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minister, bless him in his thoughts, be always abounding in the work of words and works, give him many souls the Lord ?" Without this, the weapons for his hire here, and hereafter receive of our warfare would be little more him into glory.

than carnal, and they could not be

mighty to the pulling down of these VESTIGES OF A STATE CHURCH:

strongholds. It is under the banner of

the Lord of hosts that we must fight; OR, CHRIST IN THE JEWISH

it is for His direction and help that we LITURGY.

must wrestle and pray. The holy life, A SERIES of articles, of which the

the diligent activity, the close walk

with God, the spirit of prayer per. above is the theme, will commence to appear in our next issue (D.V,) from

vading all that we undertake, will the pen of our talented brother, the

exercise a power which will be felt Rev. J. C. S. Kronig, of Holy Trinity,

and acknowledged. I am sure that we Hull.

must in these times labour with the snord in one hand, and the trowel in the

other; but we must ever bear in mind WHAT STEPS SHOULD BE TAKEN that our main object is not to fight but TO OPPOSE THE ATTEMPTS MADE

to build not so much to put to flight the TO ROMANISE THE CHURCH OF

enemies of the truth as to be the humblo ENGLAND.

instruments in the Lord's hands of

raising up the walls and gates of our We feel grateful to those Christian spiritual Zion. Protestants who requested our highly "I do not assume to myself the chaesteemed Hebrew Christian_brother, racter of a prophet, but I may be the vicar of Christ Church, Leicester, allowed, in conclusion, to say a few to reprint the excellent address-which words as to what appears to me the he delivered at the meeting of the probable issue of this great conflict in Yorkshire Branch of the Church Asso- which we are engaged. None of us ciation—in the form of a pamphlet. would attempt to disguise from our. Especially are we beholden to our selves the fact that ritualism, sacerdogifted brother, the Rev. Albert A. talism, and the sacramentarian system Isaacs, for his noble protest against have been making gigantic strides in the romanisers in the Church of our midst during the last few years. England, as well as for his staunch None of us can deny the acceptance testimony to the eternal truth of God, which these receive, not only from a and for his earnestness in contending large body of the clergy, but from very for the faith once delivered unto the many of our bishops and some of the saints. There is scarcely a sentence in chief officers of state. It is also worthy the address which may not be classified of notice that almost all the laity who under one or another of the threefold are members of diocesan conferences characteristic of the brochure. Oh that are strong supporters of the sacerdotal the God and Redeemer of Israel would theories. My own conviction is, that daily add to the army of Hebrew we shall see, not a diminution, but a Christian Witnesses ! We wish we had growth, in these erroneous principles; space at command to transfer the and that whether the Church of whole address to our pages, so impor- England be established or disestabtant do we consider it. But we can lished, we shall live to see the Roonly find room for the few concluding manising system gaining the ascenremarks :

dancy, and exercising the tyranny and “Finally, let me observe that no despotism which it invariably does form of resistance can be so potent when such an ascendancy is obtained. and enduring as that of light to dark- Thus it will apparently have accom. ness, of truth to error. At a crisis, plished its purpose, and we for a time such as the present, each of us has but only for a time-may have to need to ask himself, “ Am I, if a clergy- suffer all the consequences of defeat man, a faithful minister of the ever- and humiliation. God has a controlasting covenant?” if a layman, “Am I versy with our land, and in this way spending my energies and strength in He may execute His judgments on us. the service of my divine Master ? Do I But my belief is that these men will be seek to be in all things a living epistle, found to have paved the way for their known and read of all men? Is it my own destruction. The English nation constant and anxious desire to spread may be deceived, and may allow itself, the gospel at home and abroad, and to in the pride of its self-sufficiency, to be

I tell you

shorn by this meretricious Delilah. elected, about a month ago, ' Professeur But events travel fast in these days, de l'Academie des Sciences. and the re-action will be great and ter- all this to show you that there is no rible. Revolution may be the con- difference between Christian and sequence, and such revolution as may Jewish merit, the one is as much destroy both the Church and the appreciated as the other.

As for me, Crown. But the living God, who has I like Russia very much. I have some made our Protestant country the dear friends,'' &c. &c. channel of spreading the glorious gospel in all parts of the world, who has through us sent His Word into the

Correspondence. dark places of the earth, will not permit us to continue long under the slavery of superstition and priestoraft,

PSALTERS AND HYMN BOOKS. but will disperse these clouds and give DEAR MR VITOR, — In reply to us the blessing of a new Reformation.

