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. od; by which the attention of philofo- As a polemic, Dr. Priestley has been plers of other countries was called condemned for his great warmth, up, and limilar pursuits made foreign- which it must be conrelied he has als ers acquainted with the merits of the lowed fometimes to degenerate into

acrimony. If, however, he has some. · The science of electricity was new, times treat. d his adversaries with a and coniequently the facts and theories language bordering on arrogance, it connected with it could not be nume mult not be forgotten that they hava rous, or far spread, lo that a very mo- provoked hun by their infolence and by derate compals ot' reading would em- thai pride which naturally is generated in brace the whole: he tells us, however, feintu in nds by the favour of their own in the preface to his “ H ftory of Elec eltabuilaments; establithments which tricity," that, while engaged in that exclusively limit the honours, the rea horl, he had the advantage of per wards, and the enjoyments of the intercourfe with several eminent profesion to their own class. A highputural philosophers, as Drs. Watson church writer has detcribed Dr. Priest and Franklin, and Mr. Canton. ley's principles to be as full of coinbuf

llis writings, whether as a divine or tion as the chemical, retorts in his laa natural phnolopher, thew hiin to be boratory. It fuch attacks as there are ardent in his fearch atter truth; lan- nut deemed iufficient to justify the leveguine in his expectation of difcorering rity of reprilal, it is dificult to say it, and bold in his tenets and judge what would be thought so. The Docment, when he would untold it to tor was bred a Diventing M nifter: his minkind. Like another reformer, education, habits of study, objects of whole name has been more celebrious pursuit, fam,iar and teinporal conthan it is popular at this day, Dr. nectious, ali necessarily united to form Prieitley seems to have thought that a disposition adverie to those religious the truth ihould be spoken out all at and civil retiraints and profcriptions once, whatever may be the conlea which the ftate has adopted in favour quence, Confiderations of human of its own establishinents. The mind prudence were of as little weight to suffers in proportion to its conception lumn in matters of religion, as reasons of the injury it unjustly receives from , ot state were to Thomas Paine in re- those partialities and restrictions. Rea. formations of governinent.

fon, too, revolts againit the practice of He cared but little for what preju chaining down opinion. The wifet diced minds might feel for novelty of and belt men in all ages have affirmed, opinion, and therefore he did not seek that if all opinions in religion were treely w conc:liate a favourable attention by uttered, none would be found injurie advancing that new opinion by flow ous: Milton is of the same way of degrees; tor as pure religion was the thinking in matters of government. great end of his fiudy, fo he maintain- Dr. Priestley's talents were allowed ed that perfect treedoin of disculiion by all to be of the first class: his zeal was the lureit incans of obtaining it: in prosecuting whatever he thought no wonder, therefore, that he was no conducive to the good of mankind obfriend to the iyiiem on which jealous tained hin the admiration of numbers; eitabli!hments maintain their domina- and if he has sometimes drawn upon tion by uniting the ecclesiastical with himself the obloquy of his enemies, it the political discipline. This malcu- has been done by an intemperance of line and independent way of thinking enthuliasm ; for few indeed are those occafioned a difference between Dr. and scarcely deserving of considerar Priestley and feveral of his dillenting tion, who have in their invectives ąca brethren, by whom he was foinetimes cused him of depravity of principle, attached as war:nly as by his directly Dilputes and controverties in religion opposite adver aries. A literary war. are feldom conducted with the temfari, however, had in it nothing torri- per and moderation the fubject den tic to Dr, Priciiley; he never thunned mards, and which the difputants would it; nay, it appeared to be of falutary have the credit of poftelling. While effct tuh s mind, as fencing is to be in this wartare, however carried on, body of others; and the agitations of one party denies the existence of eve.. opinions, together with the nevy ones ry particle of matter, and the other which there learned sparrings elicited, contends that nothing but matter can benefitted and enlightened the ads have an exitence; we way eatily is wirer. or partilans of either side.

