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Chicago public library, 1914 - 371 pages

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Page 69 - Dept. of Commerce and Labor. Opinions of the Solicitor for the Department of Commerce and Labor dealing with workmen's compensation under the act of Congress granting to certain employees of the United States the right to receive from it compensation for injuries sustained in the course of their employment, approved May 30, 1908. 1912. *Doc. "Text of legislation":
Page 190 - Woodburn, JA American politics. The American republic and its government; an analysis of the government of the United States, with a consideration of its fundamental principles and of its relations to the states and territories. 1903.
Page 215 - baron. An inquiry into the causes and consequences of the orders in council and an examination of the conduct of Great Britain towards the neutral commerce of America. 1808.
Page 137 - The form and order of the service that is to be performed and of the ceremonies that are to be observed in the coronation of their majesties, King George V. and Queen Mary, in the Abbey Church of S. Peter, Westminster,
Page 327 - Debrett, J. Debrett's coronation guide. 1911. A 5287 The form and order of the service that is to be performed and of the ceremonies that are to be observed in the coronation of Their Majesties, King George V. and Queen Mary. 1911.
Page 160 - History of Congress, exhibiting a classification of the proceedings of the Senate and the House of Representatives from March 4, 1789, to March 3, 1793; embracing the first term of the administration of General Washington. 1843.
Page 220 - Millard, TFF The new Far East; an examination into the new position of Japan and her influence upon the solution of the Far Eastern question, with special reference to the interests of America and the future of the Chinese empire. 1906.
Page 221 - GH History of the flag of the United States of America, and of the naval and yacht-club signals, seals and arms, and principal national songs of the United States, with a chronicle of the symbols, standards, banners, and flags of
Page 197 - A healing question, propounded and resolved upon occasion of the late public and seasonable call to humiliation, in order to love and union among the honest party, and with a desire to apply balm to the wound before it
Page 160 - Palin, FG and Martin, E. The chairman's manual; being a guide to the management of meetings in general, and of meetings of local authorities, with separate and complete treatment of the meetings of public companies. 1911. L 7552 Paul, Mrs.

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