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Rector of St. Andrews by the Wardrobe, and St. Ann, Blackfriars;
and Lecturer of St. Dunstan in the West, London.

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Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God's elect?-Rom. 8: 33.
Who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will.-Eph. 1: 11.
Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?-Gen. 18: 25.



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THE doctrines of GRACE, of which this book treats, are the truths of GOD: Our Author has defended them in a masterly manner. has not only proved them to be plainly revealed in the scriptures, but has also shown that they are of such constant use to the children of God, that without the steadfast belief of them, they cannot go on their way rejoicing. It is from these doctrines only that settled peace can rule the conscience, the love of God be maintained in the heart, and a conversation kept up in our walk and warfare, as becometh the gospel. It is from them that all good works proceed, and that all fruits of holiness abound, to the praise of the glory of the grace of God.

In the PRACTICAL view of these points ELISHA COLES is singularly excellent. He has brought these deep things into daily use, and has proved them to be absolutely necessary in daily experience. They are truths, and useful truths. On these two accounts his book has been greatly esteemed by real Christians: And on these I would recommend it, as approved in mine own judgment to be agreeable to the oracles of God, and found to be of such constant use, that until I received them, I could not enjoy the blessings and comforts of the precious gospel.

Opposition to these doctrines will be made so long as there are people in the world, who place some confidence in the flesh; such as are pleased with their own works, and fond of taking merit to them-* selves. But the word of God is not of doubtful interpretation to those who rejoice in Christ Jesus. They are thankful for a FREE GRACE salvation, and while they enjoy the things which accompany it, with their lips and lives they desire to biess the God of all their mercies.

A new edition being called for, I was requested to recommend it to my friends, which I do from my heart. I wish it may be as useful to all who read it, as it has been to me. May the Lord bless it, and render it the means of building up his people in their most holy faith!



THIS excellent treatise, containing divers prime points of our religion, which believers' souls do live upon every day, and in the liveli

est sense whereof, with application to themselves, they enjoy and exercise sweet communion with God the Father, and his Son Jesus Christ, the Mediator of the new covenant, upon those better hopes, and surer promises, of the doctrines here treated of; doth sufficiently commend itself to such as are thoroughly acquainted with, and experimentally exercised in these things.

I have known the Author long (full twenty-eight years) to have had a spirit greatly addicted to, and affected with, the savory knowledge of the truths here delivered. And though he hath not had the use and help of foreign languages, wherein these points have been mostly written; yet I may say of him (as 1 Tim. 4: 6.) "He hath been long nourished up in the words of faith and good doctrine;" and thereunto he hath so far attained, as to be able to cut the strongest sinews of the principal objections which the adversaries have inva. ded these truths with. And further, to establish the positive truth, hath backed and confirmed the same by solid arguments, and pertinent scriptures genuinely explained and opened. And, which to me is yet more, he hath extracted the most spiritual, quickening cordials, which the doctrine of grace and election affords plenty of, whereby to comfort all sorts of believers; exhorting and directing the whole company and body of them, how to manage their faith between God and their own souls, in point of election: persuading them all to commit and betake themselves wholly to God's carrying on their salvation, in the way of election: and all along hath strewed his discourse with useful exhortations and applications of the doctrines he does deliver; mixing uses for practice, with the rational discussions, and the ruggeder controversials; which hath been a defect complained of in others, to the reproach of the doctrine itself; and made an argument, that the doctrine is not true, seeing omne verum est bonum, and both are inseparable affections of being. Upon these and like considerations, I do heartily commend this treatise to the judicious reader, nothing doubting, but that it will satisfy the weakest Christians, as it hath approved itself to several divines; hoping also that this edition will do as much good to men's souls as the former editions have done. The blessings of heaven go with it.


April 12, 1678.


THE doctrines in this treatise declared and vindicated, have exercised the thoughts and best abilities of many learned men. The opposition made against them by the Pelagians of old, excited divers of the ancients to their just defence; whereby they received that light and establishment, as for many ages the church remained in a quiet possession and belief of them; until (of late) the Jesuits, and Socinians, and some others, conspired against to supplant them; and therein had (probably) prevailed ere now, had not the Lord stirred up the

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