Selections from Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur

Front Cover
Macmillan, 1896 - 253 pages

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Page 173 - ... hand above the water and met it and caught it and so shook it thrice and brandished, and then vanished away the hand with the sword in the water. So Sir Bedivere came again to the king and told him what he saw. ' Alas,' said the king, ' help me hence for I dread me I have tarried over long.
Page 173 - Then Sir Bedivere cried: Ah my lord Arthur, what shall become of me, now ye go from me and leave me here alone among mine enemies? Comfort thyself, said the king, and do as well as thou mayest, for in me is no trust for to trust in; for I will into the vale of Avilion to heal me of my [389' grievous wound: and if thou hear never more of me, pray for my soul.
Page 45 - In the midst of this blast entered a sun-beam more clearer by seven times than ever they saw day, and all they were alighted of the grace of the Holy Ghost. Then began every knight to behold other, and either saw other by their seeming fairer than ever they saw afore.
Page 4 - And for to pass the time this book shall be pleasant to read in ; but for to give faith and believe that all is true that is contained herein, ye be at your liberty...
Page 172 - So Sir Bedivere departed, and by the way he beheld that noble sword, that the pommel and the haft was all of precious stones, and then he said to himself, If I throw this rich sword in the water, thereof shall never come good, but harm and loss.
Page 179 - Sir Launcelot, I require thee and beseech thee heartily, for all the love that ever was betwixt us, that thou never see me more in the visage; and I command thee on God's behalf, that thou forsake my company, and to thy kingdom thou turn again and keep well thy realm from war and wrack.
Page 170 - Gawaine told you this night, yet God of his great goodness hath preserved you hitherto. Therefore, for God's sake, my lord, leave off by this, for blessed be God ye have won the field. For here we be three on live, and with Sir Mordred is none on live. And if ye leave off now this wicked day of destiny is past.
Page 173 - Now put me into the barge, said the King. And so he did softly; and there received him three queens with great mourning ; and so they set them down, and in one of their laps King Arthur laid his head.
Page 95 - And then he took an ubblye which was made in likeness of bread. And at the lifting up there came a figure in likeness of a child, and the visage was as red and as bright as any fire, and smote himself into the bread, so that they all saw it that the bread was formed of a fleshly man; and then he put it into the holy vessel again, and then he did that longed to a priest to do to a mass.
Page 172 - That is untruly said of thee, said the king ; therefore go thou lightly again, and do my commandment; as thou art to me lief and dear, spare not, but throw it in.

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