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Life, by G. II. Drummond, A.SI., Pre- War, and a territorial Acquisition and bendars of York. 6s. Longmin. commeril Einprium in Time of

Honest sprehentions; or, the un- Peace; with a Srutifical Sketch of bialled and fincere Confe1110n of Fa th the winnic Couny: compiled from auof a Plain and Iloneit Lin-M, 2,0d. ihatic Documcots, by John Barrow,

The Case of Hezekiah cupfidered as Ety. Vol. II, 1l 15% a Ground oi Confolation and a Motive Tour in Teelice, with a mar. 26. to Union in Prayerat the prefent alarm- An Excursion in France, and other ing State of the King's livalth and of Parts of the Continent of Buropi, fruin the British Empire; in a Simmon proach- the (ettition of llettiliers in 1601 ert at loburn Chapel, on Sunday, Feh, the 13t'i of December, 1803; includ26, 180-2: bv thu Res. G. 4. Thomis, ing a Narrative of the anprecedented LL.D., Minister of the fizici (hurch. is. Detention of the Englith Travellers in

Watis's Lyric Poems; a new edition, that country as Pintorers of War: by with additions: by Dr. Gibbons. Oué Chork's laek:11, W.D. 6s. vol. 8vo, with portra:t, os. Another A lamily Tour through the British edition, in 1810, 4, boards.

Empire ; containing for Account of VOYAGES AND TRAVTIS.

its Manufacures, natural and artiticial An Account of Traveis into the Tri- Curiolities, Dubry, and Iptiquities; terior of Southern Africa, in which is intersperied with Biographical intrconlidered the Importance of the Case dotes. Particularly adapted to the of Good Hope to the different Euro- Amusement and intruction of Youth: pean Powers, as a naral and glitry with a coloured mup of the Unter Station; as a Point of Securiis to our Kinguom, By Pritcilla itakefield. 4s Ud. Trade and Settlements during a

DOMESTIC INCIDENTS; Hojt important Marriages, Deaths, &c., in and near London : together

with Biographicil Memoirs of eminent Persons deceajed.

COLONEL Picton, lato Gorernor of ed; but it remains yet for the learned

Trinidad, having appearedilsiore the to decipher the characters, and give Lord Chisi Justice, and have bail, lim- tie pubiic a trantiation in fome of the felt in one thoutant, and two juetes in ecru languages. tive hundred pounds each, to auiwer to The different pieces of the beautiful an indictment, a bill was found the totclated pavement, which wonentions lait day of term by the Gernd Jury ed in page 07 of air tirti number as of Slidülefer, for the imiction ot' tor- being found in Loadenha! Street, are tures on Louila Cableron, a tree Spanish now puting together at the Livia girl, under fourteen y;curs of age. House, and a corret drawing is igaks

The India Company's L brary, be- ing of it by a gentleman on the clas fides suitable manuicride and prmed blishment. books, now cou ains a valuable collection of Orientai ihells; there areli wile MARRIAGES, DEATH, &c. &c. the skeletons of two elephants heads, Marrici. At St. iin irey's, tiol. two tuiks, a very large itu ied make, born, Win. Dacres Adams, El. erier forne ülver and copper idois, banulome fon of W. A. H . M.P. for Totuels, to speciinens of different forts of wood Miss Eliza Iyneil Mayow, daughter ol prodnced in the Eali Indies; a cortet M. W. Elo. of Ely Piace.- Catclaud helinet worn by Tippoo Sultan, ellor, Eq. of Sloomibury Square, try made of cork, covered with green vel. Mís E. Shoolbred, young fc daughter vet, bullet proof; and a large quare of the late J. S. 1: At Lainbeth ftone, brought troun Babylon about two Church, Thos, Scurrick, El. of Aincyears ago, with characters very clofely rica Squars, to luis Davis, daughter and exquisitely well cut all over the fur- of J. D. Cq. of Kennington.-- Mafaccs, in good preservation. JIr. Fither, rybone Church, C'art, Graham, of the & clerk in the house, has made a very 13th Light Dragoons, to Miis Maria lacurate drawing, and had it engrav- Cookc, youngert daughter or the lats

