D., notes on the
etiology of infantile diarrhoea,
Honorary degrees at the university
of Glasgow, 361
Honours to the profession, 524
Honours, the expected, 359
Horse ambulance in connection
with hospitals, 382
Hospital fees to domestic servants,

Hospitals, taxation of, 521
Hotel, a gigantic, 452

How infection is propagated, 545
Hæmatoma of right side, 514
Hæmaglobin in chlorosis, 499
Hæmaglobulinurea, 443
Hæmophilia, 76

Hæmoptysis, significance and treat-
ment of, by Alfred Drysdale,
M.B., 49

Hæmoptysis, treated by induction
of pneumothorax, 420
Hematemesis, recurrent,
urticaria, 30


Human body, the odours of, 561
Humerus, ununited fracture of, 33
Hunterian oration, the, 153
Hydrocele, too early repetition of
iodine injections in, 128
Hyperesthesia of the soles of the
feet, 472
Hyperpyrexia in rheumatic fever,
by Dr. J. M. Finny, 223, 413
Hypodermic injections of morphia,
dangers attending the, 418
Hypophosphites, the, by Professor
James, M.D., 435

Hyrtl, Dr., munificence of, 408
Hysterectomy, 145, 517; removal of
uterine tumours by, 99


bladder, 831; on congestive Ileus, washing out of stomach in
dysmenorrhoea, 331


Press and

Inaugural address, 251

Inebriety, society for the study and

[blocks in formation]

Keetley, Mr., F.R.C.S., index of
surgery (review), 202
Keith, outbreak of an epidemic at,

Kelly, Dr. Dillon, death of (obitu-
ary), 272

Kildare infirmary, 106
Killing no murder, 36

King and Queen's college of physi-
cians, 339, 571

Knee-joint, injuries in and about,

Knee, old disease of, 401
Knighthood, a, 453


Labourers' act, fees for medical

officers of health under 477
Labourer's dwellings, fees for in-
specting, 130, 338

Lacerated cervix, cocaine in opera-
tions for, 544

Intermittent fever, the effect of Lady doctors, forward! the, 265

tincture of iodine in, 440

International medical congress,


International sanitary conference,
the, 358

Intestinal disease and obstructions
(review), 385

Intra-ocular tumour, 539
Inventions, international exhibi-
tion of, 265

Iodine injections, too early repeti-
tion of in hydrocele, 128
Iodide of potasssium in hydrocele,


Iodide of potassium for inflamed
breast by Samuel Welch,
M.R.C.S., 345
Iodo-glycerine solution as an injec-
cion in spina bifida, 490
Ireland, a school of pharmacy for,

Ireland, the health of, 428

Ireland, the Prince of Wales in,

Irish academy of medicine, 63, 408
Irish college of surgeons, ad-eundem
fellowships to, 220

Irish college of surgeons, election
of examiners in, 318, 381, 501,
524, 451

Irish college of surgeons, paper
voting at, 496

Irish graduates' association, 260,
266, 501

Irish Lord Chancellor, the sudden
death of, 359

Irish poor-law inspectorships, 201
Irish poor law medical superannua-
tion bill, the, 129, 243
Irish prisons administration, the,


Irish prisons board, the, 360

Irish prisons board, the medical
department of, 200

Irish unions, dissolution of, 477
Irritable spine and and spinal my-
algia, 16

Irwin, Dr. J. A., the influence of
sea-voyaging upon the genito-
uteriue functions, 533, 555
Italy, strike of students in, 339
Itch, an ointment for, 454


Jat orandi in obstinate hiccough,


Jackson, A., M.R.C.S., "changed
aspects of unchanged truths,"

James, Professor, M.D., the hypo-
phosphates, 435

Japan, medical schools, &c., 471
Jaw, dislocation of, by J. S. Mc-
Ardle, F.R.C.S.I., 230
Jenkins, the late professor, F.R.S.,

Jenner, Sir William, on the burn-
ing question, 317
Jones, Dr. Macnaughton, diseases
of women (review), 246


