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tion of the elements of arabic inflexion, together with some observations on the structure of either language, considered with reference to the principles of general grammar, by Lumsden. Calcutta, Watler, 181o, petit in-fol., 2 vol., d.-rel., vél. v., dos de mar. vert. 974 Outlines of persian grammar, with extracts. Edinburgh, Manners, 1822 , in-8, pap. vél., br. en cart. 975. A new theory and prospectus of the persian verbs, with their hindostanee synonimes in persian and english, by J. Gilchrist. Calcutta, Hollingberr, 18o1 , in-4, v. f. dent., tr. dor. 976. The persian Moonshee, by Francis Gladwin, vol. I. The third edition. Calcutta, 18oo, and vol. II, second edition, 1799, in-4, 2 vol., d.-rel., vél. vert, filet, dos de IIlaT. VeIt. 9:7. The persian Moonshee, by Francis Gladwin. Calcutta printed, reprinted London, # Debrett, 18o1 , gr. in-4, d-rel., dos de cuir de Russie. 078. The persian Guide, exhibiting the arabic derivatives ; compiled by Francis Gladwin. Calcutta, 18oo, in-4, cuir de Russie, dent. 3:9 A Vocabulary english and persian. For the college at fort William in Bengal (by Gladwin). Calcutta, 18oo.= A Scheme for expressing persian in english characters. ln-4, cuir de Russie, dent.4 98o. The hindee moral preceptor or rudimental principles ofpersian grammar as the hindoostanee scholars shortest road to the persian language, or vice versa ; rendered as plain and easy as possible, through the medium of sixty exercises in prose and verse, including the Pundnamu, with a hindostanee literal version, etc. by John Borthwick Gilchrist. London, Black, 182 1, part. 1, in-8, pap. vél. br. en cart. — Part second of the hindee moral preceptor ; or the hindee-persic and english vocabulary connected With the rudimental principles of persian grammar. London, Cox, gr. in-8, pap. vél., br. en cart. ot. Boorhani Qatiu, a dictionary of the persian language, explained in persian; alphabetically arranged according to the system of European lexicons : comprising the whole of the words, phrases, and metaphors, in the Furhungi luhangeeree, the Mujmuool Foors of Soorooree, the Soormue Sooluemanee, and the Suhah ool Udwiyu,

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together with many words and terms, from the puhluvee, duree, zhund o pazhund, greek, syriac, arabic, turkish and other languages, with a short † prefixed, by Moohummud Hoosuen Ibni KhulufOot-Tubreezee, poetically styled Boorhan , to which is added an appendix, consisting of the Moolhuqat of the Boorhani Qatiu , the Khatimu or appendix to the † Juhangeeree, together with a collection of words, phrases, metaphors, and proper names, extracted from the Buhari Ujum and various other authorities ; with persian notes, by Thomas Roebuck. Calcutta, Pereira, 1818 , in-4, cuir §. Russie, dent. sans or, fil. Rel. de Thouvenin.

982. A dictionary of the persian and arabic languages, by

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983. Shums-ool-loghat, or a dictionary of the persian and

arabic languages, the interpretation being in persian, comprising also such words of the turkish language as occur in the works of persian and arabic authors; compiled from original dictionaries of authority in those languages, by learned natives under the inspection of Jos. Barretto Junior. Calcutta, Hindoostanee press, 18o6, in-4, 2 tom. en 1 vol. , d.-rel., vél. vert, dent., dos de Illal'. Vel't.

984. A compendious vocabulary english and persian, inclu

ding all the oriental simples in the materia medica, employed in modern practice, with tables subjoined of the successions of the Khaliffs, and of the Kings of Persia and Hindostan, compiled by Fr. Gladwin. Malda in Bengal, 178o, in-4, cuir de Russie, dent., tr. dor.

985. Borhan Qathê. Dictionnaire persan et turk, imprimé à

Constantinople, à l'impr. imp., en 12 14 de l'hégire (1799), pet. in-fol., mar. bl., dent., tr. dor., doublé de tabis.

986. A vocabulary persian, arabic and english, containings

such words as have been adopted from the two former of those languages, and † into the Hindvi : together with some hundreds of compound verbs, formed from persian or arabic nouns and in universal use : being the seventh part of the new Hindvi grammar and dictionary, by W. Kirkpatrick. London, Cooper, 1785, in-4, br. en cart.

987. A vocabulary persian, arabic and english; abridged from the quarto edition of Richardson's dictionary as edited by Ch. Wilkins, by Dav. Opkins London, Rivington, 181o, grand in-8, pap. vél., d. rel., vél. vert., fil., dos de mar. vert. 988. A dictionary persian, hindoostanee and english, including synonyma, by Fr. Gladwin.Calcutta, Hindoostanee press, 18o9, gr. in-8, 2 tomes en un vol., v. rac., fil. 989. A dictionary persian, arabic, english, and english, persian, arabic, with a dissertation on the languages, litterature, and manners of eastern nations, by John Richardson, a new edition, with numerous additions and improvements by Charles Wilkins. London, Richardson, 18o6, and Rivington, 181o, in-4, pap. vél., 2 vol., d. rel., vél. vert, fil., dos de mar. vert.

