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with red stripes. After staying about His Majesty's Illness-On Monday two feconds, the moved off very quick- the 16th their majeft es had appointed ly towards the Recruit House. He to visit Covent Garden theatre, A farther said, that be was at that time message was sent in the forenoon that perfectly sober and in good health, and they should not attend. As foon as immediately went and gave informa- the purport of the message was known, tion to John Dale, the next sentinel, it gave rise to a variety of conjectures of what he had feen, who replied, he and reports. The real cause consisted was not the first who had seen such a in his Majesty being affected by a rheu-. light in the Park. Whatever may have matic gout in his foot. He took the been the cause of their fright, it is cer diversion of hunting on Saturday, tain that three soldiers, taken ill in though he felt symptoms of a cold. consequence, have been sent to the When he returned to Windsor from hofpital.

the chase, he was so stiff, that he was Disputes among the Volunteers.-- obliged to be aflisted in difmounting Col. Tierney having thought proper to

from his horie: his health was otherannul the election of a captain in one wise as good as it usually is; and of the companies of Southwark Volun- though obliged to wear a cloth fhoc teers, the company perlifted in main ever fince, his health and spirits in taining their choice, as a fundamental any other respect do not appear to privilege; the consequence of which have suffered any diminution. was, that the Colonel ordered the com Incendiaries.--Early on Sunday mornpany to be disbanded'; and the mem ing, Jan. 8, the back premies of Mr. bers have according religned their Copland, baker, in Coleman Street, urms into the hands of the proper offi were entered by some viilains, who cer. Lord Teignmouth, as Lord Lieu went to the thor, and after taking tenant of the county, has jultified the what money had been there left, which act of Colonel Tierney; and a letter to only amounted to a few pounds worth the fame effect being written by Mr. of halfpence, set fire to the house in Secretary York, at the last ineeting of different places; and, but for the the Volunteers on the subject, they smoke, which awakened Mr. C., the conceded so far as to declare their house in a few minutes more must inreadiness to forget what had passed; evitably have been in flames, as, on and, in consequence of the critical coming down stairs, he found the pastate of the country, to continue their pers in a bureau and some linen in a fervices as though nothing had hap- drawer underneath totally destroyed ; pened. Mr. Erikine's opinion of Von and but a few feet from the same was lunteer engagements is, that a men an aperture in the flooring, of three or ber has a right to resign at pleasure. four inches, occasioned by their setting

Volunteer Corps Fines. On Friday, fire to a lack of shavings in the cellar. Jan. 6, the uniform, furniture, &c. with The city have offered a reward of the silver spoons, levied on Mr. Thomas 2057, and 1001 more is offered by Dowley, of Willow-street, Bandklide, government for the apprehension of were sold for the sum of 51 15s, such these offenders. furn being incurred by his non-attend An immenfc assemblage of reptiles, ance at certain drills and mutters, as infects, and animals, all in a high state a private in the Southwark Yeomanry of preservation, was fold by auction Cavalry, commanded by Captain Col last week, at a broker's warehouse near lingdon. He had previous notice that the Steel-yard. They were the prothey were to be sold on that day, but duce of Cayenne and its vicinity, and he allowed them to be sold to the best nearly fix years were employed in bidder. A notice is given, that the making the collection. Tinis curious merits of this momentous decision and cargo, which was captured by one of feizure will be brought before the our privateers, was addrefred, to the Court of King's Bench, in the shape of Firsi Conful, and is supposed to have an action for an illegal distraint. been bougit by his defire for the Jar

In some counties, as the farmers, din des Plantes, the repository of such &c. refuse to employ persons engaged curiotities in Paris. They fetched the as Volunteers, they have been threaten- sum of 3000 guineas. ed with prosecutions from the magif The Bank has recovered 5l in the trates, on the ground of a mildemea- Court of Requett, at Guildhall, of Mr. nour.

