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A Few Words of Friendly Salutation to

our Readers, 1. A Glimpse of the Jews in St. Petersburg,

39. An Important Notice, 529. Amenities of Rabbinical Preachers, The,

190. Angels of Jude and Peter, The, 137. Approaching Mildmay Park Conference,

The, 261. A Sunday Afternoon at the Chapel, Pales.

tine Place, 193. Attributes of the Godhead, the Seven. By

Professor Warschawski, 512. Auricular Confession, 478. A Word of Grateful Encouragement, 284. Baldacchino, The, 432. Banished Ones Fetched Home, The, by

an Intimate Friend of the Family, 16,

67, 114, 164, 202, 307, 401, 450, 496, 542. Baptisms of Jewish Penitents, 35, 560. Baptism at Trinity Presbyterian Church,

Notting Hill, 389. Better, or New Covenant, 531, &c., Blemishes in the Two Great Works of Art

of the Present Season, 283. Book of Daniel, Authenticity of the, 184. British Society for the Propagation of the

Gospel Amongst the Jews, Anniversary

of, 251. Captive Daughter of Zion The, by Rev.

A. Bernstein, 407. Christ is All, The Testimony of Rev.

Adolph Saphir, 64. Church and State, 239. Convert, The, and the Clothes Man, 371. Conversion, 371. Crazes of Would-Be Biblical Archæolo.

gists, 43. Craze of a Modern Would-be Egyptologist,

A, 89. Credat Judzus, 371. Crowning Sign of the Times, The, 484. Dark Sayings of Old, Notice of, 284. Day of Åtonement, The, 511. Defeat of the Unholy Alliance, 561. Defence of the Scriptural Account of the

Introduction of Death into the World,

214. Ein Tag in Capernaum (A Day in Caperf

Daum), translated from the German o, Professor Dr. Delitzsch, by A. F. O. I. 30, 78.

Englishmen not Israelites, Notice of, 520.
Exploration of Palestine, The, 419.
Fracas in the Hull Synagogue, 259.
Free Church of Scotland's Labour of Love,

556. Glimpses at Some of the May Meetings,

241. Glimpses of the East End, 315. Goliath of the Jewish Press, The, 186. Gospel Preached to the Jews of London

and its Suburbs, The, 235. Greeks and the Pentateuch, The, 519. Haim Simon Abarbanel, by Ruth, 22, 73,

126, 175, 228, 274. Hebrew Christian Collegiate Institution,

A, 42, 95. Hebrew Christian Literati, 236. Hebrew Christian Conference at Mildmay

Park, The, Notice of, 289. Hebrew Christian Schools, 334. Hebrew Christian Conferences, 384, 428. Hebrew Studies, 523. Hebrew Christian Deacon, Newly Or.

dained, 37. Hermann Liebstein, Esq., Address of, 344. Hohenzollern Dynasty, Israelitish Origin

of, 372. Huron's (Bp. of) Sympathy with Hebrew

Christian Conferences, 384. Identity of the Prophetic and Apocalyptic Jerusalem's Lament and Hope (Poetry), by

Bride, The, 428. Intercessory Hymns for Missions to the

Jews, by Rev. W. Stone, 37. In Memoriam, Viscountess Beaconsfield,

37. In Memoriam, Rev. J. C. Reichardt, 183. Instructive Contrast, An, or, A Plea for

the Jew, by Rev. M. Wolkenberg, 387. Israel's Present and Future, by Rev.

John Wilkinson, 445, 492. Israel's Rejection, the Church's Election,

&c., 537. Israel's Messiah and the Emancipator of

Humanity, by Rev. J. Lowitz, 51. Israel a Witness for God, p. 566. Israel's Unbelief, its Cause and Cure, by

J. G. Sparkes, 370. "It is the Day of Atonement,” 433. Jacobi Ben Israel, The Learned Jew (He

brew Translation), 526. Jephthah (Poetry), by Arthur Henry Finn,


Rev. W. Stone, 406.
Jewish Opinion Concerning the Ten Tribes,

by J. C. Abraham, 212.
Jewish Alderman, A, on “Christian Cha-

rity," 235.
Jesus as the True Messiah and Israel's

Messiah, by J. G. Sparkes, 469.