Ketley's guide to the medical
profession (review), 431

Ladies only, to, 219

Lankester, Professor, on bacteria,


[blocks in formation]

Darenth small-pox camp, the, 78
Diphtheria recent views on, 520
Disqualification from voting by

medical relief, 541
Doctors and doctoring, 290
Dublin hospitals, the proposed
amalgamation of, 198
Dwellings of the poor, the, 170
Examiners and their pupils, 36
Faith cures, 519

Franchise bill, the effect on poor-
law medical officers, 293
Gastrie ablutions, 172
Health bill for Scotland, the, 427
Irish college of surgeons, election
of examiners at the, 451
Irish college of surgeons, paper
voting at, 496
Killing no murder, 3€
Legal valuation of medical services,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

lysis of 105 cases of Colles's
fracture, 465; abscess of the
brain with cortical paralysis,
539; surgical kidney and blad-
der, 539; intra-ocular tumour,
539; new splint for compound
injuries in the neighbourhood
of the elbow-joint, 539; con-
genital tumour of scalp, 539;
hip-joint disease, 539; treat-
ment of certain forms of
syphilis, 540

Local government board, thirteenth
annual report, 169

Local government board, supple

ment to thirteenth annual
report, 74

Locomotor ataxy, without disease
of posterior columns, 190
London college of physicians,
lectureships at, 105

London hospital, the Princess
Christian at, 357

London students, medical degrees
for, 292, 405

London water companies, the, 357

Women, admission of, to the pro- Londoners, decadence of, 105

fession, 31

Leap, an extraordinary, 458
Lee, Robert J., F.R,C P., on the
movements of the eyes and their
relat on to brain disorders in
children, 254

Leeds general infirmary, 220
Leg, gangrene of, 212
Leucocythema, spleen and heart
from case of, 518
Leukæmia, splenic, 376
Lettsomian lectures on the disorders
of digestion, by T. Lauder
Brunton, M.D., 68, 91, 111,


Lettsomian lectures the, (editorial)

Levée, presentations at 243
Licensed experimental physiology,


Lioness, self-mutilation of, 211
Lipoma, two cases of diffuse, 233
Lithotomy, the thigh operation for,


Liver, bullet wound of right lobe
of, 5, 41
Liver, suppurating cyst of, 441

-Aneurism of the valves, 9;
multiple perforation of the intes-
tine, 9; multiple fracture of the
bones of the upper extremity,
9: card specimens, 9; the use
of muriate of coacine in oph-
thalmic surgery, 10; unusual
epithelioma, 10; sympathetic
ophthalmic, 10; lead poisoning
by snuff, 10; chorea treated
with continuous inhalation of
choloroform, with recovery,
10; catarrhal ulcer of large
intestine, 32; a case of septic
pericarditis, 35; spinal cur-
vature, in which death took
place from diphtheria, 32; case
of diabetes in a boy of seven,
32; paralysis of ulnar nerve,
32; plugging of the pulmonary
arteries, 95; osteo-sarcoma of
the leg, 194; nephrectomy for
sarcoma, 195; note on a case
of aphasia, 195; thrombosis of
the cerebral sinuses, 212; ne-
crosed vomer and sphenoid,
213; malformation of the
heart, 213; case of stenosis of
the throat following syphilitic
ulceration of the tongue, 213;
subcutaneous nodules associa-
ted with rheumatism, 213; the
Good v. Whittle fund, 288;
specimens, 288; the treatment
of secondary syphilis, 288;
ruptured bladder, 400; double
facial paralysis, 400; opera-
tive interference in eye accl-
dents and diseases, 400; exami-
nation of lunatics and lunacy
certificates, 401; sarcoma of
the pelvis, 464; left lumbar
colotomy, 464; removal of rec-
tum for epithelioma, 464; two
unusual cases of strangulated
hernia, 464; colour blindness,
465; the use of carbolic acid
in scarlet fever, 465; an ana-