T. H. B., who wrote in your last month's Then those who have unflinchingly “ Witness" concerning a new Psalter, stepped into the breach, and in con

or Rhythmical version of the Psalms of nexion with such Associations as these, David for Church use, it appears to have been enabled to fight valiantly me that as the Psalms are already renand well, will taste of all the fruits of

dered into good sound English verse by victory, and find that their works of

so many excellent writers, from Stern. faith and labours of love have not been hold and Hopkins, Brady and Tate, in vain in the Lord."

Dr. Watts, Goode, and others, down to The pamphlet may be obtained of

the present time, it would be almost J. & T. Spencer, Market Place, Leicester.

superfluous to add to the versions which we already possess. There seems,

also, less need for our Church hymn A GLIMPSE OF THE JEWS IN books to have complete renderings of ST. PETERSBURG.

the whole Psalms, since, in all our ser

vices, before we come to the singing of (An extract from a letter addressed to

the hymns, we have already either said us by an accomplished Jewish lady, now at the Russian capital.]

or sung portions for the day from the

Psalms. * To write fully upon the condition of I may observe, for your friend's inthe Jews in Russia, is scarcely possible formation, who appears rightly interfor me to do. I do not mix amongst all

ested in the p almody of our Church, classes ; I only catch a glimpse of their

that in the new edition of my hymn varieties. I know that the very rich book for St. Paul's, Dalston, about to be Jews, like the

, live in the published with a new and copious apgreatest intimacy with the most aris- pendix, and called “ Lyra Sacra Anglitocratic Christian families. As for the cana,” or, “ English Hymnology," there poor Jews, I only know that all those will be found among nearly one thou. who have trades can live as peaceably sand hymns, selections of the best ver. at Petersburg as if they were in Jeru. sions from almost every one of the salem, in her palmy days. As for those

Psalms of David. who have no trade or profession, they I shall be happy to send him and are obliged to hide themselves, or they yourself a copy for inspection, as soon would be driven away from here. as it is printed and published. There are two small synagogues, a few Believe me, yours faithfully, Jewish schools, and lately Madame

W. STONE, M.A. W with the aid of some other

St. Paul's Vicarage, ladies, has founded an asylum for

Dec. 17, 1872. orphans of both sexes, where they will be boarded, educated, and trained

" OUR ISRAELITISH ORIGIN :" either for professions or trades, according to their respective capacities.

THE ARGUMENT AGAINST IT FROM THE PRI Altogether, the Jews are quite as SENT STATE OF THINGS IN THIS COUNTRY. happy, and have about as much freedom DEAR SIR, I would desire, through bere as anywhere else. Mr. W

your columns, to make a few remarks bas received three orders from the which may tend to remove the diffi. Emperor, and was named two years culty felt by some in reconciling the ago Conceiller de Commerce.'' Dr. present state of things in this country Cyon, one of our friends, has been with the theory which maintains the


identity of our race with the lost house to the most important portion of Da. of Israel-restored to God's favour, as niel's prophecy-that concerning the the Scripture affirms of those tribes, fourth empire—and dwelling more par. whilst cast out of their own land- ticularly on its closing period of 1260 " allured by Him into the wilderness," prophetic days, is written on the same and those“ brought into the bond of principle ; and much misapprehension the covenant,” and “called by a new and confusion cannot but result if we name."

neglect a principle so obvious in the Whilst recognising with sorrow the analogous prophecy of Daniel, and in. ominous aspect of affairs in Church terpret the Revelation as if each vision and State, and having full sympathy followed in chronological order, instead with those who feel that “Ichabod” is of recurring to the same period, briefly written on the land that once bore so sketched in the sixth chapter, the earnest a testimony for the truth, and beginning of the properly prophetic protest against the very errors that are portion of the book, and embracing bringing darkness and judgment on from the preaching of the Gospel to this country-yet these circumstances, the announcement of the great day of deplorable as they are, so far from the wrath of the Lamb. militating against the fact of our Is. In like manner, with regard to the raelitish origin, would, on a careful Book of Isaiah. Its first vision " examination of the sure word of pro- cerning Judah and Jerusalem" depicts, phecy," rather confirm our belief in it in vivid colours, the failure of that -whilst tracing, by the light of that people and their rejection of God; word, not only the circumstances which their “land left desolate," and thembrought and established us in these selves but “a very small remnant; “ isles afar off," but those also which closing with their restoration and will eventually lead out thence (and blessing, when“ Zion shall be rethat, the signs of the times seem to in- deemed with judgment, and her condicate, at no distant period), those who verts with righteousness." are waiting on the Lord for counsel and Another equally important rule for direction, in the midst of the wide- right interpretation, traceable in many spread defection and apostasy around. parts of Scripture, but more especially For do not the Scriptures clearly inti- in those connected with the second ad. mate, concerning the place prepared vent, is to notice that the closing scene for them in these “islands," where the of blessing is given first, before the depeople were to " renew their strength" tails of sorrow and evil that precede (Is. xli.), and attain to the power and it; particularly after a general introeminence described in that chapter, ductory sketch has been given, such as that the time would come when, be- those we have noticed ; and, though cause of abounding evils, they would the principle is sometimes obscured by be called to “depart" thence, as we the arbitrary division of chapters, yet read in Isaiah lii. 11, 12?

