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ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. WE have received a very angry and indeed ubufive leiter from a Correspondent who hyns himnjeuf mpeurs he hus taken umbrage at i he mention ue made (pp. 330—7, vol. I.) of Mr. Duy, in our Critique on siis Seward's Life of Dr. Durwin. But our correspondeni forfeits all cluim to be minutely unjuered; for he very cundidiy confejjes he hus never jcen the b ographiculwork alluded to," and therefore can juy nothing of the propriety or impropriety of introducing the informution repcting Mr. Day into it."! It is, indeeil, fomething more thun ridiculous for a perjon to condemn deductims which are draun from urly giren premises, without firjt making himjifurquuinted with thoji premijes; when he has done tħut, he may then judge of the justnejs of the inferences. Confequently, we refer our correjpondeni to Mijs Sewurd's work. It is not our ayh tu indulge in petty invective: truth is our object; and where that is to be obtuined, we will obtuin it, regard lejs of uny checks which anile fondnejs or childish uttelur muy interpose. Had our correjpondent's letter been writion with more coolnes, and with some confifiency, it Jhould certainly have been admitted into the Maguzine, and received due refutution,

There is more good intention than poetry int" U. B.'s" Addrejs to the Ex-minister.
The Epigram on the phylical Author of an annual Review," in our nert,
The “ Petition of the Wite of Alinas," &c. does not meet with our approbation.

The following letier came too lute for infertion this month in the usual place; we therefore give it here.

To the Editor of the Universal Magazine. Sir,

IF you deem the following Query worthy a place in your Magazine, to be dif cussed by some of your judicivus correspondents, the insertion will greutly oblige .

Yours, 8c. June 18, 1804.

SKILLINGTON. Query. From whence did the Blacks originate, and how are we to account for the difference of their complexion ?

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