William Clipiou, Serjeant at Mace, be

ing the value of a note, numbered excellent foldier-like appearance. The 7,603, which the defendant had ob

centre box was occupied by the Countained payment of some time ago, by tels of Harrington, who represented bringing forwarda Mr. George Archer, her Majesty, attended by two maids of from whom he received it, to late that honor, and the Majors of both batthe note in question had been muti- talions. The rest of“the boxes, nearly Jated by being conveyed from Birining, forming a complete circle, were filled ham to London in his boot. The real with the nobility and gentry. note, however, lately made its ap Besides a moft excellent military pearance, when is was discovered that band, within the area, the orchestra the mutilated one, formerly paid in, was filled with vocal performers, an consisted of pieces of different notes. Organitt, &c. Braham and Incledon apThe defence was, that the Bank should peared to be the principal. Iucledon have discovered the deception; but the and a few other vocal performers wore Court thought the defendant had ex the regimentals of the Dake of Cumperienced great lenity, in not being berland's sharp shooters, to which they proceeded against in another way. belong: the choritters from both our

The stamped Dollars are now issued Cathedrals also gave the allistance of from the Bank, at 5s per dollar; their . their vocal powers. Previous to the intrinsic value, we learn, is 4s 94d; arrival of her Majesty's Representative, but that is of little moment in circu- a number of grand martial airs were lation as an accommodation to the played. public

At near one o'clock the Countess of On Monday, Jan. 9, there was a Harrington's arrival was announced, meeting of the Renters of Drury Lane and the was ushered into her box with Theatre, at the Crown and Anchor , all the pomp belonging to majesty itTavern, at which a long difcullion took felf; two principal officers belonging to place respecting the tituation of that the corps, and two ladies of the Queen's property. Mr. Sheridan attended, and household, waited upon her; the band gave a satisfactory answer upon most of played “God Save the King," and the the points submitted to him. It was two battalions presented arms. Several finally resolved, that a Committee of prayers were then read by the Revo Renters thould be appointed, in aid of Weeden Butler, chaplain to the corps ; the Board of Management. Mr. Sheri- after which an excellent fermon was dan, in consequence of an intimation preached by one of her Majesty's chapfrom Mr. Holland, that the exertion of lains, from the 4th chapter of the book his pen would tend more than any thing of Nehemiah and the oth verse. to revive the attraction and improve “ Nevertheless we made our prayer unta the interests of the theatre, oblerved, our God, and set a watch against them day that his mind for the last ten years had and night because of them." been so much occupied, that it was im After the sermon, the Coronation pollible for him to think of dramatic Anthem was fung and played by all the composition, but that he had now re vocal and instrumental performers prefolved to employ whatever talents he fent. Two enligns, a captain, and fix might poffers in that pursuit. This de- ferjeants from each battalion, then stepclaration gave new life to the meeting, ped forward to receive the colours ; and the company separated in hope Lord Hobart, as commandant, gave the and good humour.

word to the whole corps to present Presentation of the Colours wrought

The Countess of Harrington by her Mujeliy and ihe Princetjes. This then presented the colours, and Lord grand military ipectacle took place on Ilobart received them kneeling, as if Tuesday, January 3d, at Ranelagh the Queen was perfonally present. Her Gardens, the boxes of which had been Ladythip delivered a speech of a few fitted on the occasion in a fuperior ityie, words, but in so low a tone, that flie and several of them allotted for Lord could not be heard. Lord Hobart reHawkesbury, an honorary member of turned an answer in the name of the the corps, and a number of other per- corps, exprellive of the peculiar honour fons of the first rank.

which had been done them, and of The two battalions of the Queen's their resolution to lose the colours only Royal Volunteers were ranged four with their lives. deep all round, at a tmall distance from God save the King was then played, the boxes, and certainly made a very and sung in full chorus. The corps


again faluted, and the Countess and at years old, crossing the upper end of tendants withdrew.

