Felicia to Charlotte: Being Letters from a Young Lady in the Country, to Her Friend in Town. Containing a Series of the Most Interesting Events, Interspersed with Moral Reflections; Chiefly Tending to Prove, that the Seeds of Virtue are Implanted in the Mind of Every Reasonable Being

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R. Griffiths and G. Woodfall, 1749

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Page 152 - But happy they, the happiest of their kind, Whom gentler stars unite, and in one fate Their hearts, their fortunes, and their beings blend. 'Tis not the coarser tie of human laws, Unnatural oft, and foreign to the mind, That binds their peace ; but harmony itself, Attuning all their passions into love . Where friendship full exerts her softest power...
Page 40 - ... as they are capable to receive them? I do not mean by the examples they give and the patterns they set before them, which is encouragement enough, but that which I would take notice of here is the downright teaching them vice and actual putting them out of the way of virtue. Before they can go, they principle them with violence, revenge, and cruelty. Give me a blow that I may beat him...
Page 100 - F 3 for For the flow deliberation of the rational powers, to know if it ought to do fo : while reafon is given us to reign fupreme, 'to examine the...
Page 268 - What delight the distant prospect beams upon my soul! my husband! my friend! dear epithets! - enchanting sounds! sounds swelling with every thrilling joy - O all gracious Being! May my abilities be equal to the ardor of my soul!
Page 269 - ... by fettling into a ferene and moft charming tranquility. Every thing is preparing for the ceremony that is to unite us forever to the deareft perfons on earth ; and next Thurfday Amelia and I are to be hailed under the title of Brides, and initiated into the dignified ftate of venerable Morons.
Page 40 - management of children, fays he, we fhall have reafon to " wonder, that there are any footfteps of virtue left in the << world. What vice can be named which parents do not feafon " them with, and drop into them the feeds of, as foon as they r...
Page 10 - BMTed retreat ! where every *' object leads me to explore that bounteous *' author of all goodnefs, who thus diftributes " his favours to men, and thus teaches us t " concur with him in promoting the univerfal ,, good.
Page 157 - ... upon which was fixed the head of a fox, which he had luckily run down the day before. When...

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