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| 3313. Vues de l'Inde, dessinées et gravées (en manière
, noire), par W. Hodges, avec des explications en anglois.
} Londres, 1786-1788, gr. in-fol. atlant., cuir de Russie ,
- gauf., dent. ( 44 pièces.)
, 3314. On the chronology of the Hindoos, by Will. Mars-
· · den. (From the philosophical transactions). In-4, br.
· 3315. A key to the chronology of the Hindus, in which
an attempt is made to facilitate the progress of christia-
nity in Hindostan, by proving that the protracted num-
bers of all oriental nations when reduced agree with the
dates given in the hebrew text of the bible. Cambridge,
Smith, 182o, in-8, pap. vél., 2 tom. en 1 vol., cuir de
Russie, fil. -
3316. Tableau historique de l'Inde, contenant un abrégé de
la mithologie et des mœurs indiennes. Bouillon, Soc. Typ.,
167 1, pet. in-12, bas., porph., fil. -
| 3317. Researches concerning the laws, theology, learning,
commerce of ancient and modern India, by Q. Craufurd.
London, Cadell, 1817, in-8, pap. vél., 2 tom. en 1 vol.,
cuir de Russie, fil. -
3318. Sketches chiefly relating to the history, religion, lear-
ning and manners of the Hindoos ; with a concise ac-
count of the present state of the native Powers of Hin-
dostan, the second edition, enlarged. London , 1792 ,
in-8, pap. vél., 2 vol. v. m., fil. -
3318 bis.Translation ofthe letters ofa hindoo Rajah, written
previous to, and during the period of his residence in
England : to which is prefixed a preliminary dissertation
on the history, religion and manners of the Hindoos, by
Eliza Hamilton. London, Robinson, 18o1, in-8, 2 tomes
en 1 vol., v. rac., fil.
3319. Oriental memoirs selected and abridged from a series
of familiars letters written during seventeen years resi-
dence in India : including observations on parts of Africa
and south America and a narrative of occurences in four
India voyages, by James Forbes. London, White, 1813,
gr. in-4, pap. vél., fig. color., 4 tom. en 3 vol., v. f., dent.
à comp., tr. dor.

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332o. Oriental repertory, published by Dalrimple. London, // -- (3

4321 Account of the writings, religion, and manners of yt -61


the Hindoos, † translations from their principal works, by W. Ward. Serampore, Mission - press, 18i1, in-4, pap. vél., 4 tom. en 2 vol., v. f. à comp., dent., tr. dor. /4 a 332 1 bis.A view ofthe history, literature and religion of the '/ Hindoos, including a minute description of their manners and customs, and translations from their principal works, by W. Ward ; second edition carefully abridged and greatly improved. Serampore, Mission-press, 1815, in 4, cuir de Russie, dent. sans or et dent. d'or. Rel. angloise. Ce vol. est le même et de la même édition que le 2° du n° suivant, seulement il est tiré sur uu papier vergé, fort comme le papier de Hollande; ce 2' volume a paru en 1815, le premier n'a été donné qu'en 1818. A ('/ e 3322.A view ofthe history, literature, and mythology ofthe Hindoos, including a minute description of their manners and customs, and translations from their principal works, in two volumes, by W. Ward ; second edition carefully abridged and greatly improved. Serampore, Mission-press, 1818 and 1815 , in-4, pap. vél. , 2 vol., cuir de Russie, dent. sans or, fil. /5-3e 3323. L'Hindoustan , ou religion, mœurs, usages, arts et métiers des Hindous, par M. P.... Paris, Nepveu, 1816, in - 18, pap. vél., fig. color., 6 tom. en 3 vol., mar. r., dent., tr. dor. 4 - o 3324. Description of the character, manners and customs ·y of the people of India, and of their institutions religious and civil, by J.-A. Dubois, missionary in the Mysore, translated from the french ms. London, Longman, 1817, in-4, pap. vél., cuir de Russie, dent. / / e 3325. Essays relative to the habits, character, and moral improvement of the Hindoos. London, Kingsbury, 1823, in-8, pap. vél., br. en cart. / ^-e 3326. A catalogue of 25o coloured etchings, descriptive of the manners, customs, character, dress, and religious ceremonies of the Hindoos, by Balt. Solvyns. Calcutta, Mirror press, 1799, gr. in-8, v. rac. verte, fil. éca - z 3327. A collection of two hundred and fifty coloured etchings descriptive of the manners, customs and dresses of the Hindoos, by Balt. Solvyns. Calcutta, 1799, grand in-fol., d.-rel., dos de mar. bleu. Volume très-rare; l'ouvrage a été tiré à petit nombre.

