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Elm tree, Stamford, filled with “Nu Wud". Cambium dead at bottom of cavity. Filling has since been replaced. Photographed August 26, 1924.

b. Elm tree, Greenwich, filled with "Nu Wud". Photographed August 25, 1924.


c. Elm tree at Baltic filled with cement concrete in sections. Photographed September 13, 1919.

d. Elm tree at Old Lyme injured by fire and filled with cement con. crete not in sections. Photographed September 12, 1919.

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A satisfactory filling of sectional cement concrete in oak, Sound Beach. Photographed August 26, 1924.

d. Large white oak at Rye, N. Y., filled with sectional cement concrete. This is rather unsatisfactory, as filling is broken somewhat and new tissue has been killed at base. Photographed August 25, 1924.



This splitting tree, a sugar maple, Cheshire, has just been bolted. Photographed August, 1920.

b. Example of poor cavity work in a sugar maple, Goodyear. The filling has mostly fallen out. Photographed September 13, 1919.

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Open cavity in large sycamore, Bronx Parkway, N. Y. Unsatisfactory because decay sets in back of the waterproof coating. Photograph August 25, 1924.

d. Unsatisfactory filling of monolithic cement concrete. This filling was put in over the bark and is now being pushed out by new growth. Sugar maple tree in Hamden. Photographed in 1909.



Elm in New Haven, showing cankers on the trunk. Photograph August 27, 1924.

d. White pine in Cornwall, struck by lightning, showing scar on trunk. Photographed September 13, 1917.


Giant white oak on farm of Dr. C. B. Graves, Ledyard. This tree has survived for at least 300 years without the aid of a tree surgeon.

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