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terminating at the cornice, are fif- posed on each side of the doors, at teen feet in height. The cornice, the two ends of the gallery. with the frieze and architrave, form. On ten brackets are placed some ing a rich entablature, is supported fine antique marble bults, of the by fixteen columns, seventeen feet Polignac collection. high, of a single block of Carrarian The reason of the preference given marble (with gilt bronze capitals), to Parian marble in general is 110distributed at the two extremities of ticed by the Abbé Winckelman, as · the gallery, and at the middle divi. follows; viz. fion. The piers between the windows, “On trouve des statues, dont le and at each end, are inlaid with gie marbre paroit comme fondu,ou paiallodi lienna giallo antico, and white tri, d'une malle laiteuse sans aucune marble. The pavement is composed apparence de grain. C'est là fans of yellow Sienna and white Carrarian doute le plus beau : et tel etoit apmarble, inlaid alternatelyin rhoibs, parement le marbre de Paros, le This figure, of all others, forms the plus rare, et le plus estimé de tous. prettiest pavement; as it fills up Cette forte de marbre a de plus deux space with the precision of geome- autres qualités qui manquent au trical proportion, while it fatisfies plus beau marbre Carrarien. La the eye with a pleasing variety première est fa molesle, ou pour

Over the door, at each end, is an mieux dire sa douceur: il se laifle antique basso relievo of uncommon travailler comme de la cire, et on beauty, and in high preservation, of en peut faire des ouvrages de la plus the Polignac collection, each of them grande finefle, comme des cheveux, fix feet long and three feet high. The des plumes, &c. Celui de Carrare. one over the entrance is of Carrarian au contraire, est dur, et s'écaille marble, and represents three female lorsque l'on le tourmente trop. Sa figures of exquisite beauty, and two seconde qualité est la couleur, qui genius': it was found in the fepul approche de la couleur de chair, au chre of Livia, the wife of Auguitus. lieu que le Carrarien a une blancheur The subject I could not discover eblouillante.” Hift. de l'Art, vol. 2, precisely, nor could I meet with any p. 61. body able to give me the information

On Painting. I wilhed for on the matter. The “ Pictura eft muta Poelis; other relievo, at the oppofile end, is poelis loquens pictura," faid the of Salina marbie, and was found in antients. Had painters been always the palace of Nero: it represents men of education and literature, the history of Bacchus and Ariadne. what admirable produ&ions might There are fourteen figures in this the world not have had? But natubeautiful piece, which cannot be too ral talents, improved by the polith much admired for the expreflion and of study and practice in the art. ease of the figures, as well as the fine have too frequently remained undisposition of the group. By the supported by that correctness of great glass door, in the centre of the talie in the choice of subjects, and gallery, are two tineantique statues; the manner of treating them, which the one Julia, the daughter of Au- can alone proceed from a mind culgultus, found in the villa of Marcius, tivated and enriched by an intimate of the Polignac collection; the other acquaintance with the beautiful fica daughter of Niobe, of the Bayreuth tions of poetry, and the interesting collection.

facts of history. From this defiFour statues, made at Paris by ciency of mental improvement in the King's order, viz. Mars and Ve the generality of the professors of nus, by Couston; Diana, by Vafle; the delightful art of painting, proand Apollo, by Le Moine, are dilo ceeds the heterogeneous allemblage

of objc&s, and the low, trivial, whim- tique statues, busts, &c, which we fical, and absurd subjects, which are had not time to notice particularly, so often substituted for the fublime as the day was already far advanced; matter which great historians and it was the last we had to spend at poets may be said to have sketched Potzdam; and the Temple of Antiques out, as it were, for the pencil. remained yet to be seen; we there

Fortunately for the art, most of fore haftened thither, taking ja cur the great matters have frequently way the touched the subject which, of all

Knights House. others, is the best calculated to This building, which forms the breathe into them the celestial in- left wing of the palace, corresponds fpiration of genius. The art of in site, size, and architecture, with painting is eflentially indebted to the Pi&ure Gallery. It formerly religion for its improvement; and served, in winter, as a green-boule, the finest productions of the pencil for keeping the orange-trees; and in are unquestionably those which are summer it answered the purpose of formed on holy subjects. The Na- a theatre fordramatic performances; tivity, the Pallion, tbe taking from but, tince the year 1771, the King the Cross, the holy Family, the Mi- appropriated it to the purpofe of a racles wrought by our Blefred Sa- kind of banqueting house for those viour, beside various parts of inspired periods when it was usual with him bitiory, have been worked on, with to have public days, on which be unrivalled perfection, by the Italian received and entertained the knights and Flemish masters. Mr. Walpole and other military perfons of dilsays, with much truth, “ that if tinction. some of the first reformers had been Before the edifice are 26 beautiat liberty to say exactly what they ful flatues, finished in the quarry of thought, they would have permitted Carrara, upon the fineit antique one of the most ingenious arts, im- models. The apartments in it, conplanted in the heart of man by the taining various valuable antique fia. Supreme Being, to be employed tues, bulis, &c. beside pictures, towards his praise." .

are as follow. The admirable pencil of Raphael,

First Gallery, Rubens, Guido Rheni, is never fo Of compofition imitating white fublime as when employed in pour marble, with blue borders resemtraying the divine cast of counte- bling lapis lazuli. The ceiling of nance, which the spirit of devotion this gallery, or faloon, as well as has happily fucceeded in uniformly all the other ornaments, were deafcribing to the heavenly character figned and gilt by Sartori and Merk; of Jefus.

the parquet is white and bluish The Closet at the End of the marble interlaid. Gallery.

Two tables of uncommonly large This apartment is of white mar- dimensions, formed of Malaga agate, ble and Verd antique. Over the constitute a splendid ornament to door a very fine bafio relievo, by Tin this apartinent; the Nabs of them ammingo, represents children play- areextremely beautifuland valuable, ing upon various intiruinents. This by reason of the fine teints in the clofet contains most of the particu- pellucid undulations of the lione. larly elicemed pictures; at least, After palling through three apartthose which the King was particu ments, the pannels of which are larly partial to.

fitted up with diferent Italian comThe Lubby, leading from the position-marbles, particularly one Gallery.

imitating the Chrysoprafas of Sile. Tuis lobby contains many an- lia, which diffuses au uncommou

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