Longevity in the Highlands, 221
Lumleian lectures, on some points

in the natural history of pri
mitive dry pleurisies, by Sir
Andrew Clark, Bart., 275, 304,
321, 846

Lunatic asylums, the proposed
abolition of private, 296
Lunatics, examination of, and
lunacy certificates, 401
Lunatics in workhouses, 267
Lunatics, criminal in England, 40
Lunacy customs, foreign, 354
Lunatics, dangerous, 81
Lunacy (Ireland) bill, 196
Lunacy law amendment bill, the
Lord Chancellor's, 862, 384,
501, 503

Lunacy law amendment bill in the
Lords, 388

Lunacy legislation, 195, 424, 515
Lunacy legislation in the Lords, 298
Lunacy literature, 270, 479
Lupus and its treatment, 51
Lupus, sodium ethylatelin, 153


Maclean, Professor, retirement of,
Mackenzie, Dr. Morell, on diseases
of the throat, &c., (review), 41
Mahomed, the memorial to the late
Dr., 359

descent (hunterian
lectures, 1884), 481
Male nurses, 563
Manchester colliery disaster, 566
Manchester medical society, 133
Marriages (see last page of each

Marshall's, Mr., successor, 266
Mastoid process, implication of in
ear disease, 402

Materia medica, physiological and
applied, 246

M.B. of the university of Durham,
McArdle, Mr. F. S., F.B.C.S.I., on
dislocation of the jaw, 230
McCleland, Dr. (obituary), 457
Mechanics, preliminary examina.
tion in, 201
M.D.. every man his own, 384,

432, 482, 571
M.D., usurpation of, 103
Measles, epidemic of, in Dundee,
Medical act amendment bill, the,

Medical advice for prisoners, 453
Medical benevolent fund, 87
Medical benevolent fund for Ire-
land, 430
Medical council's promises and
performances, 544

Medical man, charge against, 85
Medical degrees for London stu-
dents, 171, 292, 405
Mental disease, Sankey's lectures
on (review), 223
Medical man sentenced to ten
years' penal servitude, 428
Medical men and overwork, 314

The Medical Press and Circular.

Medical officers of health, reports
of, 238

Medical register, the teachings of,
266, 316

Medical reform prospects, 129, 150
Medical relief and the franchise,
388, 496

Medical sickness, &c., society,

[blocks in formation]

Mortality of foreign cities, 133,

179, 203, 225, 299, 319, 341, 365,
389,4 31, 505, 527
Multiple fracture of bones of upper
extremity, 9

Multiplying burdens, 476

Murrell, Dr., award of the academy
of medicine of Paris, 481
Muscular sternalis in anencephalus
fœtus, 309

Musical murmur, aortic, 33
Myrtle, Dr. Andrew Scott, clinical
remarks on secondary syphi-
lis, 343

Myrtle, Dr., on a case of sweating
to death, 164
Mysterious illness, 82
Myxedema, case of, 143
Myxedema, discussion on, 192

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Ogston's operation for flat-foot, 350
Ogston, Professor, 319

Ogston's, Prof., services accepted
for Egypt, 222

O'Neil, Dr., redness of the skin of
the palms and soles, 369
Ophthalmic cases, 96

Ophthalmia, sympathetic, 10, 11
Osteitis deformans, a case of, 420
Osteo-sarcoma of leg, 191
Otorrhoea, natural drainage in, 77 ;
by Charles Atkin, F.R.C.S.,
Out-patient difficulty, the, 261
Ovarian osseous tumours, 98
Ovariotomy, adhesions ir, 37
Ovariotomy, case of, by Mr. Chas.
Steele, 27

Ovariotomy, case of, with extensive
adhesions, 27

Ovariotomy, three cases of, 31
Ovariotomy, unusual sequela, 234
Overcrowding at Nottingham, 14
Overcrowding in a London work-
house, 380