John the Baptist and Jesus, by Rev. W.

Stone, 522.

Last Words of Ezekiel's Last Vision, The

Least in the Kingdom of Heaven, The, by

Professor Warschawksi, 471, 573.

Letter from Rev H. A Stern, A., 260.

Light at Eventide, Communicated by Rev.

H. A. Stern, 218.

Lord Shaftesbury on Second Advent, 283.
Lost Tribes, The, 185.
Made Perfect through Suffering, by Char-

lotte Elizabeth Stern, Notice of, 137,
Made Perfect through Suffering, 172, 220,

268, 318, 361.
Margoliouth, Rev. Dr., Address of, 347.
Master of the Rolls, The New, 385.
Melchizedek, 334.
Messiah, The, and the Apostles on Con-

version and Conversionists, 145.
Miss Annie de Rothschild and Hon. Elliot

Yorke, Marriage of, 121.

Missionary Incident, 524.

Mystery, its Outside and Inside, 517.

Notes &c., 37, 88, 137, 235, 283, 334, 370,

416, 460, 505, 555.

Notices to Readers and Correspondents,

480, 575.

One Faith, The, An Address, by Rev.

Adolph Saphir, 289.

One Faith, The, Rev. Adolph Saphir's Con-

fession of Faith, Notice of, 384.
Operative Jewish Converts' Institution,

Anniversary of, 253.

Our Israelitish Origin, 39.

Pentecost, by Rev. M. Wolkenberg, 292.

Perowne's, Dr., New Translation of the

Book of Psalms, 381.

Personal Reign of Christ, The, by J. G.

Proposed Hebrew Christian Collegiate In-

Sparkes, 416.
Polyglot Text Book for 1874, 525.
Precepts of the Law, The Six hundred and

Thirteen, 262, 328, 375, 421, 473, 520, 567.
Priesthood of Christ, The, after the Order

of Melchizedek, by Rev. R. Gascoyne, 460
Pre-Adamite Earth, The, 139, 191, 240, 336.
Primeval City, The, 265.
Pro Bono Publico, 574.
Proposed Bible Educator, The, A Warning

by Saul, 210.

Proposed Home for Aged Christian Israel.

ites, The, 181.

stitute, The, 95.

Professor Delitzsch no Mariolator, 95.

Promises made unto the Fathers, The, 4,

58, 102, 154, 195, 298, 393.

Psalters and Hymn Books, 39.

Psalm lxviii., Critical Reflections on, 123.

QUERIES, 43, 96, 192, 432.

Quasi Masters of Israel searching to know

“these things," 134.

REPLIES, 96, 142.

Recognition of the Services of an Old

Missionary, 89.

Reviewers' Literary Notices, 380.

Rolls' Court, The, and the Coming Elec-

tion, 236.

Rosenthall, Rev. Dr., Address of, 338, 536.

Sacred Jewish Music, 236.

Saphir, Rev. Adolph, Address of, 340.
Scripture Emendations, by W. Howell,

516, 564

Second Advent Conference, 241.

Seed of Hope, The, and the Last Hebrew

Christian Conferences, 384.

Sermon preached by Rev. C. D. Marston,
on May_2nd, 1872, on behalf of the
London Jews' Society (Translated into

German), Notice of, 142.
Sermons to Jewish Congregations in

Christian Churches, by Revs. Dr. Mar.
goliouth and H. A. Stern, 505.

Stones Crying Out, 555.

Talmud, The, 136, 408, 457, 551.

Ten Tribes, The, by Rev. A. A. Isaacs,

15, 140,

Three Friends, The, 88.

The Bane of a Parasite Ritual, 89.

The Spirit not Straitened, 305.
“ The Church the Lord's Body," Extract

from an Unpublished Tract, 361.

The One Flock not necessarily One Fold,


To Our Subscribers, Well-Wishers, and

Friends, 481.

Tree of Life, The, An Antidote to Death,


Ungrateful Christendom, 490.

