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et du commerce des Européens dans les deux Indes , par Guill.-Thom. Raynal. Neuchatel, 1783, in-8, 10 vol., d.rel. et'atlas in-4, v. m.

§ 7. Histoire des Indes Orientales.


1. Description géographique, statistique et politique de l'Inde. 52 - 3298. Description historique et géographique de l'Inde,

qui présente en 3 vol. enrichis de 68 cartes et autres planches, 1° la geographie de l'Indoustan, écrite en latin par le P. Tieffenthaler, 2° des recherches historiques et chronologiques sur l'Inde et la description du cours du Gange et du Gagra, par Anquetil Duperron ; 3o la carte générale de l'Inde, celle du cours du Brahmapoutre, et de la navigation intérieure du Bengale, avec des mémoires relatifs à ces cartes publ. en angl. par Jaques Rennell, le tout augmenté de remarques et d'autres additions, rédigé et publié en françois par Jean Bernoulli, Berlin,

Spener, 1791, in-4, 3 vol., v. rac. , dent.
-0 3299. Ayin Akbéry, Miroir d'Akbar : description geogra-

phique, statistique et historique de l'Hindoustan, com-
posée par ordre de l'empereur Akbar, par Aboul-fazel.
Ms. persan, in-fol., sur papier sablé d'or, reliure orien-
tale en laque, avec compartiments et fleurs en or et en
couleurs sur les plats intérieur et extérieur, tr. dor.
Voir pour plus de détails sur ce précieux ms., la note B à la fin da

to co 3300. The East India gazetteer, containing particular des-

criptions of the empires, kingdoms, etc., of Hindostan and the adjacent countries, India beyond the Ganges, and the eastern Archipelago, together with sketches of the manners, customs, institutions of their various inhabitants, etc., by Walter Hamilton. London, Murray, 1815,

in-8, pap. vél., d.-rel., vél. vert, dos de mar. vert. 6.

3301. A new account of the East Indies, being the observa

tions of Capt. Alexander Hamilton from 1688 to 1723. Edinburgh, Mosman, 1727, in-8, cartes, 2 tom. en 1 vol., v, rac. ,

fil. 1610 3302. L'India orientale, descrittione geografica et historica

del P. Abbate D. Clemente Tosi. Roma, Cesaretti, 1676, pet. in-4, 2 vol., v. gr., fil.

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v. rac.,

3302 bis. L'Asie, ou description du royaume du grand Mogol 4 of

et d'une grande partie des Indes, par Olfert Dapper. Amst., de Meurs, 1672, in-fol., fig., v. br. (en holland.) 3303. Tracts historical and statistical on India, with journals 30.

of several tours through various parts of the peninsula , also, an account of Sumatra, in a series of letters, by Benj. Heyne. London, Black, 1814, in-4, pap. vél., fig.,

fil. -3304. A geographical, statistical and historical description 181-0

of Hindostan and the adjacent countries, by Walter Hamilton. London, Murray, 1820, gr. in-4, pap. vél., cartes, 2 yol., cuir de Russie , dent, sans or et filet. Reliure de

Thouvenin jeune. 3304 bis. État présent des possessions des Européens dans les 15.0

Indes orientales, par Auguste Hennings. Copenhague,
Stein, 1784, et Hambourg , Bohn, 1785 et 86, in-8, 3

vol., v. j., fil. (en allem.). 3305. Essai historique géographique et politique sur l'In 15-0

doustan, avec le tableau de son commerce, année moyenne de 1702 à 1770, par Legoux de Flaix. Paris, Pougin, 1807, in-8, fig. et cartes, 2 vol., v. rac. ,

fil. 3306. An historical review of the commercial, political and 30.0

moral state of Hindoostan, from the earliest period to the present time : the rise and progress of christianity in the east, its present condition and the means and probability of its future advancement; with an introduction and map, illustrating the relative situation of the british empire in the east, by Rob. Chatfield. London, Richardson, 1808, in-4, pap. vél., v. éc., dent.

2. Antiquités de l'Inde , Monuments anciens et modernes, religion,

gouvernement, moeurs et usages des Hindous.


3307. An historical disquisition, concerning the knowledge

which the ancients had of India , and the progress of trade with that country prior to the discovery of the passage to it by the cape of Good Hope; with an appendix , containing observations on the Indians, by Will. Robert

son. London, Strahan, 1999, in-8, carte, v. rac. 33o3. Histoire de l'Inde ancienne et moderne, ou l'Indostan

considéré relativement à ses antiquités , à sa géographie, à ses usages, à ses meurs, à la religion de ses habitants,


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à ses révolutions politiques, à son commerce et à son état actuel, avec une carte de l'Inde et les subdivisions actuelles de l'Indostan , avec des pièces inédites à l'appui,

par Collin de Bar. Paris, 1814, in-8, 2 vol. v. m., bl. B Oko 3309. Indian antiquities ,' or dissertations, relative to the

ancient geographical divisions, the pure system of pri + meval theology, the grand code of civil laws, the original i form of government, and the various and profound lite rature of Hindostan; compared, throughout, with the religion, laws, government, and literature of Persia, te Egypt, and Greece : the whole intended as introductory 3 to the history of Hindostan, upon a comprehensive scale. London, 1794, in-8, fig. , pap. vel., 7 vol., v. m., fil