Ox-gall, note on, by W. Fraser,
F.R.C.S.I., 117


Paget, Sir James, on St. Bartholo-
mew's hospital and school fifty
years ago, 560
Pantaleoni, Dr., 59, 423
Papilloma of bladder, a case of,

Paralysis and anesthesia, a case of
limited, 308

Paris cholera epidemic, the teach-
ings of, 219

Paris, proposed drainage scheme
for, 266

Patella, bony union of fractured,

Patella, transverse fracture of, 52
Patent medicines, 242

Patent medicine statistics, 58
Pathological society of London, 14
Paupers, liquor rewards for, 83
Pauper lunatics, the control of,


Pearse, W. H., M.D., the alcoholic
balance, 114

Pelvis, sarcoma of, 464
Pericarditis, case of septic, 32
Pericarditis in a horse, 212
Perihepatitis, case of, 166
Perina um, restoration of the, 242
Perinæum, on the restoration of,

by Dr. Graily Hewitt, 227
Peritoneal abscess, two cases of,
following enteric fever, 258
Peritonitis, acute circumscribed,

treated by abdominal section,
398, 399

Permanganate of potash as an in-
ternal remedy, 456
Permanganate of potash, therapeu-
tic uses of, 4

Perforation, multiple, of intestine,


Pessary, modification of Smith's
modified Hodge's, 375
Pettenkofer on cholera (review),


Pharmacy, a school of, for Ireland,

Pharmaceutical congress, 502
Pharyngitis, phlegmonous, 144
Photo-micrography (review), 480
Phthisis, treatment of, 167
Physician charged with child mur-
der, 494

Physiological laboratory, manual
for (review), 455
Physiology, manual of, by G. F.
Yeo, M.D., F.R.C.S. (review),


[blocks in formation]

Pilocarpin in erysipelas, 57
Plugging of pulmonary arteries,


Pneumonia, four cases of acute,


Pneumonia, treatment of, 259
Pneumonia, the treatment of, by
Dr. Burnie, 255
Pneumothorax independently of
external injury, 402
Pneumothorax, induction of, in

cases of hæmoptysis, 420
Poison bottles, 339
Poison, death by, 391
Poisoning by arsenic, 546
Poisoning, strychnia, 345
Poisons bill, the government, 296,

Poisons, by Blyth, 43
Poor-law medical officers v. guar-
dians, 525

Poor-law officers, compensation for
abolition of office of, 263
Poor-law superannuation, 58
Population, decrease of in France,
145, 169

Porter, Dr., on epilepsy, 870
Post-puerperal treatment, 166
Potts, Mrs. Longshore, at the hos-
pital for women, 340, 362
Pregnancy, quinine in excessive
vomiting of, 358
Preliminary scientific examination
of the London university, new
regulations for, 457
Preston, the high death-rate, 238
Pregnancy, the uncontrollable

vomiting of, 562

Probe for bullets, an electric, 456
Profession, the state of, 458
Prostate, cancer of, 516
Provident dispensaries and hospi-

tals, 84, 567

[blocks in formation]

Rheumatism, subcutaneous nodules
associated with, 213
Rickets, arrested, 191
Ricord, contagion of cholera, 15
Rogers, Dr., and the Westminster
guardians, 359

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Sanitary protection (review), 223
Sanitary science, importance of a
knowledge of, 522

Sarcoma of pelvis, 464
Sarcoma, nephrectomy for, 195
Saturday night drinking, 357
Scalping by machinery, 33
Scapula, removal of, 33

Scarlatinal patients, how long are
they infectious? 85, 107, 131,
154, 177, 197

Scarlet fever, carbolic acid in, 465
School, the terrors of, 406

Schools, corporeal punishment in,


Schools, overpressure in, 336
Scotland, 245, 298, 502

Scotland, the new health bill for,

Scottish universities, the adminis-

tration of, 543

Scotland, why do students come to?


