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Approximate No. Brand.

deficiency in

money value per ton 159 A. A. C. Co.'s Patapsco 5-8-7..

$1.06 23350 Armour's Big Crop 3-8-4....

1.631 662 23315 Armour's Big Crop 4-6-10....

1.401 661 23358 Armour's Big Crop 5-8-5.....

1.24 173 23312 Armour's Big Crop 5-8-7....

1.90 664 23318 | Armour's Big Crop 8-6-6.....

7.841 665 23398 Atlantic Tobacco Manure 5-8-6.....

1.17 172 23335 Bowker's Market Garden Fertilizer..

1.39 23357 Bowker's Stockbridge Potato and Vegetable Manure.

1.14 22900 302 Eastern States 7-8-3 No-Filler.

4.50* 307 22984 Frisbie's Top Dresser 7-5-4...

162 23071' Godfrey's Potato Manure 4-8-5....

2.44 137 | 1. A. C. Double Strength Fertilizer 10-8-10..

2.60 669 23435 Nitrate Agencies Naco Brand 5-8-7.

2.11 23429 Nitrate Agencies Naco Equivalent 5-8-7.

1.63 23060 Royster's Top Dresser....

3.13 23468 Royster's Wrapper Brand..

2.21 92 Virginia-Carolina Tip Top Brand.




The products of a given manufacturer are more adequately judged on the record over a period of years than on the results of a single inspection. If the data given in Table XV is combined with similar data for the preceding three years and compared with the total number of samples of each manufacturer's goods analyzed in this four-year period, we find that of approximately one thousand samples, about one hundred have shown deficiencies in money value of more than $1.00 per ton. In other words, purchasers have obtained commercial values substantially equal to guaranties, or in excess of the same, in about 90 per cent of the purchases represented. This is shown in more detail in the accompanying tabulation, Table XVI. A manufacturer's name does not appear unless ten or more official samples have been analyzed in the four-year period, and the figures refer to individual samples and not to averages.

1 Based on average of two analyses. . Based on average of three analyses.




Number of samples Manufacturer.

Total number substantially equaling of samples. or exceeding guaranty

in money value. American Agricultural Chemical Co....... 188

177 Apothecaries Hall Co....


28 Armour Fertilizer Works..


32 Atlantic Packing Co...


26 Berkshire Fertilizer Co.

32 Bowker Fertilizer Co..


50 The E. D. Chittenden Co..


25 E. B. Clark Seed Co..


16 The Coe-Mortimer Co.


27 Eastern States Farmers' Exchange.

39 Essex Fertilizer Co....

31 L. T. Frisbie Co....


38 International Agricultural Corp...


29 Lowell Fertilizer Co...

42 Mapes Fertilizer and Peruvian Guano Co..

52 New England Fertilizer Co......


30 Nitrate Agencies Co...


11 Olds & Whipple, Inc..


23 Parmenter & Polsey Fertilizer Co..

16 The Rogers & Hubbard Co.

51 F. S. Royster Guano Co.


21 Sanderson Fertilizer & Chemical Co...


32 M. L. Shoemaker & Co...


11 Springfield Rendering Co


16 Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co.


35 Wilcox Fertilizer Co...












TO AMMONIA. About 70 per cent of the two hundred and eighty-two samples examined have carried guaranties of ammonia of 4 per cent or over. A tabulation for the last four years shows the distribution of ammonia grades and indicates a decrease in the proportion of low nitrogen goods. Guaranty.

Percentage of Samples. 1921

1924 1 per cent ammonia (0.82 nitrogen)... 10.0 6.0 4.2 2.1 2 per cent ammonia (1.65 nitrogen)

20.4 19.1 16.5 12.8 3 per cent ammonia (2.47 nitrogen)

23.2 19.1 16.1 14.9 4 per cent ammonia (3.29 nitrogen)

20.4 25.9 26.1 24.8 5 per cent ammonia (4.11 nitrogen).

21.4 23.0 24.5 27.0 6 per cent ammonia (4.94 nitrogen).

4.6 6.9 4.9 6.7 7 per cent and over (5.76 or more).

7.7 11.7 Total..

100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0



THE "NEW ENGLAND STANDARD NINE." The number of grades represented by the two hundred and eighty-two samples of complete fertilizers and two of the group containing potash and phosphoric acid only is seventy-four. The number of samples falling in the "Standard Nine" grades is ninetysix; but, if several grades closely corresponding to these are included, the number is increased to one hundred and twentyseven. What proportion of the total tonnage in this State is represented by the "Standard Nine" cannot be stated at this time. Less than one-half of the samples examined have fallen in the selected grades or those closely corresponding thereto.

