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4 The Lord sware, and will not repent : Thou art a priest for ever after the or’der of' Melchisedech.

5 The Lord upon thy' right hand : shall wound even kings in the day of his wrath.

6 He shall judge among the heathen; he shall fill the places with the dead bodies : and smite in sunder the heads o'ver | di'vers | countries.

7 He shall drink of the brook | in' the way : therefore shall | he' lift | up his head.

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Psalm CXI. Confitebor tibi. T WILL give thanks unto the Lord with | my

whole | heart : secretly among the faithful, and | in' the con ́gregation.

2 The works of the Lord' are great : sought out of all them that have pleasure' therein.

3 His work is worthy to be praised, and had' in honour : and his righteousness' en dureth' for ever.

4 The merciful and gracious Lord hath so done his | marvellous | works : that they ought to be had | in' remembrance.

5 He hath given meat unto them' that | fear him : he shall ever be mind'ful of his | covenant.

6 He hath shewed his people the power of' his ! works : that he may give them the herit'age of the heathen.

7 The works of his hands are verity' and 1 judgement : all | his' commandments are true.

8 They stand fast for ever' and I ever : and are || done' in | truth' and equity.

9 He sent redemption unsto' his | people : he hath commanded his covenant for ever ; holy and rever'end | is' his | Name.

10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of | wisdom : a good understanding have all they that do thereafter ; the praise of | iť endureth' for ever.

Psalm CXII. Beatus vir. PLESSED is the man that | feareth’ the Lord :

he hath great de light in his commandments.

2 His seed shall be mighty | up'on earth : the generation of the faith'ful | shall be blessed.

3 Riches and plenteousness shall be | in' his | house : and his righteousness' en dureth' for ever.

4 Unto the godly there ariseth up. light | in' the darkness : he is | merci'ful, | loving,' and !! righteous.

5 A good man is merciful, and lendeth : and will guide his words with' discretion.

6 For he shall never be moved : and the righteous shall be had in | everlasting relmembrance.

7 He will not be afraid of any e’vil | tidings : for his heart standeth fast, and believ'eth | in' the || Lord.

8 His heart is established, and will not shrink : until he see his de sire' uplon' his | enemies. 1 9 He hath dispersed abroad, and given to the

poor : and his righteousness remaineth for ever ; his horn shall | be' exalted' with | honour.

10 The ungodly shall see it, and it shall | grieve him : he shall gnash with his teeth, and consume away; the desire of the' un godly' shall | perish.

Psalm CXIII. Laudate, pueri. DRAISE the Lord,' ye servants : 0 praise | the

Name of the Lord.

2 Blessed be the Name of' the Lord : from this time forth' for ev'er|more.

3 The Lord's | Name' is ' praised : from the rising up of the sun unto the going down of the same.

4 The Lord is high above all | heathen : and his glory' a/bove the heavens.

5 Who is like unto the Lord our God, that hath his dwelling so high : and yet humbleth himself to behold the things that are in heaven' and I earth?

6 He taketh up the simple out of the dust : and lifteth the poor out of the mire ;

7 That he may set him | with the princes : even with the prin'ces of his people.

8 He maketh the barren woman to keep house : and to be a joy'ful | mother' of children.

Day 23. Evening Prayer.

Psalm CXIV. In exitu Israel.
THEN Israel came out of Egypt : and the

V house of Jacob | from' among the strange | people,

2 Judah | was' his / sanctuary : and | Is'rael || his' do minion.

3 The sea saw | that,' and fled : Jordan' was | driven back.

4 The mountains | skipped like | rams : and the 1 little' hills | like' young sheep.

5 What aileth thee, O thou sea, that thou | fleddest : and thou Jordan, that thou' wast driven back ?

6 Ye mountains, that ye | skipped like | rams : and ye | little hills, | like' young / sheep?

7 Tremble, thou earth, at the presence of the Lord : at the presence of the God of Jacob;

8 Who turned the hard rock into a stand’ing | water : and the flint-stone in to' a spring'ing | well.

Psalm CXV. Non nobis, Domine. NOT unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy

Name give the praise : for thy loving mercy, | and for thy' truth's | sake.

2 Wherefore shall the hea'then say : Where -'| is | now their God ?

3 As for our God, he is' in heaven : he hath done , what'solev'er | pleased him.

4 Their idols are | silver' and I gold : even | the work of men's | hands.

5 They have mouths, and I speak not : eyes | have they, and - see not.

6 They have | ears,' and | hear not : noses have they, | and smell | not.

7 They have hands, and handle not; feet have | they, and walk not : neither | speak' they through' their throat.

8 They that make them are like' un to them : and so are all such as | put their | trust - | in them.

9 But thou, house of Israel, trust | thou' in the Lord : he is their | suc'cour | and' de fence.

10 Ye house of Aaron, put your trust | in' the Lord : he is their help'er and defender.

11 Ye that fear the Lord, put your trust | in' the Lord : he is their help'er and defender.

12 The Lord hath been mindful of us, and he' shall bless us : even he shall bless the house of Israel, he shall bless' the house of Aaron.

13 He shall bless them that I fear the Lord : both / small - | and - / great.

14 The Lord shall increase you more' and more: you , and - | your - | children.

15 Ye are the blessed | of the Lord : who | made - | heaven' and | earth.

16 All the whole heavens / are the | Lord's : the earth hath he given to the children' of men.

17 The dead praise not | thee,' 0 | Lord : neither all they that I go down | in'to | silence.

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