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his appointment, and to deputies, be- scends to the lord of the manor of ing tubscribers to the Kennet and Oaksey:-Rev. T. Stock, A.M. Rector Avon, Wilts and Berks navigations. of St. John the Baptist, Perpetual Cu

The Iron Railway from the Gloucef rate of St. Aldate, Gloucester, and Vitershire Collieries to the Bath River car of Glafbury, in the county of Brepromises great advantages to the pub- con. It is not, perhaps, generally lic. The great demand for coal in known, that this truly modeit divine the city of Bath, and through an ex was the first fuggefter of the plan for tent of country of above 100 miles, Sunday Schools, on the supposed with which the railway will communi- great benefits of which Mr. Raikes has cate by means of the Kennet and been so highly complimented. ThaAvon, Wilts and Berks Canals, also mas Cripps, Esq. of Tetbury. affords the most flattering prospect to the subscribers. The Sodbury and A Bill of Indićtinent has been found Pucklechurch coal is of a most excel by the Grand Jury at Winchester; lent quality, and can be rendered at a against the Right Hon. Lord Bolton and very cheap rate, not only in the neigh- William Neville, Esq. for a libel 'rebourhood, but at the eastern extremi- specting the verdict of a jury at Gofties of both canals, and must obtain port, in awarding compensation to the the readiest sale for general use, though Rev. Mr. Bingham, for the surrender of for particular purpoles there will be a his land for the use of government. demand for as much of the Somerset Married.] At Northwood, in the thire coal as those collieries have been Ine of Wight, Captain Hodges, of the found able to fupply. The smith's Oxford Militia, to Mifs Green, daughcoal, also, at Haul Lane, will have an ter of E. Green, Esq. of Medham, in easy and cheap conveyance to all parts the faid Inand.-John Ingram Lockof the country: this coal has the pe- hart, Efq. of Sherheld House, to Miss culiar advantage of not occasioning the Waftee, of Hafeley House, Oxfordshire. iron to blister, and is of a quality Died.] Whilft packing up a turkey which is to be found in very few places and chine, as a prelent to a friend, Mr. in the kingdom. Not only the towns W. Shawford, jun. Commiffary to the in the neighbourhood, and on the line French prisoners, Odiham, Hants.At of the canals, have a deep interest in Corhampton, Hants, the Countess Dowthe projected railway, but even the ager of Clanricarde, mother of the precity of Salisbury, where coal is dearer fent Earl.--Lieut. Colonel Farquhar, of than in any other part of the kingdom, the Parkhurft Military Depot, Ine of though a place celebrated beyond any Wight.-At Ryde, Č. Horlock, Efq. in the west of England for its works one of the Barrack Masters of the Idle in the iron and fteel brancies, may feel of Wight, aged 53.-At Wotten, Ide of the beneficial effects of it, as a railway Wight, Captain Stiles, formerly Commay be easily extended from the Ken- mander of the Roebuck Custom House net and Avon Canal to that city, and Cutter, of Portsmouth.---While fitting coal rendered at a third less than the by the fire-side, the Rev. Mr. Watson, present price.

of Wottonbridge, Isle of Wight, aged Married.) Mr. W. Wilbraham, fe- 73.-At Southampton, at a very adcond fon of Edward Wilbraham, Efq. vanced age, Mrs. Raymond, relict of of Cirencester, Gloucestershire, to Miss Edward Raymond, Eiq. of Marston, Rudge, daughter of the Rev. T. Rudge, Somerset.-At Bath, in the 77th year of Gloucester,

of his age, John Gawler, Efq. of RamDied.] At Cirencester, Mr. John ridge House, in this county.–At FareJohnson, late of Oakley, in this coun- ham, Mrs. Dent, mother of Sir Digby ty, yeoman. Among his property Dent-At Newport, in the Me of were found one hundred and forty- Wight, in the 73d year of his age, the four crown pieces, of the reign of Right Hon. Leonard, Lord Holmes, Queen Anne, which appeared to have Baron Holmes, of Kilmallock, in the been but little circulated; twenty half county of Limerick.-At Portsmouth, crowns, a number of bank notes and Mr. Dart, uncle to that eccentric chaguineas; besides several large and cu- racter, Dicky Dart, who, it may be rerious gold pieces of confiderable value. membered, was murdered in St. James's Mr. J. being a batchelor, bis landed Street, about three years ago, attended property, which was copyhold, de- with circumstances of atrocious cruelty.



