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THE promise made to the Public, by the

1 Editor of Bishop Pearce's Commentary, with Notes, on the Four Evangelifts and the Aets of the Apostles, together with a new Translation of St. Pauls Firji Epistle to the Corinthians, with a Paraphrase and Notes, &c.* of a selection of his Sermons, is now fulfilled; and he has only to acquaint the Reader, that none of these Discourses, excepting the series of those on Natural and Revealed Religion in the first volume, and those on Popery in the fourth,' appear to have been designed for publication. In the others, the attentive reader will sometimes, though but very seldom, meet with a slight repetition of argument; a repetition, which the Editor could by no means think himself at liberty to remove-even were it less useful than it is, in rendering the same subject the more forcibly conspicuous, by being placed in different, though consistent, points of view. To select from a con


* Published in January, 1777. .

siderable miscellany of discourses, where there is little reason for preference, is so difficult a talk, that it must necessarily perplex the choice: if the design, therefore, of simply arranging a competent number of such as treat of the principal objects of a Protestant-christian's faith and practice, be properly executed, the editor's design is answered. The matter of them will sufficiently speak for itself, as consisting of subjects of the highest importance both to the temporal and spiritual welfare of the reader; and, it is presumed, will not prove the less edifying to the well-disposed mind for being delivered without affectation of rhetorical ornament, in a manner becoming the fimplicity of the gospel the words of truth and soberness.

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