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Foreign and Domestic Intelligence. Thursday Jan. 3. His Grace the Duke knocking off in the Press-yard yesterday, of Bedford, besides forgiving his tenants fed tears, and said, the unhappy affair a year's rent (as mentioned in the papers) happened that day twelvemonth, but dehas advanced considerable Tums of money, clared he had no design of inurdering the without interest, to enable them to pur- boy. He behaved very penitently, and chafe stock and implements in huibandry, when he came to the place of executjou he which were destroyed by the late great was so affected as to be obliged to be fup. floods.

ported by two men till turned off. Friday Jan. 4. We hear that at Liver Saturdoy Jan. 5. On Thursday, about pool 1000 leamen have been railed for his twelve o'clock, a man went into Mr. Folg. Majesty's feet.

ham's, a cutler, in Fetter-lane, and said The waters were so much out by the he wanted a considerable quantity of hardlate floods, there was no palingför inan or warc for exportation : after looking over horfe, for inany davs, between Lantrielen a great many cases of knives, &c. he pitched and Lantryhed in Glamorganshire, South- upon a number of them, which he desired Wales ; nay, the very fine turnpike-road to be packed up, and on being acquainted from Cardiff to Cowbridge, at several pla- they came to gol. odd, presented a bill on cès, thouglı raised as convex as possible, no Hankey and Co. for 641. which heindorsed tort of carriazc could pala, it having rain. with the name of J. Jolinton. Mr. Folged fleet, and frowed incessantly for near ham having been imposed on by a sharper three months palt. The oldest inhabitants with a forged draft fome time ago, suspectin South Wales declare, they never knew ed the fraud, and inviting the man into or heard from their ancestors the like be- his parlour, amuled him while he dispatchfore : it is impossible to aseertain the da- ed a fervant to Mr. Hankey's bank, where mage done,

the note was found to be forged ; on this A cox belonging to Mr. Stitch, at two of the banker's clerks repaired to Mr. Bromley in Kent, has had eleven calves Folgham's, where they seized the man, from the 28th of April 1768 to the 4th o fand carried him before the Lord-Mayor. December 1770. The firittime the calved On his examination he said he received the three, fecond time two, third time one, note in payment from a Jew, but owned his fourth time five.

name was not Johnson, but Coan, and Yesterday Capt. Ferguson, for the mur- said he was mate of an East Indiaman, der of his cabin bov, was executed at Exe- upon which he was coinmitted to Newgate. cution-dock, pursuant to his sentence. Monday, Jan. 7. Lord Chief Justice He was a young man, about 26 years of Wilmot has asked Icave to resign. age, and behaved with great penitence. The Honourable Lord Commissioner After hanging the usual time, his body Bathurst will be appointed, in a very was put in chains in the marshes near short time, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal. Black wall. The executioner not being Mr. Moreton, Chief Justice of Chester provided with a rope, the unhappy male- will be appointed a puilne judge in the factor was detained a full hour in the court of Common-Pleas, in the room of press-yard till one could be obtained. Judge Bathurst. Extract of a letter from Paris, dated And Mr. De Grey will be appointed Dec. 26.

Chief Justice of the Court of Common.“ The dispute between the King and Pleas. the Parliament grows more and more fe- Extract of a letter from Vienna dated rious. The Monarch will be obeyed; the

Nov. 15, 1770. Parliament will not obey: Monday next “ Last night at twelve a courier set is fixed for the final decision of this im- out for Berlin, with the secret treaty fign-. portant matter ; and the penetratiug part ed yelterday, being a guaranty treaty of of the world make 10 scruple to say, that conceflions between his Imperial Majcity they can easily see that the business will, and the King oi Prullia. The informaend in nothing leis than the exile of all the tion you shall receive, as just given me meinbers, to a man ; than which nothing by the Secretaire Intime. This Einperor can be more injurious to the public, as the gives us the towns of Ostend and Bruges administration of justice will, in a man to the King, where a Royal Prutlan ner, be at a stand. Madamoiselle Barre, Eatt-India Company is to be cftablished, right or wrong, is become the execration and garvifoned by fourtcen thousand Prufof the people, as being the instrument of a fiaus. The King engages to march with party for rendering the Sovereign the de- leventy thoritard infantry and twenty Eett tion of his lubjects."

thround Cavalıy into Altice, to re-inite Cupiain Fergusuri, whil: bisions were for vici ihai ancient pro; ince to the domi


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Foreign and Domestic Intelligence.

