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Poetical Ejays.
In vain-the phantoms rush to light, I ftrait agreed, because the time o'th' year
And the Mufe fickens at the fight : Is just the time for Flora to appear ;
Lo! Falshood holds her magic glass, And I, as Flora, or as any Goddess,
Inverting objects as they pals:

Or e'en a country-wench in leather bod-
Alurance Itruts, with harlot air,

Her leg expos’d, and bosom bare : Am ne'er so pleas'd as when my humble
Light Vanity, in feathers drest,

Points to the diamond on her breast : Contributes to the pleasures of the night.
And Art, unblushing, takes her stand, The molive's rather selfish, you'll sup-
The ready pencil in her hand :

Chief of the train, with languid mien, And selfish I must own it is; because
Is liftless Affectation feen;

No feaft to me can equal your applause.-Instructed, when a child at school, But to the point, the Poet's Prologue ;To simile by method, blush by rule,

sure To pout the lip, to roll the eye,

It is not left behind me in the bowerTo heave at will the practis'd ligh, O! no, 'tis here-this tale, you all must To mock the griefs that others know.

know, Each soft emotion to disguise,

Happen'd about four thousand years ago, Or, tender, join the voice of woe, When heathen Prieits, a pack of cunAnd bid the mimic forrows rise;

ning wights, To blast, to hide, or to disgrace

Made Gods as fast as modern Kings made Each beauty of the inind and face,

Knights : Are there then none exempt? Are all Then, to fupport the wooden tribe they'd (You'll cry) included in the fall?

made, " Is there not one of all the kind They gave 'em every God a kind of “ What first creating Heaven designd?

trade; * Not one, of all the lovely race,

But dealt 'em so, that, like our modern " That yet retains the primal grace,

race, “ Free from the fashionable crimes, You hardly find one equal to his place. “ And ruling follies of the times ?" Jove was to rule the world, and curb all

Ah! BY, if report be true,

Yet the poor God could never rule his
The fair exceptions are but few :
How few, alas! in whom are join'd

Bacchus presided o'er a drunken crew
The pleasing form and perfect mind:
Yer ftill in some superior names

Of guzzling Laymen, and some Clergy

too; The heavenly spark unconquer'd fames; Though Britain mourns an Essex lott, Pallas they made a Counsellor, and the

Advis'd with wisdom, but disclaim'd a A RICHMOND ftill her annals boast;

fee, Free from suspicion of a Itain,

For which our modern Counsellors difA WALDEGRAVE and a Pitt remain;

claim A Russel gives a bright prelage Of lustre 10 the rising age;

All knowledge of her person or her And West and Collier, lovely pair,


Venus prelided o'er the handsome doxies,
May thew mankind what women were.

Such as are often feen i' th' upper boxes.
But if you'll wait with patience, you

Mall lee,
PROLOGUE to the Comic Opera of A sample of their Godships prefently.

From their high leats our Bard thall

fetch 'em down, HILST I, for want of cool re

And make 'em thew their hapes to all frening fhowers,

the Town, Was sprinkling water over all my flowers, Critics! take heed, and do not stare and In Foote's flower-garden, this pert Poet

gape, came, Saluted me, and callid me by my naine.

And tumble headlong into foine queer

Flora, lays he, this night did I engage I've finok'd our Author's schemè, and
To bring some Goddeles upon the itage. I'll lay ouds,
Give me your pan; in watering til be. You can't damn him, unless you damn

the Gods,
If you'll but go and speak a Prologue
for me,





(tir me,


and Domestic Intelligence.


THURSDAY, AUGUST 1. the place of rendezvous by his Master of ESTERDAY the Rey. Dr. Eger. the Horse, and the Captain of his body.

ton did homage to his Majesty, on guards only; and sometimes by one of being translated froin the See of Litch- the Lords of his Bedchamber. The 17th held and Coventry to that of Durham. of this month people were greatly fur

The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of prized to see the Marquis fouffinau de Lincoln is appointed Canon Residentiary Tordonne, Lieutenant of the French of St. Paul's, in the room of the Bishop guards and Aid-Major, get into the of Litchfield, promoted to the See of coach with the King; since that, all the Durham.