34 . 3328. Costumes de l'Indoustan, dessinés dans l'Inde en 1798 et 1799, et représentés en 6o planches enluminées, avec les explications en anglais et en français, par Balt. Solvyns. Londres, Orme, 18o7, pet. in-fol., pap. vél., v. éc., fil., tr. dor. 3329. Les Hindous, ou description de leurs mœurs, coutumes et cérémonies, par F. Baltazard Solvyns. Paris, l'auteur, 18o8-181o,, pap. vél., fig. color., cart. à la Bradel. Tom. 1 et 2. 333o. Monuments anciens et modernes de l'Hindoustan, décrits sous le double rapport archaeologique et pittoresque, et précédés d'une notice géographique, d'une notice historique et d'un discours sur la religion, la législation et les mœurs des Hindous, par M. Langlès. Paris, P. Didot A., 182 1, in-fol., fig. color. et fig. noires, 2 vol., cuir de Russie, fil. et comp. sans or. 3331. Les mêmes. Gr. in-fol. , pap. vél., d.-rel., pap. mar. r., dent., dos de mar. r., non rognés, fig. à lettre grise, entourées d'arabesques en or et en couleur imitant les ornements orientaux. 3332. Plusieurs livraisons séparées du même ouvrage. 3333. Costumes et vues de l'Inde ( 25 † , fig. color. et retouchées au pinceau, avec les explications en angl., par Ch. Gold. Londres, Nicol, 1799, gr. in-4, pap. vél., v. rac., dent., tr. dor. 3334. The European in India, from a collection of drawings by Ch. Doyley, engraved by J.-H. Clark and C. Dubourg, with a preface and copious descriptions, by Capt. Th. Williamson ; accompanied with a brief history of ancient and modern India, from the earliest periods of antiquity to the termination of the late Mahratta war, by W. Blagdon. London, Orme, 1813, gr. in-4, pap. vél., fig. color., v. éc., dent., tr. dor.

3. Histoire générale de l'Inde.

3335. Storia universale dell'Indostan dall'anno 15oo avanti G. C., epoca la più remota della sua memoria, infino all' anno 1819 dell'era nostra, compilata da Leop. Sebastian . Roma, Bourlié, 182 1 , in-8, br.

3336. The history of Hindostan , its arts and its sciences,

as connected with the history of the other great empires of Asia, during the most ancient periods of the world,

