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12 I will thank thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart : and will praise thy | Name' for ev'er-| more.

13 For great is thy | mercy' toward me : and thou hast delivered my soul | from' the nether' most hell.

14 O God, the proud are | risen' against me : and the congregations of naughty men have sought after my soul, and have not set | thee before their eyes.

15 But thou, O Lord God, art full of compassion' and | mercy : long-suffering, | plenteous' in goodness' and | truth.

16 O turn thee then unto me, and have mercy' up on me : give thy strength unto thy servant, and I help' the son of' thine | handmaid.

17 Shew some token upon me for good, that they who hate me may see it, and be ashamed : because thou, Lord, hast | holp'en | me,' and comforted me.

Psalm LXXXVII. Fundamenta ejus. LTER foundations are upon the ho'ly | hills : the

| Lord loveth the gates of Sion more than | all' the dwellings' of Jacob.

2 Very excellent things are spoʻken of thee : thou ci'ty | of - | God.

3 I will think upon | Rahab' and Babylon : with them - | that - | know me.

4 Behold ye the Philis'tines / also : and they of Tyre, with the Morians ; | lo,' there was' he born.

5 And of Sion it shall be reported, that he was

born' in her : and the most | High' shall | sta’blish | her.

6 The Lord shall rehearse it when he writeth || up' the people : that he was born - | there.

7 The singers also and trumpeters shall he' rehearse : All my fresh | springs' shall | be' in / thee.

Psalm LXXXVIII. Domine Deus.
LORD God of my salvation, I have cried day

and | night before thee : 0 let my prayer enter into thy presence, incline thine | ear' un to' my calling.

2 For my soul is | full of trouble : and my life | draweth' nigh | un'to hell.

3 I am counted as one of them that go down in to the pit : and I have been even as a | man' that | hath' no strength.

4 Free among the dead like unto them that are wounded, and lie | in' the grave : who are out of remembrance, and are | cut a'way from' thy | hand.

5 Thou hast laid me in the low'est pit : in a place of darkness, and | in' the deep.

6 Thine indignation lieth | hard' up on me : and thou hast vexed | me' with | all thy | storms.

7 Thou hast put away mine acquaintance far - | from me : and made me to be ab|horʻred of them.

8 I am so fasť in prison : that I can not get forth.

9 My sight faileth for | ve'ry | trouble : Lord, I have called daily upon thee, I have stretched forth' my | hands' unto | thee.

10 Dost thou shew wonders among the dead : or shall the dead rise up again,' and praise thee?

11 Shall thy loving-kindness be shewed in' the grave : or thy | faithfulness | in' de struction ?

12 Shall thy wondrous works be known in' the dark : and thy righteousness in the land where all' things are forgotten?

13 Unto thee have I cried, 0 | Lord : and early shall my | pray'er | come before thee.

14 Lord, why abhorrest | thou' my soul : and hidest thou' thy face - | from me?

15 I am in misery, and like unto him that is at the point to die : even from my youth up thy terrors have I suffered | with' a | trou'bled (mind.

16 Thy wrathful displeasure go'eth | over me : and the fear of' thee hath' un done me.

17 They came round about me | daily like water : and compassed me together on | every | side.

18 My lovers and friends hast thou | put a'way | from me : and hid mine ac quain'tance | out of my sight.

Day 17. Evening Praper.

Psalm LXXXIX. Misericordias Domini. M Y song shall be alway of the loving-kindness |

1 of the Lord : with my mouth will I ever be shewing thy truth from one genera'tion | to' an-| other,

2 For I have said, Mercy shall be set | up' for | ever : thy truth shalt thou / sta'blish | in' the heavens.

3 I have made a covenant | with my I chosen : I have sworn un'to | David' my servant;

4 Thy seed will I | stablish' for ' ever : and set up thy throne from one genera'tion to another.

5 O Lord, the very heavens shall praise thy won'drous | works : and thy truth in the congre-| ga'tion of the saints.

6 For who is he among the clouds : that shall be com/pared' un to' the Lord ?

7 And what is he among the gods : that shall be | like' un to' the Lord ?

8 God is very greatly to be feared in the council of the saints : and to be had in reverence of all them that are round about him.

9 O Lord God of hosts, who is like un'to thee : thy truth, most mighty Lord, I is' on | ev'ery | side.

10 Thou rulest the raging of the sea : thou stillest the waves there of' when they' asrise.

11 Thou hast súbdued Egypt, | and destroyed

thine : thd | all thomade the hoice in

it : thou hast scattered thine enemies abroad with’ thy | migh’ty | arm.

12 The heavens are thine, the earth | also' is thine : thou hast laid the foundation of the round world, and all that there'in ) is.

13 Thou hast made the north and the south : Tabor and Hermon shall rejoice' in | thy - | Name.

14 Thou hast a | migh'ty | arm : strong is thy hand, and high' is | thy' right hand.

15 Righteousness and equity are the habitation of thy seat : mercy and truth shall | go' before thy face.

16 Blessed is the people, O Lord, that can re-|| joice' in | thee : they shall walk in the light of | thy - | countenance.

17 Their delight shall be daily | in' thy | name : and in thy righteousness / shall' they make their || boast.

18 For thou art the glory of their strength : and in thy loving-kindness thou shalt lift up' our horns.

19 For the Lord is | our' defence : the Holy One of Is'rael | is' our | King.

20 Thou spakest sometime in visions unto thy | saints,' and saidst : I have laid help upon one that is mighty; I have exalted one chosen' out of the people.

21 I have found | David' my | servant : with my holy oil have | l'ajnoint'ed him.

22 My hand shall | hold him | fast : and|-'my arm' shall / strengthen him.

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