been erected in the Church Yard, is Married.] Rev. John Norman Ord, the Parish of Bidborough, to the meRector of Weathempsted, to“ Miss mory of the late Dowager Countess of Cochiedge, of Bury St. Edinunds.- Darnley, whose good works, amiable Thomas Willhere, Esq. of Hitchin, qualities, and benevolent virtues, will Herts, to Miss Beaumont, of Hartford, be long remembered in that neighbournear Huntingdon.-J. Smith, Esq. of hood. Athlyns Hall, Great Berkhamstead, The inscription on the north fide of Herts, to Mits Pechell, daughter of A. the sarcophagus is this Pechell, Elg. of the same place, Died.] After a long and painful ill

To the Memory of ness, John Rogers, Etq. Broxbourn,

Mary Dowager Countess of Darnley, one of the Commissioners of Taxes, only Daughter

and Heiress of John Stoyte,

Esq. of Street, &c. &c.

in the County of Westmeath, in Ireland,

and wife of John Earl of Darnley, The city of Hereford is fixed upon Born October 18, 1747, Died Mar. 27, 180s. as the alarm poft for the aliemblage of

Aged 55. the military of the county, in cale of on the fouth sideinvasion,

A woman of blameless life, Died.] At the Demains in Hereford exercised and conspicuous in the pra&ice of shire, Mr. Williams, a respectable far

every christian virtue. mer.-At Bermont, near Hereford, Pure religion and undefiled before God ayed 24, Wm. Hvíkyns Matthews,

and the father, is this: to visit the fatherless Elg. eldert son of J. Matthews, Esq., himself unspotted from the world.

and widows in their li&ion, and to keep Member for this county.-At Yark

James i, 37. hill, Mr. Thomas Patrick, in the 98th year of his age. He retained the use

Married.] At Upper Deal Church, of his limbs and all his faculties to the Lieutenant Benjamin Surut, of the last in a wonderful manner.---At Erif- Royal Navy, to Mrs. Sarah Garford, tol, in the 55th year of his age, Thomas widow of Mr. William Garford, coal Gywillim, Esq. of the Royal Waggon merchant, London.-At Sevenoaks, Train, and formerly of Burghill

, in this John Kemp, Esq. purveyor to the forces county.--At his house in Widemarsh in that district, to Miss C. Bertram, of Street, Hereford, in the 19th year of that place.-At St. Lawrence, in Thahis age, Dr. Campbell. He served net, Mr. J. Hayes, of Dover, to Miss the office of Mayor in 1763, and was Mary Underdown, of Ramsgate.--At Father of the city: his eminence as a Wichling, Mr. Jesse Hubbard, to Miss physiciar, and bis affiduity and atten Sarah Bing, both of that place.--At tion to his patients, will cause his me Rochester, R. Bathurst, Esq. attormory to be long regretted.--At an ad ney at law, to Miss Harwood, of that vanced age, Mr. William Gittoes, place.---At St. Paul's, Shadwell, many years Clerk of the parish of James Manfell, Gent. of Ditton, to Hope, under Denmore.-At Lugwar- Mrs. Wadham, of Maidstone.—At dine, near Hereford, Mr. Henry Marf Dover, Mr. John Beecham, baker, to ton, formerly Post Master at Epsomn, Miss King, of Ashford.

--At Chatham, Surry.

