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Day 15. Morning Prayer.

Psalm LXXV. Confitebimur tibi. TINTO thee, O God, do | we' give thanks : yea,

unto | thee' do | we give | thanks. 2 Thy Name also | is' so | nigh : and that do thy | won'drous / works' de clare.

3 When I receive the con'gregation : I shall judge according | un'to | right.

4 The earth is weak, and all the inhabiters' there of : I bear | up' the pillars of it.

5 I said unto the fools, Deal | not so madly : and to the ungodly, | Set not | up' your horn.

6 Set not up your horn' on high : and speak | noť with | a' stiff | neck.

7 For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor | from' the west : nor | yet - from' the south.

8 And why? God | is' the | Judge : he putteth down one, and set'teth | up' another.

9 For in the hand of the Lord there is a cup, and the wine' is | red : it is full mixed, and he | poureth' out of the same.

10 As for the dregs' there of : all the ungodly of the earth shall | drink them, and I suck' them out.

11. But I will talk of the God of | Jacob : and I praise - | him' for ever.

12 All the horns of the ungodly also will I | break : and the horns of the righteous' shall | be' ex alted.

Psalm LXXVI. Notus in Judæa. TN Jewry | is' God | known : his . Name' is | great 1 in Israel.

2 At Salem | is' his | tabernacle : and his dwelling | in - | Sion.

3 There brake he the arrows of the bow : the shield, the sword, - , and the battle.

4 Thou art of more honour' and might : than the hills of the robbers.

5 The proud are robbed, they have | slept their | sleep : and all the men whose hands were mighty have found - | nothing.

6 At thy rebuke, O God of Jacob : both the chariot' and horse' are fallen.

7 Thou, even thou art to be feared ; and who may stand in thy | sight when | thou' art | angry?

8 Thou didst cause thy judgement to be heard from heaven : the earth | trem'bled | and was still,

9 When God a rose' to I judgement : and to help all the meek' upon - | earth.

10 The fierceness of man shall turn to thy | praise : and the fierceness of them' shalt | thou' re- | frain.

11 Promise unto the Lord your God, and keep it, all ye that are round about him : bring presents unto him that ought to be feared.

12 He shall refrain the spirit of princes : and is wonderful among | the kings of the earth.

Psalm LXXVII. Voce mea ad Dominum. IT WILL cry unto God | with' my voice : even unto

1 God will I cry with my voice, and he shall | hearken' un to me.

2 In the time of my trouble I sought the Lord : my sore ran, and ceased not in the nightseason; my soul re fus'ed comfort.

3 When I am in heaviness, I will think | up'on || God : when my heart is | vexed,' I | will complain.

4 Thou holdest | mine eyes | waking : I am so feeble, | that I can'not / speak.

5 I have considered the days of old : and the years - | that are past.

6 I call to remembrance' my song : and in the night I commune with mine own heart, and search | out my | spirits.

7 Will the Lord absent himself for ever : and will he be no more in treated ?

8 Is his mercy clean gone' for ever : and is his promise come utterly to an end for e'ver more?

9 Hath God forgotten to be gracious : and will he shut up his loving | kind'ness | in' dis pleasure ?

10 And I said, It is mine own' in firmity : but I will remember the years of the right hand of the most | Highest.

11 I will remember the works of the Lord : and call to mind thy won'ders of old time...

12 I will think also of | all thy | works : and my talking | shall be of thy | doings.

13 Thy way, 0 | God, is | holy: who is so great a | God' as our - | God?

14 Thou art the God that do'eth , wonders : and hast declared thy | power' among the people.

15 Thou hast mightily delivered thy | people : even the sons' of Jacob' and Joseph.

16 The waters saw thee, O God, the waters saw thee, and were afraid : the depths' al so' were | troubled.

17 The clouds poured out water, the air - | thundered : and thine | ar'rows | went a broad.

18 The voice of thy thunder was heard | round' a|bout : the lightnings shone upon the ground; the earth was | moved,' and shook' with|al.

19 Thy way is in the sea, and thy paths in the great | waters : and thy | foot'steps are not known.

20 Thou leddest thy | people like sheep : by the hand of Moses' and | Aaron.

Day 15. Evening Prayer.

Psalm LXXVIII. Attendite, popule. TEAR my law, | O my | people : incline your l ears unto the words' of my - | mouth.

2 I will open my mouth | in' a . parable : I will declare hard | sen'ten ces' of old;

3 Which we have heard and | known : and such as' our | fathers' have told us ;

4 That we should not hide them from the children of the generations' to come : but to shew the ho

nour of the Lord, his mighty and wonderful works' that he hath | done.

5 He made a covenant with Jacob, and gave | Israel a | law : which he commanded our forefathers' to | teach' their children ;

6 That their pos terity' might | know it : and the children / which' were | yet un born ;

7 To the intent that when they came | up : they might | shew' their children' the same;

8 That they might put their | trust in God : and not to forget the works of God, but to keep his' commandments; | 9 And not to be as their forefathers, a faithless and stubborn / gesne ration : a generation that set not their heart aright, and whose spirit cleaveth not | stedfast'ly | un'to God;

10 Like as the children' of Ephraim : who being harnessed, and carrying bows, turned themselves back | in' the day' of battle.

11 They kept not the cove|nant' of God : and would not walk | in' his | law;

12 But forgat what he had | done : and the wonderful works that he had shew'ed for them.

13 Marvellous things did he in the sight of our forefathers, in the | land of Egypt : even | in' the field of Zoan.

14 He divided the sea, and let them' go through : he made the waters' to stand on an | heap.

15 In the day-time also he led them with a cloud : and all the night through | with' a , light of | fire.

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