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ed by Dr. Fothergill, and approved by mnent," and by an anonyınous pampbq tome of the worthieit patriots of their let on the State of Public Liberty in country; viz. Sir George Saville, Sir England: he bad belides thewn a Theodore Janflen, Dr. Price, and Mr. warm intereli in the cause of America, Constable. Though the Doctor had an The French rivolution, which was conincome, as we have oblerved, sutticient templated with fatisiaction by fome of for the wants of his own family, yet, the greatest and bett men in the world, as he had nothing to spare for erecting could not fail to infpire the Doctor expensive works, and carrying on his with hopes, that he should lee a better experiments, the above gentleinen of- order of things in the amelioration of fcred to contribute, and did do to, to- governinents. His fatistaction, how. wards fo laudable au undertaking; and ever, was not exprelled in a inaoner to of thele gentlemen the Doctor ob- give offence; nor was he even one of terves, that “it is fomething remarka- the company who allembled on the ble, that all of thein are of ditierent 14thot July, io celebrate the anniversary religious persuasions, but equally lovers of the fall of the Baltille. It was, veof experimental philofophy, and dif- verthelers, the design of his enemies, if interested promoters of it.”

not to destroy him, at lealt to drive hiin The new scene opening to his view away. A worse mnob than a Birininge was gratitying in a high degree, for he hain mob cannot be found any where, became acquainted with, and was atlili- and such an engine was engaged to ef. ed by, fereral men of science, among fect a diabolical purpose. The hotel whom were Meilis. Watt, Bolton, where the dinner was held was attackWithering, Keir, &c., who together ed, the windows broken, and the guests formed a fociety called the Lunurian insulted, though they feparated very Club. Such a phalanx of scientific early in the afternoon. perfons, to bright a constellation of The barbarous fury of 1780 was talent, could not have been expected played off in Birmingham; to particuin the meridian of a country town. larise which would be to repeat what

Before he had been in his new habi- was publithed in almolt every periodis tation a year, he was requested to be cal work in Europe: fuffice it to tay, come the paitor to a congregation of that though the Doctor was privately dillenters at the new meeting in Bir- spending the day with a friend or two, iningham, upon the relignation of Mr. these inodern Vandals, directed by Hawkes. He accepted the almost una fome perfous as fagacious as wicked, Dimous invitation, on the expreís con- after first letting tire to his houle at dition of no claim for duty being made Fair-hill, and consuining his extensive on him but on Sundays; the reit ot' library and complete apparatus of phithe week be refolved to devote to his . lofophical machines, bunted him froin accustomed literary and philofophical bouie to louie, with the view, no pursuits.

doubt, of putting an end to his life. Dr. Priestley had formerly been on During the above outrageous proterms of intimacy with the clergy of ceedings, the diflenters of BirmingEngland, at lealt with that part of it hain could not help comparing their distinguished for a love of the iciences. condition to those of the protestants in But party ran high in Birmingham, and France, on the revocation of the Edict the bigotry of the clergy of the place of Nantz. The walls were chalked with had manifested itielt in leveral in the words- " Dainn Pricitley! No ttances, particularly in their retuing to Presbyterians!"-and these words were go into the lame coach with diflenting vociferated by boys, who were, no Ininitters at funerals, or to walk with doubt, intiructed to do so by older and them in the proceflion. This animofi- more defigning people. ty was carried so far, as to be vented Dr. Priestley was dogged from one in little abusive pamphlets, wherein house to another, nor did he find fate the Doctor was distinctly pointed at. repose till he arrived at that of his veNow, though he was not idle with his nerable and leady friend the Rev. pers, but published several theological Theophilus Lindsey, in London, On works while in Birniingham, yet be the next day he addrested an excel*preserved his temper to a degree which lent letter to the Birmingham people, gave his friends much fatisfaction. in which he reminded thein of their

The Doctor had before testitied his having destroyed a collecíion of books attachment to liberty, by his “ Effay and instruments which no individual on the Firtt Principles of Governs ever before poflefled.