Mr. William Goldsmith, carpenter, to

A. Elizabeth Savedge.-Mr. W. Tonge, Married.] At Kimbolton, R. Han of Sevenoaks, 'to Mifs Ann Baker, of Nip, Efq. Captain of his Majesty's sixty- Bafsfield. fixth Regiment of Foot, to Miss Mary Died.] Mr. William Shipley, of Shelton, youngest daughter of Thomas Maidstone, aged 89 years. Shelton, Esq. of Stonely.

tleman had the honor of projecting and Died,] At Huntingdon, John Per- establishing the Society for the Encoukens, Esq. aged 33, late Alderman ragement of Arts, Manufactures, and of that borough,

Commerce, at the Adelphi, which, by a

liberal distribution of honorary and peShoreham market was opened at the cuniary premiums among the authors Dolphin Inn there, on Tuesday the 10th of different improvements, has been of instant; to be continued every Tuesday the greatest public advantage.---At fortnight.

Charing, aged 72, Mr. Thomas MilA beautiful and elegant monument, gate, of that place.—Mrs. Martha executed by Westinacot, has lately Madgfhon, wife of John Madgfhon,


This gen


Esq. master attendant to the Dock yard Died.] At the Workhouse at at Chatham.--In an advanced ag , Mr. Manchester, a female pauper, aged 110. Fletcher, of Bridge, near Canterbury. She has left a grand daughter, aged 75, -Mrs. Kadcliffe, of Petham Parfonage. whom she called her grand-child.-Af--At Luttingstone Castle, Lady Dyke, ter a painful illness, aged 32, Mr. Cod in her 71st year.-Mr. John Martin, dington, of Liverpool, printer, a man callow chandler, at Maidstone. -At of genius in his profeflion, and of ftria Bath, Mrs. Lenyeatt, late of Ospringe, morality. He has left a widow and Feverlham. In the 34th year of his two children, one of them born but a age, Mr. Daniel Ruck, of Povender.- few days before his death.-Mr. HornAt Dover, Mr. Baker. Feeding by, of Everton, near Liverpool. At pigeons, at the back of his house, in Liverpool, Mrs. Parke, relict of Mr. Snargate Street, part of a chalk cliff James Parke, brewer:--Mr. Charles gave

way, and buried him in the frag- Maddox, builder, Byron Street, Liverments: he was soon dug out, but ex- pool.–At Prescot, Mr. George Brown, pired shortly after.-At Ülcomb, aged woollen draper.--At Liverpool, after a 92, Mr. Freeland, basket maker of few hours illness, Mr. Robert Boley, that place.-At Chatham, Miss S. oilman, of Peter Street.--Mr. Joseph Pructor, daughter of the late W. Proc- Read, many years a confidential clerk tor, brazier.-Aged 92, Mrs. May, of in the house of Melirs. John Cave and Holy Cross, Canterbury.--At Fever- Company. Thomas Merriman Hairtham, aged 70, Mr. Jacob Chapham, cock.Mr. T. Pollard, of the Bay one of the Company of Dredgers. Horle Inn, Houghton Lane, near Pref-At Dover, Mr. J. Stone, blackimith. ton. His death was occasioned by too - Mr. J. Nah, mariner. --Mr. Peter freely rearing his chair whilst in conWorfold.-At Deal, the Rev. Henry versation, whence it was carried beyond Dalmer, Claplain of the Ilis, in the its equilibrium; and in his fall he pitch28th year of his age: from the affability ed on his elbow, which brought on a of his disposition, no gentleman ever mortification, that ended in his death died more lamented. Mr. Dalıner was within three days after the accident,private Chaplain to his Grace the Duke Mr. Thomas Worswick, of Lancaster, of St. Albans.

banker, in the 74th year of his age.