Scrofula, the meaning of, 152
Scrofulous gland disease, with
phthisis, 75

Senile dementia, 424

Sea voyaging in its influence on the
genito-uterine functions, by J.
A. Irwin, M.A., M.D., 533, 555
Secondary syphilis, treatment of,
Semple, Dr. Armand, case of

tubercular meningitis with
tubercle of the choroid, 557
Septic monad, a new, 174
Sham certificate system in Ireland,
the, 297

SOCIETY.-Removal of scapula
-ununited fracture of hume-
rus-scalping by machinery-
aortic musical murmur-aortic
valvular disease- muscular
nystagmus (tumour of the
brain?)-urticaria and dyspep-
sia-Lævus of the orbit-ovum
removed from a retroflexed
uterus, 33; strangulated hernia
-hæmophilia,76; genu valgum,
removal of a wedge of bone-
natural drainage in otorrhoea,
peri - hepatitis causing
stricture of the bile and
pancreas ducts and cystic
enlargement of pancreas-post-
puerperal treatment, 166; a
case of Charcot's joint disease-
thoracic aneurism-treatment
of phthisis, 167; abnormal
development of the left side of
frontal bone-enlarged head,
probably hydrocephalic, 310;
modification of Smith's modified
Hodge's pessary-portions of
the femoral and radial arteries

perfectly rigid from atheroma-
tous change-a darning needle
in the mesentery, 375; splenic
leukæmia case of aortic
stenosis-epilepsy, 376; old
disease of knee cases of splenic
401; malformations in women
-pneumothorax independently
of external injury-implication
of the mastoid process in ear
disease, 402; cancer of testicle,
442; large vaginal tumour-
Addison's disease-atheroma
of heart-hæmoglobulinurea,
443; sections of sclerosed eyes
-bony union of fractured
paralysis pigeon breast
hysterectomy, 517; the spleen
and heart from the case of
leucocythæmia, 518

Shirley Murphy testimonial, 429
Siebold, Professor, 337

Sigmoid flexure, cancerous stric-

ture of, by Dr. Quinlan, 8

Skating to death, 407

Skin disease, a peculiar form of,


Skin diseases, from obstructive
circulation, by Professor G.
Unna, 324

Small-pox, an anomalous case, 355
Small-pox and fever in the metro-
polis, 432

Small-pox hospitals, 214, 261
Small-pox in London, 407

Small-pox in Manchester, 388, 407

Small-pox, outbreak of,in Arbroath,

[blocks in formation]

sion of, 442

Spina bifida and its treatment, 490
Spina bifida, series of cases treated
by plastic operation, 233
Spinal columns, injuries and dis-
eases of, 236

Spinal column, fractures of, 236
Spinal cord, on the, Byrom Bram-
well (review), 42
Spinal cord, on sclerosis of, by
Julius Althaus, 42
Spinal curvature, with death from
diphtheria, 85

Spinal deformity, treatment of, by
mechanical arrangements, 442
Spinal deformity in relation to ob-
stetrics, 271

Spinal myalgia, and irritable spine,

Spine, concussion of, 236
Spitzer, Dr., 99

Splenic enlargement, cases of, 401
Splenic leukemia, 376
Strangulated hernia, 76
Syphilis, chrome water in the treat-
ment of, 527

Syphilis, clinical remarks on second-
ary, by Dr. And. Scott Myrtle,


Syphilis, dissemination agitator,
the work of the, 296
Syphilis, notes on the treatment of
secondary, by Dr. Bernard, 281,

Syphilitic treatment of throat
leading to stenosis, 213
Squaring an examiner, 60
Squire, the late Mr. Peter, 480, 476

Steam road cars, the dangers of,

Steele, Mr. C., case of ovariotomy,


Stenosis, aortic, case of, 376
Stenosis of throat following syphi-

litic ulceration, 213
Stewart, General Sir Herbert, 175
St. Andrew's graduates association,