37 nions or the house of Austria, and to rc before the Right Hon. the Lord-Mayor, ttore Strasburg to its freedom and original charged with selling his apprentice as privileges. The fortress of Huntingen is a Nave to a rope-maker at Nantucket. In to be conceeded to the Canton of Bern, the course of the examination his Lordwho acceeds to the treaty. Hamburgh is fhip being governor of the London Workto be guarantied to Denmark, who gives house, recollected that the matter had apup a Danish fettlement in the East-Indies plied for several apprentices, and had to Prullia. Rullia gives a Creck illand to thein, but assured him that he should never Austia, and another to Pruffia, the names have any more. His Lordship was howof thein I do not positively recollect, and ever, under a necessity of ditcharging him am unwiiling to mention, tearing I thould for want of evidence. The father prowrite what is not really fact. I en thou duced a letter written by his fon with a fand Aultrians are to embark at Trielte, tick (for he could not procure a pen) into take immediate pofiession of a Greek forming him of the above tranfaétion. iland. And Dutch transports are en Sunday morning a gentleman was found gaged to convey from the Eibe fix thou- {peechless, and with very little ligns of life, lard Pruflians, who are to be conveyed in Princes-Itæet, Drury-lane : he had a by hx Rullian ships of war to the Levant, wound of tour inches in length in his for the fame purpofe. Ruffia requires throar, his pockets were empty, and notwenty-fivethoutand Austrian troops, who thing of any value about him but a cale are to encamp early upon the frontiers of of initruments, from whence it is conjecHungary. Ten thousand Prufians are tured, he is a surgeon. likewise to march to the confines of Po Wednesday Jan. 9. At the election of land. A Pruliian comproir, for cita

the lixteen Peers of Scotland, on Wedblishing a communication with the Le- nesday latt, in the room of the late Duke vant is to be fixed at Otranto.-Thus of Argyll, the Earl of Stair was declared bas the political Monarch of Prullia, elected, when the Peers present were in without the loss of a single battalion, or

number 28, of whom 17 voted for the Ear! the expenditure of a ducat, establithed two of Broadalbane, 11 for the Earl of Stair. great trading coinpanies, and formed a 4. Friday Jan 11. Yesterday an Officer of plan for becoming a great maritime pow. the Navy came by order of thc Lords of er.-Baron M-: - sets out next week for the Admiralty, to Guildhall, to defire Sir the Tirol, and is to command the em Robert Kite, who was the fitting Alderbarkation at Trieste.”

man, to back the preis-warrants, but Sir We hear that her Grace the Dutchess Robert refuted it; he afterwards went to of Northumberland has ordered 300l. to the Lord-Mayor, who likewile refused. be distributed among the poor of the ten

There is a report of a bickering be. parishes of the upper and lower liberties tween a great lady and her fou, on the of Weitininiter.

fubject of a peace or war, and that anoSaturday morning at seven o'clock died, ther lady, aunt to the latter, (who does at Kensington, where the went but on not stand very well with the former) has Friday, the Right Hon. Lady Shelburne,

taken the occasion to wait upon him in Lady of the pretent Lord. Her Ladyship private, and remonftrate with him on the was the daughter of John Earl of Gran impropriety of his not assuming the digville, and was married the 3d of Feb. nity of bis own character, but having re1765.

cuurse to other perfons, by no means quaA few days past, a man being pursued lified to advise hin in matters relative to by a prets gang ran for refuge into a the Itate. clock-maker's in White-chapel, and took

A letter from Paris, dated Jan. 3, says Melter in an empty clock çaíe. The offi that nothing is yet fixed on respecting the cer and men entered the house, and after appointment of a prime-miniiter. "The searching for fome time gave hiin up as

king feems utterly at a loss on whom to lon; but one of the tars looking by acci make a choice, or the head of what party dent towards the cvse, discovered part of to etjouse. One day he intimates one in. the man's face through the glass, and acked tention---the next, he rescinds his reto. the clock maker what that was, pointing, lucion ---and the third, leems in a doubt. to the calc ? The regulator of time re

ful perplexity (as apperrs by some exprefplied, "a clock;"=" A clock ! (an. Sons not altogether unfavourable towards Iwered the tailor,) It is a dd ugly

the imitrious exile Choitcut) whether or disl plate, let us look at the guts of

no the former minister thail resume his is; and accordingly opened it, and con poft. Those about the period of his veyed the poor fellow on board the tender. Majesty affirm, that, for certain, the Saturday a matter of a fip wis brought king never Suemed to undetermined and