His character was honesty, candour, Married.] Mr. Holmes, of War- and truth.--At Manchester, Mr. Marington, liquor merchant, to M fs Grif- fon, brush maker.-The Rev. Jonathan fith, of Liverpool.-At Sheldwich, Mr. Hearn, of Manchester.-Aged 61, Mrs. Wm. Chapman, of Buddlesmere Court, Rebecca Dawson, relict of Mr. Henry to Miss Mary Cobb, of Sheldwich.-- Dawson, of Lancaster.-Aged 24, Mr. Mr. Abraham Thompstone, to Miss Stir- Jackson Nunns, of that town, woollen rup, daughter of Mr. Stirrup, of Old- draper. -Aged 34, Mary Corbet, the ham Street, Manchester.-Mr. Thomas wife of Matthew Corbet, of BrazenWilliamson, to Mifs Ann Stirrup.--At nose Street.--At an advanced age, Mr. Prestwich, Mr. Thomas Robinson, of Thomas Holland, of Princess Street.Walshaw House, near Bury, to Miss Suddenly, supposed to have been occaMary Taylor, of Stand, in Pilkington.- fioned by eating a quantity of muscles At Liverpool, William Wainwright, Esq. Mr. Robert Preston, of Holker, near to Miss Lyon, daughter of Dr. Lyon.- Cartmel, blacksmith. At Walton, near Liverpool, Mr. George Ofred, to Mrs. Blundell.-Mr. William The valuable library of the Rev, Sir Higson, to Miss Elizabeth Coulborn, Charles Cave, Bart, has lately been dedanghter of Mr. William Coulborn, of stroyed by fire, at the parsonage house Liverpool.--Mr. Christian Frederick of Thedingworth. Speyer, merchant, to Miss Elizabeth Married.] John Vaughan, Efq. SerDuxbury, daughter of Mr. Duxbury, of jeant at Law, and Recorder of Leicester, Quay Street, Manchester.--Mr. John to the Hon. Augusta St. John, second Walker, timber merchant, to Miss daughter of Lord St. John, of MelchFrances Gregory, of Princess Street, bourn, Bedfordshire. Manchester.–At Manchester, Thomas Died.] ' At Leicester, Mrs. Martha Skitt, Esq. Captain of the Warrington Vowel, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Volunteers, to Miss Marianne Lowndes, Thomas Vowel.–At Leicester, Mr. daughter of the late Thomas Lowndes, Dickens, an eminent hofier, fome years Efq. of London.

Unce retired from business.-At Hinck





ley, aged 68, the Rev. John Cole Gal- to her cloaths while alone. -Aged 90, loway, Rector of Stoke Golding, and Mrs. Uffendale, of Canwick. At Linvicar of the former place.

coln, aged 57, Mr. Wm. Spencer, cur

rier.--Mrs. Reelby, wife of Mr. Reef The town of Boston received with by, fen, baker, of Stamford. At Baropen arms their lately elected repre ton, Edward Dymoke, Efq. late of fentative in Parliament, Thomas Fydell

, Sausethorp.-At Stamford, Mr. Crane, jun. Efq. on his return to that borough, breeches maker.–At Potter Hanworth, after several months' detention in Mr. Heury Parke, farmer and grazier, France. He was met by a great con advanced in years.--At Louth, Miss course of his friends fome distance from Clough, of Gaintborough, aged 37,the town, and, the horses beiug taken At Reednels, aged 69, Mrs. Welbord, from his carriage, drawn into his native relict of the late Capt. George Wel place, where he was chaired, amidst a born, of Hull.–At Wintringham, in fplendid proceflion and the plaudits of the 27th year of his age, Mr. J. H. hundreds. A conliderable number of Brocklesbank, an eminent farmer and elegant flags were displayed, and the grazier, at that place. At Aldbrough, joy and triumph of the Purple interest in Holderness, aged 58, Mr. R. Birkwere complete. Mr. Fydell spent the wood, of that place, surgeon. At Great day in the bofom of his constituents, Streping, -Mrs. Moore, a lady far adand at night a ball and entertainment yanced in years: The was found in her were given at the Town Hall to near bed room, fufpended by the neck in a cight hundred persons.

filk handkerchief. A bullock lately Daughtered at Alford was found to be of the extraor Married.] Mr. Adams, furgeon, to dinary weight of 1940lb., the whole of Mils Sparks, of Norwich.-Mr. Bardwhich was sold at the rate of 100 per well, of the Precincts of Norwich Capound. The weight of the loose fat thedral, to Miss Overham, of Thurswas 280lb; hide 1771b. The rump and ford.--Ralph Caldwell, Esq. of Ililbo loin were played for at whist by a par- rowe, to Louisa, daughter of Sir Jultity of gentlemen, and presented by the nian Ilham, Bart. of Lamport.-At winners to the Alford Volunteers. Norwich, Mr. Richard Cork, cabinet