Vestiges of a State Church, or, Christ in

the Jewish Liturgy, by Rev. J. C. S.

Krenig, 38, 112, 161, 255.

Verities of the Anglo-Jewish Press, The,

520, 566.

What Steps should be taken to oppose

the_Attempts to Romanise the Church

of England ? 38.

Where are the Lost Ten Tribes ? 91.
Who is the Bride of Christ ? 414.
Who is to be the Master of the Rolls ?


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OUR READERS. EAR Friends :-We begin our new series by wishing you,—not as

the world is in the habit of wishing, -in the truest and holiest signification, a happy new year. May you experience in your hearts and souls the felicity of God's chosen ones ; may you realise more than ever that bliss which true believers in the blessed Jesus feel, though they may not always be able to describe, namely, “joy and peace in believing.” May a double measure of the Spirit of grace and supplication be poured out upon your precious souls. So that you may look more steadily, more fixedly upon our dear Redeemer, the LORD of Hosts,—who, as about this time, came to visit us in great humilityand reap the fruition of that perfect salvation which He has obtained for all those who have been taught to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts, to “ live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world ; looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; Who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem as from all iniquity, and purify unto Himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works."

Dear readers, let there be reciprocity of intercessory supplication between us. Do you also pray that utterance may be granted unto us, that we may be enabled to write and to open our mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the Gospel. We feel assured that we owe much of the success, in a spiritual point of view, which crowned our labours last year, to the intercessory supplications, in our behalf, on the parts of many of our dear readers. Often and often, when on the verge of despondency, were we refreshed, strengthened, and encouraged by the glad tidings that prayers and intercessions were made for us in various quarters.

* Titus ii, 12, 13, 14.


It is no small cause of congratulation to us to be permitted to record that, with two or three exceptions, the approval of our numerous readers has been almost unanimous in favour of our editorial performance. Such approval—in an otherwise very trying undertaking—is of no ordinary value to us; for by far the great majority of our readers are no ordinary individuals, but persons of genuine piety, sound faith, cultivated minds, and extensive literary and critical acquirements.

The exceptions, however, may feel aggrieved if we do not state their grievances. We shall therefore state them forthwith, notwithstanding that the aggrieved consist of a very small minority. The objection of advanced by that minority against our editorial discretion consists two charges :-1. Our admitting a translation of Ein Tag in Capernaum into our monthly; 2. Giving room to the espousers of “Our Israelitish Origin” theory. On these objections we will let the demurrers speak for themselves. The first is from the pen of a minister of some denominational Christian community. The age of the writer we have no means of knowing ; but from the tone and tenor of the man and his communication we are led to infer that he must be young somehow, and inexperienced somewhere ; else he would not have indulged in a threat, or in the nondescript expletive at the end of his communication. Had the writer been either old enough or of mature experience, he might have known that threats can only intimidate the weak, the poltroon, or the guilty. However, here is the communication itself; the threat we shall print in small capitals. The name we omit; we dislike to expose any man to personal ridicule.

Ealing, W., Dec. 3, 1872. "DEAR SIR,—I grieve much over the article Ein Tag in Capernaum. It is quite one to please those who would lower Christ, and it helps the frightful current that is making much of Mary.

“That article has shaken my faith in your paper very much indeed, and I MUST MENTION IT TO OTHERS, " Oh, that you had wisdom to weigh what ought never to appear !

“Yours most sincerely,

The very idea! Professor Delitzsch-the author of Ein Tag in Capernaum—the most Protestant evangelical exegete in Europe—to be accused of an attempt to lower Christ and to make much of Mary! We could not help thinking, when we perused the startling epistle, of a conversation, at which we were present, between the late Archbishop of Dublin and one of his so and so informed clergy. The latter began :“My Lord, I have lately read a work entitled The Kingdom of Christ. I am at a loss to know what the author is driving at. Some parts are utterly unintelligible to me, and others seem heterodox to me.” The Archbishop, with a look half serious, half humorous : -"Indeed! What is the name of the author ?" Critical Cleric, somewhat confused :"I

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