Lieutenants of the guards accompany Some of the plants brought over by him. This is an extraordinary novelty, Dr. Solander have been set in the royal contrary to all etiquettes, and occafions garden at Richmond, and thrive as well very serious reflections, without presumas in their natural foil.

ing to draw consequences from it'in pubYetterday the report was made to his lic! majesty of the convicts under sentence of Yesterday Mr. Banks, one of the gendeath in Newgate; when the following tlemen who went to the South Seas to were ordered for execution on Wednel discover the transit of Venus, was introday next, viz, Frances Allen, for break- duced to his Majesty at St. James's by ing into the house of Mrs. Bradhaw, in Lord Beauchamp, and was received very Little Queen-Ann-street, and stealing a graciously. quantity of plate; Matthew Polland and Tuesday died at Llangollen in DenThomas Jones, for breaking into the bighshire, Owen Tudor, Efq; aged 121, house of Lambert Taylor, a publican, in a descendant from Henry the Seventh, Back-Lane, St. George's, and stealing a Duke of Richmond. He served the of bag of halfpence.

fice of theriff for that county in the year Friday, Auguß 2. There are letters 1700. by the Horatio, Capt. Scougall, who is Thursday died at Richmond, raving arrived at Dover from Maryland, which mad, Charles Syme, Efq; whose death fay, that some discontented people there was occafioned by the bite of a mad dog wanted to infuse into the minds of the in. about two years ago; notwithstanding habitants of that isand, that they labour- he was inmediately dipped, and to all aped under many hardships and impositions pearance freed from any effect, yet he was contrary, to their original charter; and seized four days before his death with a unlels they made fome efforts to obtain violent head-ach and foaming at the redress, they would Toon have every mouth. right and privilege taken from them. Letters from Paris mention, that to The common people took the alarm, and such a height are the public disputes in began to make preparations; but by the that metropolis arrived, that the king interposition of the governor and some of has doubled his body guard; as there is the principal inhabitants, all matters were the greatest reason to suspect that there settled ;-ihe letter further says, that the are Damiens yet left in France. promoters of it had gone off privately in On Saturday last O‘Neal, Esq; à vesse) as foon as they had found that lately arrived from the West Indies, in a their schemes were discovered; they pre fit of insanity, shot himself through the tended to be French refugees, had been head, and expired immediately the there about two years, and were drove cause of this rath action is not to be acfrom some of the French illands, be counted for, unless by a stroke of ill luck cause they would not be conformable to the preceding night. the principles of their religion.

Constantinople, June 17. On the 3d of Saturday, August 3. A letter from this month a fire broke out again in the Paris, dated July 24, says, the precau- Jews quarter, named Balat; the confiations which are now taken for the latety gration was terrible, and lasted nine fucof the King's person, occafion many con ceflive hours before it could be extinguithjectures. When the King used to go out ed; the number of houses consumed, is to hunt, he was attended in his coach to computed at two thoufand.




Foreign and Domestic Intelligence. Petersburgh, Julys. The court this Mr. Banks and Dr. Solander have evening received the important news, made more curious discoveries in the way that Prince Dolgoroucķi arrived the azd of astronomy and natural history, than ult. before Precop at the head of the le at any one time have been presented to cond impérial army; and that on the the learned world for these fifty years 25th of the same month, at six o'clock in paft. the morning, he happilyforced the lines The three unhappy.convicts under ferôn the first atrack, notwithtanding they tence of death in Newgate, were this were defended by the fortress of Precop, morning executed at Tyburn pursuant confifing of 50,000 Tartárs and 7000 to their fentence, viz. Frances Allen Turks, commanded by the Chan Selim for being concerned with Dumb Jeminy Girey in perfon. We had no officer and Sarah Beeks, who are respited) in kiled, and but four wounded ; the num breaking open the house of Mrs. Bradber of fubalterns and foldiers killed or mawin Little Queen Anne-Street, Mary: wounded, does not amount to 100. We bone, and stealing a parcel of plate; and have taken 40 pieces of cannon, with a Thonias Jones ind 'Matthew Polland, great quantity of powiler and ball.

for breaking open the dwelling-house of Wedne dny, Auguft 7. Lord Sandwich Lambert Taylor in the Back-Itreet near is now at Huntingdon races.

It is cer

Rag-fair, and Healing a bag of halfvain his Loruithup, before he lett town; pence. proposed some new regulations to be in A report prevails at the west end of iroduced into the Dock-yards, which the town, of news being received that propotnl itas rejectent in council by the his Most Christian Majesty had nomimajority. On ihis account his Lordlyhip, nated the Marquis de Busly to succeed wiren he set off for Hinchinbrook on the Count de Guignes aś ambassador Wednetday last, was certainly much at the British Court. elagrined i his friends, however, de This morning about ten o'clock some clare his Lordship, means not to resign, people having got up upon a scaffolding - He is indefatigable in his endeavours (which was put up to

new front à to restore our navy to a respectable foot house) to fee the malefactors go to exeing; and has declared lie will put it in cution. The upper may being over fuch a condition, as will caute England crowded, it gave way and seven people to be respected and feared by all the came to the ground. Two of whom, powers of Europe.

women, were killed on the ipot,, and The Lart of Kilsborough is set out á gentleman passing by had his leg broke for Scotland, in his way to Ireland, by a fad falling on him. The lad was where his estate lies ; from thence he is unlurt. to meet Lord Hertford, at Dublin, in The woman who was executed this order to hold a conference with Lord morning, has had an uncle, by her mo. Townshend, on affair's relating to that ther's side, drowned since her being kingdom.