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Monthly Chronicle. in such labyrinth on any occasion what munication by water above bridge is én

tirely stopped. On Saturday morning last a Lieutenant Ján. is. On Wedneslay evening last of a preis-gang went into a barber's shop one John Cannon, who lately lived as a near the Broad way, Westminster, and af. servant with the Hon. Mr. Stratford, in ter he was shaved, asked the operator, Park-ftreet, Grosvenor-square, and one whether he knew of any person in his John Sidy, were apprehended and comneighbourhood that had been at sea, but mitted to Tothill-fields Bridewell, by Sir was answered in the negative ; the Lieu John Fielding, for breaking open the tenant then offered him two guineas ; the house of the laid Mr. Strattord, on Sabarber, tempted by the sum, told the turday night last, and Itealing a great officer if he came in the evening, he would quantity of plate, jewels, wearing appoint out the proper man to him ; he ac parel, &c. a considerable part of which cordingly, camc, and the signal being giv, goods were found in the posession of the en, the Lieutenant clapded his hand upon said two offenders. his shoulder, and accosted him with, Last Tuesday one of the servant maids “ Brother tar, what chcer? I remember of Mr. Wilford, an eminent painter, in you and I failed zogether in such a ship Stanhope-Atreet, Clare-market, (father of Jast war :" The other replied, “ Sir you the celebrated Mrs. Bulkeley, of Coventare mistaken in the person, though I own

Garden Theatre) took an opportunity, I have been to fea :" This was sufficient, under a pretext of making the beds, to the man was impressed, and the officer dress herself in a new suit of her master's was quitting, the shop, when the barber cioaths, shirt, neckcloth, shoes, and hat, reminded himn of his promise----the Licu and thus cavalierly equipped, Sallied out tenant offered him a guinea, which was of the house undiscovered : But as a refused.---The coinmander of the gang change of linen might be neceifary, the then asked one of his men, whether a prudently carried off with her half a dozbarber was not wanted on board their en shirts besides. Diligent search was thip? “ Yes Sir, said . Jack,”. “ Why foon made after her. It appeared the had then take this informing rascalsalong with just called on her sister, and that on being you, and I will make him'fhave the surprited to see her in such disguise, the

told her, that the Captain of a rendezJan. 12. Thursday night a poor wo vous had accommodated her with some man was found frozen to death' in Nor of his own cloaths, till he could better ton Falgate.

suit her; and that the was going to fight Yesterday morning a girl of the town, for her king and country. It is supposed about seventeen years of age, was found that love is the cause of this heroine's adamong the baskets under the piazzas of venture, as it said she had a sweetheart the fruit-market in Fleet-market, frozen who is gone on board a fhip. to death.

The Duke of Bedford, it seems, has Thursday night a girl supposed to be appointed his daughter, the Duchesses about the same age, was found frozen to of Bedford and Marlborough, and Mr. death near the cow-house in Tottenhamn Palmer, his attorncy, executors of his court-road.

will and guardians to his grand children. Y(Iterday afternoon at a quarter past He has made the Ducheis of Bedford's fix o'clock, died at his house in Bloomf- jointure equal to 10,000l. per ann. he has bury-square, his Grace the Dukc of Bed allo bequeathed to her Grace all her jewford, Marquis of Tavistock. His Grace els, trinkets, and parapharnalia, entirely was Lord Licutenant and Custos Rotulo at her own disposal : he has left her the sinn of the counties of Bedford and De use of Bloomsbury house, furnished as it von, Colonel of the first regiment of the is at prelent, and allo Wooburn house Deronthiie militia, Vice Admiral of the

and park, during life. He has left his coasts of Devon, High Steward of the grandson, the now Duke of Bedford, Corporation of Huntingdon, and ranked 2001. per annum till he arrives at the age as a 'Lieutenant General

the army, an of eighteen, at which period that income Elder Brother of the Trinity House, Pre is to be augmented to 6ool. per annum, fident of the Foundling Hospital, one of which he is to receive till he coines of age. ibe Governors of the Charter-Houfe, and Toeach of his other two grandfons he has Chancellor of the University of Dubiin. left an annuity for life of bool. He has

The river at Putney is entirely frozen left his widow forty horses. To Richard over, and the people walk over from Fus. Rigby, Esq; he has left the sum of 6000l. han to Putney on the ice, fo:ha: all con Yuíterday an Officer from the Lords of

whole gang."

