#1 Christian Bible History: Revealing the Wonderful Evidence For the Divine Inspiration, Faithful Preservation, And Competent Translation Of the Christian Bible

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Author Solutions Incorporated, 2004 M12 16 - 448 pages
#1 Christian Bible History present an evangelistic review of the Divine inspiration, faithful preservation, and competent translation of the Christian Bible, along with related apologetics. Key abstractions include: a. The Lord God Almighty directly communicated and breathed into the spirit and thoughts of anointed and appointed oracles the words that compose the Bible. b. The fulfillment of numerous biblical prophecies provides objective and unequivocal evidence for the supernatural origination of the Bible. c. The authors of the Bible were direct eyewitnesses of God's ministry, which strongly validates the credibility of their written biblical accounts. d. The authors of the Bible were persecuted, tortured, and martyred for their ardent and earnest faithfulness, which presents serious confirmation of the facticity and determination of their witness. e. Although the original autographs of the biblical manuscripts are presumed lost, there exists an significant number of biblical manuscript copies that have been preserved from ancient times, and comparisons among the manuscripts show practical correlation. f. Multiple ancient biblical manuscript copies have formed the basis for editing and generating resultant Hebrew and Greek texts, which have been used as the basis for translation into multiple languages including English. g. The early Christians frequently quoted from the biblical manuscripts, and their writings provide an independent confirmation of the accuracy of manuscript preservation. h. The Christian Canon includes manuscripts carefully recognized as being inspired by God, and deliberately excludes manuscripts officiated and recognized as not being inspired. i. The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha include useful writings, but they are not inspired, and definitely should be separated from the canonical Scriptures. j. The Lord Jesus Christ was a historical personage, as evidenced through various and relatively impartial ancient non-Christian writings. k. Archaeological findings consistently validate the historical accuracy of biblical events and descriptions.

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