condemned, by which the became enWe are credibly informed that the titled to a freehold eftate of about 60 l. Endeavour which carried Mr. Banks, a year: and Dr. Solander round the world, At the last Quarter Sessions at Exeter, miled many hundred leagues with a a man under examination being asked burge piece of rock sticking in her bot what he had to say to the charge brought tom, which had it fallen out must have against him, dropped down dead inoccaioned inevitable deitruétion to them mediately, without speaking 4 lingle all, and deprived the world of the word. agrershe discoveries they have reason to This morning died suddenly, in an expect froin this royage.

apoplectic fit, at the Earl of MexboA few days Ince the most curious rough's, in Dover-street, Sir Francis collection that perhaps has been before Blake Delaval, who was made one of teen together, confifting of every fpecies the Knights of the Bath in 1761, and of wild and tame fowls, with finall was ineniber for Andover, in Hampbirds of every, fort, that this kingdom Thire, in the three last parliaments. produces, taid to be a present to the Ratisbon, Yuly 20. The last letters Empress of Russia, was Mipped for Pe from Munich advise, that the scarcity tersurgh. They were inclosed in a sort of provisions is so great, that the inha of care curiously lineil, in order to pre bitants through excess of hunger have vent thein froin hurting themselves in attempted in several places to cut the the pasage:

corn even before it was ripe, and that


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Foreign and Domestic Intelligence.

77 Toldiers were obliged to be pofted in the Friday, August 9. On Wednesday evenfields to prevent sheir proceeding to such ing there was a meeting of the Livery of extreinities.

London at the Globe-tavern in FleetMadrid, July 18. The King and street; when after going through several Royal Family left this place yeiterday resolutions, a committee of 21 gentlemen morning for the Escurial, where his was appointed to enquire into the rights, Majesty ftaid last night, and to day con- privileges, and franchises of the city of tinues his journey to Si. Idlefonso. The London, and particularly the power and Princess of Asturias went yesterday no authority of the Livery, and whether further than Guadarama, a village at they have not an unquestionable right to the foot of the mountains which lepa- act at all times in concert with their felrates the two castles, and joins the court low citizens, the Aldernen, and Comthis evening : Great cave has been taken mons, on the score of public grievan. to level the roads; and her Royal High- ces; they are to make their report at the ness performed the journey in a large next general meeting, the second Wedcaly coach, which the late Queen Mo- nesday in September. ther uted during her illness.

Boflon, June 24, 1771. By a gentleAn account has been received from man from Wilmington, North Carolina, Venice of the death of the Duke of which he left the ift of June, we are Monte-alegri, his Catholick Majesty's informed, that there had been no other Amballadors to that cpublick.

rencounter between the governor's forWarjaw, July 17. 'Letters from the ces and the regalators since the engagearmy of Count Romanzow advise, that ment on the 16th of May: And that it General Willinan having passed the was laid matters were in a fair way of Danube a third time, attacked, under being compromifed between them; to

Tulcza, on the 19th of June, (0, s.) which fo much credit was given there, a body of sooo Turks, whom he drove that the subscription for recruiting the from their intrenchments. One thou- governor's army was entirely laid alide. fand Turks were flain on this occasion, Some time lince we mentioned, that and one hundred and fix made prisonerse the wolves had done mischief in RutThe Russians carried off twenty-four land district, we are now informed, that cannon, and some standards; and tho' by the effects of their biting several the Turks, having received assistance, creatures, it appears they were poffeffed returned three times to charge, they with the species of madness that the dogs were still repuiled with great lots. had been lately troubled with. The

Tursday, Augufi 8. Yefterday there horse, a young calf, and the swine, bewas a great Levee at St. James's, but no longing to Mr. Nathaniel Jennison, died Council; the Duke de Latimore, a in 24 hours after they were bit by the French Nobleman, lately arrived in wolves; two of his cows, and the sheep rown, was introduced by the Earl of that were bit, are almost all run mad, Holderness to his Majesty, and was gra- and expected to die foon. An ox becioully received.

longing to Lieut. Thomas Holden, that Dii Solander, who lately failed round was bit ran mad and died, there were. the world, is a native of Sweden, and nine co'ns more belonging to Mr. Jenabout 40 years of age ; Henry Banks, nison, and some other creatures in the Elq; who accompanied him, is aged neighbourhood that havs been bit, and about 26, poftuled ot a banjlome estate the same fate was expected. People that in Lincoln hie; is a gentleman likewise have made use ot 'the milk from the of great learning and abilities; five years cows, are in great fear of being inago he failed to the Labrador Coast, in fected, but are yet in health. North America, in search of plants; and Saturday, August 10. Yesterday. Lord from the fame Jaudable thurit after Viscount Ligonier killed his Majesty's knowledge, he made the late extraordi- hand on being appointed. Colonel of the nary voyage.

