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for very early rising in the severe This seemingly fortuitous circumcold of a Polish winter. The study stance, which may seem irrelevant to of the Talmud, as a matter of course, the subject under review, is neveroccupied great part of his time, and theless notable as the first link of a all the more of his attention, that his providential chain, which well serves father had admonished him to test to illustrate the text, “Cast thy bread the many opinions, definitions, and upon the waters, and after many days comments therein contained, by the thou shalt find it." Divine standard, which shows the By the time the young traveller good we are to choose and the evil had reached Saxony, on his way to we are to refuse in all merely human England, he was, much to his surteachings.

prise, accosted, soon after his arrival, After seven years spent in the by a seemingly vagrant waif, whose manner here described, the student tattered and famished appearance returned to his home, as to Paradise indicated a destitution, which his regained-a state of earthly bliss mien, manner, and ingenuous countespeedily to be relinquished. His nance told was rather due to misforfather, who had destined him as his tune than to self-degradation. In future successor, having determined this forlorn stranger Haïm now rethat he should spend the following cognised one of the sons of Daniel three years in the acquisition of use- Dreyfus, the genial commissaire, ful knowledge, London was the and at that time totally ignorant of place selected for that purpose ; and the fate of his father and brother. as the chief Rabbi there had been In an agony of anxiety to asceran old fellow student at Berlin, his tain whether they were alive or house was thought the most eligible dead, he said. “ Can you enable me as his temporary home.

in this terrible extremity of suspense A few weeks before this design was to get to Paris, and there learn carried out, the usually quiet town in the fate of my beloved father and which the rabbi and his predecessors brother ?" " Willingly," replied his ever since their expulsion from sympathising friend, " if by dividing Spain, in 1492, had resided was just with you all I possess your wish can then thrown into a state of unusual be attained." The grateful receiver excitement and commotion by the having assured Haïm that the sum arrival of the army of Napoleon, then was amply sufficient for immediate en route for Moscow. As the march relief and for the supreme object of had been long and the men greatly his desire, he added, “You know in need of rest, orders had been given my family, and if you only let that officers and soldiers should be me have now a blank leaf of your billeted on the inhabitants of the pocket book and a pencil, your timely place; and as, fortunately for him, an will at any moment be repaid the rabbi stood high in the regard of on seeing my signature. And now, the chief magistrate of that town, au revoir," said the light-hearted the commissaire of the army (one of Frenchman.“ Adieu," returned Haïm; his own people) was, with his two and so they parted—the onegladdened sons, assigned as temporary inmates by the removal of a heavy burden, of that peaceful household. That the the other by having had it in his power commissaire (by name Daniel Drey. to confer such a rich enjoyment as fass) stood high in the favour of his that of enabling an affectionate son imperial patron was evident from the to return to his father and home. honorary badges which decorated his On his arrival in London, he drove ample chest.

to the house of the chief rabbi, by Not being able to assign the certain whom he was well received, as the date of this memorable incident, it son of his old fellow student, that may be sufficient to state that early in being likely to continue the chief, if November this mighty host proceeded not only bond of affinity between to the scene of its disaster, a very small minds so totally different in tastes remnant having returned, dejected and so entirely opposite in disposition and destitute, to tell the sad tale. and turn of thought : the one confined

to a groove from which all idea of relations were based upon that artifithe free thought due to fresh influences cial“ fence" and "outpost,” which, was excluded; the other open to such instead of serving to guard the sanctity fresh aspirations, impressions, con- of authoritative truth, had become its victions, as the progress of time usurping substitute, thus eclipsing brought with it, if in harmony with the light and life of which it becamo the Law and the Testimony: the one the powerless negation. content with the stale and stagnant In the Rabbi MENDOLA, Haïm found supply of rabbinical cisterns; the other much to claim his esteem and regard. thirsting for draughts drawn from the Standing, as this unpretentious Ispure and invigorating FOUNTAIN of raelite did, on a vantage ground DIVINE TRUTH.

