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and can only vouch for the accuracy of the results obtained on the materials as submitted. Since a representative sample is as essential as an accurate analysis in judging the quality of a shipment of fertilizer, it is evident that a satisfactory adjustment will seldom be effected on the basis of an unofficial sample. Notwithstanding certain objections which may be raised to the practice of analyzing samples submitted by individuals, the Station is disposed to continue such work so long as there is evidence that it constitutes a useful service; it cannot, however, undertake for any one individual or group, work in such volume or with such frequency that it becomes a systematic control over current purchases. This clearly invades the field of the commercial laboratory.


LATE REGISTRATIONS FOR 1923. To the brands registered for 1923 in our last report should be added:

Standard Agricultural Chemical Corporation, 2 Rector Street, New York,

Prepared Alphano Humus

REGISTRATIONS FOR 1924. For 1924, 56 individuals and firms registered at this Station for sale in this State 433 brands of fertilizers. As required by Statute the brands so registered are listed as follows: Abon Hardware Co., 74-78 Bank Street, New London, Conn.

5-10-5 Fertilizer American Agricultural Chemical Co., 2 Rector Street, New York, N. Y.

Agrico Tobacco Manure
Castor Pomace
Cereal Mixture
Complete Potato Mixture
Corn Favorite
Double A Tobacco Fertilizer
Double Manure Salts
Dry Ground Fish
Fine Ground Bone
Fish and Potash
Five-Four-Three Tobacco Fertilizer
Grass and Lawn Top Dressing
Hercules Top Dresser
High Grade Acid Phosphate
Nitrate of Soda
Pulverized Sheep Manure
7% Potash Fertilizer
Sulphate of Potash
Universal Phosphate

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Bradley's Complete Manure for Potatoes and Vegetables
Bradley's Complete Tobacco Manure
Bradley's Corn Phosphate
Bradley's New Method Fertilizer
Bradley's Northland Potato Grower
Bradley's Potato Fertilizer
Bradley's Potato Manure
Bradley's Superior Tobacco Compound
Bradley's X Superphosphate of Lime
Lister's Complete Tobacco Manure
National Complete Tobacco Fertilizer
National Eureka Potato Fertilizer
National Market Garden Fertilizer
National Potato and Corn Phosphate
National Premier Truck Manure
National Special Tobacco
National White Ash Tobacco Grower
National XXX Fish and Potash
Quinnipiac Corn Manure
Quinnipiac Market Garden Manure
Quinnipiac Potato Phosphate
Quinnipiac Prime Tobacco Manure
Quinnipiac Seed Leaf Tobacco Manure
Wheeler's Corn Fertilizer
Wheeler's Cuban Tobacco Grower
Wheeler's Potato Manure
Wheeler's Universal Mixture
Patapsco 5–8–7 Fertilizer
Patapsco 4-8–7 Fertilizer
Patapsco General Truck Fertilizer
Patapsco Matchless Potash Manure
Patapsco Peerless Potato Guano

Patapsco 16% Acid Phosphate
Apothecarios Hall, Co., Waterbury, Conn.

Acid Phosphate
Animal Tankage (9.5-3)
Animal Tankage (7-5)
Bone and Meat Tankage
Bone Meal
Carbonate Potash 62%
Castor Pomace
Double Sulphate Potash and Magnesia 26% K,0
Liberty Corn, Fruit and All Crops
Liberty Fish,' Bone and Potash
Liberty High Grade Market Gardeners
Liberty High Grade Tobacco Manure
Liberty Market Gardeners Special
Liberty Tobacco Special
Liberty Top Dresser for Grass and Grain
Liberty 2-8-2
Muriate Potash
Nitrate Soda and Potash
Nitrate Soda
Precipitated Bone
Sulphate Potash
Tankage 9-9

Armour Fertilizer Works, 305 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

Armour's Big Crop Acid Phosphate 16%
Armour's Big Crop Fertilizer 8-6-6
Armour's Big Crop Fertilizer 5-8-5
Armour's Big Crop Fertilizer 5-8-7
Armour's Big Crop Fertilizer 4-8-4
Armour's Big Crop Fertilizer 4-6-10
Armour's Big Crop Fertilizer 3-8-4
Armour's Big Crop Fertilizer 2-12-2
Armour's Big Crop Tobacco Special 5-4-5
Armour's Corn Grower 2-8-2
Bone Meal 3-48
Ground Tankage 9-15
Muriate of Potash 48%
Nitrate of Soda 18%
Raw Bone Meal 4.5-47
Sheep Manure 1.5-1-2
Sulphate of Ammonia 25%

Sulphate of Potash 48%
Ashcraft-Wilkinson Company, Trust Co. of Georgia Building, Atlanta,

Helmet Brand Prime Cotton Seed Meal
Monarch Brand Prime Cotton Seed Meal
Paramount Brand Prime Cotton Seed Meal

Atlantic Packing Co., New Haven, Conn.

