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796. To Mann, June 20.—Commissions-Illness the King—The new adminis-

tration—The great expedition-Our Portuguese allies

797. To the same, July 1.–Victory in Germany–Lady Ailesbury-Probable con-

tinuation of the war-Lord Tyrawley and Count La Lippe-Royal injustice
to Hamburgh-Violation of ties by the King of Spain-Strike of workmen

at Strawberry Hill
798. To Cole, July 29.-Invitation to Strawberry
799. To the Countess of Ailesbury, July 31–Wishing her joy on the taking of

the Castle of Taldeck, at which Mr. Conway had assisted

800. To Mann, July 31.-Eve of big events—A topic for the Opposition-Party

abuse - The Czarina of Russia-Expected peace-Continental politics
Mr. Conway's military success at the Castle of Waldeck-Death of Lord
Melcombe-Lady Mary Wortley's dangerous illness—(Aug. 4)--Anecdotes
of the Russian revolution-Advantages gained by the King of Prussia and

Prince Ferdinand - Anxiety for peace

801. To the Earl of Strafford, Aug. 5.—Revolution in Russia—Taking of the

Castle of Waldeck

802. To Cole, Aug. 5.--Invitation to Strawberry

803. To Montagu, Aug. 10.—Great drought-Revolution in Russia-Saying of

Mrs. Anne Pitt-Count Biren

804. To Mann, Aug. 12—Birth of a Prince of Wales—The Northern Athaliah

(Catherine of Russia)-Continental politics— Treasure of the Hermione

805. To Cole, Aug. 19.-His view in publishing the 'Anecdotes of Painting'.

806. To Thomas Warton, Aug. 21.-Thanks for the present of his Observa-

tions on Spenser'-Holbein's Dance of Death'-Old Engraving of

Nonsuch. N.

807. To Mann, Aug. 29.-Peace with France-Exchange of Ambassadors--King

of Spain's obstinacy-Return from Portugal of Lord Tyrawley-Squabble

with the Dutch-Atrocities of the Czarina-Loss of the Laocoon in the

Florentine Gallery-Death of Lady Mary Wortley–Lady Charlotte Finch

-Death of Lord Westmoreland-Anecdote-Cocchi's Spectator-Lady


808. To Conway, Sept. 9.-Prospect of peace-Christening of the Prince of Wales

(George IV.)-Fire at Strawberry Hill—The North Briton

809. To Grosvenor Bedford, Sept. 9.-Wants a new servant in place of Henry

Jones—Qualifications required. N. .

810. To the same, Sept. 24.---With money for objects of charity. N.

811. To the same, no date. N.

812. To the same, Oct. 12. N.

813. To the same, Oct. 29. N.

814. To the same, no date. N.

815. To Montagu, Sept. 24.- Mr. Bateman's at Old Windsor His old chairs

Busy with his 'Anecdotes of Engravers'

816. To Mann, Sept. 26.-Spanish successes in Portugal - Party rumours-Installa-

tion of the Bath-The Duke of Nivernois-The Duchess of Grafton-Lord

Melcombe's will—Doubts of peace.

817. To Conway, Sept. 28.—The Duke of Bedford and George Selwyn at Paris-

Negotiations for peace-Secker and the christening of the Prince of Wales

-Capture of the Havannah

818. To Cole, Sept. 30.-Treasures of art in private houses-Pictures at


819. To Lady Hervey, Oct. 1.-Congratulations on her son's safe return from the


820. To Mann, Oct. 3.-Conquest of the Havannah—The spoils—Lady Albemarle

and her victorious sons-Probable effect of the victory—The King and
Queen at Eton-Lady Mary Wortley's manuscripts-Anecdotes-Voltaire's
'Universal History'-National glory inferior to national peace—Sanguinary

affair in Germany

821. To Conway, Oct. 4.- Love of fame-Capture of the Havannah-State of

public feeling

822. To Montagu, Oct. 14.—Ministerial changes

823. To Mann, Oct. 20.- Mr. Grenville and Lord Halifax, Ministerial maneuvres

and changes Obstacles to the fulfilment of peace-Instability of the

administration—A blunder-Mr. Keppel-Happiness of Lady Albemarle

---Anecdote-Anticipated marriage of the Princess Augusta to Ferdinand

Charles, hereditary Prince of Brunswick-Woful state of affairs in


824. To Conway, Oct. 29.-Change of the ministry-State of the Opposition-

Anticipation of the 'History of the Present Age'

825. To Lady Hervey, Oct. 31.-Madame de Chabot—The gout—Mr. Hans Stanley

going to Paris

826. To Montagu, Nov. 4.—The Duke of Devonshire's name dashed out of the

council-book by the King

827. To Mann, Nov. 9.–Treaty of peace-The King and the Duke of Devonshire-

The House of Lords humbled–The Duke of Newcastle and Lord Hard-

wicke in the Opposition-Political indifference .

828. To Cole, Nov. 13.-01d English Portraits

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