G. J. (. Efq, of Harctic.- At St. late Baronet, at the last mentioned Margarti's, Memutter, J. Clint, Lig. place, tronu mouves of respect w has brewer, of libank, Counch of the memory, to eitat his fun to r, prezent Wetumier Cavalry, to Muts Letton, the barough i l'arlament, and a car of Grove Hill, ( aiberweil, daughter als was actually made for that pure of Dr. L.-Theodulius l'birageli hia, poie; but foue doubts arising in the Elg. to Jins Thorou, ci lamon, mands of the trulties under the will of Lincoluth re:--At Lambeth, 'l bomas the late Sir Francis, how far they were Strigei, Liv. to jas ke berca Bilingi jutuned in giving their lauction to lo ly, vi lagtton.--ulun Bificil, Lig. mportant a meature without the coliCaptain in the Royal Navy, tu viits currence of the ton, and be being in Lyhyn, of Smithfied bars. it St. Germany, it was at length refolved by George's, lianover Square, by the Rt. the town, that its cho.ce thould de Rev, the Lord Bihop of London, the volve on a friend of the family, and kev. Robert Lloduion, Rečior oi that George Galway Mills, Esq. was in conParith, to Mis Mary Tucker, tourth sequence elected. daughter of the late Colonel T.-At l he late Sir Francis Sykes was reSt. Marin's Church, Mr. Joteph Stute- turn. d four times for Wallingford, at ly, of Northumberland Street, Strand, which place he was much ette med for to Mus Mercer, of the fame place, - his uniform attention to its interes, Ai St. George's, Bloomibury, Richard and huis oblizing carriage to the inhaBouton, Eiq. eldent ion of ii. B. Elg. bitamis, by whom his ineincry will le of Thorncroft, Leatherhead, Surrey, to long cherished with peculiar respect. Mifs Carolina, third daughter Whenever any question of more than of the lale R. S. Lill -lir. Davis, jun. ordinary inoinent was agitated in the of Gracechurch Stret, to Miskinaces, line of Commons, it was Sir Francis's of Peckhal...-di . Mary's anu ei. pra t o coniult the opinion of his Gregory's, Mr. James Towind, of coniti?!, and to regulate his conLungate Street, to liis Jachior, only dit on) We occafion agreeably to their daughter of J. J. Lic. of the line 1iuctions; and he has been known place.At Lambeth, r. Trenim to lacritice his own private judgemeut Old,ot sewington l'lace, tu Hits Creil to the wides of his eleitors. As a dowell, of kendsten. --At St. Martin's loetlic me, he was an exemplar to Church, W. Hayuello. of the Strand, those who move in the sphere of conteto suis Taylor, of the Adelphu Ter- quence and Opulence. Magnificent race.--Mr. l. d. B erbotim, jun. withont ctentation, and a cononical lurgeon, of Ron Sireet, Covent Gar- without partimony, he vied in the rest dei, to Miss Clorkit St. Honoras gular of his accounts with the meChurch!, Mr. Richaritulinich, oflios- the wind accuracy of the tradefuan. ton Square, to dlus Williams, ot the Abalagilirate of the county ot Berks, same place.--Atst. Leonard's, Slorc- he will be much lamented, long a ditch, the Rev. A. Bart citi, late lector man of business, and uniting those 09of Triuity (hinchi, Ma ilan hire centary quantications, discrimination, (New England, tous Mary Liochi, patience, pericverance, On his return daughter of the late R. I. Ely. of trom ludia, he purchased the mantion Cockermouth.--Edwd. Chamberlevde, and estate of the late Lord Fane, at Elg. of Koiventen, kut, to mils Ly- baie on; and at some diiarce from dia Waiter, third daugnter of the late thuhete on the old bouc erecied a new Captain K. of the livral Nary:--At one', of very stately architecture, where St. Olave's, Ollastry, vir. Vini, of helpeut the greater part of his time in Kwy Street, chcalde, to mars. Tyton, rural aynitvi Teollow ng anecdotes of Wall Street-ilm. larrivit, L. of lym ought not to be forgotten, as of thellon. Eat India Coms any's c- they rtlect an amiable lutire on bis vil fervice, to lis Lydia Morida, memory. At a former election for fuurth daughter of the faic Rev.j.andHailingford, he wpiied to a voter Vicar of Perihorea

whole ton lived with him in the capaThe late Sir Francis Sykes, Bait city of a servalit, and was kiudly treatwote death w3s amounce in our last ed in his fanity. To the astonishment Number, died in the 74111 year of bis of all preterit, hic met with a politive age, and was interred in a taule in la- and 12xpected retu'al! He had, hoita teldon Church, and not at Valliniuri. (ver, the magnanimity to order by It was intended by the r eds of the domedics to treat the lad with kiudnefs, obiurving that he was rot an- ardunt wilhes that no prosecution should firerable for the conduct of his father; be carried on aga nit him ly nis lurand he continued in the service of Sir vivors. Francis until his decenie.

