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year, when His Grace the Duke of Argyll Mrs. Helen Green, wife of Lieut. Jas. was re-elcgied President ; His Grace the Duke Green, of the Royal Marines, and of Atholl, R. H. Earl of Morton, R. H. daughter of the late Patrick Stuart, Lord Viscount Melville, R. H. Lord Mont

Elg. of Tiuninver.–At Aberfeldie, gomery, Vice Presidents; W. Macdonald,

Perthshire, John Stewart, tinker, at Esq., Secretary ; A. Keay, Esq., Auditor of Accounts; Mr. L. Gordon, Deputy Se.

the advanced and well authenticated cretary and Collector: Mr. D. Watson. Rc. age of 111. He retained his faculties corder and Clerk: Rev. D. Macintosh, in full vigour, and earned a fubliflence Xeeper ot Gælic Papers, and Translator of by his labour till his death, which was that Language; Mr. A. Cunningham, generally thought to have been hafienJeweller and Medallist. Desides the thirtyed by the festivities of the season. His Ordinary Directors, resident in Etlinburgh children are all long lince dead, but for managing the affairs of the society, le he has lett a widow, whom he oniy ven of whom go out annually by rotation, married in the courte of latt fummer. the society made choice of the follow

-Mrs. Saralı Ramsay, daughter of the ing noblemen and gentlemen, some of whom

late Alex. Ramsay, Eq. Provost of are only occasionally in town, and cannot attend the anted meetings, to be Extraordi.

i Glasgow, and spoule to the Rev. Dr. mry Directors, viz. R. H. the Earl of Had. Laing, of Newlands.—The Rer. Dr. dington; R. 11. the Earl of Moira; R. H. Walker, Profesior of Natural History the Earl of Mansfield; R. H. Lord Viss in the University of Edinburgh, and count Duncan; Hon. R. Dundas, of Mel Minilter of Collington.-- At Pennicuick, ville ; dir. Baron Hepburn ; Sir G. S. Mac- the Rev. Thos, M'Courty, midiiter of konzie, of Coull, Bart.; Sir J. Sinclair, of the gospel there, in the 85th year of Viltier, Dt.; Sir. M.Murray, of Lanrick, bis ac. and 42d of his ministry. It B.; D. Maelacilan, ot Maclachlan, El. bis house in George's Square, Edun

All other matters of business heing refer. red, in the usual manner, to the Committee

burgh, Colonel Janies Abercromby. of Directors, the meeting voted thanks to

- John M.Douall, Esq. brother of the the Earl of Haddington, Vice Pre@dent, for late Earl of Dumfries. the polite attention and uncommon abilities

IRELAND. ne thewed during the course of the day, in It is now demonstrated beyond a dilcharging the duties of his office.

doubt, that the propoled pier at the The value of landed property in this cat tide of the eaitern harbour of part of the united kingdom feems to blowth town will be the greatest prehave fustained no depretliou fince the fervative againtt Ibipwrecks in Dublin war.' an eftate in Renfrewsuire was lay that can potlibly be adopted. The lately fold at between 40 and 50 years advantages of such an harbour to the purchase; and a small farm, rented at trade and navigation of that part of 301, was fold for 3,0101, being us- the united kingdom are not eanly conwards of 100 years purchale.

ceived; but one of the principal, is, The Northern papers of the 3d inft. that it will be retorted to in all winds notice the arrival at Berwick upon and all states of the tide by ships of all Tweed of the Royal Lanark, the firit sizes, in cate of their meeting with a Scott:ih militia that ever crofid the form off Dublin Bay. It is astonishing border. Their route wis for Durham; that the eait harbour of Howth town but it was expected they would there has not been the place for the thipping be ordered farther fouth. They are a of the Dublin mail for London ever healthy, fine-looking body of men, since the first connexion of England 900 in number.

with Ireland, as it is always easy to fail Married. At Edinburgh, Captain into it or from it, and as it is ten miles Thomas Phipps Howard, of the 2sd nearer to Holylead than Dublin is. Light Dragoons, Major of Brigade on The Dublin mail would from Howth the North British Statt, to Miis kae, town generally arrive one day sooner only daughter of the Right Ilon, Lord in London than it does at present, and Justice Clerk.