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Foreign and Domestic Intelligence.

39 the Admiralty came to the Justice-room Inand, which his Majefty has been pleased at Guildhall, and desired Alderman Hali- to accept. fax, who was in the chair, to back a presse

I am my Lord, warrant, but he refused it.

Your Lordship’s most obedient, Yesterday two prisoners were capitally

Humble servant, convicted at the Old Bailey, viz. James Lord-Mayor.

ROCHFORD. Glorer, for stealing nine firkins of but The Lords of the Admiralty, on Mon-, ter, the property of Messrs. Blackhouse day evening, sent a mefsage to the master and Tomlinson, out of a ves:l on the of Lloyd's coffee-house, to acquaint the navigable river of Thames, and Ann merchants and others concerned in thipBanks, for burglary in the dwelling house ping, that protections are now granted of Rachael Toins, a poor woman in Mar- for all merchant ships, outward, or hometin's court, Catharine wheel alley, White. ward bound, and to all other persons who chapel, and stealing a filk and cotton gown, ma: apply for thein. and other things.

Friday, January 25. The following On Saturday one prisoner was capi- is an authentic copy of the declaration cally convicted at the Old Bailey, viz. figned by the Spanish Ambassador, lalt Daniel Harris, for stealing in the dwelle Monday at two o'clock : ing house of Ebenezer Morgan, a cabinet.

DECLARATION. maker in Lemon-Itrect, Goodman's. fields, where he was journeyman, a large

First. Whereas the difpoffeffing the quantity of goods.

Erglish from Falkland's Illand is likely At this Selfions 6o prisoners have been to infringe the peace, which the King of tried, of whom three received sentence England and the King of Spain are of death ; 31 were cast for Transportation equally solicitous to preserve ; from this (or leven, and one for 14 years; two were reciprocity of sentiment, the King of branded and whipt.

Spain contents to disavow the act of the Tuesday Jan. 22. On Tuefday even- governor; and that the island thall be ing Lord North waited upon Lord Com- restored, and with it all the English promillioner Smythe, at his house in Bloomf- perty, according to an inventory. bury Square, from his Majesty, requesting

Second, That this ceffion is not to his lord Mhip to accept the leais. His lord prejudice any right which the Spaniards hip, after exprelling the most grateful might formerly have had, and which is idea of this lingular mark of his maje- to be referred to subsequent discussion. fty's favour, declined accepting it. Lord War-Office, Saturday Jan. 26, 1771. North then asked whom he would chuse to name : his Jordship replied, Lord Com... notice to all out-penlioners belonging

I am cummanded by the King to give millioner Bathurst was, in his opinion, to Chelsea-Hospital, who were directed, a yery proper man to fill that important by advertisement, dated War-Office, Deoffice.

cember, 28th last, to appear personally Sunday the remains of his Grace the late Duke of Bedford were carried from one of the day's between that day and the

on the first day of March next, or some Bedford house, Bloomsbury Square, to fifteenth of the same month, at certain be interred in the family vault at Cheneys places mentioned in the said advertisein Bucks. The hearte was attended only ment, that his Majesty is pleased to disby three mourning coaches, his Grace penfe with their attendance until further having ordered his remains to be buried

orders. in a private manner, without any unneceflary parade or pomp,

BARRINGTON. Yeiterday at noon, the Earl of Rochford, Secretary of State for the fouthern TRANSLATION of the DECLARATION deparment, sent a letter to the Lord-Maye Jigned and delivered by Prince de Maor of this city, out of which the follow. ferano, Ambassador Extraordinary from ing is an exact copy, viz.

his Catholic Majesty, dated the 22d dayı St. James's Jan. 22, 1771.