When the Coroner's in quel fatt upon The oiber invidunt alluled to is the body, isicholion, of Sackville this. On one occdio, when he went Street, the surgeon, itated, that the with his Lady to his parith (berch at deceased died of a wouni given by a Barcidon, he found it fo completely piroi inot; but no evidence brings van thronzed with hearers, that it was im- as to who find it, the jury found a ponible for them to gain au efs to their verdict of wlful Vurdir agunii fome pek. In this tituation, adicad of leav- periun or pertoas unknown. ing the place with digui, as fome I n his Lorclip's will, we are inwould have done, they cheerfully sub- formed that tres principal part of his Initted to the mean accommodations of fortune is bejuentined to his biter, Lady the church porch during the whole of Grenville, to be entirely at her owo dl the forvice.

polal. llor Ladythip, we now tint, is Tallingford,

C. A. A. the fule executix. Authentic 10 Nar. 1901.

pal bequelis, his Lordan, ailer ciLord Came/foril.-On Saturday the pretting the highest leurre för his 1001, betrech cigli and mine in the friend Captain Barrie, directs that all prenog, at Mr. City', near Ilolland bis taptan B.') debts may be immediloui, where he bad been ever since ateix puid, and an annuity or two hun. the Hedociday preceding, when a duel dred puuris per anaun allowed him took place in that neighbourrood be- during his life. le has left feveral tween his Lozilthip and Mr. Bolt, a fans to b. devoted to benevolent purgerilemnan releat in limpole Street. poies. This tervaats, althoue's not lo confequence of fome haliy exprel- mentionedi in the will, his Lord!hip efions which paliud between thi gentle commended in a very part alar inanme and the deceated on the Tucflayner to Lord Grenville', who has under. preceding, the latter conceived hiuis talento provide for them. He caufe: felf insulted, and a natetik was ap to be inserted in his will a declaration pointed for the best porning, in the 'that be considered haneli' the arroilor grounds of liolland lioule, near Keise in the quarrel which produced his bugton. When the parties, with their death; to which he added a folemn refecouris, met at the time appoiuted, quoá, that, in the event of his adtanMr. Beit ende is oured to appeaie lis lit being profecuted contrary to his Lordihip, and river him from the pur- express dutire, this his last declaration pofe of lighting it duet. Lord Camel might be made huwd toh's Mujedy. ford would hear of no accommodation His Lordthip's t tle beves extinct, whatevir. Vr. Beti then tired, and and the contilerable fainly efiates, mot his Lordship in the right brcalt; nearly twenty thouland pounds per anupon which, him clt and the feconds 'num, devolve to his only filer, Lady left the field with fuch preciputation, Grenville, and afterwards, in derault that, when a labouring inan, who was of illue', to the Earl of Chatham's faat work near at hand, came up, le mily, who are next in the enrail. Ilis found Lord Camctford lying on his hordhip was in the 20th year of his back, in a very low and wet part of are, living hora in 1775. His father, the field. When Lord Cameltord who was the first Lord Camelford, was heari lomebody call oui, to stop tucse created to that Barony in 1784, and gentlemen that were going, he alked, deicended from the fine line of ancewhy any body ilouki Itop them; om fry as the Lords Chatham and Rivers. fening, that he (lufell, was the ag- Lord Caweifürd went round the world, greitos-that lie aili forgave them, and as a Middhipman, along with Captain hoped God would forgive them. lie Vancouver; and on his return was prowas then conveyed to the houe above moted to a Lieutenancy, and toon aimentioned, where he languiled ull tirwards to the rank of Matter and death puta tina: period to his literings, Commander, wh ch he religned in a which were very acute.