Married.] At Caistor, Mr. Francis maker, to Miss Sarah Darkin; and Taylor, fariner and grazier,of Linwood, Mr. Jonathan Wirr, carpenter, to Miss to Mits Mary Robinson, eldeit daugh- Anne Long, all of St. Gregory's. Mr. ter of Mr. Robinson, victualler, of the Wm. Johnson, miller, of Catton, to former place.-At Louth, Mr. Mufs Miss Sarah Reynolds. Mr. Henry grave; maltfter, to Miss S. Harvey.- Mitchell, of Norwich, to Miss Gavill, And on the same day was married, Mr. of North Walsham.-At Langley, Mr. Strawfon, wheelwright, to Miss Muf Spence, to Miss E. Ward, of the same grave, lister of the above gentleman. place --At Norwich, Mr. Boorne, Mr. Udale, fax drefier, to Mrs. Peel, linen draper, to Miss Taylor, of of the Lamb Inn, Gainsborough. At Blackeney, near Holt.-At st. Siinon Caiftor, Mr. W. Morris, farmer and and Jude, Mr. William Webster, to grazier, to Miss Margaret Robinson, of Miss Ann Gyngel.-At Raveningham, that place. -Mr. Joseph Swan, draper Edmund Thomas Hussey, Esq. fon of and grocer, at the same place, to Mifs Thomas Hussey, Esq. of Garltrim, in Rachael Carr.--At East Halton, Mr. Ireland, and grandson of Lord WalThomas Husband, jun. watch maker, to pole, to Miss Bacon, eldest daughter of Miss Susan Bainton, daughter of Mr. Sir Edmund Bacon, Premier Baronet Bainton, farmer.--Mr. Sparrow, of of England. --Mr. Dixon, artist, in St. Grantham, to Mifs Newzam, of Stam- Mary's, to Miss S. Coleman, of St. ford.—Mr. Bunting, draper, of Stam- Michael's Cotlany, in Norwich.-Dr. ford, to Miss Wells, of Boston.--Mr. E. C. Donne, M.B. Fellow of Caius Joseph Chamberlain, woolftapler, to College, to Miss Donne, of Mattifhall, -Miss Lucy Pick, of Sproxton,

in Norfolk. Died.] At Stainford, in the 811t Died. At Bath, greatly lamented, year of her age, Mrs. Tathwell

, relict Henry Partridge, Esq. King's Counsel, of Cornwall Tathwell, M.D. and third and formerly Recorder of Norwich. daughter of the late Governor Roberts. A gentleman very eminent in his proHer death was caused by the poker feflion, particularly upon the Norfolk -falling from the grate, and setting fire circuit, being contemporary with the

present judges Sir Simon Le Blancton.--Mr. Wyman, furgeon, to Miss and Sir Robert Graham. : He was on Sanderson, both of Kettering. bliged by ill health to retire from the Died.] Mrs. Ifaac, of Saint Mars bar, at a time when his professional tin's-Stanford-Baron, in this county.jaerits would have claimed, as they de- Mrs. Frances Bates, wife of John ferved, the highest elevation.-At Nor- Bates, of Kettering, watch-maker; wich, aged 32, Mr. John Read, son of who herself has, since the year 1783, Mr. Read, of Wortham, in Suffolk: he repaired 10621 watches, as appears by went to bed the preceding evening in a regular account_kept in her own good health, and was found dead in hand writing.–At Peterborough, Mrs. the morning. --Mrs. Haggard, aged 68, Chapman, widow of the late Mr. Henry wife of Wm. Henry Haggard, Esq. Chapman, auctioneer. In St. Edmunds, Mrs. Frances Foul

