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A SYSTEM OF COSMOLOGY, In from supporting the supposition,

TENDED AS AN INTRODUC- that the mind of man in its uncor-
TION TO THE GENERAL STU rupt state is not able to elevate it-

self to the apprehension of and fix - (Continued from page 238.]

its attention on the adoration of the

Divine Being, which has, however, Religion, Laws, Manners, and Cuf- been much inlisted on by those, who,

toms of the Celtes and Gauls. being addicted to and prejudiced AS the Gauls were the descend- in favour of a pompous form of ants of the Celtes, the same religion worship, maintained that the soul was propagated from the one to the of man, debased by corporeal affecother; whence, it would have tions and ideas, is too much enbeen more methodical to have re- groffed by material objects to be

lated what can be said on that sub- able to raise itself towards the .. ject while treating of the Celtes, Deity without an object or image

where their religion was but gene- to fix the attention, or without the rally touched on; but as the in- use of the mean and inadequate formation we are in pofleflion of analogy of human grandeur in respecting the Gauls is more ex- dresses, cerernonies, and buildings, tenlive than can be obtained with to conceive his perfections ; and to regard to the Celtes, and so much draw the necessary consequence, blended with their religion and from the glorious phenomena of his manners, it became more consist- works, that his nature must ever ent with the proposed extent of this exceed our comprehension, as his work to avoid repetitions, by re- attributes excite our wonder, praise, serving it for this place: it will be and love. necessary only to remember, that The adoration therefore of one whatever notions were prevalent Supreme God was carefully kept with the Gauls, either respecting up by both these nations, and he religion or their manners in gene was worshipped under the name of ral, originated with the Celtes. It is Efus; and notwithstanding the gods very remarkable, that notwithstand- of other nations were in time ading the religion of the Celtes and mitted as objects of divine respect, Gauls foon experienced a la- they were held in esteem only as mentable debasement by the ad- inferior deities : they never erected million of polytheism, and the use any temple or idol even to this of sacrifices, particularly of human Efus, or fupreme deity; so that victims; after that an intercourse he seems to have been acknowledgbetween them and the Romans had ed by them much in the same mantaken place, and also other nations ner that the Athenians did the unwho had long been dupes to so great known god mentioned by St. Paul, a moral depravity, yet that their , which notion, it is to be observed, notions respecting the Divine Ef- was far from being peculiar to sence were such as would not dif- them. grace the most refined system of The name of Efus was possibly theism. What can more clearly derived from the Hebrew word Heevince their knowledge of those at zus, which fignifies strong and tributes of the Deity, ubiquity and mighty, as the old Celtic was withomniprefçience, than their esteem- out doubt a dialect of the Hebrew. ing it as derogating from his na. In all probability they used no ture to invoke more particularly temples till long after the conhis presence in a temple built with queit of them by Cæsar, as an auhands? An instance this, from the thor who lived long aster him exexperience of history, which is far pressly tells us, that they had no Vol. I.

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rium, or ox market, two men and above-mentioned instance; but, on two women, natives of Greece and the contrary, it is certain that the Gaul. It will be said, this was long use of human victims was authoafter the time of Cicero, as it hap- rised by the Emperors Severus, Aupened under Trajan; but the books relian, and Dioclesian, and that from which such doctrines were de- they still continued to be offered in ducible were the antient oracles of the time of Constantine the Great, Rome, well known to him, and im- and cyen down to that of Gratian, mediately under his care pro- who gave the finishing blow to it. fellionally: the truth is, the Gauls W hen their religion was corrupt. at that time neither regarded the ed by the introduction of the mye pretended gods of other nations, thology of other nations, it is very nor therefore the sanctity of their reinarkable that they rather imtemples, but held both in contempt proved those fables by means of an and abhorrence; they really had a elegance, and the force of a lively religion of their own, of which they imagination, so natural to that nawere fo tenacious, that they de- tion, by finding out an allusion respised all others in comparison of plete with much more point and

meaning than the original poffefled. With respect to the introduction The truth of this observation is exof polytheism among them, it is emplified in the account given us highly probable that it was forced by Lucian of the Gallic Hercules, on thein by the superior power of which, as it contains a beautiful their tyrants the Romans, who, as allegory, perhaps will not be unthey made it their constant practice entertaining to the reader, and is to introduce their religion and laws therefore here translated from the by force when they could not original Greek of Lucian. He tells otherwise succeed, wherever they us, “The Gauls call Hercules, Og. conquered, the Druids, tenacious “ nicus in their language, but reof their own system, could not but “ present him in a very unusual be extremely averle to all fuch “ manner; they paint him as a de. changes, and used their power, “ crepit old man, bald before, his which was very great, in opposing “ beard extremely grey, as are the them, and prevailing on the people “ few hairs remaining on his head; to shake off the yoke; the Romans, “ his skin is wrinkled and funtherefore, were obliged to find fome “burnt, but yet he is clad in the plauâble pretence to strip them of “ skin of a lion, holding a club in Their great fway: accordingly, fe- “ his right hand, a quiver hanging veral emperors took an effectual “ from his shoulders, and a bow method to fuppress the Druidical “ bent in his left hand: he draws power, by issuing out severe edicts" after him a vast multitude of against the bloody and unnatural “ men, all tied by their ears by fine cufom, so prevalent among them, “ small chains, the extreme link of offering human facrifices. It ap. “ of which was made fast to a hole pears, therefore, that policy, rather “ in the tip of the god's tongue; than a better way of thinking on " and though the men are drawn moral subjects, was the chief cause “ by luch Nender bonds, yet none of these edicts, as the Romans “ of them with to break loofe, might as well have proceeded in " which they might easily do, but the same manner against all other“ gladly and cheerfully follow him. nations under their domination, “I was much astonished at this and have began more realonably, “ picture; but a certain Gaul, who by reforming themselves on this “stood by, said, I will explain to very subject, as appears from the you, ó stranger, this enigma.

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