thort time, and quitted tlic naval proRespeeting Nr. But, the fatal infiru- fulion. ment of this catuiruphe, his Lordihip Ou Saturday the 17th, in the mornis fail to have repeatedly exprefled his jug, between cight and wine o'clock, perfcct forgivenels of him, and his must the body of the late Lord Camcliord was removed from his house in (); ford house at Ilyde Park Corner. At his Street to the vault in St. Ann's Church, boule in Queen Anne Street East, VI. Soho, where it is tu reinain until ars Charles Collier, who was 15 years Berange mouts can be fornied for its con- tanic Gardener to the late Duke of Pt jane to Sw tzeriand. The bearfe Beuford, Woburn Abbey.-Athis is. was drawn by fix hories, and followed ther's houte, in Great Rule-ftreet. by two mourning coaches and fix, his Bloomsbury-Square, after a long illness qul), Lord Grenville's, and fome other the youngest fou of J. H. Newboli, carriages. The cofiin was covered with Eo. - Incbild-bed, Mrs. E, Thompson. rose-coloured velvet, with a profulion ared 31, wife of E. T. Elg. of Rotheroillver claips. There were two plates; brithe.--At her house in Pentonville, she wp one contained the arms, colour- Mrs. Blytie, relict of the late S. B. Efo. ed, annt underneath the following lines: one of the principal oficers of Sheer.

'i he Ristit llomonrable Thones nos vard.-Benjamin Lutkens, Elq. of Loud Camcliord, died 19th March, Claphan, in the 74th year of his age. 1804, aged 29 years."-The boituan' Mrs. Baily, of Milbank-itree, Wetplaie contained the coronet only. miler, agru 73.- At Willesden, aged

Lan Cameltord has minutely de- 75, 1r.Jercrpiah Barr, parith clerk and fcribed the spot in the Cantón of fexton, and water of the Free-School, Brde, in Switzerland, where he is to lle was drum inajor to tie 94th tegbe interred: it is between three trees, ment of foot many years. At the and he has left 1,000i vor the purciale small house adjoining llampton Court of the round. The report that he had Palace Gate, the wife of Jolin Befant, tott a large lum to Sir Sydney Sinith, oftler to the Toy Inn, The deceased his coulding is without foundation, had miscarried of a child about three

Laul at her house in Somer'etmonths fouet, and the one of which ft-cet, aucd 76 vers, after an illaeisof The was delivered two days before her par three years (rutinuance, the death was born dead, The circun

nors buthe, widow of the late stances of this unfortunate woman's Court de K. Lieutenant-General and lite irre not mere, reinarkable than Clonel, proprietor of the Irilh regi- her inutland's cale is attic.or. She mint of his name in the frvice of his was only 35 years of age, but carried Blo: Crian Vajesi. Vi's, Morgan, with her tlie looks and health of 25; had of Keningron Gore. It his house, ben the mother of 15 children, 9 of Mile End, 171. T. Vetcalf, Bhip owner, whom arc non alive ; of thete ô are ona formerly of Stochtoni.- At lis house der seven years of age, and 2 incain bridge-fireet, liach-triars, J.P. Co. pable of going alone. The cate of dir, E10. aged 35 vears.---in the 55th the agonizing rather has excited the yfir of his , Mr. Leonard Raper, of coinpailion of the Duke of (areace, Milk-lireet, Cheap file:- ithis house in anit the nobility and gentry of the 'dze-firée, Blachicars, Joha Hor- neighbourhoo!!.--Ir tie 600 rear of socks, 19. 11.P.for Pretion, Lancailire, her aye, Mrs. Ilouten, ot Weignpter