9th regiment of foot, in thc room of Yetterday a person belonging to the the late General Whitmore. General Polt-Olfice was taken into cu The punifament for foreltalling fhould Houts, charged with opening several let- be whipping at the carts tail and impilter and taking out bank notes of con- lorying, in all the markets of this meSuverable value; one gol. had been paid tropolis. This probably, might be a away. He was carried to the magistrates remedy for the evil, in Bow-iteit, and committed to priton for drilerexainination,


Fuly 17,


Foreign and Domestic Intelligence. There is a farmer now in Berkshire Extract of a Letter from Minorca, dated who holds no less than pine farms. Is not this engrossing witha vengeance ? “ This day our worthy Lieutenant

Monday, August 12. On Monday the Governor, Major General Johnston, his 15th of July, the Merchants of Dublin, lady and family, embarked on board his in full Guild afleinbled, voted the tite. Majesty's Tip Niger, Capt. Banks, for doin of that respectable corporation to Marseilles. He was attended to the wathe Right Hon. Brais Croiby, Lord- ter-side by a furprizing concourse of the mayor of the City of London, and to military, as well as of she inhabitants John Wilkes and Richard Oliver, Eiqrs. from all parts of the island, several of Aldermer, to be presented to them in whom were feen in tears, on account of folver boxes, as a testimony of approba- his departure from amongst them. Tho* son of their conduct, in oppoling the the beginning of his government was at. violence of the Speaker's warrani, il-' tended with some trouble to him, and fued in consequence of a vote of that disquiet on the part of the natives, yet house; and alio for shewing that a royal his very uniform, uprigiit conduct, his proclamation is not the law of the land, fine temper and manners, and easiness of nor sufficient to impriton any of the tube accefs to all ranks, at last convinced them jects of Great Britain.

of their error. The garrison of St. Phia Yesterday morning, during divine ser. lip's, under the command of Lord George vice at St. Paul's Cathed'al, a man gen- Lenox, was ordered out, and faluted him teelly dressed in blue-grey dropt down in upon this occafion. Our Governor, an apople&tic fit; he was immediately Lieutenant-General Moltyn, is very carried to St. Bartholomew's hospital, much respected amongst us; and, notwhere he expired in the afternoon. withstanding luis hort relidence here, un,

On Wednesday le'nnight, between the derstands the constitution of the island hours of five and fix o'clock in the after- exceedingly well." noon, they had a most violent tempest of Wednesday, August 14. A letter from thunder and lightning at Wymondham in Copenhagen, of the 2zd ult. mentions, Norfolk. The lightning struck the east that the Queen of Denmark was then in end of Becket's chapel, now the Free a perfect ftare of hcalth, and suckles her. Grammar School, and beat down the self the princess she was lately deliveluu weather-cock, with a large ball of stone of; which is considered as an extraordion which it food, broke the window,' nary instance of maternal affection in a fplit the freeltone coins, and very much perfonage of her exalted rank. Shattered the whole ed of the building; Sir Francis Blake Delaval's body has part of the fanie fath entered a dwelling. been opened, and his stomach appeared in house in the same street, in which were a very infamed itate, he had taken to his feveral persons, one of whom, a woman, bedtide with him a bottle of Usquebaugh, was ftruck down, and very much burnt;, the greatest part of which he drank in but is now in a fair way of recovery. the night. The storm lafted near an hour, and main A few days ago died Mr. Charles ed violently all the time.

Jourdan, of Kensington, Cook to King. Two negroes, belonging to Mr. James George Í. II. and Ill. Richardson, of Jamaica, were found the Orders are sent to Ireland for a stop to fixth of May lait, in a wood in that he put to the exportation of falt provi. ifand, tied 10 a tree, with their .notes and Sons to the Spanish itlands in the Welt. cars cut off, and their tongues cut out, Indies. and other parts of their bodies terribly The ball at the Manfion-house yestermangled : 'One of them was dead, and day was opened about nine o'clock by the other expired foon after being re thé lady of' Alderman Trecothick, (who leafed. The'ttricteit enquiry was inade appeared at dinner, and in the ball-room, after the perpetrators of this ihocking ca &c. as, orels) and Alderman tastrophe, who are no! yet discovered. Shakespear; the dancing continued till

Tuesday, August 13. The last Letters three o'clock, and by four the whole from Venice advise, that the mode of company had left the Mansion-house. tranfacting affairs between that republic It is computed that there were upwards and the Grand Signior is totally changed; of five hundred gentlemen and ladies. for inttead of the Venetians making pre Rome, July 20. At the request of dents to his Subline Highness, they now some English noblemen, two marble bults rective tuch from him.

of the Pope have been executed, and


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