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A CATALOGUE of the WORKS of the

Reverend JOHN NORRIS, M. A. late
Restor of Bemerton, near Sarum.


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Hristian Blessedness : or, Practical · Discourses upon the

Beatitudes of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In Octavo.

A Collection of Miscellanies, consisting of Poems, Efrays, Discourses and Letters. Carefully revised, corrected, and improved by the Author. In large Octavo and Twelves.

Practical Discourses on several Divine Subjects, Metaphysical and Philosophical. In 4 Vol. Octavo.

An Account of Reason and Faith : In Relation to the Mysteries of Christianity. In Octave.

A Philosophical Discourse concerning the Natural Immortality. of the Soul. Wherein the great Question of the Soul's Immortality is endeavour'd to be rightly stated, and fully clear’d. In two Parts.

In Octavo. A Treatife concerning Christian Prudence ; or, The Principles of Practical Wisdom, fitted to the Use of Human Life, and defign'd for the better Regulation of it. In O&avo.

A Practical Treatise concerning Humility. Defign'd for the Furtherance and Improvement of that Virtue, both in the Lives and Minds of Men. In Octavo.

The Theory and Regulation of Love. A Moral Effay, in two Parts. With some Motives to the Study and Practice of regular Love, by Way of Confideration. To which are added, Letters Philosophical and Moral, to Dr. Henry Moore, with the Doctor's Answers.

Treatises upon several curious Subjects, formerly printed fingle, now collected into one Volume. Large Octavo.

An Essay towards the Theory of the Ideal and Intelligible World, in two Parts. The first considering it absolutely in itself. The second being the Relative Part of it, with relation to Human Understanding. In Octavo.

Letters concerning the Love of God; between the Author of the Proposal to

the Ladies, and Mr. John Norris : Wherein his late Discourse, shewing, that it ought to be entire, and exclusive of all other Loves, is further cleard and justified. In Octavo. The third Edition, corrected by the Authors, and some few Things added.

N. B. All this Author's Works completo in Thirteen Volumes in Octavo, are printed for Edmund Parker, at the Bible and Crown in Lombard-Street.

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Late Rector of Bemerton, near Sarum.

I TIM. i. 19.
Holding Faith, and a good Conscience ; which some

having put away, concerning Faith have made


Printed for EDMUND PARKER, at the Bible

and Crown in Lombard-Street. MDCCXL:

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To the Riglit Honourable H E N R Y

Lord of COLERAN E.

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TOUR Lordfhip’s Learning and

Knowledge in Matters of Re

ligion, and Sincerity in the Belief and Profession of its Sacred Articles are both so well known, that I cannot be supposed to present this Book to your Lordship with a Design to instruct you iņ the Former, or to Settle and Confirm you in the Latter. There are indeed but too many in the World to whom it may be necessary upon those Accounts, but all that I intend in reference to your Lordship by it is only to express my Reverence and Respect for your great Worth and Goodness, and my grateful Acknow


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