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Lansing, Mich., Dec. 24, 1862. To the Honorable the Legislature of the State of Michigan :

In obedience to the requirements of law, I have the honor to present you herewith my Annual Report :

The receipts into the Treasury during the fiscal year ending Nov. 30, 1862, are as follows : From sales of University and School Lands,.... $51,473 51 • War Loan bonds,..

153,160 62 Canal tolls,...

15,000 38 Specific taxes,...

187,983 37 other sources,

716,977 22

Total of available funds for the year,..

. . $1,124,595 10 At the commencement of the year the Treasury was overdrawn to the amount of..... $28,334 53

During the year I have drawn my warrants on the State Treasurer, as follows: For expenses of the War Fund,.....$159,901 75 4 other expenses,.

736,151 33

$ 924,387 61

$200,207 49

Leaving balance in the Treasury subject to war.

rant, Dec. 1st, 1862,..... Of this balance there will be required to meet

Claims now due under the apportionments for

State Roads,....
Appropriations to the Asylums,....
War Loan Bonds advertised for..

$11,730 00 33,000 00 40,100 00

Interest on State debt, January 1st, 1863,....... $92,690 46
Amount payable to Counties from canal tolls,
January 1st, 1863,...

9,000 00 Amount payable to University and Normal School, вау,

8,000 00


It will appear from a comparison with preceding years, that the receipts during the past year on account of Primary School, Normal School and University Funds, exceed the average of the preceding three years, by more than 62 per cent. The same ratio of increase for the ensuing year, will produce from these three sources more than $82,000 00. After Jan'y, 1863, this class of receipts is to be applied to the

$2,000,000 LOAN SINKING FUND, in accordance with Section 6, of Act No. 122, 1861, (Laws of 1861, page 165).

Taken with the proceeds of the of a mill tax, which, as required by Section 4, of the act above cited, I have levied with other State taxes of 1862, and amounts to $21,506 98, an ample fund is constituted for extinguishing this, the principal class of our State indebtedness.



The tax of 1-16th of a mill required by Sec. 6 of Act No. 5, of the extra Session of 1861, (Laws of 1861, page 608) has been levied for each of the years 1861 and 1862, and the amount realized to this fund from the levy of 1861, is ..... $10,753 49 The fund is further increased by the surplus of the

assessment of $70,000 required by Act No. 4, same Session, (Laws of 1861, page 605) over amount necessary to pay interest on War Loan,. 29,319 50

Making a total amount to the credit of this fund,

and immediately available for the retirement of bonds,..

$40,072 99 Under the existing provisions of law, if there be no further

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