La Mort D'Arthure: The History of King Arthur and of the Knights of the Round Table, Volume 1

Front Cover
Thomas Wright
J.R. Smith, 1858

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Page 13 - That shall be done," said Arthur, "and more, by the faith of my body, that never man shall have that office but he, while he and I live.
Page 216 - Turn you knights unto me, and leave your fighting with that knight. And then they all three left Sir Kay, and turned unto Sir Launcelot, and there began great battle, for they alight all three, and strake many great strokes at Sir Launcelot, and assailed him on every side.
Page 209 - I hate above all other knights; so be it that thou be not he I will lightly accord with thee, and for thy love I will deliver all the prisoners that I have, that is three score and four, so thou wilt tell me thy name.
Page xxxi - ... al noble lordes and ladyes wyth al other estates, of what estate or degree they been of, that shal see and rede in this sayd book and werke, that they take the good and honest actes in their remembraunce, and to folowe the same ; wherein they shalle fynde many joyous and playsaunt hystoryes and noble and renomed actes of humanyte', gentylnesse, and chyvalryes.
Page 11 - Then was Arthur wroth, and said to himself, I will ride to the churchyard, and take the sword with me that sticketh in the stone, for my brother Sir Kay shall not be without a sword this day.
Page xxx - Arthur and of certeyn of his knyghtes after a copye unto me delyverd. Whyche copye Syr Thomas Malorye dyd take oute of certeyn bookes of Frensshe and reduced it into Englysshe.
Page 9 - Then stood the realm in great jeopardy long while, for every lord that was mighty of men made him strong, and many weened to have been king. Then Merlin went to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and counselled him for to send for all the lords of the realm, and all the gentlemen of arms, that they should to London come by Christmas...
Page xxviii - I answerd that dyvers men holde oppynyon that there was no suche Arthur and that alle suche bookes as been maad of hym ben but fayned and fables, bycause that somme cronycles make of hym no mencyon ne remembre hym noothynge, ne of his knyghtes.
Page xxviii - Arthur, whos noble actes I purpose to wryte in thys present book here folowyng. The second was Charlemayn or Charles the grete, of whome thystorye is had in many places bothe in frensshe and englysshe, and the thyrd and last was Godefray of boloyn...
Page 56 - Sir, said Merlin, he saw you not, for and he had seen you ye had not lightly departed.

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