Park Street, was forcibly carried, by a The corps then marched to Grof sudden guft, to fome considerable dif senor Place, Pimlico, where they de- tance, and rolled several times over polited their colours at the house of along the ground before he could be their commandant. The standard, taken up; in the fall, his under lip was which particularly belongs to the corps, shockingly lacerated through to the has the royal arms most richly worked chin, and the whole of his face very in spangles and embroidery. The much bruised: he was carried to a furs words Queen's Royal Volunteers,'in geon in North Audley Street, who relarge leiters of gold and spangles, are ported him in a fair way. nderneath, and the number of the Tuesday, Jan. 3d, the Inquest of the battalion over. The officers dined to Ward of Lime Street gave information gether in the evening.

to the Lord Mayor, of having discovered The high winds on Sunday the first a great quantity of meat in the shop of inftant occafioned considerable damage. John Blay, in Leadenhall Market, Between Blackfriars and London which was exposed for fale in a putreBridges, four wherries were overset fied state. The Lord Mayor in couseand lunk. Two coal barges broke from quence ordered the officers to seize the their moorings, and drove upon the meat, when Mr. Holdsworth, the City ítarlings of London Bridge, where they Marshall, with proper affiltants, carwere daihed to pieces; fortunately, ried away a cart load of it, consisting however, do persons were on board. of several hundred weight of different The finall veftels appointed for the con forts, part of which was produced at veyance of the volunteers and imprell- the Manfion House in a wretched ftate. ed leamen from the tender stationed His Lordihip did not chuse that it off the Tower to the Nore, were un should be buried, as it would even able to proceed farther than Limehouse. create a dittemper among dogs: as such, The mea were accordingly taken out at he ordered it to be burnt in Smithfield, that place, and conveyed to their def- which was accordingly done at five tination in vessels better able to com o'clock on Wednesday morning. bat the storm. A large tier of thips Putrefied Pork.--On Wednesday the were driven from their moorings at 18th, the firemen were in a great bufShadwell, and received much injury. tle in the different parts of the town, a A ftack of chimnies in St. Jaines's very large fire appearing in the neighPalace was blown down; they fell over bourhood of Whitechapel. On arrive the parapet into the street, but happily ing there, it was found to be produced no perfon was walking by at the time. by the conttables and other officers About the same hour, the parapet of burning a quantity of pork, which had the front of a public house in Sutton been seized in Petticoat Lane, in the Street, Soho Square, and the greater course of the day, by order of the part of the roof of a house in Little Magiftrates, it having been found in a Carey Street, were blown off, and fell state of putrefaction. It is a melancholy into the street: fortunately no person fact, that upwards of four tons weight happened to pass at the time.

of this article were burnt in a field near A very considerable part of the an to he spot where it was found, which tient wall which surrounds the gardens might have been of much benefit to of Canonbury House, INington, with the


had it been fold at a modethe embankment thrown up for the

whilst it was fit for ufe. ball firing of the volunteers corps, Several cart loads of faggots were used were levelked with the ground. Five on the occafion, and some thousands of of the trees in St. James's Park, and people were prelent to see the light. one in the Green Park, were torn up The tiench that proceeded from the fire by the roots. A stack of cbimnies in was so offensive, that many persons Norris Street, Haymarket, was blown were obliged to retreat. down, but providentially no person Antique Curiosities.--The curiosities was hurt. The casement of a window- found tince New Year's Day, in digging light blew down from the garret window opposite the East India House, in Leadof the Flying Horfo, Lainbeth Street, enhall Street, proved to be exce dingly Whitechapel, on the head of a child, valuable. About ten feet below the furwho was palling at the time, and frac face of the street, the workinen finding careci bis skull. A boy, about eight something hard, it was immediately in

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spected by that respectable antiquarian The Military Orphan Asylum at ChelNir. Wilkins, by whole directions and sea has at present 220 boys and girls on assiduity a perfect urn was loon brought their establishment. Preparations, are out. It contained a quantity of bones, making for the reception of 400 more, among which a finger and a jaw bone which are expected from various parts were plainly discernible. A beautiful in the course of a week. This beneRoman tesielated pavement was also volent institution will, when completed, discovered, and, by the nice'attention maintain, clothe, and educate 1000 of the fame gentlemen, one piece, of boys and girls, the helpless children or about four feet by two, was raised un orphans of those in every branch of his injured. The entire pavement seems Majesty's service. to have been a square of nine feet, in In the last Session of Parliament, ad the centre of which is an elegantly Act was obtained to enable the City to adorned circle of four feet, containing take down and rebuild, in some other a Bacchus holding a wand, and riding situation, Bethlem Hospital, where, with on a tiger; the figure is in a purple the spacious plot of ground in front, robe, and the attitude of the bealt is cominonly called Moorfields Quarters, very grand; his head looking at the it was intended that two grand squares, figure on his back, one of his fore feet upon the plan of Finibury Square, raised, stepping well forward, and the should be built, with two noble itreets tail extended.--Under the able direc- branching down from them on the east tion of the librarian, there is no doubt and west sides of the Bank and Royal of the whole being rendered well worthy Exchange. But to accommodate the the attention of the antiquarian. Volunteer Corps of London with an ex