NORTHUMBERLAND. Ham, aged 65.-In St. Peter's, Man A Life-Boat, of the largest dimencroft, Mr. John Frewer, aged 45.- fions, is now establithed at Holy Inand, Mr. John Holtaway, aged 68.-At St. in a situation peculiarly favourable to Martin's Palace, Thomas Day, Esq. its immediate use, in cases of thipaged 73.-Near Difs, Charles Hanfon, wreck on the neighbouring coalts. Efq. aged 84.-Rev. Edward Cuthbert, This valuable inftrument of prcfervaRector of Bulphan, in Essex, and for- tion was lately presented by the TŘerly a resident in Norwich. At her worthy and beneficent truftees, unhouse at Roydon, near Diss, ayed 90, der the will of the late Lord Crewe, Mrs. Margaret Fisher, mother of the for managing the liberal and extensive late Dr. Belward, Master of Caius Col- charity established at Bamborough Caflege, Cambridge.-Aged 47, Mrs. Cla- tle. Mr. Selby has given his ready bon,

a widow lady, in St. Andrew's. affiftance in forwarding this work of At Bath, Mrs. E. Baker, wife of Mr. humanity, by granting a piece of K. Baker, schoolmaster, of North ground, and the winning of stones, for Waltham.- At Mr. Rice's, St. Ste- the erection of a boat houle. phen's, Mr. Edward Simpfon, aged 74. Married.] Mr. William Smith, of For nearly thirty years he discharged Horton, fon of the late Mr. Smith, of the office of Land Steward to the late Shotton, to Miss Watson, of the High Lord Petre, at Buckingham House. Bridge, Newcattle. -Mr. William WilSt. Stephen's, Norwich, aged 43, Mr. kin, of Gateshead, to Miss Isabella Edward Hodgson, heraldry painter.- Fisher.--At Morpeth, Mr. James HunAged 56, Mr. George Barton, of Castle- ter, of Stanton Hall, spirit merchant, acre Lodge.--At Litchfield, Norfolk, to Miss Mary Farrington, of Buller's aged 80, the Rev. Theophilus Bucker- Green.–At Lowthorpe, William Chapidge, M.A. Master of St. John's Hospital, man, Esq. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to Norwich, and Rector of Mantby.-In Miss Knowiley, daughter of Robert the 35th year of her age, Mrs. Large, Knowfley, Esq. of Cattleholme.---At wife of Mr. John Large, of Wiggen- Newcastle, Mr. William Smith, farmer, hall

, St. Mary's, near Lynn.--Mrs. of Wharton, to Miss Jane Watson, Mary Pawdich, wife of Thomas Paw- daughter of the late Mr. William Watdich, of London, and daughter of the fon, plumber, in that town.–At Mor: late Nicholas Savory, Esq. of Syder- peth, Mr. Johir Chandler, her, stone, in this county.-Mr. John Hall, Mifs Sofley, of the same place. aged 64, many years permit writer of Died.] At Morpeth, Thomas Harle, Norwich.-At Yarmouth, in the 52d Esq. formerly poft-matter of that place, year of his age, Mr. Joseph Cock, wine -At Marlith, Mr. Jobn Hall, farmer. inerchant, late of Norwich.-At Nor- - In Pilgrim Street, Newcastle,

Becwich, Mr. Charles Beart, farmer and kett, a Chelsea pensioner. His death was merchant, of Gorleston, and High caused by the injury received from a Constable of Lothingland, Norwich.- cart running against him.--At Hexham, Mr. Wm. Forster, tailor and robe Mrs. Charlton, relict of the late Mr. tnaker, of St. Michael's, at Plee. Edward Charlton, mercer.–At the

same place, in the prime of life, Mr. Married.] Mr. Smith, druggist, of Wm. Whitfield, of the Burnlaw, in AlLondon, to Mifs Page, of Eydon, in lendale.- At Longhurst

, near Morpeth, this county.-Mr. John Luck, jun. to Mrs. Lawfon, wife of Mr. George LawMiss Mary Ashton, both of Northamp- fon. At Morpeth, Mrs. Hunter. -Ar


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