can it be easily traced ; as, for exBut, before we consider this passage, ample, in the several visions relating it may be well, for the right under- to the millennial glories of Israel, in standing of the time and circumstances Isaiah ii., iv., beginning at verse 2 ; xi., to which it refers, to direct attention xii., xxvi., xxxii., xl., xlii., li. ; and to two important rules, which will be when we come to chapter lii. we have found very helpful in the interpreta- accordingly, first the exulting shout to tion of the prophetic Scriptures.

“ Zion and Jerusalem " to put on their First: The principle of recurrence. strength and their beautiful garmerts ;

Take, for instance, the first vision in the glad tidings of salvation published Daniel - that of the image representing on the mountains of Israel; her waste the great fabric of Gentile power, un- places breaking forth into joy and der the four monarchies there named, singing ; and all the ends of the earth and leading on to the time of their de- called to see the salvation of our God. struction, when smitten by the Stone Then there is a sudden break, and a which becomes a great mountain and solemn call to “ depart” (verses 11, 12), fills the whole earth. No subsequent addressed to those who bear the vesvision in the book goes beyond that sels of the Lord,” i.e., to those who culminating event. The succeeding prize and uphold the truths signified visions are but the filling up of the by the vessels of the sanctuary, the period embraced in the first, retracing charge of the priests and Levites, typiand enlarging on its chief features. cal of the Church of God. They are

The Book of the Revelation, referring called " to come out and be separate,

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" with

and touch no unclean thing;" and the alone the promises are “ Yea and hopeless condition of things around is Amen in Christ Jesus," will there lift implied by the command to "depart up the ensign of the truth to all and go out from thence," and that with nations, attracted by the advantages deliberate purpose; neither

those fertile lands will present when haste nor by flight;" for “the Lord they shall have again become, as they will go before them, and the God of are soon likely to do, the high road of Israel be their rereward.”

the commerce of the East. But the We conclude, therefore, that the in- day of the Lord will overtake the carefidel and antichristian principles, com- less and ungodly in the midst of their ing in like a flood, are the very circum- schemes of worldly gain, when He stances foreseen, and which lead to the comes to be glorified in His saints and predicted exodus from this once so admired in all them that believe highly favoured, but now guilty and executing vengeance on His enemies, faithless land, leading back God's and sending the fire of His indignation chosen ones to their oron land, there on them that “dwell carelessly or conto make ready a people for the Lord, fidently in the isles "-rejoicing in the chiefly from among our brethren of success of their evil designs, and on • Judah," who will “walk with Israel" Gog and Magog and all their hosts, (Jer. ii. 18), "returning ” under our confederate against His people dwellprotection," coming up together out of ing safely in their own land. (Ezek. the land of the north to the land given xxxviii., xxxix.) for an inheritance to their fathers," Gloomy, however, as are the prosthe Israel of God publishing there the pects of this country, viewed in the glad tidings of salvation and the com- light of the Scriptures, concerning the ing of the Lord : so fulfilling the anti- latter days of our sojourn in these once typical Elijah ministry which is to highly favoured isles, the dark picture precede His glorious appearing.

is not without relief. For we gather Yes, we believe that, prompted by from passages, such as Isaiah lviii., that, the same feelings and acting on the whilst a hollow ritualistic worship is same principles which led our fore- being again set up in our midst, its fathers, on the revival of Popery under deluded adherents forgetful of the the Stuarts, to seek a home in the far glorious past, and how our emancipadistant West—the day is fast approach- tion from Rome and her corrupt docing when the faithful amongst us, trines and practices was purchased by though ignorant-many, if not most of the blood of a noble army of martyrs thern-of our hereditary connexion with and confessors—yet is there a faithful the Promised Land, will hasten there, band of witnesses in our midst, tesavailing themselves of the favourable tifying against these things, and circumstances which dispose its pre- seeking to worship God in spirit and in sent rulers to welcome and encourage truth, evidencing the fruits of a living the settlement amongst them of the faith by works of love and piety: only people they can trust as faithful feeding the hungry, clothing the allies, giving them, as well as to our naked, instructing the poor, relieving American and German brethren en. the burdens of the oppressed (ver. 8-12), gaged in missions there, unprecedented delighting themselves in, and contendliberty for the exercise of their religion, ing for the observance of that day (ver. contrasting so favourably in their eyes 13, 14) which Romanists desecrate by with the idolatry of the Latin and their idolatrous service of the mass, Greek churches.