the London mail to llowth would exDied.) At Mclrose, Mifs Jean Kyle, perience the same dispatch. This mail daughter of Mr. David Kyle, of the would go by Holyhead, and by the new Ian there.--At St. Andrew's, Mr. Wm. Welth Capel Cerig road. It will ap Barron, Professor of Belles Lettres and pear rather surpriling that this propolLogic in that Univcrlity.-Nrs. Jean ed pier has not been undertaken long Sinclair, relict of the late Mr. Wm. ago, for the accommodation of the tilliFarquharson, of Aberdeen, aged 99ermen who supply Dublin market: if years.--In the Abbey, at Ediuburgh, this pier was completed, Dublin would immediately become as good and cheap and fufferings caused him to be refpeéta fith-market as any in Europe.- ed by all parties, was born in 1726. The whole expense of this improve- He entered into the army very young, ment will not exceed 20,0001.

and inade leveral campaigns with NicoAmong the first improvements in this lais's dragoons, a captain's commillion country, is the late arrival of a num being offered him. Having lost his ber of boats, laden with provisions, at right arm, he quitted the service to rethe Grand Canal Harbour, James's fide with his uncie at Lanscombe. lio Street, Dublin, from Carrick-on-Shan- afterwards commanded a galley, in noll, in the county of Leitrim, after which he captured a large Algerine patting through 65 miles of the Great corsair; but, returning to France, he Shannon, above Banager, and 61 miles applied himself wholly to agriculture, of the Grand Canal. These are the which he was induced to give up for

through that communication. There uncle, who after having twice refused are now upwards of 100 miles of the the office of Grand Maiter, though by Shannon open from Banager through his influence he effected the fucceflive Limerick to the Atlantic ocean : thus election of Ximenes and Rohan, reIreland may boall of having upwards solved upon returning to Auvergne, but of 160 miles of river navigation run- died on his passage. This accident alning through the heart of the king tering the purpole of his nephew to acdom, and communicating with the ca- company his uncle to France, he vie pital, near the center.

lited Malta a second time, and, after

reliding there fome years, returned to DEATHS ABROAD.

France, with a determination of spendDuke Frederic of Ottrogothia, uncle ing the refidue of his life upon one of to the present King of Sweden, at his commanderies near Ifloudun, in the Montpelier, on the 12th of December department de l'Indre, which at the lait. He was born July 18, 1750.--At breaking out of the Revolution he was Weimar in Saxony, the celebrated compelled to abandon, and reduced in Gerinan Profellor llerder, in the 60th circumitances, he took refuge with a retear of his age. llerder's decease is lative at Lanscombe, where he terminaafcribed to a general decay of nature; ated his days; affording a striking exlix children bewail his lois, and the ample of religion and virtue. He bore learned may regret that he did not live the loftis occifioned by the Revolution to publish a complete collection of his without any murnur or complaint, exworks, which lie had purposed doing cepting for the inabilty of doing the fome time previous to his death. On good he was accustomed to wbile in the 3111 of Augutt latt, at Cape Cout, pofleilion of his cftates, together with in the 93d year of his age, Capt. John the opportunity of making experiments Starkey, of the ship Westmoreland, of in airiculture, to whicb he was ere Liverpool, and eldest ton of Mr. John tremely attached.At Cutchowata, Starkey, of the Excife.-In the East Bengal, in consequence of a wound reIndics, Mr. Rimington, late an officer ceived at the reduction of that garri on, in the third Welt York Militia, and Mi. Nontyoperie Pollock, Cornet in eldeti fon of Mr. Ifaac Rimnington of the Bonal Cavalry, and fon of the late Leeds.--At Barbadoes, of the yellow Rrv. lluings Pollock, minister of Kilfever, General Grintield, and his Lady, Winning.--AtSpanithtow!), Tortola, in and General Clephane, at Grena ia.- the 211i year of her anc, after an illness At Trimidad, William Hoare Lewis, of five days, Mrs. Martha Rymer, Eiq. of High Wycombe, Bucks, fourth spouse of lvin. Rumer, E19. and eldett fon of the late Colonel Lewes of the daughter of Mr. Pauld., llarvitone.--In Royal Artillerv.-It St. Thomas's in the Inland of Junaica, C.lyie, El. the Weit Indies, Mr. James Laihan, youngeit fon of David Frite, Efq. of late of Viancheiter, merciant, after an Drumgiet,--Ouboar:his Majesty's thip illness of less than tonr days.--Atlant Bellerophon, off Cane liançois, in the combe, in the province of Tourraine, in 211t year of his age, Lieut. James France, Louis Alexandre Savary de Johniton, of the Rornlilarines, young, Lanscoinbe, Grand Bailey of the Order, ett ton of John Johnilon, El. of Violet and the last Grand Prior of the Tongue Bank.- At Ceylon, Mr. Gavin HamilD'Auvergne, in the 78th yearof his age. ton, grandson of the late Nir. Gavin This vcnerable officer, whose virtucs Hainiiton, boozieller, in Edinburgh.


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