which embraced a higher order and The first Sabbath, in honour of his range of thought, his companionship host, was spent in the synagogue was alike pleasant and grateful to a over which he presided, his own pre- mind well able to appreciate his exdilections having, for various reasons, tensive reading and his refined taste. been in favour of the Sephardim, or Rabbi MENDOLA was, in fact, a perfect Spanish rite; that, in fact, to which gentleman, as well as a high princihe had been attached from childhood, pled and benevolent philanthropist, of under the administration of his re- whom it might have been said, he was vered father; whose whole aim had not far short of the regenerate characbeen practically to commend the ter of those just men made perfect, who principles which he sought to impress shall inherit that kingdom where the on the minds of his congregants by will of God shall be done on earth. personal example—the best comment The time of the student, now in on the authoritative text to which he quest of varied mental information, constantly called their earnest atten- was almost entirely occupied in the tion. How different that moral at- libraries and museums of London, mosphere from the noisy, distracting, his evenings having been generally and heartless scene presented to an spent in hearing lectures on the earnest mind in the London syna- many interesting subjects at that gogues of that period, where every period publicly discussed. sign of inattention betrayed the ab. One of those providential circumsence of pre-occupied hearts elsewhere stances which proved the turning. and otherwise engaged. To him it point of a life thereafter to be devoted was altogether new to see an indeco- to the service of the same Messenger rous going out and coming in during of the Covenant who had of old rethe most solemn utterances of “ The deemed Jacob out of all his troubles, living oracles of God," and to hear is as such worthy of record. One day, audible whispering even when prayer on his way from the city to the should have called forth devotional British Museum library, he recogfeelings and emotions. Alas! that so nised, in a crowded street, a young much zeal, energy, devotion, diligence, man from his native town, who had and undivided attention should have been reported as having, in the equibeen enlisted in the service of mammon; vocal sense of the word, become a while that of the Giver of all good, Christian, but, more properly speakwho, as a Father and Sovereign, ing, who had, by means of reading claims the undivided hearts of his the new Testament, become a believer children, was neglected, or at best in the Messiah, not only as the Delitreated as subordinate to and su- verer and Sovereign Ruler yet to perseded by the "traditions of the come as the glory of His people elders," and those superadded com- Israel ; but who, in the fourth mil. mands of erring guides, which prac- lenary of this world's history, had tically made the divine laws of none come to fulfil all that the prophets had effect; no one having been more not only testified, but recorded, of His trammelled by and subservient to rejection and sacrifice as world-wide this misleading cause of national al. Redeemer. Having hitherto heard iency and degradation than the chief of Christianity only as a system of rabbi, whose orthodox standing and image worship, in direct antagonism

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to the will and command of God, I am come not to abolish, but to who distinctly prohibits this kind of fulfil. For it were easier for heaven idolatry, and who, moreover, had often and earth to pass away, than that heard and read of the horrible modes the least iota or particle of the law by which the inquisitors of the so- should fail of result. He, therefore, called Christianity of Rome compelled who breaks one of the least commandits victims to accede to terms the ments shall be deemed least in the most odious, it was not surprising heavenly kingdom; while he who that, as one no longer deserving acts in the spirit of that great comhis regard, he accosted his former mand shall be deemed great in that friend with these words: “How kingdom, where the will of God shall could you leave our holy religion be done upon earth, as in heaven." to embrace a lawless and perse- Such having been the doctrine gacuting Christianity?". In reply, the thered in this first reading of the young man said, “This is not a place book, Hain described his state of for discussion. I can only, in answer mind as having been that of an into your question, put into your hand describable conflict between his suthe narrative, newly printed in He- preme conviction and natural affection, brew, of the doctrine and life-long the former claiming his whole heart, erample of Christ, as the most effec- the latter clinging to the ties which tual means of correcting any misap- bound that heart so lovingly to his prehension which may have led you earthly father and home. His first to associate with lawless deeds the feeling, therefore, was, “I wish that Name of our great Redeemer and I had never read this proof that the Teacher, who constantly acted in the doctrine of the Just One (hitherto so spirit and life of the FIRST GREAT greatly misunderstood, as the Founder command-namely, supreme love to of another faith than that once deliGod and that surpassing love to vered to us)—is absolute truth. I was man which caused Him to lay down well satisfied with my present condiHis life for the reclaim of human sion and future prospects, as the suckind. Thus you will learn, that so cessor of my father, whose footsteps far from being the patron of a sophism I would have deemed it an honour subversive of that Law which was in to follow. How should I be able to His heart, and which He exemplified bear the lot of an alien from his prein word and action, He forewarns sence ?" Meanwhile the young man His disciples against false teachers, who had been instrumental in bringwhom He characterised as wolves in ing about this momentous crisis, and sheep's clothing, whose real character who was at that time employed by would become manifest by the evil the Rev. Lewis Way, of Stansted fruit they would bring forth, it being Park, in teaching his eldest son impossible that a bad tree should Hebrew, had reported to his patron yield the fruits of righteousness." that the son of a very influential