In the following summary the “Standard Nine” grades are indicated in full face type.

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QUALITY OF THE NITROGEN IN Mixed FERTILIZERS. The nitrogen derived from nitrates and from ammonium salts is soluble in water and its utilization by plants is relatively rapid and complete. A portion of the organic nitrogen may also be soluble in water and this is presumably more readily utilized by plants than that portion which is insoluble. For many years it has been the practice of agricultural chemists to evaluate approximately the insoluble organic nitrogen of fertilizers. Two methods are employed for this purpose, both of which depend upon the action of dilute solutions of permanganate of potash upon the nitrogenous material under examination, the one an alkaline solution, the other a neutral solution. The results do not measure the availability of the insoluble nitrogen in the generally accepted sense of that term, but they parallel vegetation tests to the extent that low activity values indicate forms of nitrogen which show poor crop-producing power.

In judging the quality of the insoluble nitrogen it is our practice to apply the alkaline permanganate method in all cases where the amount of the insoluble exceeds 3/10 of one per cent. If less than 50 per cent activity is shown, the neutral method is used, check determinations being made in both cases. Activity values of less than 50 per cent by the alkaline method and less than 80 per cent by the neutral method are interpreted as indicating inferior forms of nitrogenous material.

Pour samples this year showed results for active insoluble nitrogen less than the limits just quoted. In two of them the actual amounts of insoluble nitrogen were small (0.3 to 0.4), constituting only about 1/10 and 1/4 respectively of the total nitrogen, and judgment was suspended.

In Super-Alphano (127) and Woodruff's Home Mixture (23188), the insoluble nitrogen constituted 3/5 and 2/5 respectively of the total, and the activity figures were 44.4 and 41.8 per cent respectively by the alkaline method and 55 and 74.2 per cent respectively by the neutral method.


Manufacturer and Brand.

Station No.

Sampled by Station: Aben Hardware Co., New London. 185 5-10-5 Fertilizer...

American Agricultural Chemical Co.,

New York. 23382 Agrico Tobacco Manure... 23263 Complete Potato Mixture. 23353) Double A Tobacco Fertilizer. 23261) Fish and Potash... 23354 Grass and Lawn Top Dressing . 23066 7% Potash Fertilizer. 23356 Tobacco Fertilizer, 5-4-3. 23268Universal Phosphate.... 23376 Bradley's Complete Manure for

Poatoes and Vegetables... 23373 Bradley's Complete Tobacco Ma23266 Bradley's Corn Phosphate. 23264 Bradley's New Method Fertilizer.. 23267 Bradley's Potato Fertilizer.. 23375 Bradley's Potato Manure... 23374 Bradley's Superior Tobacco Com


Place of Sampling.

5-10-5 Poquonock Bridge.

7-3-7 Unionville.... 3-8-4 North Haven 5-4-5 New Milford 3-10-3 Thompsonville... 6-6-4 Farmington... 4-8-7 New Britain. 5-4-3| Glastonbury. 1-8-2) Norfolk..

4-8-7 Stamford.....


5-4-5 Glastonbury. 2-8-2 Stamford.. 1-8-2 Meriden. 2-8-3 Bethel. 3-8-4 Meriden..

7-3-7 Glastonbury..

pound.. 309 Bradley's Superior Tobacco Com

pound.. 23371 Bradley's XL Superphosphate of

Lime.. 23471 National Complete Tobacco Fer

tilizer... 23478 National Market Garden Fertil

izer.. 23472 National Potato and Corn Phos

phate. 23480) National Premier Truck Manure.. 23470) National White Ash Tobacco

23477 National XXX Fish and Potash.

159 Patapsco, 5-8-7...
158 Patapsco General Truck Fertilizer..

152 Patapsco Matchless Potash Manure
23372 Patapsco Peerless Potato Guano...
23381 Quinnipiac Corn Manure...,
23378 Quinnipiac Market Garden Manure
23380 Quinnipiac Potato Phosphate.
23377 Quinnipiac Prime Tobacco Manure

7-3-7 Broad Brook......

3-9-2 Suffield..

5-4-5 Warehouse Point..

3-8-4 Greenwich...... 2-8-3 Warehouse Point.. 4-8-7 Silver Lane....

7-3-7 Warehouse Point.. 3-10-3 Broad Brook... 5-8-7 Norwich.. 3-8-4 Mansfield Center.. 2-8-2 Putnam.. 4-8-4 Guilford. 2-8-2 Farmington. 4-8-7 Gaylordsville. 2-8-3 Farmington.. 7-3-7| Manchester..

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