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with numerous illustrative engravings, by the author of Indian antiquities. London, Faulder, 1795, in-4, pap. vél., fig., 2 vol., v. rac., dent. 2.467 - e 3337. A brief history of ancient and modern India from the earliest periods of antiquity to the termination of the late Mahratta war, by Francis Will Blagdon. London, Orme, 18o5, gr. in-fol. obl., pap. vél., fig. color., br. 43 5 e 3338. Picturesque scenery in the Kingdom of Mysore - from forty drawings taken on the spot by James Hunter, engraved under the direction of Ed. Orme. London, 1805, si in-fol. atlant. obl., pap. vél., fig. color., br. en cart. I Ouvrage de la plus belle exécution, ainsi que le précédent. 3 s/ e 3339. The same pitturesque scenery; en 1o cahiers i l TogneS. /5 33" The history of Hindostan, translated from the per o sian; secondedition revised, altered, corrected and greatly enlarged, by Alex. Dow. London, Becket, 177o, 2 vol. – The history of Hindostan from the death of Akbar to the complete settlement of the empire under Aurungzebe; to which are prefixed, I a dissertation on the origin and nature of despotism in Hindostan; II an enquiry to the state of Bengal; with a plan for restoring that kingdom to its former prosperity and splendor, by the same. Ibid., 1772, 1 vol., en tout 3 vol., in-4, v. rac. 4- a 3341. Histoire des Indes orientales, anciennes et modernes, par l'abbé Guyon. Paris, 1744, in-12, 3 vol., v. br. 4/- e 3342. The modern history of Hindostan: comprehending that of the greek empire of Bactria, and other great asiatic kingdoms, bordering on its western frontier; commencing at the period of the death of Alexander and intended to be brought down to the close of the 18 th century, by Maurice London, Bulmer, 18o2 et 18o3. = Sup" to the history of India, bringing that history down to the year 1788, when the imperial Mogul dynasty, by the blinding and dethronement of Shah Aulum, virtually became extinct. London, Bulmer, 181o, in-4, pap. vél., carte, 2 vol., cuir de Russie, filets, dent. sans or. 6 e 3343. Letters on India, by Maria Graham. London, Longman, 1814, in-8, pap. vél., fig. et cartes, v. rac., dent. f4 -2o 3344. Lettere sull' ini orientali (by Cesarotti). Filadelfia, Klerth, (Firenze, 18o2, in-8, 2 tom. en 1 vol., d.-rel., vel, vert, dos de mar. vert. Rel. de Thouvenin.

3345. Farewell letters to a few friends in Britain and America on returning to Bengal in 182 1, by W. Ward. London, Black, 182 1, in-12, pap. vél., br. en cart.

3346. Essais historiques sur l'Inde, précédés d'un journal de voyages et d'une description géographique de la côte de Coromandel, par de la Flotte. Paris, 1769, in - 12, bas. m.

3347. The history of Hindostan, during the reigns of Jehangir, s§ and Aurungzebe, by Francis Gladwin. Calcutta, Stuart, 1788, pet. in-4, mar. vert, dent., tr. dor. Vol. I.

3348. The memoirs of Khojeh Abdul Kurreem a Cashmerian of distinction, who accompanied Nadir Shah, on his return from Hindostan to Persia ; from whence he travelled to Baghdad, Damascus and Aleppo, and after visiting Medina and Mecca, embarked on a ship at the port of Jeddeh, and sailed to Hooghly in Bengal, including the his

tory of Hindostan from 1739 to 1749, with an account

of the european settlements in Bengal, and on the coast of Coromandel; translated from the original persian, by Francis Gladwin. Calcutta, Mackay, 1788, in-8, mar, r., dent., tr. dor.

3349 History of the reign of Shah-Aulum, the present
emperor of Hindostaun, containing the transactions of
the court of Delhi, and the neighbouring states, during
a period of thirty six years, interspersed with geogra-
phical and topographical observations on several of the
principal cities of Hindostaun, with an appendix, by W.
§ London, Faulder, 1798, in-4, pap. vél., fig.,
v.rac. rouge, dent. -
335o. A translation of the Seir Mutaqharin; or wiew ofmo-
dern times being an history of India, from 1 1 18 to 1195
(thisyear answers to 1781-82)ofthe Hidjrah, †
general the reigns of the seven last emperors of Hindos-
tan ; and in particular, an account of the english wars in
Bengal, with a circumstantial detail of the rise and fall
of the families of Seradj-ed- Dowlah, and Shudjah-ed-
Dowlah , the last sovereigns of Bengal and Owd, to which
the author has added a critical examination of the english
government and policy in those countries, down to the
year 1783; the whole written in persian by Seid Gho-

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