of January, 1771. MY LORD,

His Britannic Majesty having comI take the earliest opportunity of in- plained of the violence which was comforming your Lordship, that the Spanishmitted on the soth of June, 1770, at the Ambassador hath this day, at two o'clock, Inand commonly called the Great Ma. ligned a declaration relative to the expe lonine, and by the English Falkland's, diton againit Port Eg.nont, in Falkland Iland, in obliging by force, the com


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Foreign and Domeftic Intelligence. mander and fubje&ts of his Britannic 1991, of the Prince de Mafferano's Deo Majesty, to evacuate the port; by them claration of the same date. calied Egmont; a step offensive to the honour of his crown ;---the Prince de His Catholick Majesty having autoMaferano, Ambassador Extraordinary of rised the Prince of Mafferano, his ambathis Catholic Majesty, has received or fador extraordinary, to offer in his Ma. ders to declare, and declares, that his jesty's name, to the king of Great Britain, Catholic Majesty, considering the desire a fátisfaction for the injury done by his with which he is animated for peace, Britannick Majelty by difpoffefsing him and for the maintenance of good harmo- of the Port and Fort of Fort Egmont; ny with his Britannic Majesty, and re. and the faid Ambassador having this day fé&ting that this event might interrupt signed a declaration, which he has juft it, has seen with difpleasure this expedi- delivered to me, expressing therein, that tion tending to disturb it; and in the his Catholic Majetty being desirous to persuasion in which he is, of the recie restore the good harmony and friendship Procity of sentiments of his Britannic which before fubfifted between the two Majesty; and of its being far from his Crowns, does disavow the expedition intention to authorize any thing that against Port Egmont, in which force has might disturb the good understanding been used against his Britannick Majebetween the two courts; his Catholic fty's poffeffions, commander, and subMajesty does disavow the said violent jects, and does also engage that all things enterprize - and in consequence, the shall

be immediately, restored to the pres Prince de Maferano declares, that his cise fituation in which they stood before Catholic Majelty engages to give immc- the 10th of June, 1770. And that his diate orders that the things shall be re- Catholick Majesty iliall give orders, in ftored in the Great Malouine, ae the port consequence to one of his officers, to dca called Eginont, precisely to the state, in liver up to the officer, authorised by his which they were before the soth of June, Britannick Majesty, the Port and Fort 1770: For which purpose his Catholic of Port Egmont, as also all his Britannick Majesty will give orders to one of his Majesty's artillery, stores and effects, as officers, to deliver up to the officer, zu. well as those of his fubjects, according to (horized by his Britannic Majesty, the the inventory which has been made of port and fort called Egmont, with all them. And the faid Ambaffador having ihe artillery, ftores, and effects of his moreover engaged, in his Catholick MaBritannic Majesty, and his fubjects, jesty's name, that what is contained in the which were at that place, the day above- laid declaration, fhall be carried into efnamed, ; agreeable to the inventory fect, by his faid Catholick Majelty; and which has been made of them.

thai duplicates of his Catholick' Majesty's The Prince de Maserano declares, at orders to his officers, shall be delivered the fame time, in the name of the King into the hands of one of his Bri: his master, that the engagement of his tannick Majetty's Principal Secretaries faid Catholic Majesty, to restore to his of State, within fix weeks. His faid Britannic Majesty, the poffeffion of the Britannick Majesty, in order to thew the fort and port' called Egmont; cannot, fame friendly dispositions on his part, has nor ought, any witc to affect the question authorised me to declare, that he will look of the prior right of sovereignty of the upon the faid declaration of Prince de Malouine Illands, otherwise calied Falk- Mafcrano, tegether with the full perfor land's Illand. In witness whereof I the mance of the said engagement, on ihe vnderwritten Ambassador Extraordinary, part of his Catholick Majesty, as a fatishave ligned the present declaration with faction for the injury done to the Crowa my vfual signature and caused it to be of Great-Britain. In witness whereof, fealed with our arms. London, the !, underwritten, one of his Britannick twenty-fecond day of January, one Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, thousand feven hundred and seventy- ' have ligned these proients with my usual

signature, and cauled them to be sealed (L. S.) Signed

with our arms. London, the 22d day of
Le Prince de Maferano. January. 1771.
L, S.

Translation of the Earl of Rochford's ac-

ROCHFORD, replante, dated the 2zd day of January,


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