Atlantic 5-8-7
Atlantic 4-8-6
Atlantic Grain Fertilizer 2-8-2
Atlantic Potato Phosphate 3-8-4
Atlantic Special Vegetable 4-8-4
Atlantic Tobacco Grower 5-4-5
Atlantic Tobacco Manure 5-8-6

Atlantic 7-5-4
Baker Castor Oil Company of New Jersey, 120 Broadway, Now York,

N. Y.
Castor Pomace

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Berkshire Sheep Manure
Berkshire Tobacco Special
Double Manure Salt
Ground Tankage
High Grade Sulphate of Potash
Muriate of Potash
Nitrate of Soda
Precipitated Bone Phosphate

Wool Waste
F. E. Boardman, Middletown, Conn.

Boardman's Complete Fertilizer for Potatoes and General Crops

Boardman's Tobacco Fertilizer.
Bowker Fertilizer Company, 60 Trinity Place, New York, N. Y.

Bowker's All Round Fertilizer
Bowker's Connecticut Valley Tobacco Fertilizer
Bowker's Corn, Grain and Grass Phosphate
Bowker's Fisherman's Brand Fish and Potash
Bowker's Market Garden Fertilizer
Bowker's Potato and Vegetable Phosphate
Bow ker's 16% Acid Phosphate
Bow ker's Square Brand Farm and Garden Phosphate
Bow ker's Sure Crop Phosphate
Stockbridge Early Crop Manure
Stockbridge Potato and Vegetable Manure
Stockbridge Premier Tobacco Grower
Stockbridge Tobacco Manure
Stockbridge Top Dressing and Forcing Manure

Stockbridge Truck Manure
Bridge's Sons, Inc., Amos D., Hazardville, Conn.

Corn, Onion and Potato and General Purpose

Special Tobacco Fertilizer
Buckeye Cotton Oil Company, Cincinnati, Ohio.

“Buckeye” 36% Protein Cottonseed Meal-Good Quality
Chittenden Co., E. D., Bridgeport, Conn.

Chittenden's Acid Phosphate
Chittenden's Castor Pomace
Chittenden's Complete Grain
Chittenden's Dry Ground Fish
Chittenden's Ground Bone
Chittenden's High Grade Tobacco
Chittenden's Nitrate of Soda
Chittenden's Potato Special 4% Potash
Chittenden's Potato Special 6% Potash
Chittenden's Tobacco Special
Chittenden's Top Dresser
Chittenden's Vegetable and Onion Grower

Chittenden's Complete Tobacco and Onion Grower, 4% Potash
Clark Seed Co., Everett B., Milford, Conn.

Clark's Special Mixture for General Use
Clark's Special Mixture with 6% Potash
Clark's Tip Top Brand 5-8-5

Acid Phosphate 16%

Nitrate of Soda

Coe-Mortimer Co., 2 Roctor Street, New York, N. Y.

E. Frank Coe's Celebrated Special Potato Fertilizer
E. Frank Coe's Columbian Corn and Potato Fertilizer
E. Frank Coe's Connecticut Wrapper Grower
E. Frank Coe's Gold Brand Excelsior Guano
E. Frank Coe's New Englander Special
E. Frank Coe's Red Brand Excelsior Guano
E. Frank Coe's 16% Superphosphate
E. Frank Coe's Special Grass Top Dressing

E. Frank Coe's Standard Potato Fertilizer
Connecticut Fat Rendering & Fertilizing Corporation, West Haven, Conn.


Consolidated Rendering Co., 40 North Market Street, Boston (9), Mass.

Acid Phosphate 16%
Ground Bone (2.50-26)
Ground Bone (3.00-24)
Muriate of Potash
Nitrate of Soda
Sulphate of Ammonia
Sulphate of Potash
Tankage 6-30

Tankage 9-20
Cowles, C. A., Plantsville, Conn.

C. A. Cowles 4-8-4 Fertilizer

Davis, S. P., 207 Southern Trust Building, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Beauty Cottonseed Meal
Goodluck Brand Cottonseed Meal and Cracked Screened Cake

Steerboy Brand Cottonseed Meal and Cracked Screened Cake Eastern States Farmors' Exchange, 33 Lyman Street, Springfield, Mass.

Acid Phosphate 16%
Castor Pomace
Eastern States 4-8-4
Eastern States 6-3-5
Eastern States 6.25-3-5
Eastern States 7-2-7
Eastern States 3-12-3 No-Filler
Eastern States 5-8-7 No-Filler
Eastern States 5-10-5 No-Filler
Eastern States 7-8-3 No-Filler
Eastern States Dry Ground Fish
Eastern States Fine Bone Meal
Eastern States Sulphate of Potash
Ground Animal Tankage
Muriate of Potash
Nitrate of Soda Reground
Sulphate of Ammonia

Essex Fertilizer Company, 39 North Market Street, Boston, Mass.

Essex Fish Fertilizer for All Crops 3-8-4
Essex 5-8-7 for Potatoes and Vegetables
Essex 4-6-10 for Potatoes and Vegetables
Essex Market Garden for Potatoes, Roots and Vegetables 4-8-4
Essex Potato Phosphate 4-8-7 for Potatoes and Vegetables

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