Fisheries,—At a late meeting held at ercising ground at a convenient distance the Marine Society Office, for the pur- from their homes, the Court of Alderpose of taking into consideration the men have determined to lay afide, for proposition “ that certain funds fub- the present, the first plan, and workmeu Tcribed for carrying on a Fishing Com are now employed in felling the trees pany, for more effectually supplying the and railings for the purpose of making a metropolis with filh, be transferred to gravelled parade on a grand scale. the Nymph Bank Fishery of Ireland,” the said proposition was withdrawn by MARRIAGES, DEATHS, &c. &c. Captain Fraser, on account of the Wa Murried.] At St. Mary-le-bone terford Fishing Company having ex- Church, Thomas Byron, Esq. of Goodpressed themselves, through Sir John wyns, near Hertford, to Miss Louifa Newport, adverse to the measure; and Brassey, youngest daughter of the late the Marine Society resolved to pro- Nathaniel Brassey, Esq.--Mr. Serjeant ceed immediately in forming a Joint Vaughan, to the Honourable Miss AuStock Fishing Company, upon a very gufta St. John, second daughter of the extensive, scale, to be incorporated Right Honourable Lord St. John, of either by Charter or Aćt of Parliament, Bletsoe.—R. B. Tapscot, Esq. of Noras found most eligible, for the purpose ton Street, Portland Place, to Miss S.

of extending the Fisheries for the fup- D. Brentwood, of Baker Street, Port• ply of the London market, both in the man Square.- Mr. R. Adams, of HighNorth Seas and in the Southern Coast gate, furgeon, to Miss H. Wymer, of Ireland. Orders were given to their youngest daughter of Robert Wyıner, solicitor to prepare a report on the sub- Esq. of Lammas, Norfolk. At Chelsea, ject, and the meeting adjourned. Richard Longfield Davis, Esq. of the

The new Filh Market, which for Navy, to Miis Rebecca Mary Marthall, fome time past has been building at fecond daughter of the Rev. John MarBillingfgate, is nearly finished, and af- thall, Rector of Forest, in Eflex.-At ifords a commodious situation for. the Queen's Square Chapel,,Mr. C. Lucas, dealers who attend there. A clock linen draper, to Miss M. Bailey, niece placed over the covered way would prove of Mr. Coward, iu Bond Street, -At of much utility to the masters of the Hammersmith, Thomas Prince, jun. different linacks who have to tide it up Etq. of the land of Jamaica, to Miss and down the river.

Marianne Sanderson, niece of the late The Grand Junction Canal and its Sir John Hales, Bart. of Blahford, tunnel are to be completed at Christ- Hants.-At St. George's, Hanover mas next, under a penalty of 20,000 Square, Capt. Sydenham, son of the pounds.

late General Sydenham, Military Au

ditor General of Madras, to Mrs. Bun- ville Row, after an illness of many bury, widow of the late Capt. Charles months, her Grace the Duchess of AnBunbury, nephew of the worthy repre- caster. -At Devonshire House, Hay, fentative for the county of Suffolk.–At one of the Duchess's chairmen, raving St. Stephen's, Walbrook, Mr. Richard mad.-Mr. Crouch, beadle of CrippleReeves, linen draper, to Miss Wood, gate Ward Without, after eating a bearty of Chidly farm, East Peckham.-Chas. breakfast, at his house in Grub Street, Turner, Esq. son of Samuel Turner, fell down in a fit, and immediately exEsq. of Upper Wimpole Street, to Miss pired.--In his chair, Mr. W. Wheeler, Athill

