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by M. Wood. London, Cadell, 18oo, gr. in-4, v. rac., dent. 3388. Select letters ofTippoo sultan to various public functionaries, including his principal military commanders, governors of forts and provinces, diplomatic and commercial agents, etc. together with some addressed to the tributary chieftains of Shânoor, Kurnool, and Cannanore and sundry other persons, arranged and translated by W. Kirkpatrick; with notes and § and an appendix containing several original documents never before published. London, Black, 181 1, in-4, pap. vél., fac simile, v. f., dent., tr. dor. Rel. de Thouvenin. 3389. Copies and extracts of advices to and from India, relative to the cause, progress and successful termination of the war with the late Tippoo sultaun, chiefof Mysore, the partition of his dominions in consequence thereof, and the distribution of the captured property found in Seringapatam. Printed for the use of the proprietors of East| India stock, 18oo, gr. in-4, pap. vél., v. rac., dent. 339o. Twelve views of places in the kingdom of Mysore the country of Tippoo sultan, from drawings taken on the spot, to which are annexed concise descriptions of the places drawn, with a brief detail of part of the operations of the army under Cornwallis during the late war, and a few other particulars, by R. H. Colebrook. London, 1794, gr. in-fol., d,-rel., dos de v. 3391. Select views in Mysore the country of Tippo sultan ; from drawings taken on the spot by Home, with historical descriptions. London, Booyer, 1794, gr. in-4, pap. vél. , cuir de Russie, dent. 3392. Description of Seringapatam the capital of Tippoo sultaun intended to accompany the six following views Drawn by M. Home and engraved by M. Stadler. 1796, gr. in-fol., atlant., cart. à la Bradel. 3393. A memoir of central India, including Malwa and ad· joining provinces, with the history and copious illustrations of the past and present condition of that country, by John Malcolm. London, Kingsbury, 1823, in-8, pap. vél., carte, 2 vol., br. en carton. 3394. Histoire de la Carnatie relativement à la domination du Tanjour et à la colonie danoise, avec une notice sur les productions de la côte de Coromandel, et sur les mœurs

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et loix civiles des Indiens Tamouls, par Aug. Hennings. Hambourg, Bohn, 1785, in-8, v, rac., fil. 1" section. | (en allem. ) sa _, 3395.The history of Ceylon, from the earliest period to the - year 1815, with characteristic details of the religion, laws and manners of the people, and a collection of their moral maxims and ancient proverbs, by Philalethes, A. M. Oxon.; to which is subjoined Robert Knox s historical relation of the island, etc. London, Jos. Mawman, 1817, in-4, pap. vél., fig., cuir de Russie, fil. J.-/e 3396. Histoire de l'isle de Ceylan, écrite par le capitaine J. Ribeyro, trad. du portugais, par Le Grand. Suivant la copie de Trévoux, Amsterdam, 17o1, in-12, fig., : 4e- c 3397. An account of the island of Ceylon, containing its | history, geography, natural history, with the manners and customs of its various inhabitants; to which is added ; the journal of an embassy to the court of Candy ; by| Rob. Percival. London, Baldwin, 18o3, in-4, pap. vél., cartes, v. rac. verte, dent., tr. dor. | 7o .-o. 3398. A description of Ceylon, containing an account of the country inhabitants and natural productions, w ith narrative of a tour round the island in 18oo, the campaign in Candy in 18o3, and a journey to Ramisseram in 18o4, by James Cordiner. London, Longman , 18o7, † pap. vél., fig. à l'aqua-tinta, 2 vol., v. porph., fil., tT. C1OI'.

o- 2 3399 An account of the interior of Ceylon, and of its in

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habitants, with travels in that island, by John Davy. London, Longman, 182 1 , in-4, pap. vél., fig., br. en Cart.

/-/e 34oo. The life and adventures of John Christopher Wolf, late principal secretary of state at Jaffamapatnam, in Ceylon, together with a description of that island, its na tural productions and the manners and customs of its inhabitants, translated from the original german; to the whole is added a short, but comprehensive description of the same island, by Eschelskroon. London, Robinson, 1785 , in-8, bas. rac.

4- (% 34o1. † du Pégu et de l'isle de Ceylan, renfermant des détails exacts et neufs sur le climat, les Productions, le commerce, le gouvernement, les mœurs et les usages de ces contrées; par W. Hunter, Chr. Wolf et Eschelskroon; trad. de l'anglois et de l'allemand par L. (M. Langlès.) Paris, 1793, in-8, bas., fil. 34o2. A view of the agricultural, commercial and financial interests of Ceylon, with an appendix containing some of the principal laws and usages of the Candians; port and custom-house regulations, tables of exports and imports, etc., etc., by Anth. Bertolacci. London, Black, 1817, gr. in-8, pap. vél., carte, v. rac., fil. 34o3. A narrative of events which have recently occurred in the island of Ceylon, written by a gentleman on the spot. London, Egerton, 1815, gr. in-8, pap. vél., cuir e Russie, fil. 34o4. Tracts political, geographical and commercial, on the dominions of Ava and the north western parts of Hindostaun, by Will. Francklin. London, Cadell, 181 1, gr. in-8, pap. vél., v. rac., fil.

5, Histoire de la Compagnie angloise des Indes orientales, depuis sa création, des guerres qu'elle a soutenues, de ses accroissements successifs et de ses divers établissements.

