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their corps. A comedy (we believe “ Guilty or not Guilty?" is anfrom the peo of Dibdin) entitled, nounced among the novelties.

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One by life's charities and hopes un''. Which profilles not to lie.

'bleft. STRANGER! if e'er thy pierced Sell-exil'd he from all that mortals

foul did bend O'er the cold reliques of some valued Lo! on the couch of agony he lies;

Mid alien-arins refigns his painfal If e'er by thee were shed the grateful breath, tear

Unlov'd while living, and unmourn'd Of filial fondness on a parent's bier,

in death! Hence-for beneath this turf doth

L fadly relt


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With Notices respecting Nien of Letters.

Patent to Afr. tlollusion for an Im- cannot, indeed, see the propriety of provement in Spectacles.

making the mariscus the object of a paTHE patentee declares his object to tent; but a thort time will determine

be, to remedy the following defect its merits; for all the opticians will in the common spectacles: that " no lose their trade in fpectacles, if Mr. objects apprar distinct through them, fiollofion can preleut the public, tho' buit iuch as are seen through the center at a very dear rate, his now old fecs of the glaries, or nearly to, but are in- tacles. difunct in proportion to the difiance of Patent to Mr. Sharp, for a Machine to the part of the glass through which they make all Soris of Cards for carding are seen from the center, whether Wool, Cotton, 8c. Edewards, apsards, or downwards; that I'he piece of leather is put into a is to tay, that the indutinguets is great stretching frame, and by motions every er in proportion as the rays of light part is brought to a given point in the paffing fiom an object to the eye pass center of the machine. On the ma: more obiiquely through the glais." To chine being put in motion, a pair of remedy this defect, the patentee uses holes is made in the leaf: at the same the mariscu", a well bnown glass,convex time the proper length of wire is on one fide, and concave on the other; brought forward, and seized by its midand he well observes, in the conclution dle, when it is cut and bent into the of the patent, that “ the Diethods of tape of a staple; then conducted preparing such glasies, and of propor- through the holes in the leat where it tioning their curvature to as to give is crookerl, let loose, and forced up thicin any power of magnifying or diwa- into its place. The leaf is then thified nishing that may be required, and to a space for the next staple, and the fe. fuit the dillerent lights of long and Mort- veral movements again take place ul lighted perlons, are too well known to the card is finished. persons ikilled in ojitics to need any Patent to Mr. Hymans, for a Compofi. description."

tion for having without the Ujë of There cannot be a doubt of the fact, Razor, Soap, or Water. that the marifcus is, and has been for Mix a pint and a half of clear lime a long time, a well known glas to op- water, two ounces of gum arabic, ticians; that its properties are discuil- half an ounce of ilinglass, an eighth of ed in every book of optics; and it is an ounce of roach alum, a quarter of allerted, and we believe it to be the an ounce of powdered turmeric root, fact, that a mariscus has been made an eighth of an ounce of fait of tartar, long before Mi. Wollujion thought of and an eighth of an ounce of cream of his patent, and laid afide by opticians, tartar; boil thein together for an hour ras uníustable to their purpose. It is, at least; clcar it through a feve; then of course, a matter of disputc, whe- add two pounds and a balf of iron puther Mr. Wollaston has made any dif mice ftone, finely powdered, and with covery at all; and, fecondly, whether the white of two eggs mix the whole it is of any advantage to perfons la- with the hands into a caks. Divide bouring under a deicct of vifion. We the cake into twelve parts, and dry

them for three days in the open air; philofopher, a better spirit has at last after which put them in an oven of appeared, and that it is now athained inoderate heat for twenty-four hours, of its former misconduct. The naine when they will be dry, and tit for ule. of Prielilcy will be added to those of Rub the face gently with them, and Socrates, R. Bucon, Galileo, and Locke; the beard will be removed.

not to discourage others in their gloThe lots which the Univerüty of rious pursuit, but to thew the world, Cambridge fuitained in the death of that the names of the perlecuted will Mr. Carlyle, is, we are happy to say, live in future aces, whilst those of the coinpenfated by the appointinent ot' a persecutors meet with deterved ignofuccettor, whom every one looked up ininy even in their litetimes, and after to as a fit person to fill the vacant deait are contigned either to digrace chair. Dr. Clarke, Fellow of Jerus or to oblivion. College, is elected Professor of Arabic: Mr. Jones is not content with Dr. he is well known for his travels, and Wollustun's account of the fuperiority the munificent presents which he and of the periscopic over the common his fellow companion, Mr. Crip, made spectacle glaies; and he obferves, to the Univerlity; and, perhaps, no which is an important point in this two persons that lett England without difpute, that the periscopic glatles any fupport from government, and in- which he purchased were to little indebted only to their own efforts, re- curvated on one side, that they inight turned fo richly laden with literary be taken by an optician for a planospoils, and works both of nature and convex glats. With respect to the exart. The Univertity conferred the de- tent of ditiuct letters without distorgree of Matter of Arts on Mr. Crip, tion, it was nearly the fame in the and of Doctor of the Civil Law on Mr. maritcus as in the common glais; but Clarke. The opportun ties which thele the coloured letters were nearer to the Bentlemen had of exploring the Holy center than in the common glafs. It is Land and the Arabian delerts create a alerted, also, that by looking alquint, very great anxiety to see an account of a greater extent of lines was obierved their travels.