St. John's ambulance association,

Stomach, washing out of, in ileus,


Street nuisances, 454

Stricture of sigmoid flexure, 8
Stricture, malignant, of oesophagus,

Stricture, treatment of urethral, 97
St. Thomas's hospital medical
school (distribution of prizes),
Strychnia poisoning, bv William
Tonovan, L.R.C. P. Ed., 345
Suakin, en route for, 333
Suakin, special correspondence
from, 465, 540
Sub-lingual epithelioma, 493
Summer session, the 407
Sunday recreation, 265
Superannuation,, the Irish poor-
law bill, 243

Surgery at the Inventories, 546
Surgery, extension of field of, 149
Surgery, index of, by Mr. Keetley,

F.R.C.S. (review), 202

Surgery, the annals of, 128

[blocks in formation]

Surgery, the science and art of University degrees for medical stu-

(review), 364

Surgical congress,

the fourteenth,
at Berlin, 354

Surgical dressings, in Germany, by

T. E. Cahill, 117

Surgical kidney and bladder, 539
Surgical section, 31

Surgical specimens, the right of
property in, 501

Swanzy, H. R., M.B, F.R.C.S.I.,

on the transplantation of skin
flaps without pedicle, 161
Swanzy's diseases of the eye (review),


Sweating to death, by Dr. Myrtle,
164, 172

Sword swallower, an unfortunate,

Synovitis, the rubber bandage for,

Syphilis, treatment of certain forms
of, 540

Syphilitic free trade association,

[blocks in formation]

dents, 151

University of Durham, 273
University of London, new regula-

tions for the preliminary scien-
tific examinations, 457
University of Oxford, 341
University reform, 404
University reform in Scotland, 107
Unna, Professor G., on skin dis-

eases from obstructed circu-
tion, 324

Uric acid, an unusual form of,

Uræmia, case of, by Dr. Alfred S.
Gubb, 190

Urticaria and dyspepsia, 38
Uterine functions, the influence of

sea-voyaging on, 533, 555
Uterine tumours, five cases of,

under the care of Dr. More
Madden, 536

Uterine tumours, removal by ab-
dominal hysterectomy, 99
Uterus and its appendages, alleged

constitutional treatment of, by
Dr. C. H. F. Routh, 482, 507
Uterus, displacement of, by Dr.
Fancourt Barnes, 205, 231
Uterus, raptured, 98
Uxbridge murder case, 12

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

West London medico-chirurgical
society, transactions of, 319
case of sympathetic ophthal-
mia, 11; the uses of sulphide
of calcium, 11; inflammatior,
abscess, and new growths of
the ethmoid cells, 11; the
treatment of urethral stricture,
97; ovarian osseous tumour
with malignant disease of
peritoneum, 98; ruptured
uterus, 98;
nodules over knuckles, knees,
and ankles, 98; uterine
tumours removed by abdominal
hysterectomy, 99; note on the
etiology of infantile diarrhoea,
99; papers and discussion on
myxedema, 192; two cases of
peritoneal abscess following
attacks of enteric fever, 258;
colotomy in disease of rectum,
441; suppurating cyst of the
liver (probably hydatid)
followed by recovery, 442;
treatment of spinal deformity
by mechanical arrangements,
442; subcutaneous division of
the sphincter ani, 442; trypsin
and digestive ferments, 516;
latent vesical calculus, 516;
cancer of the prostate, 516
Westminster hospital, 200
Wheeler, Mr., on excision of the
clavicle for osteo-sarcoma and
for necrosis, 559

West, on diseases of children
(review), 155

White lead poisoning, 103

Whittle, Dr. Ewing, on disqualifi

cation from voting by medical
relief, 572

Women, admission of, to the pro

fession, 31

Women, diseases of, by Dr. Mac
naughton Jones (review), 246
Women, hospital accommodation
for, 623
Wood, John, F.R.S., F.B.C.S.,
lectures on hernia and its
radical cure, 529, 551
Wood wool, &c., 87, 341
Workhouses, lunatics in, 267
Workhouse medical officers ad

coroner's witnesses, 38
Workhouse, overcrowding in a
London, 880

Yeo, G. F., M.D., F.R.C.S.,
manual of physiology (review)




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