Thus admonished, the contents of rabbi, newly arrived from Poland, was the little book-emphatically "the now in London, for the purpose of Book of Life"-s0 unexpectedly put gaining information on all useful subinto his hands, it may well be sup- jects ; adding that he had met him posed that an eager desire to peruse and put into his hand the New Tesits contents was felt. As soon, there- tament in Hebrew. This zealous fore, as he had entered the house of participator in the then existing his host, be hastened to his sleeping: furor for making proselytes, having room, there to secure the undisturbed obtained his address, lost no time in investigation he so greatly desired. visiting the guest of the chief Rabbi,

On opening the volume where a who, had he been at home at that page had been turned down, as if to moment, would have prevented the attract his attention, at the Sermon intrusion; but as he happened to be on the Mount, Matt. v. 17-19, these out in the discharge of his communal words first arrested his wondering duties, the stranger forthwith intro. regard : " Think not that I am come duced himself as a friend of Israel, to abolish the law and the prophets. Mr. Way stated that, having heard


the object of his visit to the English. “There is his card," replied his metropolis, he had come to make guest; which having glanced at, his a proposition, which he hoped would host burst forth in terms of the most be agreeable to him as well as condu- violent invective. “I can see no cive to his health, which could not reason for the abuse of this English but suffer from the impure atmosphere gentleman," said Haïm, calmly; "he of East London, in one of the gloomi- suredly loves our nation, seeking est and most grimy streets, in which to promote our highest interests, in the house of Rabbi Herchell was directing us to the testimony of our situated. It is now, he continued, prophets. To such a visitor I could the month of June, when the air is not oppose an aspect of causeless especially unwholesome, while his stupid aversion and suspicion. Why present mode of life would be all the should we fear to meet such wellmore irksome, the lecturers being at disposed neighbours on terms of that time in the country. Should mutual good-will? What is there to you come to spend the summer and dread in a friendly discussion on the autumn at Stansted Park, you would subject of our Messiah? Mr. Way have the advantage of a well-stored has kindly invited me to spend the library, while for your hours of recre- summer at his residence, as Hebrew ation a riding horse would be at your teacher to his son." Never !” exservice, with plenty of fishing and claimed the irate rabbi. “You may coursing. I have also to propose, in now consider it an accomplished order that you may feel under no fact,” was the reply; " for I have obligation, that you should supply given my promise. Never!” he the place of your Polish friend as again roared; "you are under my Hebrew teacher, who has become roof by the express will of your exstrongly impressed with the idea that cellent father, and here, therefore, he should return to Poland, in order you are bound to remain until he is to strengthen the faith of a relative, pleased to recall you." "I am deteron whom his letters have made a deep mined to keep my promise," was again impression. As one who necessarily the reply; "and in doing so, I simply accepts the testimony of your pro- act on my father's precept and ex. phets, you could not object to an ample. He, I well know, would amicable discussion on the subject of more readily pardon what he would the Messiah, to whom they assign consider an act of imprudence, to be two advents,-one in the fulness of attributed to inexperience than the time, or fourth millenary, to fulfil want of governing principles, thus those predictions which relate to His serving to show that his high princirejection and sacrifice as sin-bearer ; pled training had been all in vain. the other, at the close of the present I shall not fail, you may be sure, to parenthetic “times of the Gentiles," inform my father of every step as we as the Deliverer of His long expatri- proceed in our discussions; so that I ated people, then ready to receive Him may hope, in his replies, to obtain a in the name of Jehovah.