his gentleman was originaliga labour Bridge Road.--- it Peikham, Mrs. Ilare in a stune quarry,aud afterwards lic- ris, relict of N. H., E19.-Át PentonCome de propriciorot one of the largest ville, in the 34th rear of his age, Mr. Corus in the cotton nuanufacture of Mark Anthony Reyroux, a native of 2:10 in the kingdom.--- Ithis Lordlhip's Switzerland. - At his boose, Cheyne Bute in Croirevor-place, the Right Walk, Chelsea, in the 30th year of his Inn, Ann Countess of Ofpry: her, age, Jasper Atk uton, Esq., formerly a Judythip was the only daughter of the merchant at Rotterdam.--Mr. Gcrard, Lote Lord Ravenfivorth, and was tirit surgeon), of Tottenham Court Road, muried to the Duke of Grafton, by forinerly of Turnham Green. - John sziou the was mother of the present Whitehead, M.D. an cuinent phyliEsrl of Eurun, of Lord Charles Hitz- cian, and a celebrated preacher arnongst Tov, and of Lady Georgiana Smith: this the people called Methodilis; alto aumarriage was disolved by act of parli- thor of a life of the late Rev. J. Wel a. nent on the 23 of March 1769, ley.--Mr. Crawford, who thot bimself wd on the 26th the was married at his mother's house in Wippole Strect, to Lord Oilury, by wbom the has had for several days betraved furong left two daughters.At Grenier's Ho- fymptoms of mental derangement. He tel, Albemarle Areet, Ralph Dutto!), rerired to his bedchamber, and, putting big brother to Lord Sherborne:--The a pittol into his mouth, fhiot away part Lady of Druinmond Sinith, Elq. at his of his skull, and must have died imme

diately, for on the report of the pistol, age, his Grace the Duke of Roxburgh; his mother and litters rulhed into the he was born in April 1740, and iucroom, and found him lifeless.-At herceeded to the title upon the death of house at Clapham, Mrs. Mee, aged his late father in 1755. He was Groom 92 years.-In Doughty Street, Londling of the Scule to the King, and Lord Hospital, Thomas Ridding, Esq., Town Lieut. of the county of Roxburgh. Clerk of the Corporation of Southamp- His Grace's titles are, Duke of Roxton, and Principal Rey Itrar to the burgh, Marquis of Beauinont, and Coinnillary Court of Surrey.--At Cestord and Caverton in Scotland; bis house in Harley Street, in the 84th Baron and Earl Kerr of Wakefield, in year of his age, the Bishop of Kildare, the county of York. The late Duke who was also Dean of Christ Church was, when a young man, as remarkable in Ireland. Of the scarlet fever, Eli- for his personal figure as his mental aczabeth, the fourth child of Dr. Lainbe, complithments. When on his travels, of King's Road, Bedford Row, late of a Princess, allied to the House of Bruné Warwick; and a few days before, in wick, became enamoured with him, the 31st year of her age, Mrs. Lambe and their union was agreed upon; but, was carried off by the same complaint. conformably to court etiquette, it be-At his house in Great George Street, came necessary that his Grace should Welun niter, after a short illness, the folicit the Royal approbation: this, Right Hon. Richard Pepper Arden, however, was not only refused, but å Baron Alvanley, Lord Chief Justice requelt was made to him to delift from of the Court of Cominon Pleas. His his pretentions; which being complied Lordthip was appointed Attorney Ge- with on the part of the Duke, he was neral in the early part of Mr. Pitt's told, that he might expect any favour administration ; on the promotion of in compensation that a subject could Sir Lloyd (afterwards Lord) Kenyon receive. In consequence, bis Grace, to the Chief Justicethip of the Court who was at the time a Knight of the of King's Bench, he was advanced to Thistle, received in addition the Order the tituation of Master of the Rolls; of the Garter; two honourable badges and on Mr, Addington'scoining into ad- of distinction, which no other Peer. miniftration, he obtained the Presi- except of the Blood Royal, had ever dency of the Common Pleas, in the enjoyed; and to these were fuperadded room of Lord Eldon, who was on that the Groomship of the Stole, worth occasion made Lord High Chancellor. 5000l per annum. The remarkable The Noble and Learned Lord was disappointment in his first attachment taken ill in the House of Lords, and induced his Grace to remain single retired complaining of a pain in his during the remainder of his life. By ftomach. He was immediately put to the death of the Duke of Roxburgh, bed, and all medical skill was ineffec- the title of the Dukedom becoines tual. His Lordship is succeeded in his extinct; but Lord Ballenden succeeds title by his eldett fon William, now to the Earldoms of Roxburgh, Kelfo. Lord Alvanley.--At his house in St, &c, with conliderable estates. James's Square, in the 64th year of his

PROVINCIAL OCCURRENCES; . With an Account of the principal Marriages, Deaths, &c., under the

Heads of the different Counties : arranged in ulphabetical Order.

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