and worldly pursuits and amusements, The weakening of the Turkish but which the Christian esteems it his power, symbolised by the drying up of privilege to set apart, as looking forthe waters of the Euphrates (Rev. xvi.) ward to the Sabbatismos," the rest that is, in the Lord's purpose, for the very remaineth for the people of God”. object of “preparing the way of the observing the day not merely in passive kings of the East "—the people to rest from bodily toil and labour, as whom He has promised the inheritance under the Mosaic economy, but in the and sovereignty of that vast region- activities of the new, the risen life, from “ the great river, the river according to the typical character of Euphrates, to the great, or Mediter- the first, or resurrection day. ranean Sea "-even to the seed of Such is the attitude and testimony of " Abraham his friend."

the obedient and instructed ones, who Settled in the land of their fathers, at the appointed time will be prepared the believing portion of Israel, to whom to arise and depart hence, to fulfil


mission to their own land, “Immanuel's land "-testifying in power with the Spirit poured on them from on high (Is. xxxii. 15; Joelii. 28), “sowing beside all waters"-turning many to righteousness, kept in peace during the last solemn and glorious scenes of their marvellous history, knowing that their redemption draweth nigh; owned of God as “ His witnesses," though so long “blind" as to who they are, whilst he has been faithful to His promise : “I will bring the blind by a way that they know not; I will lead them in paths they have not known. I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do, and not forsake them.” (Is. xlii. 16.)

I trust that what has now been said, together with the several papers which have already appeared on the subject from so many contributors to your interesting and valuable magazine, may help to remove any remaining diffi. culties in the mind of honest inquirers into the truth of our Israelitish origin, however hopeless it may be to convince "minds proof against the evidence of Scripture, history, and logic," as it has been aptly expressed in your present December No.- by Sir Sampson Fitznun-whoever may be the original of that large-hearted, upright Hebrew Christian, superior to the narrow prejudices of race and party, and whose testimony is calculated to rebuke the pseudo-Judean partiality of those who, jealous on their behalf, and actuated by“ a zeal without knowledge,” refuse to acknowledge the tie which binds us to them, as equally with theirs of “ the stock of Israel." But our God will yet manifest it in His own time, and great shall be the day of the scato tered seed, the seed of God." December 6.


Anglia” (published by Messrs. Long. man and Co.). I enter heart and soul into the author's plea for a Hebrew Christian College, which“ might prove the nursery of purest literature and soundest science." I sincerely trust that the Hebrew Christians en masse will agitate till they attain the object of the author's aim.

“ How do I propose to raise the money for the required fabric and endowment ? ”—the author asks, on p. 105, and bis answer is as follows:“By Act of Parliament! Repeal the Spoliation Act of Anno Primo Victoriæ Reginæ, cap. xlvi. Let the vast accu. mulated property of the · Domus Con. versorum, in Chancery Lane, and Fetter Lane, be restored to its proper object; and a well-endowed Collegewith its chapel, and residence for professors, students, porters—is ready to hand. The new Public Record Office would not be a bad College to begin with. Why not add 'Sion College' to it ?"

The paragraph which follows the one just quoted is so interesting, that I cannot forbear quoting it :-“ When the Hebrew Christian, Sir Francis Pal. grave, was appointed Master of the Rolls, some facetious humourist, at the time, put a question in the Notes and Queries,' to the effect, 'How long since was it that the property of the Domus Conversorum had been restored to its original purpose ? When I read it, I could not help observing, 'Many a true word spoken in jest.'

I trust that you, as the mouth-piece of Anglo-Judæo Christians, will keep the subject constantly before the British Christian public till you recover that which indisputably belongs to you, as a body.

You will bear with this communi. cation when I tell you that I have for many years felt å deep interest in everything connected with the spiritual welfare of the Hebrew nation. I am a firm believer that that nation will be restored to God's favour, and, moreover, that the Fig-tree is beginning to bud. My dear partner and myself are both one in the same faith and hope. It gives us profound pleasure to offer, as a gratuity, a piece of freehold land, as a site for a Hebrew Christian Col legiate Institution, which shall embrace - until the property of the Domus Conversorum be restored to you -an Anglo-Hebrew Christian Church, Hall for Lectures, Conferences, &c. This establishment, I propose, shall be en.


LEGIATE INSTITUTION. [We have been requested to reprint the following letter which appeared in the July Number of the first series of “THE HEBREW CHRISTIAN WITNESS," page 108.] To tho Editor of the Hebrew Christian

Witness. DEAR SIR, I have recently read, with absorbing interest, “ Vestiges of the Historio Anglo-Hebrews in East

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