, daughter of Sarnuel Athill, Esq. carpenter, of Water Lane, Fleet Street of Antigua.--Mr. W. Deane, of Jer- (while giving directions for next day's myn Street, to Miss Syms, of Tooley business).—A baker, with a board of Street.-John Wood, Esq. of New pies, &c. on his head, dropped down Bridge Street; to Miss Flint, of Graf- suddenly in Belgrave Place, Pimlico, ton Street.-Mr. Samuel Hardacre, of and expired immediately.-At LimeWood Street, London, to Miss Char- house, John Cross, Esq. aged 74, many lotte Errington, of Yarinouth, an ami- years Purveyor of his Majesty's yard, able and accomplished lady, with a Woolwich. -At Hamstead, Adam Beyhandfome fortune.-At Quebec Chapel, er, Esq. in the 75th year of his age. Oxford Road, Mr. Meader, of the land At the great age of 101, John Page, tax office, to Mifs Giffy, of Cavendish fifty years gardener to the Asylum. Square. At Mary-le-bonne Church, At her house at Whitehall, Mrs. F. John Shedden, Esq. of the 15th light Pelham, the last furviving daughter of dragoons, fon of Robert Shedden, Efq. the late Right Hon. Henry Pelham.of Gower Street, to Miss Lewis, young. In Cheaplide, J. P. Smith, Efq.eft daughter of Matthew Lewis, Esq. of Lady of J. Peppercorne, Esq. of KenDevonih.-Place.--At Bridewel Chapel, nington At the Tower, aged 50, John Le Mesurier, Esq. Major in the William Gregory, Esq.-In Baker 89th regiment, to Miss Perchard, Street, II, S. D. Bucknall, Efq.--At danghter of Alderman Perchard. Kentish Town, F. Main, Esq.--Mr. T.

Died.] In Upper Berkeley Street, Sealy, of the India House.--Aged 84, Portman Square, William Mollefon, Mrs. Taylor, mother of Mr. Taylor, of Efq. of Canon Hill, aged 71.-The lady Bridge Street.-Aged 74, in Portman of Francis Freeling, Esq. of the General Street, Mrs. Pierce.--At his house in Poft Office-At her houfe in Charles Str, Piccadilly, Mr. Francis Parsons.--Mrs. Berkeley Square, Lady Anne Capell.- Margaret Leech, widow, of KensingAt his house, in Sloane Street, John An- 'ton Square.--Mr. William Bullock, dree, Ef. late of Bond Street.-Mrs. merchant, Crescent, Minories.-At his Toulmin, wife of Mr. William 'Toulmin, fon's houfe in the Strand, Mr. Drury, folicitor, Union Street, Southwark.- aged 80.-At her refidence in Duke At her house, Spring Gardens, Lady Street, Grosvenor Square, the CounTaylor, in her 80th year.–At her 'tess of Talbot. Her complaint was an father's Dispensary, Princes Street, inflammation in the bowels, with which Soho, in her 17th year, Miss T. Spill she was attacked in the morning, and bury, daughter of Mr. H. B. Spilsbury. "which, in a few hours, made fuch ra-Mrs . Powell, wife to Mr. Powell

, the pid progress, as terminated in her difactor, of Drury Lane.-At her brother's solution, at the early age of forty-three. house at Pimlico, Miss Knight.-At Her Ladyship was daughter of the late Clapham, in the 20th year of her age, Earl of Hillsborough, and sister to the Miss Juliana L. Symons, daughter of last Marquis of Downshire, as well as the Rev. Jelinger Symons, B.D. Vicar 'the present Marchionefs of Salisbury, of Whitburn, in the county of Durham. and mother to the existing Earl of Tal~Mr. John Gammon, jun, of Knowle bot.-Mrs. Mary Ann Watts, wife of Green, Staines. -Mrs. Towse, wife D. P. Watts, Efq. Gower Street.-At of Mr. Towse, of Knowle Green, Bath, Jarnes Jacque, Efq. late of CharStaines.--Mrs. Eaton, wife of Mr. lotte Street, Portland Place --Rather Exton, of Egham Hill. -At Kenf- suddenly, John Labrow, Efq. druggitt, ington, aged 80, Mrs. E. Stan- of St. John Street, Smithfield.---Thom. tial, relict of the late Reverend J. Elde, Esq. in his 88th year. He was Stantial, formerly of Chertsey.-In Sa one of the Registers of the Court of

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