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8 We wait for thy loving | kindness,' O God : in the midst of thy | temple.

9 O God, according to thy name, so is thy praise unto | the world's / end : thy right | hand' is | full' of righteousness.

10 Let the mount Sion rejoice, and the daughter of Judah’ be glad : because of thy - | judgements.

11 Walk about Sion, and go round about her : and | tell the towers therefof.

12 Mark well her bulwarks, set | up' her houses : that ye may | tell them that come after.

13 For this God is our God for ever' and ever : he shall be our guide | un’to | death.

Psalm XLIX. Audite hæc, omnes.
HEAR ye this, all ye people : ponder it

with your ears, all ye | that dwell | in' the | world;

2 High and low, I rich' and poor : one | --|| with another.

3 My mouth shall / speak' of wisdom : and my heart shall | muse of un'derstanding.

4 I will incline mine ear | to' the parable : and shew my dark / speech' up on' the | harp.

5 Wherefore should I fear in the days of 1 wickedness ; and when the wickedness of my heels compass eth' me | round about?

6 There be some that put their trust | in' their goods : and boast themselves in the / multi'tude of their | riches.

7 But no man may deliver his brother : nor make agreement | un'to | God for him ;

8 For it cost more to redeem' their souls : so that he must let | that allone' for ' ever ;

9 Yea, though | he' live | long : and I see - | not the grave.

10 For he seeth that wise men also die, and perish' to gether : as well as the ignorant and foolish, and | leave their riches' for other.

11 And yet they think that their houses shall con-| tinue' for I ever : and that their dwelling-places shall endure from one generation to another; and call the lands | after their own names.

12 Nevertheless, man will not albide' in honour : seeing he may be compared unto the beasts that perish ; this is' the way of them.

13 This is' their foolishness : and their posteri'ty | praise their | saying.

14 They lie in the hell like sheep, death gnaweth upon them, and the righteous shall have domination over them in the morning : their beauty shall consume in the sepulchre | out of their 1 dwelling.

15 But God hath delivered my soul from the place' of hell : for he - | shall receive me.

16 Be not thou afraid, though one | be made rich : or if the glory of his house | be' in creased;

17 For he shall carry nothing away with him || : when' he | dieth : neither | shall his | pomp - | follow


18 For while he lived, he counted himself an

hap'py | man : and so long as thou doest well unto thyself, men / will speak | good of thee.

19 He shall follow the generation of his | fathers : and / -'shall never see light.

20 Man being in honour hath no un'der standing : but is compared unto the beasts' that || perish.

Day 10. Morning Prayer.

Psalm L. Deus deorum. THE Lord, even the most mighty God, hath | 1 spoken : and called the world, from the rising up of the sun, unto the go’ing | down' there of.

2 Out of Sion hath | God' ap peared : in |--|| per'fect | beauty.

3 Our God shall come, and shall not keep || silence : there shall go before him a consuming fire, and a mighty tempest shall be | stirred up | round a/bout him.

4 He shall call the heaven from' above : and the earth, that he' may judge' his people.

5 Gather my saints together | un'to | me : those that have made a covenant with me with sa'cri


6 And the heavens shall desclare' his righteousness : for God is | judge' him self.

7 Hear, O my people, and I l will / speak : I myself will testify against thee, O Israel ; for I'am | God,' even thy God.

8 I will not reprove thee because of thy sacrifices,

or for | thy' burnt-Jofferings : because they were not | alway' before me.

9 I will take no bullock | out of thine | house : nor | he'-goat | out of thy | folds.

10 For all the beasts of the forest are | mine : and so are the cattle up on' a | thou'sand | hills.

11 I know all the fowls upson' the mountains : and the wild beasts of the field are | in' my sight.

12 If I be hungry, I will not tell | thee : for the whole world is mine, and all that I is' therein.

13 Thinkest thou that I will | eat bulls' | flesh : and | drink' the blood of goats ?

14 Offer unto God thanksgiving : and pay thy vows | un'to | the most | Highest.

15 And call upon me in the time of trouble : so will I hear thee,' and | thou' shalt | praise me.

16 But unto the un godly' said God : Why dost thou preach my laws, and takest my | covesnant | in' thy mouth;

17 Whereas thou hatest to be reformed : and hast | cast my words' behind thee ?

18 When thou sawest a thief, thou con sentedst un to him : and hast been par takser | with the adulterers.

19 Thou hast let thy | mouth' speak | wickedness : and with thy tongue thou | hasť set forth de ceit.

20 Thou satest, and spakest against thy | brother : yea, and hast slandered | thine' own | mo'ther's son.

21 These things hast thou done, and I held my tongue, and thou thoughtest wickedly, that I am even such a one as' thy self : but I will reprove thee, and set before thee the things that thou' hast | done.

22 O consider this, ye that | for'get God : lest I pluck you away, and there | be' none | to' deliver you.

23 Whoso offereth me thanks and praise, he | honour'eth me : and to him that ordereth his conversation right will I | shew the' salvation' of God.

and ! For I aclame.

have I sinh mightest, be art |

Psalm LI. Miserere mei, Deus. LAVE mercy upon me, O God, after | thy' great |

1 goodness : according to the multitude of thy mercies | do a'way | mine' offences.

2 Wash me throughly | from' my | wickedness : and | cleanse' me | from' my | sin.

3 For I acknowledge' my faults : and my | sin' is | ever before me.

4 Against thee only have I sinned, and done this evil | in' thy | sight : that thou mightest be justified in thy saying, and clear' when | thou' art | judged.

5 Behold, I was / shapen' in / wickedness : and in sin | hath' my mother conceived me.

6. But lo, thou requirest truth in the in'ward parts : and shalt make me to under'stand wis'. dom secretly.

7 Thou shalt purge me with hyssop, and I shall' be clean : thou shalt wash me, and I shall be whiter' than | snow.

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