Where you

clear view of a subject so dear to his find me err from the plain grammati- heart as that of the Messiah, the cal testimony of Scripture, I should Glory of his people Israel.' expect you to correct the mistake, Deaf to such appeals, the first imwhile you must be no less desirous to pulse of the rabbi found vent in a lay to heart all that I may point out cruelly exaggerated statement of what relative to Him as described by he described as his son's apostasy, Isaiah, Zechariah, and Daniel.” thus causing the bitterest grief to a

The promise of Haïm having been father who knew Christianity only as given to visit Stansted Park on terms a lawless and persecuting creed, and so perfectly satisfactory, just after the Christ only as the founder and patron visitor had taken his leave, the rabbi of that foreign intervention ; these made his appearance, with a look ex- ideas having been fostered in his mind pressive of amazement. “Who is the by the image worship continually previsitor I have just met at the door of sented before his eyes; and especially, my house?” was his first question. as a consequence of the virulent mis.

Six weary


sive of his old friend the chief rabbi, proofs of contemptible weakness in it was not surprising that the letters behalf of one who, having received of the supposed apostate remained cherem, should forthwith be cast off unanswered.

months as an evil doer." dragged on at Stansted Park in the This heart-touching letter was too midst of every luxury and kind con- much for a faith at that time only based sideration, poor Haim the while suf- on historical facts, and which, seeing fering intense mental agony, the im- that he bad, as yet, made no open mediate cause of his deep dejection profession of it, he thought could be having been the persistent silence of carried home with him, there to be his father during those doleful months more fully developed. He felt that a of isolation and misery. The last motive far stronger than historical letter he described as having been belief must so take possession of his written with many tears, of which the heart and mind as to overcome every paper bore traces, appealing to that difficulty which beset his thorny path, justice which he knew was his father's and that then he had not attained to ruling principle. He pled so it. “I must now go home,” he said to nestly and so conclusively as to his kind host, (who had for months bring an immediate reply. Thus witnessed his utter misery,) "and of pled the inquirer : “ Indissolubly this you may be sure, that when I ask united as we are in principle, may for baptism (as a public profession we not differ in opinion concerning of the faith which overcomes all sethe forms and modes in which truth condary considerations,) you may has appeared from of old! If I have consider it a proof that I have obbeen led to the knowledge and accep. tained that faith. Unless I receive tance of certain historical facts not it, I cannot account myself a true yet made evident to your mind, disciple of a world-overcoming Mas. surely I am not on this account to be ter." The friends then parted in treated by you as an alien, no longer earnest prayer that this self-sacrifiworthy of a son's place in your cing, world-overcoming faith in the fatherly heart? Truth is many sided ; Son of God should be speedily vouchevery aspect of that central glory safed and acted upon. equally claiming our unprejudiced Next morning Haïm embarked in regard. Because I plainly see that a Rotterdam packet, thence to proceed 'all we, as sheep, have gone astray,' home by the Baltic. His arrival and that our Heavenly Father has having been late on the evening of laid upon his Son (as one willing and Sabbath, he could only secure lodging able to save the iniquity of us all, is in a Hoff close by the Bompjees (the that speciality of my belief sufficient place of disembarkation). As he there to extinguish parental affection ?" learnt that a vessel would not sail for

Such pleading was not lost upon the Baltic till the following Tuesday, such a father, who, in reply, fully he engaged a bed-room and sitting exonerated his son from all unworthy apartment till then. Next morning, motives. “I well know," he wrote, having heard the bells of several " that no selfish or worldly motives places calling to public worship, he could have for one moment influenced asked the landlord which was the your conduct; nevertheless it has nearest house of prayer. His reply placed me in a position of extreme was,

* Close by the Bompjees, preperplexity, for however my heart may dight the Dominie ANDERSON; over yearn after you, I cannot show what the Maaze, predight the Episcopalisch I feel, or do as I would; for even now, Dominie Hay. The Catolische Kirk my son, would I invite you to return (where I go), and which I recommend, home, and there show me out of the is the best of all, is not much little book the truth which justifies farther off.” "I will go to the your present mysterious conduct. nearest," said the heavy-hearted But how can such feelings find sym- stranger, distracted as he then was pathy with the community over which by contending emotions: and thus I preside, every member of which settling the matter, he found himself would condemn such emotions as in a few minutes seated near the door

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