It is with reludance we retrace a not found in the Pantheon of the ilscene wluch is a ditgrace to the colline luitrious of Britain !!! try we live in. These procecumngs drove him to ieck, at his advanced LIFE OF VICTOR MOREAL', GENERAL 01 age, a peaceful habitation in another THE FRENCH ARMIES OF THE MO quarter of the globe; perhaps repeat SELLE, THE RHINE, &c. &c. wg the words in Terence--

(Concluded from p. 339.) “ Carens Patria ou meas injurias." On the 4th of September of the

lle made Northumberland, a town same year, the revolution of the three in Pennsylvania, the place of his reti- directors was brought about, which ocdence. As well as wanting many of cafioned Picbegru, with fome other dethe comforts of polithed lite, and va- puties, to be trantported to Cayenne ; rious helps to a Itudions habit, he had and then it was that Moreau was callfamily lülies to deplore. He buried ed upon to say all be knew of Piclebis excellent wite and a beloved fon, gru's treafun. He wrote the following which calamities must have severely letter to Barthelemny, one of the directried bis patienci'. Soon after the tors. It was dated Stralburgh), 19th Doctor had settled in America, that Fructidor, Year 5; i. e. 5th of Sept. quarter began to teI the concullionary 1797. thock of the French revolution. For

" Citizen Director, fume time his Stuation was not 10 com

“ You will, no doubt, remember that, fortable and tranquil as he expected it

during my last journey to Balle, I informed to be. Upon the election of Mr. Jef

you, that after our pallage of the Rhine we

had taken a packet belonging to General ferton, however, to the leat of Preli

Klinglin, containing two or three hundred dency, the political horizon cleared up; letters of his correspondents: many of and the Doctor, in a letter to that geia these were in ciphers, &c. &c. tleman, exprefled his tense of the good “I was at first determined not to publich ness and wildom of his astımmitiration, this correspondence, but observing at the and of the fatisfaction he enjoyed une head of parties who at present trouble our der it

country, a man enjoying in a high ftuatioa As an author, the Doctor's works

the greatest confidence, a man deeply in. alone would forin a library: it would

volved in this correspondence, and defined be too long a catalogue tu cnumerate

to perform an important part in the recall

of the Pretender, the object to which it them. While reliding in America,

was directed, I thought it my duty to in. he wrote, belides many other works, a

form you of this circunfiance, &c. &c. pamphlet ot" Jeius and Socrates come “ I confess, Citizen Director, that it is pared."

extremely painful to inform you of this The death of this valuable man cor treachery, more especially as he whom ! respouded with his bfe. He de parted now denounce to you was once my friend; like a true Chrifliun, forgiving his ene

I alluie to the representative of the people, mies, and, above all, h.s ungrateful

Picheru: and agrin; the proofs are as country, as he might, froin a just re

clear as day: I doubt, however, whether lentinent, have directed his tumb to

they are judicial," &c. be infcribed

Barthelemy himself was implicated " Ingrata Patria! ncque olla mea habebis,"

in the aitair ot Pichegru, and was un

der fentence of banthanent when the Tie expired on Monday, February 9,

above letter came to his hand. This 1804, after a gradual decay, the con

directorial revolution had taken place fequence of a levere illnels he experi

but the day before the date of the letenced at Philadelphia in the year 1801.

ter, and it was given out that Moreau Dr. Prieliley was taciturn in mixed

had intimation of it by the telegraph at and large companies, but was ailable

Strasburgh early on the 5th. It is not, and kind among his relations. He was

however, afiirined, that he knew of an excellent parent and husband; and

Barthelemy's disgrace at the time,

Barthe 1ander itlelt has never aimed a blow at

thougil it may be easily imagined bis private conduct, or impeached his

that in ether case he had realon to integrity,

believe the writing such a letter would This great man, by his splendid ta

leffen or remove the fulpicion of his lents, has increated the reputation of

having countenanced the plot of Picbe his country: and yet, in the bad times of it, was not allowed to live quietly

There is no doubt, however, that within its doininion. In better days the late occurrence will give conuteit will be regretted that his athes are nance to the tire luipicious of his having


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