in the mariscus, but blended with coWe announced lately the very gene- lour and contution. Dr. Wollusion will, rous act of foine individuals to Dr. Of course, make his remarks on Mr. Priejiley, by which they hoped to je Jones's letter; and we presume that cure to him a handiome income for the the conteit will be referred to some remainder of his life. The delign was eininent mathematicians and opticians, scarcely accomplithed, when news ar- that the public may not be impoted on, rived of the death of this excellent on the one hand, or that the patentee man; and every one lamented that he may have the merit and protit, if he is did not know, thit, notwithiland ng fo entitled to it, which deiervedly rethe abominable treatment he had re- suit from a discovery. ceived trom fome of injoj countrymen, Dr. Olbers is laid to have discovered there were others who entertained a anotier planet, which is far beyond due fente of his merits. His death has the limits of the planetary system, even Thewn that the number of his friends is as they have been lately extended by by no means inconsiderable. Funeral his countryman Herschell. It is three fermons have been preached to crowd- times the size of Jupiter, and upwards ed audiences in varous parts of Eny- of three thousand millions of miles frora land; fome of them, ainonty which the fun. This new planet travels also those of Dr. Toulmin, Jr. Bojhum, and far ont of the zodiac, the inclination of Alr, Eduards, are the most ditonguiili- its orbit being thirty degrees. We ed, have been publiked. At bingo wait for farther information before we hain, the congregation to which he give credit to this announced discovery. had once been the clergyınan pad D r. Letijom is very landably emthat respect to luis menorv, that the ploved in enquiriny into the tiate of pulpit was covered with back, and the prisons of this kingdom. Mr. Nield every person appeared in mourning, bas communicated to him feveral very which they agreed to wear for two extraordinary,and what would appear in months. It is pleaning to reflect, that a civilied country to be Imolt incredie in the town, which, a few years ago ble, circumstances, At Caernarfon he had to difyraced itelf, as to burn the found women iu irons, and a lunatie books, laboratory, and papers of a confined with a tolon. At Dolgelly, a poor man, upwards of eightv, who had The works of Gustavus III are now been coniined nearly nineteen years in the press at Stockholm : the first for a debt of twenty-seven pounds part is printed. five thillings and fixpence. At Pen- Mr. Beatjon bas added three vozance, the prison is most wretched : at lumes to his Naval and Military Mlethe back yard of a public house, twelve moirs of Great Britain, which now feet quare and fix feet high, with a', come down to the year 1783. neceitarv in one corner, the floor ex- The subject for the prize of four hustremely damp, and pared with stones, dred forins, annually given by the like the middle of the street; without Teylerian Theological Society, is the a fireplace, lighied by a mall iron following question :—What fuccefs bare grated window without glass. In this the millious for the propagation of the place a fariner was contined from the true Christian religion had during the 23d of March, 1803, to the May fol two last centuries; and what fucceis lowing, for a debt of about twenty may be expected in th s refpect from pounds. The making knowo of these the active exertions of the present mis and timilar circumiances wilt thame fouary 1ocieties? The eflays, written the inhabitants of the places where in either Dutch, Latin, French, or they are pracuted, and lead to the re- English, muli be sent to Haerlen be moral of the evil.

fore the 1st of December, 1804: the Mr. J. Pratt propofcs to publish by decition will be made known in the fubicription the works of Bishop Hall, beginning of April 1805. with a new live, and complete index to The subjects for the Bachelors the whole, in ten volumes, 3vo; each Prizes, to be distributed at the comvolume to be delivered monthly, in mencement, at Cambridge, are, for boards, price three hali crowns, the Senior Bachelors, Quid commodi

A New edition of Giraldus Cam- aut incommodi é republicâ homipuin brenis is under the inspection of Sir nigrorum five coloratorum inter acciK. Houre, enriched by some highly dentales infulas nuper conflituta deribinith d engravings by Mr. Byrne. vari queat?---The Middle Bachelors,

Tue Arabic original of the work Quibus modis et gradibus civitates jama tranthated by Renaudot into French in forentes paulatim labare incliare et 1718, and whole exitience has been occidere foleant? doubter, will toon be given to the pub- Sir Richard Worsley's magniocent lic by Mr. Lungles.

work Museum Worte vanum is expedThe Decade Philofophique recom- ed foon to make its appearance, at an mends the fun-tower as a profitable expence to himself of between twenty plant in agriculture: the leaves for and thirty thousand pounds. catile, the flowers for bees, the feeds Dr. Hurrington has now in the for theen, pigs, and poultry.

prers, and will be ready in June or JuThe attention now paid in England iv, a complete overthrow of the French and F:ance to plnilutopuca! pursuits Theory of Chernistry; proving, upoo has excited a degree of emulation even the most clear and fatisfactory ere in Spain; and we hear that at Va dence, its uotiable principles, so that drid, in spite of the luquisition, a jours the greatett sceptics must be corte nal bas Ware its appearance, whose vinced. objecis ar physical and mathematical, MR. Jions converts almost the whole science, warural history, agriculture, of any quantity of alkobol into ether, medicine, polite literature, and the arts. by mixing three parts of that liquid with

FRANCIS and Para Piruneli are one part of sulphuric acid, and submitpreparing for the press the antiquities ting the whole to distillation. oi Magna Grecia, lett by their father. AMONG the proofs of the flourishing The work will be contained in lix vo- fituation of the United States of Amclumes, the fubject of the firit being the rica, may be mentioned the life of their city of Pompeia.

poft offices, published by Mr. Granger, Me. Bruuvais, the naturalist, who the poitmaster-general; according to accompanied Captain Landoiple on wlole account they amount to bearly his vovace to Atrica, in the year 1786, thirteen hundred. has pie juto the press an account of Mr. Reinhard, of Strasburgh, prints Benin, from which is expected much musical notes with folid types; for which intorniation on the political, moral, he has obtained a patent, and geographical fate of that kingdom,

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