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fciously swallow the bait, nay, even of pigs as he found convenient to admire and feel interested for the maintain ; and the first corn field being they have thus formed, to the which he cleared was destined, on destruction of morality. This dan- the instant, to receive two sows gerous practice, which impercepti- and their litters, there to remain a bly faps the foundation of our prin- few days at Mack. This cleared ciples, and our virtues, appears to field was enclosed by old hawthorn have been originally imported from of tolerably luxuriant growth, and Germany, whose theatres abound the interstices at bottom, on the with noble robbers, illustrious stonybank, were not uncommonly swindlers, feeling murderers, and apparent. However, on the folbenevolent adultreffes ; and our na- lowing morning, early, the disative writers seem now to be infected greeable tidings were brought by with this epidemic rage for reverf- the reapers, that the young pigs ing the old fyftem of morality to had, in the night, inade their way such a degree, that, unless fomne through the bottom of the hedge in writer of eminence will enter the various places, and had provided lifts, like a knight errant of old, to themselves far more comfortable deliver the Genius of the Stage quarters than those alligned them; from these Goths and Vandals, the namely, in a field of fine, uncut, boards of Old Drury and Covent drilled wheat, to which they, in a Garden will soon be trodden only few hours, did considerable damage; by murderers, robbers, traitors, fe- fortunately the fows remained in ducers, and adultreffes, who will be the stubble. held up to the pity and admiration · Dr. P.'s recommendation of the of the rising generation.

berberry bush is judicious, and meI remain Sir,

rits attention. That shrub will, as Your's, &c.

I have found by experience, make a good fence, in almost any foil,

either by itself, or mixed with VARIOUS AGRICULTURAL quicks, and the berries or plants TOPICS.

may be purchased of the nurseryTo the Editor of the Universal Mag. men. It is an additional recom. Sir,

mendation of the Doctor's advice, IN the last Monthly Magazine, I to find it (as, indeed, might be exobserved a letter on certain prac- pected from an enlightened cultitical agricultural topics, written vator) totally free from those abby Dr. Pike, a well known ama- furd and superstitious notions reteur: I beg leave, through the specting a power in the berberry channel of your antient and esta- bush to communicate blights to blithed Miscellany, to offer my few corn, which we find so gravely de. remarks also, and to join issue with tailed, even by writers, in most the worthy and laudably inquisitive other relations, of respectable judgeexperimenter.

ment. Dr. Pike's observations on the The proposal to cultivate the gaps and chasms in the bottoms of striped Indian grass, vulgarly callQUICK fences are plainly the resulted CAT-GRASS, or GARDENER's of practical attention. During the RIBANDS, is by no means to haplait harvett, being on a visit to a py or useful as the former; and, farming friend in Surry, I saw a with respect to making it into bay, *Tepetition of the inconveniencies I the result would be a total loss of have myself fo frequently experi- the trouble and expence. This enced from the defect just stated. 'grafs, in its green state, is by no My friend had full as large a stock means remarkable for its fuccu


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