5. Langue Sanscrite.

99o. Sur la langue Samskrdamique communément appelée
Samskrite, par Franc. Charl.-Alter. Vienne, de Trattnern,
1799, pet. in-8, v. rac., fil. (en allem.)
991. Sidharubam seu grammatica Samscrdamica, cui ac-
cedit dissertatio historico-critica in linguam Samscrda-
micam, vulgo Samscret dictam, auctore Fr. Paulino à S.
Bartholomaeo. Romae, 179o, in-4, v. rac. verte, fil.
992. A grammar of the Sanscrit language, by H.-T. Cole-
brooke. Calcutta, Company's press, 18o5, petit in-fol.,
d. rel., vél. vert, filet, dos de maroquin vert. T. I".
993. A grammar of the Sungskrit language, composed
from the works of the most esteemed grammarians; to
which are added examples for the exercice of the stu-
dent, and a complete list of the dhatoos or roots, by W.
Carey. Serampore, Mission press, 18o6, grand in-4, d.
rel., vél. vert, fil., dos de maroquin vert.
994. A grammar of the Sanskrita language, by Ch. Wil-
kins. London, Black, 18o8, in-4, pap. vél., d. rel., vél, vert,
fil., dos de mar. vert.
On a joint à ce volume :
Terms of Sanskrit grammar, with the references to the
Wilkins' grammar. London , Cox and Baylis, in-4, pap.
vél., br.
995: An essay on the principles of Sanskrit grammar, bv
H.-P. Forster. Calcuita, Ferris and Co., 181o, in-4, d.
rel., vél. vert., dos de mar. vert. (part. I. )

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996. Soutra Vriti, aphorismes grammaticaux de Panini, en
sanscrit. Serampore, in-8 de plus de 125o pages, d. r,
vél. vert dent., dos de mar. vert.
997. Sidhanta Kaumoudi, commentaire sur la grammaire
de Panini, en sanscrit. Calcutta, in-fol. long, cuir de
Russie, dent.
998. Sidhanta Kaumoudi. Calcutta, 1812, grand in-4, d.
rel., vél. vert, dent., dos de mar. vert.
999. The Sungskrit grammar, called Moogdhuboodha, by
Vopa Deva. Serampore, 1817, pet. in-8, d. rel., vél. vert,
dos de mar. vert.
1ooo. A grammar of the Sunscrit language on a new plan,
by W. Yates. Calcutta, Mission press, 182o, grand in-8,
pap. vél., br. en cart.
1oo I. Système des conjugaisons de la langue Sanskrite,
comparées avec celles † langues grecque, latine, per-
sanne et allemande, avec des épisodes du Ramayan et du
Mahabharat, trad. en vers sur les originaux et quelques
extraits des Vedas, par Fr. Bopp, publ. par K.-J. Win-
dischmann. Frankfort sur le M., 1816, petit in-8, pap.
vél., bas. gr., fil., (en allem.)
1oo2. The radicals of the Sanskrita language (by Ch. Wil-
kins). London, Cox and Baylis, 1815, in-4, pap. vél,
br. en cart.

Avec envoi de la main de l'auteur.

1oo3. Cosha, or dictionary of the sanscrit language, by
Amera Sinha, with an english interpretation and annota- .
tions, by H.-T. Colebrooke. Serampore, 18o8, gr. in-4,
d. rel., vél. vert., filet, dos de mar. v.
1oo4. Héma-Tchandra-Kocha, vocabulaire sanskrit, im- .
primé à Calcutta. In-8, cuir de Russie, fil.
1oo5. Vol. in-8, cuir de Russie, fil., contenant 4 vocabu-
laires en langue sanscrite, imprimés à Calcutta, savoir :
1" Amara-Cocha ;
2"Trikanda-Sécha ;
3° Haravali-Kocha ; -
4" Médini-Kocha. -
1 oo6. Dictionary sanscrit and english (by Wilson ), in-4,

br. .

Il manque le titre et depuis la page 5o 1 jusqu'à la sin.

I007. A dictionary sanscrit and english, translated, amended and enlarged from an original compilation prepared by learned natives, Horace Hayman Wilson. Calcutta,

Pereira, 1819, grand in-4, cuir de Russie, dent., sans or, fil.

1008. An Analysis. Analyse grammaticale, en anglois, du commencement de l'ouvrage sanscrit intitulé Hitopadesa, in-4, cuir de Russie.

Le titre manque.
5. Langue Hindostannc.

1009. A grammar of the pure and mixed east indian dia

lects, with dialogues affixed, spoken in all the eastern countries, methodically arranged at Calcutta, according to the Brahmenian system of the shamscrit language, † literal explanations of the compound words, and circumlocutory phrases with remarks on the errors in former grammars and dialogues of the mixed dialects called moorish or moors, written by different Europeans, together with a refutation of the assertion of W. Jones respecting the shamscrit alphabet, and several specimens of oriental poetry, published in the asiatic researches, by Herasim Lebedeff. London, Skirven, 18o1, pet. in-4, v. rac. verte, fil.

Ce petit vol. se vend à Londres 1 liv. st. 1 sh. J'ignore quel motif a déterminé l'auteur à l'établir à un prix aussi excessif, puisqu'il ne renferme ni planches, ni caractères exotiques. Il n'est pas même exempt de reproches pour la partie littéraire. Quant aux inculpations qu'il fait à M. Jones, elles ne méritent pas d'être réfutées, suivant le rédacteur de l'Asiatick Annual Register, 18o2 , p. 4 I. Ces critiques proviennent d'une erreur de M. Lebedeff, qui a pris pour règle la prononciation du Bengale tandis que M. Jones a suivi la prononciation classique de Bénarès et de Madourah.

1o1o. The Hindee Story Teller, or entertaining expositor of the roman, persian and nagree characters simple and compound, in their application to the hindoostanee language, as a written and literary vehicle, by the author of the hindoostanee dictionary, grammar, etc., etc., (Gilchrist). Calcutta, Hindoostanee press, 18o2, gr. in-8, 2 vol., v. f., dent., tr. dor.

oi I. Gilchrist's Hindee-arabic mirror, or improved prac

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