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34o5. The history of british India, by James Mill. London, 2ZZ7 z

Baldwin, 1817, in-4, pap. vél., cartes, 3 vol., cuir de Russie, dent. sans or et dent. Rel. angloise. 34o6. A short history of the East India company, exhibi† a state of their affairs, abroad and at home, political and commercial, the nature and magnitude of their commerce, and its connection with the government and revenues of India, and a discussion on the question of right to the conquered territories in India, also remarks on the danger and impolicy ofinnovation, and the means of ensuring all the good effects of a free trade to the manufacturers of Great Britain and Ireland, by matter of regulation, without disturbing the established system ; is added an abridgment of the new act. London, Sewell, 1793, in-4, pap. vél., v. rac. r., fil. 34o7.Annals of the honorable East-India company, from their establishment by the charter of Queen Elizabeth, 16oo, to the union of the London and English East-India companies 17o7, 8; by John Bruce. London, Black, 181o, in-4, pap. vél., 3 vol., v. rac., dent. 34o8. A sketch of the history of the East - India company

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from its first formation to the passing of the regulating act of 1773, with a summary view of the changes which have taken place since that period in the internal administration #british India, by Rob. Grant. London, Black, 1813, in-8, pap. vél., v. rac. r., dent. é- e7 34o9. Reflections on the government of Indostan, with a short sketch of the history of Bengal from 1739 to 1756, and an account of the english affairs to 1758 by Luke Scrafton. London, 1763, reprinted for Kearsley , 177o, in-8, v. rac., fil. p a 341o. Histoire des guerres de l'Inde ou des évènements militaires arrivés dans l'Indoustan, depuis 1745, trad. de l'angl. par T.... Paris, Panckoucke, 1765, in-12, 2 vol., V. Ill. 23 -2 341 1. A history of the military transactions of the british nation in Indostan, from 1745 ; to which is prefixed a dissertation on the establishments made by Mahomedan conquerorsin Indostan (by Orme). London, Nourse, 177578, in-4, cartes, 2 vol., v. éc., fil., tr. dor. Ouvrage noté comme très-rare dans le catalogue de Lackington de 18o2, n° 1378, et porté à 4 l., 4 sh. 3-, 3412. An account of the war in India between the English and French on the coast of Coromandel, from 175o to 176o, together with a relation of the late remarkable events on the Malabar coast, and the expeditions to Golconda and Surat, with the operations of the fleet, by Richard Owen Cambridge. London, Jefferys, 1761, in-4, cartes, v. rac., fil. - 7- a 3413.A short history of english transactions in the EastIndies. Cambridge, Hetcher, 1776, in-12, v. j. 3-A0 3414. Transactions in India, from the commencement of the french war in 1756, to the conclusion of the late peace in 1783; containing a history of the british interests in Indostan, during a period of near thirty years, etc. London, 1786, in-8, v. rac., fil. . 3 - a 3415. Affaires de l'Inde depuis le commencement de la † avec la France en 1756, jusqu'à la conclusion de a paix en 1783, trad. de l'angl., avec une carte. Londres et Paris, Buisson, 1788, i $, 2 vol. d.-rel. 9 -zs 3416. Interesting historical events, relative to the provinces of Bengal, and the empire of Indostan, with a seasonable hint and perswasive to the court of directors of the East

India company, as also the mythology and cosmogony, fasts and festivals of the Gentoo's, followers of the Shastah, and a disertation on the metempsychosis commonly called the Pythagorean doctrine, by J.-Z. Holwell. London, 1766, in-8, 2 parties en 1 vol., v. j. 3417. India tracts, by Holwell and friends, containing: I an ad- 3 —o dress to the proprietors of East-India stock, setting forth the necessity and real motives for the revolution in Bengal, 176o, II a refutation of a letter to the Secret committee ; III important facts regarding the East-India company's affairs in Bengal from 1752 to 176o; IV a narrative of the deplorable deaths of the english gentlemen who were suffocated in the Black Hole in fort William, at Calcutta, 1756; V a defence of M. Vansittart's conduct. London, Becket, 1764, in-4, fig., bas.j., fil. 3418, Treaties and grants from the country powers to the Z - e East-India company, respecting their presidency of fort S. George, on the coast of Choromandel, fort William in Bengal, and Bombay on the coast of Malabar, from . 1756 to 1772. 1774, in-4, d.-rel., non rogné. 3419. A narrative of the transactions in Bengal from the 4 4 year 176o, to the year 1764, during the government of Henry Vansittart, published by himself London, 1766, in-8,3 vol., v. j., fil. 342o. Considerations on India affairs, particularly respecting é . 6/ the present state of Bengal and its † by Will. Bolts. London, Almon, 1772, in-4, carte, 2 vol., v. rac., fil. 342 I. Etat civil, politique et commerçant du Bengale, oû histoire des conquêtes et de l'administration de la compagnie angloise dans ce pays, trad. de l'anglois de Bolts par Demeunier. La Haye, Gosse fils, 1775, in-8, 2 tom. en 1 vol., d.-rel. 3422. A view of the rise, progress, and present state of the english government in Bengal, including a reply to th misrepresentations of Bolts and other writers, by Harr Verelst. London, Nourse, 1772, in-4, v. rac. verte, fil. 3423. The origin and authentic narrative of the presen Marratta war; and also, the late Rohilla war, in 1773 and t, , , 1774; to which is added, the unaccountable proceedings in the military store-keeper's office, in Bengal. London,

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