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torical facts, and to fix the chrono. Extract of the Letter from Mr. Jefferson. logy of particular events; in the

President of the United States, to Tho

mas Paine. same manner statues and paintings « You expressed a wish in your letter to illustrate and mark the allegory return to America by a national ship. Mr. and characteristic inspirations of Dawson, who brings over the treaty, and poets, and record biftorical tradi. who will present you this letter, is charged

with orders to the Captain of the Marytion. The use which Greece and land to receive and accommodate you Nome made of the art of sculpture back, if you can be ready to depart at such was particularly favourable to that a short warning. You will in general find enthusiastic fpirit which carried us returned to sentiments worthy of for

mer times; in these it will be your glory them to fuch glorious actions. We to have steadily laboured, and with as much have often lamented, that statues effect as any man living. That you may and columns, in commemoration live long to continue your useful labours, waminame choror and national and reap the reward in the thankfulness of

nations, is my fincere prayer. Accept the events, were not more generally assurance of my high elteein and affectionate crected in this country.

attachincnt. Obelisks and columns are very common in Germany, and are fre

July, 1802.” quently erected to the memory of By this veffel (the Maryland) particular persons. This inode of Mr. Paine declined going, and effusing the feelings of individuals is waited for the frigate that brought objectionable, inasmuch as the pof- the Minister Livingston to France ; session of estates being but of pre- but this frigate was ordered round carious tenure, those monuments, to the Mediterranean so interesting to those who crected He then agreed to embark in the them, are exposed to the risk of vessel Commodore Barney had enfalling into hands perfectly indiffer- gaged (which funk at lea), but ent to preserving them : a church was prevented. appears, therefore, the properest It was, Sir, in the LONDON place for those sacred memorials. PACKET, a trading thip, he at laft [To be continued.]

embarked for America, in August

1802, at Havre de Grace, where To the Editor of the Universal Nag. the writer of this article was they Sir,

fpending some time with him. AS it is, no doubt, your desire to I am, Sir, communicate nothing to your read

Your obedient Servant, ers but what is correct, and as

Clio RICKMAN. " there are no errors so small, but Alarch 20. they ought to be amended," I take the liberty to put you right To the Editor of the Universal Mag. with respect to the following state- Sir, ment in the short account of Tho- I BEG leave to enquire, through mas Paine in your Magazine for the medium of your excellent Mir. February.

cellany, whether any of your cor.“ Mr. Paine was conveyed to respondents, who attend to the America by a frigate commissioned changes which occur in the atmoby the President to receive him." sphere, have ever noticed the state of

Now the fact was, that it was not the thermometer during an eclipfeof a frigate, but a merchantman, that the sun. A gentleman in town reMr. Jefferson wished him to come marked, at the time of the late solar to America in, as the following eclipse, when about nine digits of letter evinces, which is copied from the sun's dilk were obscured, that, the original, and which it is expect in the space of forty minutes from ed will gratify your readers.

the commencement of the eclipse,

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