. 80-0 3310. Inquiry concerning the site of ancient Palibothra

conjectured to lie within the limits of the modern district of Bhaugulpoor, according to researches made on the spot in 1811 and 1812, by W. Franeklin. London, Black, 1813.= Part II, containing a journal kept during a survey of the river Chundun , conjectured to be the Erannoboas of the Greeks; with a map, views and sections 1814-1815. 1817, gr. in-4, pap. vél., fig., cuir de Russie, dent. — Part Ii, containing a continuation of the journey from Deo Ghur to the passes on the Ramghur frontier, and from thence to Sooruj Ghurra on the Ganges through the Kurruckpore hills, by W. Francklin. London, Black, 1820, in-4, pap. vél., br. en cart. — Part IV, con. taining a tour from Bhaugulpoor to Mandar, from thence to Curruckpoor and a circuit of the hills, with an account of the site of the ancient city of Jey Nuggur, and some remarks on the Jeyne worship, made during december and january 1818-19. London, Kingsbury, 1822,

in-4, pap. vél., fig. et cartes , br. en carton. 60-03311. The ruins of"Gour described and represented in

eighteen views, with a topographical map; compiled from the manuscripts and drawings of the late H. Creighton. London , Black , 1817, gr. in-4, pap. vél., fig. color.,

br. 3312. A comparative view of the ancient monuments of

India, particularly those in the island of Salset near Bombay, as described by different writers, illustrated with prints. London, Robinson, 1785, in-4 , fig., V. rac., filet.

en cart.


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3313. Vues de l'Inde, dessinées et gravées (en manière noire),

par W. Hodges, avec des explications en anglois. Londres, 1786-1788, gr. in-fol. atlant., cuir de Russie , gauf., dent. ( 44 pièces.) 3314. On the chronology of the Hindoos, by Will. Mars

den. (From the philosophical transactions). In-4, br. 3315. A key to the chronology of the Hindus, in which 16-O

an attempt is made to facilitate the progress of christianity in Hindostan, by proving that the protracted numbers of all oriental nations when reduced agree with the dates given in the hebrew text of the bible. Cambridge, Smith, 1820, in-8, pap. vél., 2 tom. en 1 vol., cuir de

Russie, fil. 3316. Tableau historique de l'Inde, contenant un abrégé de

2-0 la mithologie et des moeurs indiennes. Bouillon, Soc. Typ., 1671, pet. in-12, bas., porph., fil. 3317. Researches concerning the laws, theology, learning, 22

u fo commerce of ancient and modern India , by Q. Craufurd. London, Cadell, 1817, in-8, pap. vél., 2 tom. en i vol., cuir de Russie, fil. 3318. Sketches chiefly relating to the history, religion, lear

ning and manners of the Hindoos; with a concise account of the present state of the native Powers of Hindostan, the second edition, enlarged. London, 1792, in-8, pap. vél., 2 vol. v. m., fil. 3318 bis. Translation of the letters of a hindoo Rajah, written 8-0

previous to, and during the period of his residence in England : to which is prefixed a preliminary dissertation on the history, religion and manners of the Hindoos, by Eliza Hamilton. London, Robinson, 1801, in-8, 2 tomes

en i vol., v. rac. , fil. 3319. Oriental memoirs selected and abridged from a series 300 no

of familiars letters written during seventeen years residence in India : including observations on parts of Africa and south America and a narrative of occurences in four India voyages, by James Forbes. London, White, 1813, gr. in-4, pap. vél., fig. color., 4 tom. en 3 vol., v. f., dent. à cornp., tr. dor. 3320. Oriental repertory, published by. Dalrimple. London,

7100 G. Bigg, 1793 and 1794, gr. in-4, pap. vél., fig., 2 vol., V. rac., dent. 3321. Account of the writings , religion, and manners of

g to



the Hindoos, including translations from their principal works, by W. Ward. Serampore, Mission - press, 1811, in-4, pap. vél., 4 tom. en 2 vol., v. f. à comp. , dent.,

tr, dor. 3321 bis. A view of the history, literature and religion of the

Hindoos, including a minute description of their manners and customs, and translations from their principal works, by W. Ward ; second edition carefully abridged and greatly improved. Serampore, Mission-press, 1815, in-4, cuir de Russie, dent. sans or et dent. d'or. Rel. angloise. Ce vol. est le même et de la même édition que le ze da n° suivant , seulement

il est tiré sur uu papier vergé, fort comme le papier de Hollande ; ce a

volume a paru en 1815, le premier n'a été donné qu'en 1818. 101_d

3322. A view of the history, literature, and mythology of the

Hindoos, including a minute description of their manners and customs ; and translations from their principal works, in two volumes, by W. Ward; second edition carefully abridged and greatly improved. Serampore, Mission-press, 1818 and 1815, in-4, pap. vél. , 2 vol., cuir de Russie, dent, sans or,

fil. 28-30

3323. L'Hindoustan, ou religion, moeurs, usages, arts et

métiers des Hindous, par M. P... Paris, Nepveu , 1816, in-18, pap. vél., fig. color. , 6 tom. en 3 vol., mar. To,

dent., tr. dor. 3324. Description of the character, manners and customs

of the people of India, and of their institutions religious and civil, by J.-A. Dubois, missionary in the Mysore, translated from the french ms. London, Longman, 1817,

in-4, pap. vél., cuir de Russie, dent. 10-0 3325. Essays relative to the habits, character, and moral

improvement of the Hindoos. London , Kingsbury, 1823,

in-8, pap. vél., br. en cart. 10-0 3326. A catalogue of 250 coloured etchings, descriptive of

the manners, customs, character, dress, and religious ceremonies of the Hindoos, by Balt. Solvyns. Calcutta ,

Mirror press, 1799, gr. in-8, v. rac. verte, fil. boo.

o 3327. A collection of two hundred and fifty coloured et

chings descriptive of the manners, customs and dresses of the Hindoos, by Balt. Solvyns. Calcutta, 1799, grand in-fol., d.-rel., dos de mar. bleu.

Volume très-rare; l'ouvrage a été tiré à petit nombre. 34.6 3328. Costumes de l'Indoustan, dessinés dans l'Inde en

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